Đồng nghĩa của learned

Alternative for learned

Trái nghĩa: unlearned,

learns, learnt, learned, learning

Đồng nghĩa: discover, find out, memorize,

Trái nghĩa: teach, unlearn,

Tính từ

Involving or characterized by scholarship
scholarly erudite lettered cultured intellectual knowledgeable academic bookish cultivated highbrow literary civilised civilized literate sage studious clever esoteric experienced intelligent pedantic recondite sagacious well educated well-read wise brainy cerebral discerning donnish educated enlightened expert illuminated sapient skilled sophisticated versed well informed well read well versed widely read genius well-informed abstruse accomplished conversant deep grave grounded judicious omniscient pansophic philosophic philosophical polymath posted professorial scientific sharp solemn solid sound studied well-educated well-grounded well-rounded in the know informed thoughtful scholastic astute knowing perceptive rational smart sensible insightful prudent savvy profound shrewd schooled keen percipient perspicacious aware canny pedagogic logical bright trained formal reflective acute brilliant serious egghead penetrating swotty discriminating instructed contemplative clerkly precocious quick-witted didactic earnest acquainted switched-on taught gifted intuitive with great knowledge refined polished alert tutored familiar pedagogical politic coached full of insight versant eggheaded careful inventive showing great knowledge bluestocking ingenious educational overnice schoolish au courant foresighted sharp-witted doctrinaire formalistic dry reasoned au fait exceptional inkhorn abreast good whip-smart quick urbane advanced up-to-date creative deep-thinking highbrowed proficient intellective well-versed sussed cogitative prepared crack skilful skillful masterly adept able virtuoso meditative analytical in the picture fast impractical ivory-towerish supersmart ultrasmart hyperintelligent pompous ostentatious stilted arid hairsplitting dull punctilious egotistic fussy priggish sententious particular nit-picking reliable plugged in tuned in book-loving justified school reasonable precise sentient pedantical briefed clear-sighted foxy astucious cagey longhair intellectualistic intellectualist genteel geeky into liberal talented well-reasoned well-founded well reasoned assiduous worldly nerdish blue nerdy eager cognizant plugged-in understanding well thought out developed cool hip practiced classical practised cosmopolitan couth well-taught down clued-up elite well-bred mature tolerant polite courteous seasoned excellent practical mannerly clued up genned up up to date superior streetwise witty heady resourceful choice whip nimble intellectually aware well versed in in the loop competent worldly-wise first-class very intelligent first-rate Einstein whiz kid genial nimble-witted well schooled self-aware farsighted advised theoretical labored obscure introspective musing deliberate considered thinking museful ruminative reflecting pondering calculating measured pensive pointy-headed laboured well-briefed directed belletristic bookly wise up cunning open-minded metaphysical abstract subtle broad-minded coherent levelheaded schoolmasterly weighty arcane just valid long-haired hermetic hermetical over-subtle diligent hard-working unintuitive responsible acroamatic occult orphic secret gracious congruent firm sober psychologic apprised unprovincial sedulous adult dependable commonsensical commonsense commonsensible gnostic apt far-sighted smooth sophic progressive free-thinking thought out having been around planned out incisive precisionist overprecise hair-splitting nitpicking well mannered instructive edifying instructional educative on the ball crafty cluey quick on the uptake whiz academical busy bookworm determined grubbing book-learned very smart wised up hip to veteran knowing what's what ace qualified complete master consummate crackerjack compleat professed masterful great primed college university collegiate grown-up tasty tuitional propaedeutic dogmatic informational nurtured level-headed formed corrected initiated professional fitted shaped enriched finished well up up on artistic provocative gripping intriguing stimulating thought-provoking artistically aware high-class sensitive savant blue-stocking elegant distingue tasteful traveled appreciative chivalrous arty gallant esthetic deliberated rehearsed informative teaching aesthetic travelled apprized well briefed with good taste abreast of the facts filled in up to speed strategic tactful desirable familiar with up riveting heavy captivating powerful interesting heavyweight absorbing fascinating argute tactical knowledgeable about abreast of informed about witting alive