Đồng nghĩa của ornate

Alternative for ornate

Trái nghĩa: chaste,

Tính từ

Elaborately or highly decorated
elaborate decorated fancy fussy baroque busy florid ornamented ostentatious rococo showy beautiful detailed adorned complex complicated elegant embellished extravagant gingerbread bedizened flashy flowery gingerbreaded gingerbready overdecorated over-elaborate overwrought aureate bedecked flash high-wrought overelaborate wedding-cake bright brilliant coloured colored dazzling decorative embroidered fine flaunting gaudy gilded glamorous glitzy glossy jewelled jeweled lavish luscious magnificent meretricious metaphorical opulent ornamental resplendent rich sparkling splashy sumptuous superficial tawdry variegated verbose wordy fancily decorated highly wrought flamboyant overdone pretentious loud garish vulgar tinsel jazzy swank theatrical glaring brash conspicuous kitsch tasteless noisy swanky ritzy bold snazzy dramatic affected luxurious obtrusive tinselly high-flown pompous bombastic oratorical fancy-pants bling-bling classy over the top curlicued trashy turgid fustian dashing chintzy intricate lurid cheap purple grandiloquent overblown overripe OTT very elaborate glittery exaggerated euphuistic bling brazen razzle-dazzle highfalutin arresting tacky grandiose peacocky tony screaming sensational superfly dicty rhetorical formal convoluted flaring chichi over-embellished over-ornate overworked magniloquent inflated orotund high-sounding glittering laboured sporty strained overembellished towering extreme devilish tumid posh Ossianic kenspeckle commanding bodacious prominent noticeable eye-catching pronounced remarkable striking catchy grabby marked emphatic labored histrionic splendiferous sophisticated frilly kitschy gimcrack jaunty specious brummagem harsh naff spiffy crude splurgy raffish gay nifty colorful Brummagem spectacular blatant in bad taste colourful self-righteous cluttered contrived precious plastic written sententious dignified solemn poetic sham lofty pinchbeck overinflated discursive overstated impressive bizarre plush expensive overornate excessively ornate stagy grotesque undue overdue insane overweening stiff immoderate intolerable inordinate plethoric exorbitant unconscionable excessive overextravagant steep overmuch unmerciful brassy pizazzy pizzazzy stylish casual informal fluent eloquent booming melodramatic declamatory elocutionary whimsical tatty garnished in poor taste cheap and nasty catchpenny actorly skillful skilful trendy multicolored multicoloured pleonastic over-bright violent gilt fakey crass flaunted distasteful unattractive nauseating bilious exhibitionistic uptown natty gee-whizz convivial merry arty hyperventilated sickly delicate meticulous peacockish exciting camp outrageous prosperous festooned literary smart sharp arty-farty with all the extras with all the options swashbuckling flaming luxuriant fun minute with bells and whistles rakish snappy schmick sassy highly decorated dainty exact painstaking deluxe swish quality superior select prime fanciful special froufrou fancible unusual cushy custom beautifying high-class high-quality

Tính từ

Showy in speech and given to using flowery or elaborate terms
florid flowery grandiloquent high-flown high-sounding elaborate flamboyant over-elaborate rhetorical affected aureate fulsome grandiose highfalutin magniloquent orotund pompous pretentious purple bombastic convoluted labored laboured oratorical overblown overdone overripe overwrought strained euphuistic hifalutin inflated magnific Ossianic pleonastic rhetoric stilted tumid turgid fustian hyperventilated declamatory windy verbose ostentatious sonorous extravagant lofty hyperbolic arty-farty showy fancy eloquent articulate prolix pedantic complicated exaggerated mouthy effusive wordy baroque flatulent silver-tongued ponderous bombast big scholarly formal erudite ornamented exalted contrived gassy gaseous swollen intricate long-winded figurative boastful rococo mannered forced la-di-da rich rotund braggart bragging ornamental studied Falstaffian stiff unnatural excessive embellished grand-sounding puffed artificial complex theatrical sesquipedalian heavy overwritten over the top laborious periphrastic puffed-up portentous boasting arabesque actorly high-falutin decorative luscious garnished elevated heroic snobbish high-minded diffuse redundant euphemistic oratorial stodgy lexiphanic overheated self-important stuffy Miltonian epic Homeric not fluent splendid golden yellow brilliant tall-talking big-talking euphistic haughty windbag histrionic flashy Ciceronian epideictic Demosthenic Demosthenean fluent glib voluble tumescent vocal imposing grand awkward fussy ranting over-embellished overworked decorated involved detailed rhapsodical overestimated unconvincing inelegant clumsy not spontaneous

