Đồng nghĩa của duteous

Alternative for duteous

  • tính từ
    • biết vâng lời, biết nghe lời
    • biết tôn kính, biết kính trọng
    • có ý thức chấp hành nhiệm vụ; sẵn sàng chấp hành nhiệm vụ, sẵn sàng làm bổn phận


Submissively obedient
deferential compliant obedient respectful regardful faithful loyal dutiful submissive docile biddable pliant subservient attentive obeisant acquiescent yielding accommodating passive meek servile humble obsequious reverential resigned bootlicking deferent self-effacing obliging amenable tractable malleable manageable unassertive ductile law-abiding timid mild subdued devoted spiritless slavish conformable ingratiating unresisting good governable observant tame self-abasing lamblike grovelling pliable thoughtful considerate reverent abject resistless controllable longanimous well-behaved well disciplined groveling menial fawning well trained venerating under one's thumb in one's power in one's clutches in one's pocket at one's beck and call conscientious truckling cowering cringing subject downtrodden snivelling inferior sycophantic well-trained dancing sniveling ignoble mean punctilious dedicated responsible under control filial disciplined binding obligatory decent at one's mercy a slave to polite mannerly civil gracious courteous solicitous honoring honouring docious willing complaisant hearsome sheeplike unquestioning incumbent on courtly chivalrous gallant admiring wrapped around finger on a string appreciative well mannered well-mannered watchful heedful mindful careful aware advertent intentive arrect observative observing non-resisting patient forbearing spineless supine under someone's thumb nonresisting nonresistant domesticated comformable obeying giving-in bowing down uncomplaining complying subordinate soft agreeable surrendering amiable placable lowly kowtowing disciplinable trainable teachable handleable gentlemanly polished genteel cultivated decorous refined urbane gentle well-bred civilized civilised kind diplomatic ladylike cordial cultured suave seemly discreet well behaved affable tactful well bred charming proper respectable politic sympathetic awed formal well brought up worshipping worshiping orderly noble debonair pleasant pious honourable adoring worshipful genial sensitive sophisticated elegant understanding cooperative honorable loving devout friendly good-mannered toadying distinguished solemn dignified upholding subtle judicious poised smooth perceptive tolerant becoming delicate well brought-up discerning correct prudent classy cautious graceful well-spoken well spoken tactical venerational restrained protective benevolent charitable hospitable gentlemanlike wellmannered amicable reputable caring ingratiatory adulatory kindly tender unselfish helpful well-brought-up standing regarding respecting responsive impeccable nice aristocratic idolizing soft-spoken circumspect developed de rigueur befitting like a sport deifying artful familial shrewd guileful wily astute conciliatory good-natured neighborly sociable bland concerned neighbourly condescending religious idolising persuasive glib slick consenting wary calculating foresighted softly-softly kid-glove smarmy unctuous together cool facile svelte collected composed sonly sororal fraternal family affectionate daughterly unruffled silky possessed assenting acceding coolheaded equable oily sedate royal accepting flexible agreeing conforming unresistant approving persuadable savvy skillful dexterous wise deft insightful skilled skilful adroit self-possessed self-composed persuasible unprotesting tolerating dextrous easy convincible smooth-tongued silver-tongued acquiescing suasible assentive susceptive treating with kid gloves media-savvy easily persuaded befitting a son or daughter Uriah Heepish game ready treating something with kid gloves


Upstanding, especially law-abiding
solid upstanding honorable honourable respectable noble respected venerable esteemed fair good decent dutiful glorious lawful virtuous civilised civilized distinguished reputable peaceful trusty upright honest notable proper orderly principled great just moral worthy eminent ethical reliable trustworthy peaceable prestigious respectful righteous high-minded high-principled law-abiding morally correct right-minded stand-up well behaved obedient compliant disciplined peacekeeping complying correct amenable docile manageable conformable biddable submissive tractable clean-living straight deferential above board scrupulous right pure innocent saintly incorruptible blameless sinless irreproachable exemplary guiltless meritorious laudable praiseworthy true pious conscientious conscionable equitable angelic uncorrupted faultless anti-corruption straightforward nice charitable holy spiritual noble-minded squeaky-clean commendable all right strict responsible God-fearing punctilious devoted philanthropical reverent devout impartial matchless philanthropic faithful godlike creditable deserving peerless moralistic chaste seemly truthful chivalrous aboveboard immaculate gallant magnanimous decorous salt of the earth square true-blue courteous kosher dignified rectitudinous professional lofty saintlike admirable godly untainted squeaky clean favoring unimpeachable balanced elevated right-thinking self-righteous sound incorrupt unbribable pure as the driven snow whiter than white incorrupted clean lily-white well-behaved estimable cultivated inculpable irreprehensible sanctimonious saving favouring religious dinkum prim proud sportsmanly lenient sportsmanlike


