Đồng nghĩa của clinched

Alternative for clinched

clinches, clinched, clinching

Đồng nghĩa: bind, cinch, establish, fasten, grip, hold, insure, make certain, seize, tie, wrap,

Động từ

Past tense for to finalize, or to come to an agreement or settlement
settled concluded closed confirmed secured sealed decided determined finalised finalized completed nailed strung transacted brought off pulled off wrapped up buttoned up sewed up sewn up shook hands on shaken hands on reached an agreement tied up setted the seal on established achieved accomplished guaranteed fulfilled consummated worked out cinched set finished brought about nailed down wound up negotiated fixed fixt effected agreed arranged ensured assured capped carried out put away iced resolved engineered discharged put on ice certified endorsed insured ended warranted closed out perfected guarantied hammered out thrashed out verified finished off locked up performed executed brokered bargained put the seal on reached ratified validated authenticated figured swung concerted attained named declared asserted crowned avowed stated averred locked in contracted settled on hit pronounced sweared attested decided on sorted out avouched reached terms on asseverated wrapped wrapt quit set out promised testified arrived at brought to a conclusion pledged put into effect put lid on put the tin lid on put finishing touch on locked on put the finishing touch to succeeded in vouched had a lock on rounded out let up shut down rounded off set up come to a conclusion polished off knocked off put together witnessed put to bed affirmed topped off carried off perpetrated conducted won seized ended up authorized stamped come in finished up come out answered ruled pulled something off pinned down chosen chose opted designated stopped terminated swang swungen ceased settled upon appointed effectuated maintained placed authorised halted gained struck managed assigned picked selected figured out come away with walked away with walked off with culminated provided come to terms on made certain passed professed sanctioned lapsed sworn swore polished alleged protested proclaimed claimed laid down vowed contended substantiated insisted purported expired elapsed complemented arrived signed quitted shuttered discontinued ultimated folded scratched scrubbed winked out made safe encouraged hung up come to an end came to a conclusion come to a decision about packed in come to a close committed dead-ended showed mopped up repeated predicated topped it off announced made a decision cleaned up established conclusively come to an agreement added the final touch to called a day buttoned down called the shots corroborated said so made sure of brought to a close folded up crossed heart brought to an end vouched for come to terms about rounded up left off added the finishing touch to hashed out sustained come to acknowledged okayed carried through made certain of agreed on come to a decision brought to fruition came away with been came out was came in were came to terms on stricken canned lay down hat hitten came to terms about taken care of took care of shown known for certain knew for certain got something done gotten something done came to an end broke off came to a close broke up broken up broken off gotten done got done came to a decision came to a decision about came to an agreement given an undertaking swore on bible swore up and down sworn up and down sworn on bible rubber-stamped gave an undertaking drawn up drew up came to gotten a decision on got a decision on got an agreement on gotten an agreement on

Động từ

Past tense for to get, achieve or accomplish something, typically through effort
achieved attained acquired secured gained accomplished got gat gotten landed won bagged netted captured snagged seized copped collared snared laid hands on snapped up earned obtained procured scored reapt reaped garnered hit realized fulfilled realised hooked collected received came by pulled down picked up brought in arrived at clocked up chalked up notched up reached knocked down nabbed gathered made scooped wangled derived walked off with walked away with racked up found struck logged effected established drawn drew had consummated gleaned carried pulled off come away with come to have inherited wrested hat hitten wrapped up grasped effectuated potted swung amassed carried off reified grabbed cleaned up annexed pulled gotten hold of got hold of brought to fruition come into brought about come into possession of founden fand stricken came away with rung up rang up contracted came to have assumed nailed captivated executed engineered deserved merited justified banked pocketed walked away warranted swungen swang harvested appropriated succeeded recorded cleared advanced completed enlisted ameliorated conquered built up accessed managed turned performed wrangled profited hustled produced socked came into brought home the groceries turned in had a right to came into possession of made fast buck polished off paid one's dues brought home the bacon carried out scraped together possessed oneself of scared up eked out brought home glommed onto carried through made it big brought off latched onto taken took stole stolen taken over took over taken home took home acceded to gotten hands on got hands on bought purchased come in for caught corralled got one's hands on got one's mitts on locked up boughten laid hold of worked maneuvered manoeuvred wrought came in for taken possession of took possession of taken receipt of took receipt of snatched got possession of fixed fixt glommed blagged trapped arranged gotten one's hands on sorted out knocked off fixed up succeeded in gotten your hands on got your hands on