comprehending conscious acquainted with hep apprehensive well-advised well judged well advised practised in skilled in well informed about proficient in apprised of well up on au fait with at home with experienced in no stranger to at home kept posted au courant with up to speed on plugged into up to date on perfect in genned up on on the beam clued up on cognizant of down with observant circumspect clear-eyed long-headed cautious discreet sane heads-up artful sly realistic pawky wily provident pragmatic vigilant suss analytic expedient slick piercing far-seeing razor-sharp hardheaded critical lucid adroit considerate quick off the mark advisable fair diplomatic together deft cogent hard-boiled wary hard watchful dexterous down-to-earth clear legit dextrous matter-of-fact all there well-thought-out fine balanced cute street smart objective fly media-savvy consistent plausible rapier-like legitimate justifiable thorough consequent kosher judgmatical judgmatic sharp as a tack slippery frugal sharp-sighted visionary common-sense all-seeing attentive telling awake street-smart ratiocinative accurate penetrative delicate ready joined-up forearmed capable relevant hard-headed pertinent inferential deducible perspicuous compelling convincing deductive devious holding water well-organized not born yesterday holding together all-knowing prescient scheming guileful thrifty selective economical tricky designing dodgy beguiling open-eyed downy well-balanced sharpened stable heedful significant keen-witted leery responsive cagy no-nonsense been around seemly mean probing parsimonious hardened agile well-judged reasoning unwasteful penny-pinching razor-like moderate conservative controlled temperate imaginative safe quick-thinking having all one's marbles civil suave well grounded straight right full of common sense quick on the draw exact quick on the trigger healthy enterprising exquisite cool-headed clairvoyant Machiavellian einstein extensional juridicious obvious germane necessary shady sneaky underhanded shifty insighted prudential handy mindful businesslike graceful razor sharp in one's best interests hard-nosed plotting steady pragmatical unbelieving battle-scarred thinking twice playing safe concerned on guard complex exacting detailed articulate guarded probable receptive equipped serious-minded with it hedging one's bets proportional symmetrical well-proportioned well-adjusted thoughty likely inductive searching as sharp as a tack having fancy footwork on your guard well-prepared acuminous syllogistic finely honed dispassionate unemotional chary with one's feet on the ground with both feet on the ground smart as a tack knowing how many beans make five nobody's fool not missing a trick having smarts with all one's wits about one forethoughtful forehanded harmonious mentally stable efficacious effectual effective original reserved close-lipped seasonable judicial in right mind active vigorous mercurial curt wired all-wise detail oriented saving tight close-mouthed smart as a whip wide awake steady-going cordial respectful decorous knows what's what ear to the ground softly-softly kid-glove having a good head on one's shoulders know how many beans make five having no flies on trustworthy poised gentle sympathetic kind gingerly noncommittal precautious sparing miserly economic systematic rigorous worldly wise equitable infinite preeminent pansophical almighty treating with kid gloves treating something with kid gloves unidealistic regulated orderly organized methodical credible on lookout having foresight not rash abstemious scrimping economizing tenable acceptable decent old with experience matured like a clam ordered organised straight-thinking well organized mathematical impartial believable viable understandable stingy normal recognized proven faithful canonical true reputable sanctioned recognised orthodox been there old hand well travelled restrained unprejudiced feasible meaningful suggestive unexcessive cognitive admissible making sense unbiased standing to reason unextreme cheap penny-wise economising clearheaded thought-out fastidious legal tried-and-true evenhanded fair-minded clear-cut with both one's feet on the ground discriminative open to reason unimpaired based on good sense in one's right mind expressive discriminational discriminatory differential in possession of all one's faculties able to reason clearly well balanced able to think clearly compos mentis of sound mind nice enigmatic finical choosy select picky individualising eclectic opinionated persnickety individualizing choicy finicky eloquent impish arch teasing speaking mischievous playful consequential underhand disingenuous shark calculated inside on the inside on top of most likely