Tính từ

Magnificently impressive in nature
splendid magnificent grand imposing impressive luxurious rich sumptuous superb costly dazzling gorgeous lavish resplendent glorious deluxe elegant expensive majestic noble opulent palatial proud regal spectacular stately beautiful fine plush splendiferous handsome kingly posh princely swanky august baronial brave epic gallant grandiose heroic heroical imperial magnific massive monumental plushy ritzy royal splendacious splendorous splendrous swank swish magnolious palatian baroque flamboyant Homeric magnifico splashy solid gold fancy luxury elaborate lush classy extravagant stylish luxuriant upmarket Lucullan lavishly appointed ostentatious luxe luscious high-class upscale pretentious exquisite glitzy chic silken Babylonian Lucullian immoderate lux de luxe well-appointed well appointed fit for a queen fit for a king snazzy refined abundant exuberant cultivated dignified aristocratic choice ornamented overdone affluent first-class indulgent polished classic pompous glittering toffee-nosed elitist snobby snooty glamorous snobbish snotty high-hat fancy-pants potty persnickety spiffy embellished valuable precious stuffy exclusive beyond price heavenly wild up-market upper-crust upper-class excessive unreasonable prodigal wasteful palace exaggerated unrestrained profuse copious showy thriftless improvident intemperate unstinging profligate profusive openhanded over-the-top effusive perfected comfortable sensuous graceful sophisticated tasteful voluptuous comfy fashionable artistic discerning modish delicate courtly urbane smart distinguished aesthetic charming cultured lovely dashing in the lap of luxury select nice suave decorous genteel dainty rare affected comely debonair a la mode well-bred schmick well-dressed recherche well-designed esthetic stylized superior sublime excellent marvellous fabulous marvelous great awesome divine terrific amazing stunning tremendous sensational fantastic super awe-inspiring perfect wonderful smashing stellar striking fab remarkable brilliant extraordinary wondrous out of this world outstanding commanding supreme arresting ace fantabulous first-rate swell dreamy supercalifragilisticexpialidocious phenomenal towering sightly delightful elevated lofty exalted amazeballs brill peachy enjoyable bosting topping admirable neat dandy wizard capital beaut corking incredible dynamite keen dramatic superlative jim-dandy breathtaking stirring statuesque staggering blissful transcendent exceptional unrivalled cool unrivaled peerless matchless unsurpassed inspiring solemn prodigious colossal celestial top-notch A-OK eye-catching too good to be true palatine formidable ominous queenly stupendous considerable pleasurable fabby magic portly venerable powerful ripping bonzer champion high ideal rapturous beezer beauteous goodly spiffing frabjous top-hole mind-blowing big eminent lordly uplifting transcendental moving outrageous holy inspirational sacred abstract spiritual beyond compare unparalleled unmatched paradisiacal unequaled unequalled incomparable unsurpassable nonpareil unexcelled paradisiac out-of-this-world second to none to die for without equal unexampled idyllic inimitable the most too much profound astonishing far-out prominent notable startling arrestive surpassing special fantastical out of sight fascinating electrifying confounding unmitigated mega noteworthy prime quality bodacious chillin' rad inspired groovy frontline hot gangbusters righteous sterling immense prizewinning hype slick gangbuster radical dope nifty mean optimal phat cracking prize optimum crackerjack down gone sik bonny primo bonnie boss top famous bumper boffo banner supernal exo solid belting brag bully barrie pearler top-shelf world-class tip-top top-of-the-line out-of-sight topflight gilt-edge gilt-edged blue-chip bang-up first-string five-star blue-ribbon of the first order on fleek state-of-the-art par excellence peachy keen number one of the first water the very best numero uno a standout the best