Động từ

Past tense for to confirm the winning or achievement of a contest

Động từ

Past tense for to grapple at close quarters, especially (of boxers) so as to be too closely engaged for full-arm blows

Động từ

Past tense for to achieve or complete successfully
accomplished achieved attained fulfilled realised realized completed consummated executed effected effectuated finished managed performed produced reached concluded perpetrated compassed engineered negotiated scored committed conducted conquered earned grasped hit hat hitten honored honoured landed met secured seized struck stricken acquired bagged discharged did done fixt fixed gained made netted perfected procured prosecuted satisfied snagged won wrested brought about brought off carried off carried out carried through chalked up clocked up delivered on pulled off arrived at followed through on got done gotten done got there made it notched up succeeded in brought to completion brought to fruition got someplace gotten someplace latched onto lived up to made good on nailed it pulled something off put through racked up sewed up sewn up took care of taken care of wrapped up did justice to done justice to did the trick done the trick followed through with fulfilled one's potential kept faith with made hay did a bang-up job done a bang-up job did one proud done one proud put it over put the tin lid on finalized finalised nailed actualized catalyzed catalysed come through enacted finished off contrived fulfilled your potential gained fulfillment made the grade made good came through gone through with went through with did proud made happen done proud bore out borne out made to happen cut put into effect put on put into practice put over implemented administered enforced applied rendered staged swung presented hacked administrated transacted acted out played out acquitted oneself of polished off sailed through dealt with earned wings swungen swang did the job done the job took care of business taken care of business did to a T done to a T

Tính từ

Finished or having been brought to an end
concluded completed complete finished done finalised finalized fulfilled over realised realized accomplished closed decided determined effected ended resolved settled terminated achieved consummated discharged down established through up effectuated executed over with out of the way at an end carried out finished off done with wrapped up wrapped-up brought about sewn up sorted out wound up all over buttoned up full-fledged in the bag in the can over and done with brought to pass produced final built performed attained handled organised organized polished off taken care of decreed designated chosen destined prescribed set ordained allotted fated fixed agreed worked out concrete nailed predetermined prearranged set in stone gone compassed dead extinct defunct past bygone lapsed perfected expired satisfied ancient history actualized dispatched no more vanished out of hand nonextant departed bypast rendered happy contented pleased content made gratified comfortable in the past obtained crowned matured brought to a close a thing of the past made good at ease passé elapsed out-of-the-way irrelevant invalid materialized substantiated dated exhausted depleted spent full prepared effete wrought discontinued kaputt obsolete kaput a wrap used up run out materialised ceased relaxed perf entire consummate run forgotten all-inclusive sweeping all-embracing that's it fini all over but the shouting home free all up knocked off tied up finished with dispensed with dead and buried dead and gone over and done come to an end serene placid delighted reached untroubled rewarded put into effect at peace

Tính từ

Made certain and protected against discontinuance or change
assured secure sure certain guaranteed dependable sound confirmed ensured fixed sealed settled solid established impeccable infallible reliable unerring unfailing faultless indubitable irrefutable nailed-on sure-fire unquestionable cinched clear-cut decided definite insured pronounced racked set surefire undoubted nailed on absolutely certain beyond doubt in the bag made certain nailed down on ice sewed up fail-safe true safe accurate absolute foolproof good perfect undeniable exact incontrovertible flawless precise unambiguous clear inevitable conclusive correct demonstrable questionless firm resolute deadly positive unimpeachable inerrant trustworthy open-and-shut can't-miss certified spot on bound never-failing excellent provable undoubtable evident foregone safe to say unswerving error-free uncanny meticulous scrupulous a sure thing concluded a dead cert errorless dead spot-on unmistaken invariable just inerrable watertight iced unshakable affirmed direct effective inch-perfect cast-iron secured attested iron-clad sewn up copper-bottomed calculable confident steady steadfast on the mark bang on on target unanxious trusty carefree able undoubtful hopeful sanguine responsible trustable tried easy determined well-founded shoo-in tried and true tried and tested locked on tried-and-true categorical unequivocal indisputable decisive palpable irrevocable authoritative concrete unmistakable genuine recognized obvious confirmable real patent doubtless verifiable manifest incontestable determinate convincing transparent unqualified recognised failsafe as sure as eggs is eggs

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