Đồng nghĩa của illustrative

Alternative for illustrative

illustrative /'iləstreitiv/
  • tính từ
    • (để) minh hoạ
      • illustrative pictures: những bức tranh minh hoạ


Of or pertaining to a prototype
paradigmatic archetypal quintessential model classic exemplary ideal archetypical prototypical representative standard characteristic definitive symbolic classical stock emblematic regular textbook essential indicative prototypal suggestive average imitable archetypic normal habitual standardised standardized typic patterned prototypic common ordinary orthodox commonplace everyday expected general natural prevalent unexceptional matter-of-course in character in keeping old hat typical stereotypical copybook prime signature conventional hackneyed trite original hacky clichéd epitomic distinctive distinguishing true distinct idiosyncratic vintage identifying particular unmistakable identifiable diagnostic discriminating proper stereotypic stereotyped diagnostical perfect individual peculiar consummate supreme absolute ultimate best excellent usual pure complete flawless idyllic optimal fundamental faultless true to type impeccable utopian unblemished idealised idealized irreproachable traditional fitting transcendental without fault appropriate correct best possible dinki-di staple predictable familiar epochal routine true to form customary recognizable seminal optimum presentational mainstream proverbial at her best at his best at its best untainted unsullied untarnished historic important pie-in-the-sky dream come true best-example fairy-tale run-of-the-mill bog-standard totemic iconic recognisable par for the course admirable fine superior select choice seamless immaculate indefectible commendable laudable exact quality rare superlative honourable meritorious estimable praiseworthy outstanding good exceptional blameless picture-book picture-perfect letter-perfect sterling venerable apt well-suited right requisite on the money just right suitable very opportune pertinent precise spot on made to order relevant tailor-made on the button just the job punctilious unimpeachable applaudable ripe mature selected have-it-all special innocent bueno righteous inculpable irreprehensible worthy guiltless above reproach very good beyond reproach virtuous neato honorable separate inherent exclusive personal unique singular intrinsic restricted endemic reserved particular to batting a thousand not too shabby first-rate particularised especial first-class particularized peculiar to symptomatic high-quality innate found only in specific not bad most typical most characteristic


Not reprehensible, blameless, without blame
unblamable admirable laudable model meritorious righteous praiseworthy honorable honourable virtuous excellent estimable pure commendable good worthy classic paradigmatic quintessential sterling punctilious bueno classical correct neato prototypical characteristic representative typical blameless irreproachable irreprehensible guiltless inculpable innocent not bad batting a thousand lily-white not too shabby exemplary unimpeachable honest moral upright impeccable sinless noble ethical principled respectable squeaky clean upstanding immaculate incorruptible clean scrupulous high-minded right-minded whiter than white morally correct just faultless reputable dignified perfect lofty moralistic untarnished angelic squeaky-clean pure as the driven snow self-righteous above reproach high-principled decent unblemished ideal stainless wholesome clear right saintly spotless lawful saintlike godly flawless elevated cleanhanded unbribable copybook outstanding consummate exceptional law-abiding uncorrupted right-thinking without fault in the clear anti-corruption sanctimonious beyond reproach clean-living proud fine chaste decorous seemly redoubtable proper modest celibate imitable archetypal archetypical textbook definitive rectitudinous equitable unobjectionable undefiled applaudable professional very good vestal G-rated untainted favoring obedient balanced incorrupt dutiful sound incorrupted reverent conscientious noble-minded chivalrous greathearted natural gallant high magnanimous lordly cultivated tractable charitable well-behaved seamless picture-book absolute picture-perfect letter-perfect indefectible favouring religious prim lenient sportsmanlike saving dinkum sportsmanly irreprovable reproachless pristine uninvolved straightforward snow white unsullied unoffending above suspicion unspotted clean-handed guilt-free beyond criticism crimeless sackless not to blame not responsible not guilty trustworthy straight true nice faithful kosher legit true-blue on the up and up up front without reproach on the level of excellent character all right


Giving clear and vividly explicit details
graphic vivid detailed explicit striking clear expressive forceful descriptive lively pictorial picturesque telling uninhibited cogent colourful lucid lurid powerful punchy realistic rich shocking startling delineated visual effective highly coloured photographic well-drawn colorful compelling comprehensible concrete convincing definite distinct eloquent figurative forcible full incisive intelligible lifelike moving perspicuous precise stirring strong unequivocal well defined well delineated well drawn well expressed leaving nothing to the imagination evocative definitive imaginative narrative revealing true to life stimulating dramatic meaningful impressive persuasive influential energetic graphical arresting authoritative emphatic interesting animated hard-hitting touching irresistible impactful suggestive poignant scintillating passionate fascinating memorable artistic symbolic pictographic haunting pregnant indicative affecting significant pointed enthusiastic dynamic vigorous exciting effectual potent inspiring inspirational pivotal aggressive motivating articulate efficacious zappy swayful alluring masterful motivational efficient impelling capable able purposeful successful material imposing far-reaching unusual characterful distinctive bold chocolate-box pleasant reminiscent vivacious zestful bright redolent faithful unforgettable authentic sharp resonant remindful invigorating racy noticeable great emotive eye-catching resonant with remindful of in-your-face envigorating refreshing active theatrical fresh illustrated calling up succinct terse pithy crucial crystal clear instrumental scenic representational rousing speaking fluent provocative guiding enticing seductive true-to-life sketched engraved etched seen portrayed pictoric painted illustrational pictured marked-out outlined blocked-out diagrammatic traced depicted iconographic competent fateful formative monumental useful swaying central responsible contributory decisive controlling encouraging momentous operative consequential robust inducing critical considerable animating sharply-etched coherent authoritarian rational reasoned pertinent sufficient credible plausible on the ball weighty logical puissant reasonable vehement unanswerable grand charming mighty direct theatric histrionical trenchant sound graceful well-founded important relevant acute well reasoned performant satisfying powerhouse high-powered emotional intense meaning charged ardent sympathetic revelatory allusive inspired visionary indicating emotion indicating feeling demonstrative deeply felt understanding pathetic full of emotion thoughtful representing open warm ingenious easy-to-read full of feeling spirited brilliant mobile communicative sensitive alive indicating tender masterly showy representative silver-tongued responsive signifying

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