Đồng nghĩa của irresistible

Alternative for irresistible

Đồng nghĩa: compelling, moving,

Trái nghĩa: resistant,

Tính từ

Too attractive and tempting to be resisted
enticing seductive tempting inviting alluring captivating enchanting fascinating ravishing appealing desirable glamorous attractive beguiling fetching provocative tantalising tantalizing bewitching come-hither beckoning charming indomitable ineluctable inevitable invincible lovable mouthwatering overriding powerful scrumptious strong stunning unconquerable uncontainable engaging lovely magnetic entrancing winning delightful luring cute charismatic intriguing taking pleasing winsome beautiful prepossessing gorgeous fair enthralling pretty adorable glamourous arresting striking sexy comely smashing bonny beauteous pleasant sweet hot good-looking sightly fanciable mesmeric handsome elegant easy on the eye knockout eye-catching fit divine likable lovesome likeable spellbinding mesmerizing delectable elfin luscious interesting sultry adorbs agreeable tasty foxy dazzling seemly mesmerising endearing nubile nice nice-looking spunky heavenly siren aesthetic beddable esthetic likely bonnie pulchritudinous good goodly absorbing hypnotic compelling well-favored drop-dead gorgeous lush sensuous sensual erotic drop-dead dreamy magical sexually attractive disarming arousing exciting bootylicious exquisite graceful as pretty as a picture fine engrossing riveting sexual come-to-bed gripping well favoured darling dishy dear thrilling out of this world hypnotizing attracting drawing persuasive involving bodacious shapely provoking specious stylish hypnotising radiant unputdownable loveable precious amiable delicate fine-looking on fleek easy on the eyes flirtatious transfixing compulsive consuming becoming babelicious appetizing immersing dainty sublime personable titillating appetising superb cutesy ingratiating insinuating seducing very interesting splendid well-favoured slinky entertaining diverting suggestive witching magic coquettish wonderful fabulous wholesome sensational buxom blooming stimulating hunky voluptuous sirenic smart angelic teasing inveigling mouth-watering enamoring magnetising electrifying magnetizing fashionable classy very beautiful debonair resplendent aesthetically pleasing aesthetically appealing rapturous a ten photogenic well favored illecebrous dramatic intense feline bedroom devastating miraculous congenial pulling studly addictive genial warm welcoming rousing beaut toothsome infatuating affable orphic exhilarating breathtaking marvellous flamboyant forcible eligible phat choice Orphean astonishing trim dreamboat eyeful bijou very exciting immodest shameless beseeching picture-perfect clean-cut all-consuming obsessing controlling preoccupying monopolizing raunchy amorous sexually exciting passionate sexually arousing steamy as nice as pie pleasurable juicy open cordial encouraging monopolising tarty sophisticated cultivated polite cultured civilized suave physically attractive grand to one's liking worldly witty enrapturing statuesque marvelous simpatico cunning sympathique civilised couthy sympatisch willowy dollish dapper curvaceous camera-friendly symmetrical telegenic refined presentable ideal well-formed prettyish showstopping sheen chic glitzy well bred larger than life worldly-wise doll face glam amusing ritzy well dressed magnificent glorious idyllic curious trendy opulent righteous flashy prestigious nifty intoxicating heady looking like a million entranced charmed enchanted bewitched thought-provoking mind-blowing fairylike conjuring fiendish