Tính từ

Highly ornamental or imaginative in design
fanciful bizarre exotic fantastic imaginative absurd crazy creative curious eccentric extravagant fancy fantastical foolish insane nonsensical odd original preposterous slang strange unreal unusual wild baroque gothic Gothic grotesque weird peculiar outlandish quaint freakish queer whimsical elaborate intricate surreal bizarro rococo romantic Kafkaesque glamourous glamorous marvellous marvelous implausible unbelievable ridiculous incredible unthinkable improbable unlikely far-fetched unrealistic doubtful ludicrous inconceivable wacky dubious questionable unconvincing unimaginable illogical extraordinary kooky zany outrageous unreasonable whacky mad out of the ordinary silly hare-brained farcical kookie flimsy hard to swallow fishy senseless harebrained laughable irrational screwy cockamamie idiotic fatuous inane offbeat astonishing asinine cock-and-bull remarkable daft off the wall funny loony oddball nutty freaky cockeyed off-the-wall erratic stupid half-baked incredulous abnormal incongruous suspect unconceivable uncompelling pointless lunatic rum singular comical quirky brainless crackpot witless unconventional looney cuckoo out-of-the-way impracticable far-out impossible difficult to believe scarcely credible debatable puzzling amazing risible outré balmy unwise funky monstrous weirdo imbecilic weak cock-eyed tall laboured rare spaced-out off-kilter unsubstantial aberrant unfamiliar unexpected labored atypical off-centre beyond belief uncommon featherheaded kinky way-out cock and bull foolhardy half-witted phenomenal out of the way exaggerated hard to take way out unique mystifying baffling irresponsible ill-conceived strained shocking derisory iffy mindless uncanny crackbrained different unapt simpleminded thin barmy daffy not likely capricious dotty screwball dippy lunkheaded bubbleheaded pathetic anomalous special queerish cranky mind-boggling unorthodox sappy far out deviant cockamamy hard to believe weak-minded unheard-of outre too much full of holes unworkable imprudent misleading fabricated false goofy sensational dubitable astounding puerile remote distorted reckless uncertain spectacular artificial farfetched eerie contrived incoherent grandiose unimagined equivocal impractical surprising unnatural staggering idiosyncratic exceptional meaningless incomprehensible potty spooky conspicuous irregular unco untenable forced inept jerky fool tomfool droll preternatural make-believe unwonted incogitable derisive freak moronic batty uncustomary noteworthy derisible wacko unprecedented eye-popping unpredictable scatterbrained outside chance won't wash full of it for the birds won't hold water out there beyond the bounds of possibility left-field unicorn madcap reachy problematic unplausible obscure vacuous overblown fabulous ill-considered perplexing Bohemian alternative unaccountable contemptible overdone hokey inexplicable ill-advised unpractical rash dumb unintelligent injudicious faint slight embellished dishonest suspicious untruthful untrue mysterious old-fashioned off your head foolheaded feather-brained extremely foolish off beam stupidly irresponsible giddy incautious thoughtless untypical contrary untoward exorbitant in left field individual shady hyperbolic daggy perverse off-beat off the rails bugged out unbalanced disputable undependable untrustworthy embroidered histrionic arguable unreliable humorous creepy wayward arbitrary doubtable flighty less likely vagarious malformed teratoid changeable fitful undecided unconfirmed speculative unsettled unsure blown up over the top caricatural O.T.T. a bit much OTT unsound reaching infeasible hilarious flakey phoney flaky lamebrained phony complicated specious unpersuasive off the beaten track slim hundred-to-one long shot fat chance lame trifling feeble mind-blowing past belief open to doubt jaw-dropping inconsistent on thin ice touch-and-go unsatisfactory transparent shallow ineffectual inadequate ponderous novel quizzical errant fresh other uncharacteristic specialized interesting specific nonconforming something else off-key unconforming discordant isolated alien unknown perverted unrepresentative specialised particular unharmonious disconcerting befuddling not expected unheard of poor unimpressive stunning notable striking momentous prodigious miraculous slim and none unforgettable eye-catching arresting unforeseen flustering overwhelming portentous dumfounding confusing confounding stupendous breathtaking exceeding extraordinaire serious especial unaccustomed aberrated tremendous wondrous amazeballs not convincing unannounced unanticipated discomfiting jarring nonplussing jolting nonplusing dismaying upsetting heavy flash gnarly forby insupposable uncredible mercurial highly unlikely never to be forgotten muddling shattering unordinary wackadoodle bewildering nonconformist infantile crazy-ass wackadoo rings phony off beaten path out of this world dreamlike quixotic not in the least likely not able to hold water out of the question short-sighted beyond all reason bird-brained out of all reason inappropriate imaginary illusory ambitious visionary illusive suppositious extreme hallucinatory out of sight