Tính từ

Recognized as being reliable
authoritative reliable sound accurate authentic valid dependable factual trustworthy attested true certified definitive faithful good scholarly truthful verifiable veritable authenticated circumstantiated confirmed convincing documented legit precise proper proven respected righteous solid supported validated verified well founded straight from horse's mouth from the horse's mouth genuine legitimate exact correct veracious right actual unquestionable real certain irrefutable kosher bona fide credible honest straight certifiable absolute pure undeniable official sure-enough dead-on on the money for real faultless errorless unimpeachable infallible strict unerring veridical pukka echt dinkum natural conclusive final pucka unadulterated bang on spot-on spot on clear-cut true to life indubitable concrete without error on-target de facto effective honest-to-goodness real McCoy original existent legal sterling lawful unalloyed rightful fair and square on the level aboveboard card-carrying bonafide untainted unspoiled trusty true blue unvarnished complete full right on fit unequivocal on target on the ball so matter-of-fact on the nose just so bull's-eye dead on clear on the button thorough perfect very undoubted incontestable perceptible literal inescapable demonstrated established palpable indisputable express unqualified incontrovertible especial intrinsic unmistakable substantiated sheer tangible evident specific believable safe explicit meticulous unambiguous canonical minute detailed failsafe flawless undisputed unrefuted definite word for word error-free all right fail-safe characteristic ingenuous archetypal regular guileless archetypical representative typical reputable artless simple unaffected unpretentious unpretending appropriate average direct dinky-di standard normal undesigning fitting creditable fact-based based on facts straight from the horse's mouth the real McCoy on the nail

Tính từ

Relating to the arts and to intellectual achievements
enlightening educational educative illuminating informational informative informatory instructional instructive broadening civilising civilizing clarifying cultural edifying enriching helpful humanising humanizing illuminative refining scholarly scholastic uplifting artistic aesthetic intellectual elevating developmental expanding widening ornamenting nurturing raising promoting constructive socializing disciplining esthetic stimulating beneficial refined liberalizing humane influential literary socialising corrective regenerative polishing dignifying liberalising ennobling adorning inspirational beautifying glorifying advancing liberal didactic explanatory revealing expository elucidative explicative improving explanative revelatory expositive exegetic exegetical explicatory preceptive pedagogic doctrinal homiletic moralistic illustrative heuristic elucidatory propaedeutic interpretive expositional interpretative telling demonstrative annotative useful pedantic allegorical discursive guiding declarative graphic diagrammatic analytical hermeneutic advisory informing hermeneutical academic descriptive tutorial telltale inspiring pedagogical communicative prefatory expounding newsy factual evaluative describing explaining rewarding fluorescent incandescent luminescent illuminated disquisitional forthcoming by way of explanation critical hermeneuti moralizing teaching tuitional preachy bookish homiletical sententious pompous sermonic schoolmasterly formal erudite cautionary moral priggish abstruse teacherly teachy sermonizing teacherish donnish exhortative moralising schoolmasterist hortative sermonising