dreamlike fairy-tale too good to be true drawing attention stirring inspiring lively impressive moving amazing remarkable piquant colourful galvanizing vivid attention-grabbing staggering readable memorable colorful hair-raising spectacular brilliant galvanising racy wondrous action-packed startling rip-roaring scintillating charged extraordinary astounding electric inspirational mind-boggling incredible phenomenal heart-stopping lurid enjoyable sparkling overwhelming eye-popping refreshing awe-inspiring graphic salacious viral animated profound imposing shock-horror affecting outstanding galvanic conspicuous kicky mind-bending exhilarative awesome noteworthy challenging buzzworthy invigorating notable shareable prominent spicy relaxing scandalous clever perfect emphatic commanding envigorating showy spirited jaw-dropping distracting glittering fun risqué funny picturesque humorous rich motivating detailed noticeable evocative chucklesome exceptional droll clear hilarious emotional significant tremendous comical distinctive unusual stem-winding marked emotive distinct salient fab spine-tingling theatrical newsworthy fantastical portentous great vibrant extravagant noisy bold eye-opening splashy telling signal out of the ordinary eloquent highly coloured fresh gee-whizz arrestive confounding influencing prompting transporting ensational enveloping salty puzzling totally absorbing anodyne storybook romantic traditional fortunate happy edgy escapist fantasy pornographic stimulative influential saucy lewd sexually stimulating strong in character immersive bright adrenalizing exalté hectic glossy full of personality fantastic prodigious potent besetting devouring excellent stupendous unbelievable cosmopolitan tinselled exotic exhilarant elating hallucinogenic mind-altering ebullient giving one food for thought superior immoderate dominating obsessive ardent high profile jet-setting bling fast-lane royal super effervescent coruscating vivacious tense admirable fervid raging burning deep-seated exhausting obvious evident eventful worthy of note manifest characterful suspenseful shocking horrifying unmistakable awe-striking realistic clear-cut visible unique transcendent first-class first-rate kenspeckle rare grabby uncommon pronounced surprising catchy glinting glimmering sprightly meaty trenchant topical unboring newsy relatable far-out sumptuous special out of sight majestic unmitigated splendorous towering monumental surpassing lavish magnific luxurious observable perceptible appreciable climactic lifelike easy worth reading well-written easy to read satisfying worthwhile well written ingenious gratifying rewarding smooth dynamite forceful distinguished singular jazzy cogent lofty bizarre lucid effective high-octane appalling sensationalistic revealing visual faithful unforgettable authentic haunting sudden studied sharp sensationalist screaming important gee-whiz catchpenny breath-taking cheering pictorial delineated shaking impassioned trembling emotion-charged graphical expressive yellow historic momentous melodramatic recreative shivering quaking vibrating soul-stirring anthemic inspiriting shuddering active definite true-to-life sharply-etched true to life crystal clear frantic blood-tingling large mad swinging boss wild tabloid vulgar coloured pointed rough pungent excessive livid coarse X-rated colored intellectual intelligent poignant scream riot cheerful fun-filled gas gay restorative side-splitting priceless zero cool be a ball highbrowed serious deep scholarly heavy highbrow heavyweight learned literary classical intellective