Characterized by very precise, conscientious attention to details
meticulous painstaking scrupulous detailed particular strict thorough fastidious perfectionist exact punctilious careful conscientious diligent fussy microscopic precise correct demanding exacting studious accurate methodical pedantic rigorous cautious conscionable finicky heedful laborious nice nitpicking persnickety picky stickling punctual ultra-careful nit-picky white-glove crossing the t's dotting the i's minute close assiduous delicate elaborate pernickety attentive finical sedulous refined unerring exhaustive full fine choosy complete spot-on discriminating searching faultless industrious religious comprehensive systematic critical faithful definite in-depth overnice proper pinpoint dainty rigid explicit perfect mathematical true thoroughgoing choosey error-free old-maidish flawless reliable hairline finicking intensive fussbudgety errorless persevering loving specific judicious nit-picking spot on right hard-working hair-splitting impeccable infallible scientific extensive all-inclusive sweeping hairsplitting blow-by-blow discerning all-embracing hypercritical tough zealous clear-cut absolute hard to please particularized intricate severe certain veracious on the button itemized definitive veridical all-out selective circumstantial bang on orderly overscrupulous sharp literal exquisite captious unambiguous defined persistent thoughtful unmistakable stringent on the money unflagging formal total deep keen subtle profound constant particularised itemised encyclopedic nuanced truthful regular over-particular just squeamish distinct unquestionable faddy unimpeachable encyclopaedic unfailing fault-finding intent busy on the nose carping cavilling inflexible prim earnest good sensitive quibbling over-exacting prissy active strenuous circumspect dedicated tireless dead-on rational engaged on the mark uncompromising employed bustling on target complex complicated working factual solid sure all-encompassing caviling out-and-out logical skilful skillful genuine plugging analytical categorical faddish clocklike stiff clean concentrated overparticular acute finespun puritanical precisionist inerrant efficient intense whole-hog full-dress inch-perfect actual from A to Z literalist dogmatic literalistic unswerving letter-perfect right on formalist on-target purist on the nail scholastic deliberate casuistical pettifogging casuistic sophistical sophistic sagacious authentic ordered controlled involved immediate indefatigable fancy tied-up hopping occupied full-scale considered pass-remarkable determined steadfast serious prudent overdelicate fussbudget regardful precision starchy faultfinding difficult reasoned reasonable untiring overcritical deft discriminative concrete penetrating direct clear observant hard prudish levelheaded disapproving swotty matter-of-fact widespread consummate ultraprecise uncanny valid stern harsh realistic decorous ceremonious compendious tenacious niggling steady polished dependable radical deductive objective sound in depth cyclopedic embracive panoramic universal inclusive omnibus model conventional polite stuffy difficult to please impossible to please irrefutable undeniable conclusive undisputed unrefuted deadly far-reaching well organized strait-laced unmistaken upright appropriate by the book sticklerish Victorian priggish by the numbers cover-all all-in well-grounded picture-book picture-perfect classic perceptive broad-gauge broad-gauged textbook schoolmarmish word-perfect eager beaver on the beam whole straight dead on soup to nuts all the way royal plenty slam-bang ornate stickler watchful thoroughpaced undeviating surgical unfavorable unfavourable unremitting unwearied focused concentrating listening grinding whiz topical intrinsic alert loyal excessively orderly omniscient stilted stiff-necked cultivated choicy authoritative considerable mincing calculated measured developed rough canonical firm seriatim elaborated enumerated civil seemly formalistic overconscientious courteous fixed fiddly focussed pure point-by-point unequivocal anal official final over-fastidious unyielding well defined meaningful substantial significant queasy fretful fuddy-duddy obsessive fine-drawn superior nifty word for word at length lethal effective well aimed organized umbrella global lifelike fair convincing good eye personal without error dead right bull's-eye unbroken to a T perfected to a turn tight unbending hanging in hanging tough playing safe cultured appreciative well-crafted express wall-to-wall regulated ultra-fine incorrupted winning concerted easily disgusted very careful experienced full-blown catholic veristic verisimilar walking on eggs vigorous all-absorbing clearly defined true to life purposeful exclusive well-made vigilant educated unwavering minding p's and q's heart and soul into organised experimental telling it like it is fact-based the word well-executed crystal clear firsthand no stone unturned as it really happened prompt timely scrutinising hard-to-please scrutinizing over-censorious provident explosive heavy-duty violent vehement excruciating vicious fearsome ghastly high-pressure fierce heavy terrible resolute frightful hellacious dreadful blistering furious ferocious almighty fearful essential elemental extremely particular balanced pragmatic unblemished demure judgmental rejective concerned accelerated fast insistent speeded-up special intimate unqualified univocal inevitable assured selfdisciplined discreet chary mature dogged driven specialized specialised scolding diagnostic demeaning disparaging cynical judgy exceptive reproachful trenchant sarcastic contemptuous withering humbling calumniatory belittling censorious biting censuring derogatory cavillous lowering critic nagging cutting choleric condemning satirical practical sensible ideal first-hand committed pertinacious dead positive trustworthy inerrable sure-fire invariable exemplary enlightened plausible analytic justifiable thinking intellectual synthetic intelligent credible philosophic reflective ratiocinative commonsense trustable reasoning collected cerebral perspicacious seasonable on time early speedy well thought-out niminy-piminy mimsy unrelenting eager proven corroborated colorable commonsensical substantiated coherent shrewd sincere secure cogent knowing confirmed commonsensible informed validated verified old-maid po-faced governessy nice-nelly schoolmistressy straitlaced straightlaced bluenosed slogging operose persisting plodding going to great lengths expeditious recurrent in good time on the dot periodic cyclic quick ready seamless immaculate irreproachable copybook indefectible supportable tenable sustainable certified defensible empirical maintainable cognitive open defendable calculable empiric Grundyish square-toed without fault foolproof without blemish to schedule in time on schedule when expected well timed blue-nose prim and proper moralistic dapper genteel goody-goody wooden cleanly ceremonial overmodest spic-and-span snobbish spruce dignified unspotted supreme stainless intact crimeless spotless unguilty just so spot on time under the wire bang on time sophisticated well-reasoned well-advised well-thought-out standard OK so leaving no stone unturned acceptable O.K. convoluted legitimate amen righteous stone okay undistorted equitable right as rain on the ball on the right track for sure on track on the right lines free of error right stuff along the right lines cooking with gas according to Hoyle

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