Tính từ

Having or showing a calm attitude towards disappointments or difficulties
philosophical calm composed cool stoical collected serene patient tranquil impassive resigned unruffled detached dispassionate imperturbable placid self-possessed sober unemotional accommodating equable forbearing logical long-suffering phlegmatic rational restrained tolerant unperturbed easy-going even-tempered fatalistic indulgent realistic unexcitable nonplussed practical sedate unflappable accepting deep deep-thinking enlightened ethical moral philosophic profound stoic temperate uncomplaining wise cool, calm and collected equanimous self-controlled stolid quiet controlled poised longanimous level-headed cool-headed with the patience of Job indifferent understanding self-confident self-assured considerate undisturbed enduring forgiving together untroubled relaxed persistent easygoing mild kind lenient persevering unagitated unflustered gentle submissive untiring inexcitable mild-tempered passive unbothered unmoved coolheaded unworried recollected self-composed level possessed laid-back unfazed limpid peaceful smooth equal unshaken easy good-natured fortitudinous chilled self-restrained casual unexcited nonchalant levelheaded as cool as a cucumber assured deliberate at ease steady at peace stable confident insouciant sensible unconcerned still well balanced undismayed balanced dignified staid cool as cucumber sane carefree businesslike grounded sound moderate blithe even reasonable mellow cool as a cucumber secure halcyon commonsensical serious somber fearless pragmatic sombre devil-may-care in control proper mature stilly dependable hushed judicious lown seemly reliable decorous stiff formal solemn clearheaded stately happy-go-lucky sure of oneself unflinching assertive urbane full of common sense circumspect nerveless unshakable reserved down-to-earth prudent complacent unstirred gutsy pacific sanguine constant disimpassioned resolute grave unanxious no-nonsense shrewd astute well-balanced sure of yourself hard-boiled hard-headed positive free and easy regular unafraid all there informal brave suave courageous undaunted elegant unvexed low-key uninterrupted unflurried breezy unbroken intrepid discreet certain unaffected understated blasé restful calmed sure audacious bold self-reliant self-asserting settled dauntless upbeat unhesitating trouble-free peaceable unfluctuating untouched without a care in the world tough gung ho filled with aplomb sharp-witted sharp downbeat fair unsentimental hard-bitten keeping your cool content good-tempered serious-minded matter-of-fact well adjusted well-adjusted laid back with both feet on the ground daring plucky unperturbable graceful even-keeled unstressed debonair measured unchanging unvarying deliberative farsighted firm unalarmed agreeable fine straight uniform lackadaisical unwavering bovine clubby benign consistent invariable stabile orderly systematic methodical irenic docile constrained in check tamed restricted disciplined guarded limited contained complaisant soothed repressed suppressed quieted not dismayed centered muted subdued undistracted unaltering unalterable unserious happy pellucid satisfied reconciled centred resting quiescent comfortable thick-skinned immovable smug self-satisfied cocksure doubtless pushy implicit brazen clear leisured fixed not moved overconfident careless subtle unostentatious inconspicuous inhibited unrushed earnest euthymic rosy high common-sense in one's right mind well-disposed with one's feet on the ground keeping a stiff upper lip have one's act together responsible unshrinking emotionless unfaltering blissful demure hard as nails stiff upper lip roll with punches lax merciful calm and collected affable unswerving good having both feet on the ground calculable puffed up pumped up not turn a hair keeping one's shirt on conciliatory friendly clement under control leisurely undemanding unhurried easeful at rest anxiety-free reposeful in repose prim stuffy stick-in-the-mud boring starchy unblinking played down unpretentious downhome toned down humane soft-shell thoughtful humanitarian charitable low-pressure cold sober easy-peasy living with going easy on going easy with being big live-and-let-live chilled out canny clear-sighted savvy clear-eyed knowing smart heady clear-thinking self-sufficient hard-nosed can-do surefooted sure-footed normal clear-headed hardheaded stand pat intractable locked in tough nut hang tough believing in oneself self-assertive self-respecting right right-minded compos mentis in your right mind lucid got head together reasoned in possession of one's faculties in right mind able to think clearly of sound mind with all one's marbles