Tính từ

Reasonable and convincing
cogent compelling conclusive convincing effective forceful strong efficacious impressive influential persuasive plausible potent powerful telling weighty authoritative credible eloquent reasoned unanswerable articulate clear coherent compulsive decisive forcible logical lucid methodical orderly rational reasonable relevant satisfying sound systematic urgent valid well founded apposite apt consequential consistent convictive fitting inducing justified meaningful momentous pertinent puissant satisfactory significant solid suasive well-grounded well reasoned well organized moving emphatic striking punchy incontrovertible hard-hitting incontestable unassailable reliable effectual impactful pithy enthusiastic dramatic expressive aggressive vivid powerhouse mighty irrefutable undeniable substantial insistent likely steamroller constraining titanic punch virile stringent take-charge elemental take-over gutsy electric incisive probable efficient animated vivacious dynamic zestful vigorous believable capable verisimilar assuasive able passionate coming on strong ball of fire colourable sufficient successful graphic great true-to-life trusty possible trustworthy believeable acceptable hopeful faithful presumable realistic dependable carrying conviction swaying authentic energetic well-founded definitive important material zappy in-your-face on the ball trenchant exciting imposing charming direct theatric histrionical graceful vehement acute performant grand high-powered succinct terse evocative motivating alluring masterful inspiring motivational authoritarian touching swayful pivotal impelling inspirational purposeful far-reaching categorical unequivocal indisputable unquestionable unmistakable definite certain indubitable clear-cut obvious positive evident beyond question beyond doubt absolute sure unarguable unambiguous firm irrefragable proven inarguable true unchallengeable final undebatable beyond dispute sensible assertive real demonstrable watertight justifiable plain self-evident accomplished congruent legit coercive undoubted accurate patent legitimate apodictic not in doubt perspicuous commanding beyond a shadow of a doubt marked intelligent transparent manifest commonsensical fair perceptive violent militant discerning kosher demonstrative necessary wise judicious active uncompromising holding water sober open and shut assured just verifiable robust intense clinching enterprising lively ultimate straightforward genuine airtight well grounded accepted pragmatic acknowledged express pronounced analytical germane analytic consequent observable palpable uncontroversial inferential deducible discriminating imperious unconditional holding together pushy factual determined sure thing hard decided bossy fierce as plain as a pikestaff domineering ambitious staring one in the face dominant tough sharp bullish strenuous self-asserting binding feisty good crucial bold sustainable compulsory defensible supportable viable grounded workable driving enticing seductive considerable imperative stimulating go-getting operative commonsense well-defined obligatory pushing bona fide appropriate correct commonsensible deductive informed right critical establishable infallible proper established levelheaded prudent fixed undisputable nailed-on stirring practical actual peremptory distinct concrete well-reasoned well thought out no mistake not taking no for an answer able to hold water useful productive extensional juridicious subtle well-organized overpowering revealing unqualified cogitable admissible ratiocinative unshakable sweeping armed tenable sincere devastating conspicuous settled inductive surefire uncontestable unequivocable well-established unimpeachable warrantable warranted drastic syllogistic instrumental irreversible winning formidable crystalline for sure no ifs and or buts well-proven salient open-and-shut veritable undoubtable galvanic joined-up rousing understandable dinkum rightful nailed down apparent open sure-fire provocative guiding affecting no two ways about it unappealable glib smooth-tongued silky slick silver-tongued smooth-talking pukka contributory formative within the bounds of possibility inveigling suasory actuating luring wheedling pointed unctuous smooth undisputed central controlling double-checked veridical unfabled honest frank blunt forthright unsparing hardline beyond the shadow of a doubt not in question straight-talking condemnatory encouraging fateful intuitive ingenious insightful audacious confident competent responsible animating monumental no ifs ands or buts about it that's a fact strongly worded upfront dynamical competitive stout urging propulsive impellent major zealous no holds barred all out pulling no punches resounding serious brassy not beating about the bush straight from the shoulder set confirmable predestined known provable guaranteed supreme ascertained unerring safe destined vital strong-willed one hundred per cent bludgeoning persistent intensive dictatorial spirited importunate autocratic salted away on ice detailed explicit pressurizing self-assertive overbearing high-handed arbitrary magnetic dogmatic stressful relentless difficult demanding pushful pressured thrusting in the bag having down pat go-ahead zippy peppy tyrannical pictorial descriptive illustrative picturesque uninhibited high-pressure pressurising balanced sane maintainable defendable confirmed arguable astute shocking lurid rich startling colourful determinative despotic brusque fiery flamboyant full-blooded high-octane preferred advantageous visual delineated vindicable stable abrupt imperial magisterial summary brisk red-blooded ballsy tireless lusty flush spunky gingery sparky fit seemly sagacious beneficial suitable favorable applicable convenient gainful favourable best suggested worthwhile strategic expedient advisable helpful best suited timely desirable opportune presentable tactical recommended photographic well-drawn highly coloured uncorrupted intellectual attested tested have-a-go go-go indefatigable tyrannous willful arrogant autocratical lordly overweening wilful tyrannic well drawn comprehensible figurative well defined lifelike colorful full well delineated well expressed leaving nothing to the imagination precise intelligible charismatic play for keeps play hard ball energizing hyped-up activating full of vim and vigour go-getter vitalizing vibrant self-motivated full of life highpowered full of get-up-and-go full of beans energising well-advised well advised intolerant down-to-earth clear-headed severe obstinate rigorous finished matter-of-fact most likely most correct