Tính từ

Very complicated or detailed
intricate complicated complex convoluted elaborate involved tangled knotty labyrinthine difficult sophisticated fancy abstruse baroque entangled circuitous confused daedal detailed hard involute obscure raveled ravelled serpentine sinuous twisted winding baffling bewildering byzantine complicate confusing enigmatic impenetrable labyrinthian perplexing tortuous Byzantine cryptic cumbersome Daedalian dense fiddly Gordian heterogeneous inscrutable interlaced involuted jumbled knotted mixed muddled multifaceted multifarious nuanced puzzling recondite rococo thorny tricky undecipherable unfathomable variegated Daedalean maze-like high-tech mixed up drawn-out can of worms long-drawn-out hi-tech difficult to understand full of twists and turns layered inextricable mazy compound mystifying composite compounded indivisible multiplex manifold miscellaneous multiform conglomerate mixed-up motley mosaic mingled multiple inseparable problematical troublesome indissoluble impossible to separate ramified perplexed mazelike tough problematic arduous labyrinthial labyrinthical labyrinthal labyrinthiform labyrinthic interwoven collective multipart meandering thorough painstaking particularized extensive particular full studied exact precise perfected laboured careful minute skillful prodigious labored circumstantial skilful imposing gingerbread incomprehensible confounding refined overworked many-faceted particularised overdone unintelligible abstract unclear mind-boggling mind-bending inexplicable profound deep blow-by-blow esoteric mysterious paradoxical vexing mystical thought-provoking rambling fathomless beyond one's grasp advanced ambiguous gnarly enigmatical unsolvable hard to explain above one's head hard to solve beyond comprehension hazy opaque over one's head highly wrought high tech snarled matted messy entwined same coiled tousled tangly intertwisted enmeshed one and the same ratty uncombed unkempt snarled up trapped mussed up disordered