Tính từ

(applied to persons) Recognized for possessing power, talents or achievements
great celebrated elevated eminent glorious grand important major prominent august capital chief dignified distinguished esteemed exalted famed famous honorable honourable illustrious influential leading main noble notable pre-eminent primary principal renowned seminal superior supreme commanding fabled iconic lofty magnanimous noted noteworthy paramount predominant premier regal respected stately sublime all-important alpha authoritative dominant extraordinary formidable heroic highly regarded honored idealistic imposing legendary notorious number one powerful preeminent prestigious prevailing prime puissant recognised recognized reputable resonant revered superlative triumphal trusted high-level high profile outstanding prized valued well-known major league well-connected acclaimed admired arch- big league foremost gifted highly rated high-minded high-powered honoured incomparable matchless peerless top unexcelled unsurpassed well known arch first greatest highest mighty overbearing primal prior senior signal unequaled unequalled unparalleled first rate of the first rank potent redoubtable big central key sovereign cardinal master overriding overmastering sovran numero uno venerable star magnificent majestic head significant ruling big-time high vital of note crucial essential splendid well thought of of high standing proud lionized remarkable lead memorable of repute fine resplendent pivotal impressive popular imperial lionised big-name topmost critical superb excellent brilliant major-league bright number-one lordly controlling aristocratic big-league royal fundamental gallant monumental uppermost respectable immortal serious ultimate heavy lauded basic exceptional marvelous presiding high-ranking epic supereminent magnific grave core estimable focal marvellous worthy name visible conspicuous storied unforgettable grandiose vaunted baronial of distinction kingly heroical best massive high-profile striking Homeric luminous preponderant prevalent salient champion shining top-tier acknowledged stellar astral considerable well received beautiful four-star superstar utmost admirable awe-inspiring gorgeous triumphant front-page gratifying VIP consequential ascendant predominate wonderful applauded upper-class regnant good feted patrician world-class surpassing gentle professional genteel elite praised extolled transcendent highborn biggest towering indispensable wellborn intrinsic top-ranking highbred palatial spectacular posh elemental celeb celebrious high-power redoubted arresting dazzling much touted large strictly business laureate playing hard ball momentous splendiferous overruling effulgent radiant top-notch staple princely time-honored much publicized heavyweight blue-blooded material historic infamous of consequence silk-stocking weighty pleasurable of greatest importance high-born first-rate governing upper-crust dominating widely known hallowed No. 1 big-shot much-publicized in the public eye remembered unrivalled consummate solemn staid venerated apex portly absolute blue-chip refined chivalrous unrivaled successful necessary lavish opulent sumptuous breathtaking special top-level deluxe luxurious maximum eventful reputed highfalutin' integral rich largest top-priority especial big-gun creditable winning greathearted underlying sedate public first-class magnolious ritzy splendacious must-have established meaningful high-up rudimentary ranking imperious urgent radical reigning directing effective sterling praiseworthy headmost top-drawer of prime importance of supreme importance first and foremost far-reaching well born up there big name well-thought-of talked about heavy-duty of mark in the limelight having made a name for oneself on the map splendrous heavenly delightful enjoyable finest accomplished expert finished ok splendorous decisive unsurpassable unmatchable rightly prized favoured favored chosen elegant terrific characteristic inherent unlimited familiar utopian enduring perennial evergreen abiding traditional timeless classic time-honoured ageless awesome statuesque extravagant fantastic tremendous divine benevolent particular simple strongest telling crack root queenly high-status reverenced known flaunted substantial marked splashy monster proverbial axial constitutional common inflated infinite unrestricted boundless unrestrained unbounded premium crowning singular beginning opening titled basal constitutive everyday operative keynote strategic quintessential of influence eloquent distinctive historical oratorical upper cogent phenomenal deciding richest oustanding higher strong adored landmark fateful generous second-to-none total unconditional full utter victory commemorative ceremonial celebratory worshipped second to none final compelling determining worthy of mention worthy of note stand-out well-regarded touted top-rank nonpareil energetic dynamic instrumental trendsetting big-wheel hot-dog underlined monarchical monarchal something else of importance intervening superseding of greatest significance commemorated grandiloquent just fine paraded tall in the saddle upmarket huge groundbreaking fulfilling decorous formal sacred decent reverend sage considerate guiding monarchial front noble-born of gentle birth of noble birth interesting far-famed high-flying promoted overhyped advertised publicized hyped talked of initial in spotlight in limelight uplifting high up exemplary wise sensational inaugural A-number-1 A-1 paragon genius reserved courtly ceremonious omnipotent official supervisory all-powerful overpowering efficacious almighty arbitrary leonine lionlike page-oner publicised boasted about bragged about made much of shown off higher up cheering satisfying epochal red-letter heart-warming rewarding pleasing matriarchal experienced patriarchal philosophical worshipful worshiped fit for a prince primo hotshot hotdog much vaunted commended hailed cheered natural upright proper topical fit for a queen fit for a princess holding the reins exulted in crowed about prated about widely praised highly esteemed highbrow composed gracious at the cutting edge at the leading edge heavy stuff hot stuff exciting relevant buzzworthy pompous maximal couth sombre magisterial distingué starchy somber nifty highly thought of fit for a king loftiest crown made a display of newsworthy apical zenithal tiptop just so self-respecting highest-ranking out of the ordinary of substance most important most prominent most influential most illustrious most powerful most skilled most obvious most noticeable