Tính từ

Unable to be disproved or refuted
irrefutable certain sure undeniable incontestable incontrovertible indisputable unquestionable indubitable irrefragable unassailable unanswerable apodictic impregnable invincible positive conclusive decisive definite definitive sound accomplished beyond question clear evident flawless inarguable manifest obvious palpable patent plain unarguable unchallengeable unmistakable watertight accurate apodeictic beyond dispute beyond doubt convincing double-checked final forceful ironclad irrebuttable odds-on overwhelming proven set telling unimpeachable can bet on it nof ifs ands or buts absolute unequivocal undoubted unambiguous categorical clear-cut transparent compelling true confirmed not in doubt demonstrable real assured decided self-evident established genuine acknowledged emphatic marked firm nailed-on accepted undebatable airtight settled authoritative unquestioned open and shut express not in question recognized pronounced authentic doubtless foolproof undisputed verifiable concrete guaranteed actual straightforward ultimate perfect without doubt apparent recognised unchallenged uncontested sure-fire beyond a shadow of a doubt unqualified as plain as a pikestaff undoubtable binding factual undisputable faultless observable unerring uncontroversial determinate fixed safe infallible clinching distinct veritable sure thing surefire reliable without loopholes downright hard open-and-shut staring one in the face bona fide immutable nailed down provable irreversible irrevocable demonstrative flat dependable questionless secure obligatory unappealable inexpugnable sealed confirmable resolute establishable unfailing cold unconditional implicit no mistake peremptory hard-and-fast open solid sure-enough valid explicit blatant overt glaring nonambiguous conspicuous unambivalent precise striking as sure as eggs is eggs complete barefaced cut-and-dried crystal clear clear cut in the bag authenticated de facto literal certified tangible inescapable demonstrated effective substantiated bald-faced verified existent certifiable inalienable tyrannous admitted dogmatic arbitrary inoppugnable overpowering without question unshakable safe to say not disputed freely admitted necessary compulsory unequivocable uncontestable commanding imperative for sure inevitable unbreakable well grounded well founded pat superior well-grounded well-founded no two ways about it strong invulnerable no ifs and or buts well-proven convinced confident down pat for certain inerrant failsafe ensured as plain as day writ large as plain as the nose on one's face undisguised axiomatic black-and-white beyond the shadow of a doubt impeccable clinched veridical unfabled unfaltering tacit satisfied unwavering persuaded beyond a shadow of doubt implied virtual fail-safe insured cinched racked can't-miss unalterable that's a fact no ifs ands or buts essential unacknowledged permanent made certain nailed on on ice absolutely certain sewed up pellucid perspicuous objective real-world substantial attested believable real-life realistic validated self-conceited self-confident unhesitating self-assured unquestioning specific last deciding invariable rank free from doubt affirmative unchangeable determinative irremediable unreversible out-and-out consummate thorough cocksure direct thoroughgoing forcible outright unrectifiable lasting indelible finished changeless unrepealable no ifs ands or buts about it completing concluding settling state-of-the-art closing limiting finishing terminating ending terminal determining especial intrinsic pure very legitimate perceptible sheer flat-out straight out ascertained known frozen stable supreme having down pat there are no two ways about it all sewn up

Tính từ

In urgent need of immediate attention
pressing imperative important compelling critical crucial urgent vital burning high-priority demanding exigent importunate necessary serious acute clamant constraining crying dire emergent imperious instant key necessitous pivotal essential inescapable claiming clamouring clamoring distressing exacting forcing heat-on hurry-up immediate obliging persuasive requiring unyielding now or never of the essence of the utmost importance significant paramount indispensable required requisite needed of great consequence needful pre-eminent all-important life-and-death mandatory fundamental integral consequential vitally important must-have momentous compulsory called for obligatory grave central prerequisite desperate decisive great weighty substantive basic pertinent current all important cardinal extreme topical prevalent relevant severe controversial active drastic intense contemporary binding parlous terrible peremptory climacteric sore live very important deciding very great demanded primary heavy principal meaningful chief earth-shattering life-or-death world-shaking bottom-line insistent overriding coercive unavoidable without lacking needing worrying strategic determinative necessitating involving basal fatal major radical mission-critical business-critical demanding attention real calling for clamorous underlined constitutive lively nitty-gritty much needed meat-and-potatoes name-of-the-game coal-and-ice of interest incumbent intrinsic involuntary forced core nonelective emergency impelling popular dominant widespread running appropriate compulsatory rudimentary innate inherent leading capital driving foremost quintessential expedient incumbent on prime wanted name of game specified desired preferred elementary proper recommended de rigueur prevailing earnest circulating common portentous historic alive debatable unsettled fateful apocalyptic determining effective top-priority called-for life and death epoch-making earth-shaking far-reaching of current interest life-saving world-shattering life or death of great moment of vital importance extremely important