Tính từ

Considered to be lacking in aesthetic judgement or to constitute inappropriate behaviour
tasteless vulgar crude gross gaudy cheap flashy garish low rude tawdry coarse crass inelegant loud tacky uncouth flash improper ostentatious showy trashy common ill-bred illiberal incult indiscreet insensible lowbred lowbrow meretricious naff raffish rough rough-hewn roughneck rugged tactless tatty uncultivated uncultured unpolished unrefined unseemly graceless impolite indecorous indelicate kitsch artificial barbaric barbarous foolish hideous low-down low-down-and-dirty makeshift off-color outlandish pretentious raunchy stupid trivial unclassy unlovely unsightly useless wild cheap and nasty in bad taste in poor taste boorish loutish brash unsophisticated flamboyant oafish uncivilized glaring ill-mannered glitzy uncivilised philistine churlish brutish swanky tinsel unmannerly obtrusive splashy uneducated ignorant uncivil discourteous gimcrack tinselly offensive flaunting brummagem ungentlemanly extravagant harsh unladylike chintzy flaring swank bling-bling barbarian jazzy cheesy raw brassy shoddy lurid cloddish glittering rustic primitive overdone nasty kitschy Brummagem noisy sleazy ritzy razzle-dazzle insensitive yobbish over the top bad-mannered shabby conspicuous blatant brazen screaming fancy over-elaborate savage bearish distasteful poor blunt OTT affected clumsy over-bright plebby gruff awkward provincial inconsiderate rubbishy slobbish unmannered Neanderthal clodhopping cheapjack brilliant bright bold worthless junky second-rate snazzy miserable bilious theatrical thuggish thoughtless ungracious unstylish unfashionable trumpery fancy-pants ungraceful unsavoury superfly dicty stiff unsavory plastic foul-mouthed untutored violent corny nauseating unattractive callous low-grade inferior florid sickly gauche grungy ratty plebeian dirty catchpenny mean flimsy valueless bad execrable cut-rate wretched schlocky terrible rotten bum low-rent mediocre schlock lousy bargain-basement colorful glittery overwrought brusque gay curt splendiferous sporty bling colourful ocker lewd chichi ungallant wooden uncomfortable uneasy classy dashing parochial specious pompous swinish clownish hick unworldly shameless el cheapo classless common as muck tony peacocky crummy inurbane stilted rustical mannerless corrupt heavy-handed socially unsure lacking in social graces socially inept loud-mouthed socially awkward unpleasant ill-chosen unfinished basic simple trifling painful to look at ordinary cheap-jack paltry obnoxious lumpish obtuse low-minded superficial sham ridiculous bombastic outrageous pinchbeck vernacular illiterate low-born heathen elaborate agrestic twopenny-halfpenny unlettered baseborn native general earthy troglodytic grandiose bourgeois sordid hooligan heathenish Neandertal natural fakey rough and ready lumpen ornery cantankerous countrified base lubberly unpoised ungenteel impertinent ungainly disrespectful disgracious actorly sketchy gawky hillbilly backwoods unenlightened materialist unread commercial flaunted out-of-line unfeeling exhibitionistic spectacular uptown splurgy jaunty fussy backward immature pizzazz frou-frou eye-searing undiscriminating imperceptive high-flown arty-farty pzazz uncalled-for impure anti-intellectual inartistic gussied up low-bred tough loudmouthed trailer-park uninformed kenspeckle bodacious noticeable striking grabby commanding prominent eye-catching pronounced remarkable dramatic catchy marked arresting emphatic dour severe ribald hard foul indecent profane brutal bluff obscene putting on the ritz forbidding fierce stern austere bawdy roughcast grim vulgarian filthy resplendent sensational opulent sumptuous histrionic luxurious cruel intimidating louring grievous steely stark inhuman Daliesque clinquant twee camp mod posturing gimmicky jerry-built insubstantial rickety inept unsubtle maladroit flinty onerous ungentle heavy artless unceremonious bitter hardhanded oppressive third-rate poor-quality ramshackle murderous lowering bungling blundering careless ropy tinny badly built rash straightforward precipitate untactful hasty styleless ticky-tack dowdy ticky-tacky dilapidated scrubby scruffy neglected dumpy bombed-out tumbledown mangy moth-eaten beat-up dog-eared tatterdemalion seedy down-at-the-heels threadbare down-at-heel timeworn run-down rubbish grotty duff thrown together expensive outmoded faded out-of-date broken-down stodgy frumpy untidy dingy slovenly unbecoming waxy unsuitable poky unkempt messy sloppy pizazzy pizzazzy nifty like a bull in a china shop bogus empty garbage no-good despicable good-for-nothing abandoned cruddy barren sparkling poor quality low in quality tattered rundown bedraggled decrepit ragged worn squalid run down grubby gone to seed raggedy worn-out down at heel scuzzy worse for wear sorry substandard battered pitiful decaying old slummy frayed insalubrious worn out decayed frowzy two-bit dismal disheveled derelict ruined sad dishevelled crumbling tired uncared-for bush-league inadequate dreadful falling to pieces dodgy deteriorated ruinous slipshod deteriorating low quality downmarket below par yucky shacky below standard bodger disreputable awful atrocious abysmal appalling unsatisfactory deficient gone to rack and ruin beat up frightful shambly pants dire torn ragtag well worn rumpty dime-a-dozen low-quality rinky-dink scraggy low-class in disrepair down-at-the-heel in ruins a load of pants weather-beaten cheapo abject insufficient lamentable deplorable skanky unacceptable scungy scroungy tinhorn diabolical unmaintained lame holey desolate subpar punk degenerated direful egregious damaged low cost tenth-rate used poverty-stricken frazzled in tatters not up to much badly dressed tumble-down seen better days badly maintained the worse for wear in a bad way having seen better days poorly maintained seamy unprepossessing average imperfect defective pitiable faulty skeezy dud slimy junk limp lemon cheapie daggy depressed disfigured bare meager disintegrating meagre ripped slobby half-pie ungroomed sloven frowsy raggedy-ass warby entry-level low-end impaired injured shaggy blowsy no great shakes slatternly down and dirty untended below average dime-store shaky not much cop all the worse for wear bottom-rung unsound blowzy tousled a dime a dozen not up to snuff in shreds falling apart used-up tangled contemptible schlumpy second-class poorly made out at elbows ill-maintained in rags two a penny badly worn full of holes under par draggle-tailed uncombed falling apart at the seams on its last legs thin cheap-looking down scale shopworn underprivileged deprived down-market garbagy sucky indifferent dishonest crooked smirched inglorious withering ropey poxy chronic throwaway outworn slumlike twopenny ancient old-fashioned rent distressed tottering middling menial scabby bad quality of a sort well-read well-thumbed downscale peaked shattered broken split patched wrecked uncared rank mucky indigent sick impoverished sticky gunky gungy disagreeable slum-like in bad repair out of condition in bad condition dumbed down destroyed marred crumbly hateful horrible creaky antiquated in holes wack wanting off bush sour suboptimal dissatisfactory wrong ill creaking superannuated noddy desultory unpressed down at the heel worn to shreds shredded poorly pathetic unimproved beat straggly mussy ruffled from hunger fallen-in uncared for beaten up fallen in scraggly mussed tumbled snarled torn to pieces weak sauce sub-par quavering shaking in a state of disrepair haggard effete anile crippled fragile messed up mussed up matted rumpled windblown unneat manky commonplace droopy overgrown wilted wilting drooping ailing sagging flagging end-of-the-pier piss-poor grody pigpen Mickey Mouse used up second-best ill-groomed strictly for the birds second class cure pot

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