Tính từ

Very large
mighty huge enormous massive great immense large tremendous vast colossal gigantic prodigious titanic monumental giant towering elephantine gargantuan grand mammoth monstrous mountainous stupendous big Brobdingnagian humongous king-size king-sized mega monster oversized astronomical bumper jumbo whopping astronomic king size substantial whacking bulky cosmic cosmical cyclopean galactic gigantesque ginormous herculean heroic heroical Himalayan hulking humungous jumbo-sized leviathan oceanic pharaonic planetary stellar super super-duper supersize supersized thumping vasty walloping august considerable dynamic eminent expansive extensive extraordinary high illustrious imposing impressive intense magnificent majestic moving notable renowned thumping great whopping great whacking great epic Herculean gross very large very big hefty heavy weighty brobdingnagian sizeable almighty immeasurable sizable inordinate grandiose oversize blimp Bunyanesque handsome terrific boundless infinite staggering behemoth fantastic excessive outsized mastodonic extreme very great limitless whale of a goodly ponderous voluminous outsize pythonic formidable whaling wide massy broad overgrown generous behemothic princely dirty great awesome husky tall largish biggish unwieldy lofty unlimited cumbersome tidy mondo exorbitant extravagant striking marvellous incalculable solid capacious boxcar commodious heavyweight measureless spacious significant marvelous overwhelming titan awful profuse cumbrous barn door man-size of considerable size man-sized giant-sized giant-size extra-large serious Homeric unbounded super-colossal lavish exceptional wonderful remarkable great big phenomenal unusual fabulous astounding splendid abundant endless eternal thunderous long copious spectacular thundering roomy interminable illimitable plenteous prolific larger-than-life comprehensive ample awe-inspiring severe fine ambitious mortal cracking rich Gargantuan terrible dreadful exalted major fearful kingly extremely large extremely big superabundant mahoosive Cyclopean mastodontic whopper magnific megalithic sky-high socking great good-size good-sized super colossal full-size a whale of a outstanding daunting superhuman amazing lasting classic important lumbering Brobdignagian bountiful enduring historic memorable unforgettable healthy resounding deafening roaring ear-splitting ear-piercing booming laborious immortal startling miraculous good Moby excellent wicked pleasing clumsy crashing large-scale rip-roaring stunning astonishing horrific fierce harsh plentiful appalling marked sensational flabbergasting breathtaking dramatic incredible unbelievable frightful glorious unfathomable fathomless widespread bounteous profitable spanking distinguished transcendent epoch-making very loud stately mind-boggling mind-blowing fantabulous abnormal elephantic expanded statuesque lank noble superb abiding permanent meaty fleshy strong strapping heavyset muscular thick muscly beefy chunky powerful brawny burly sturdy hulky cavernous stout thickset monolithic wondrous through the ceiling desperate loud mundo sweeping detailed liberal well-built ominous swelled deep fair-sized family-sized family-size fair-size economy-size life-size economy-sized palatial Falstaffian paunchy flabby fubsy appreciable hunky interplanetary catholic cosmopolitan cosmogonic empyrean global interstellar cosmogonal space intergalactic ecumenical regal larger buxom greater zaftig never-ending resplendent elevated imperial gorgeous lordly superior proud royal sublime gallant baronial dignified far-flung spread-out stretched-out far-reaching splendiferous haughty not inconsiderable roly-poly big and strong powerfully built muscle-bound solidly built broad in the beam broad-shouldered corn-fed well upholstered well fed unreal all-inclusive something else awkward unhandy ungainly unmanageable unmanoeuvrable incommodious girthy immoderate undue unwarranted intemperate unrestricted unbridled exaggerated superfluous unrestrained gratuitous needless unconscionable overmuch unreasonable extortionate disproportionate prodigal surplus plethoric uncontrolled profligate wanton improvident dissipated indulgent overabundant imprudent dizzying overdue insane overweening uncurbed intolerable redundant outrageous steep unmeasurable wasteful unhampered out of all proportion self-indulgent ridiculous recrementitious too many stratospheric unchecked overindulgent ludicrous overboard O.T.T. over the odds overextravagant supernatural overkill unfettered overgenerous extra way out unnecessary uncalled for too much silly a bit much OTT more devilish over the top preposterous uninhibited extended open bottomless wide-ranging comfortable complete thorough universal full exhaustive substantive all-encompassing gaping rambling yawning inexhaustible wide open pronounced airy chasmal unending all-embracing respectable inclusive interdisciplinary multidisciplinary rangy cross-disciplinary abysmal numerous fat uncrowded surpassing unfathomed untold everlasting indefinite immensurable horizonless profound unfailing inestimable material decisive conclusive emphatic consequential decent outspread numberless noteworthy unmistakable unqualified rolling no end of no end to panoramic out-and-out general encyclopedic compendious bombastic spacey cavelike wholesale utmost sunken unsounded pervasive stiff paramount encyclopaedic spread out deep-set protracted countless far-ranging unconfined lengthy unplumbed supreme swelling across the board abounding plumbless momentous multitudinous various fair impenetrable prevalent plummetless sundry legion several many multifarious scopious scopic exceeding teeming reasonable no strings much without limit bull across-the-board without end not to be sneezed at steady earthshaking earth-shattering grandiloquent Miltonian thrashing high-ceilinged dilatable distensible expandable wide-open top maximum soaring OS billowing high-flown high-sounding uttermost prolonged baggy chasmic crucial vital shattering heightened increased escalated jacked up decided sky-scraping multistorey radical acute rare max outstretched maxi devastating featureless immovable intractable faceless characterless oafish lumpish decent-sized bonny arduous measurable loose-fitting baroque fancy unmerciful altitudinous prime latitudinous beamy marathon noticeable above average intensified wide-reaching mass unplumbable unmeasured in-depth loutish heavily built clodhopping well built mesomorphic clunky superlative pre-eminent abyssal blanket simple convoluted covering consistent very long critical urgent fundamental ceaseless undying extra large nationwide unco thewy stark indiscriminate comprising soundless crushing paralysing preeminent spiring aerial unmatchable ultimate towery skyscraping central pressing essential unfading unbottomed unceasing tolerable undetermined ethereal leading packed chock-full stuffed intercontinental worldwide brimming crowded heavy-duty international awash unexclusive far reaching pretty hollow elaborate paralyzing overcoming thoroughgoing wide physically meaningful worth taking into account sepulchral opulent plush classy luxurious very deep inflatable expanding stretching elastic dilating exciting eye-opening broad-gauge cover-all broad-gauged broad-ranging broad-based cyclopedic embracive all-in omnibus wall to wall no catch ultra dark flash flashy swanky real worthwhile key extending far down thorough-going wall-to-wall discursive encyclopedical encyclopaedical stretchy extendable enlargeable distending streets ahead no holds barred no strings attached luxuriant eventful firm sound gloomy echoing concave resonant reverberant dismal splashy purple egotistic high-falutin' complex theatrical fustian high-flying dilatant unsuppressed sprawling expansile unrepressed useful durable valuable principal aplenty plenty galore cornucopian exuberant alveolate socketed chambered big-deal tectonic major-league proliferous myriad innumerable rife multifold manifold full-out incomprehensible full-blown all-out totalitarian full-scale curved inward overflowing thick on the ground uncountable multiple motley disparate replete unremitting assorted diverse miscellaneous well-provided varied incomputable populous unnumbered mixed uncounted multiplied rampant well-supplied frequent crawling with stink with a dime a dozen on tap ad nauseam

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