Tính từ

Showy in speech
big bombastic grandiose complicated flowery grandiloquent orotund pretentious erudite formal highfalutin histrionic long magniloquent ostentatious overblown pompous scholarly verbose rhetorical oratorical declamatory articulate eloquent fustian high-sounding hyperbolic aureate mouthy effusive silver-tongued turgid rhetoric florid sonorous bombast ornate tumid euphuistic overwrought pedantic overdone overripe magnific purple high-flown windy puffed-up lofty haughty high inflated tall overwritten flamboyant elaborate laboured affected extravagant Ossianic strained convoluted labored hifalutin over-elaborate stilted pleonastic arty-farty hyperventilated baroque flatulent gassy gaseous exaggerated wordy fulsome swollen showy theatrical rococo ornamented fancy fussy long-winded rotund busy contrived Ciceronian imposing epideictic Demosthenic Demosthenean embellished periphrastic boastful overdecorated braggart bragging Falstaffian exalted sesquipedalian gingerbread grand-sounding over-embellished over-ornate overworked overelaborate ponderous portentous self-important dramatic figurative excessively ornate stagy prolix ornamental fluent elocutionary big-talking windbag tumescent majestic impressive mannered actorly elevated heroic curlicued wedding-cake over-the-top oratorial bold lexiphanic very elaborate elegant boasting la-di-da overinflated discursive gingerbreaded bedizened gingerbready puffed stodgy solemn tedious egotistic arty high-wrought redundant diffuse euphemistic ranting prim overornate overembellished high-falutin pontifical Miltonian epic Homeric stuffy blathering blustering booming melodramatic arresting tiresome high-minded snobbish flashy euphistic tall-talking decorative garnished rich luscious rhapsodic loudmouthed balderdash highly decorated verbal linguistic splendid yellow brilliant golden stylistic stuffed shirt full of hot air glib vocal grand voluble shallow superficial breezy serious arrogant grave fervid impassioned persuasive gesturing vivid forceful gesticulative senatorial loud noisy expressive intoning important noble stentorian cluttered overstated crowded over-detailed untidy mixed-up excessive messy muddled disarranged staged disorderly excessively ornamental

Động từ

To have been aware
found learnt noted ascertained comprehended digested discovered gleaned grasped identified observed realized recognized understood saw witnessed became aware realised recognised determined found out figured out uncovered discerned detected worked out unearthed established verified confirmed doped out got on to sussed out picked up heard gained espied seen disclosed located checked dug up sighted encountered caught on to dug out rooted out nosed out got wind of the fact got wise to the fact come to know ferreted out routed out scouted up turned up dredged up conceived came to know gotten on to hunted up hunted down wised up to hit upon made certain caught on got to know divined sized up minded perceived sought spotted noticed fand overheard descried rummaged sensed distinguished got had it brought to one's attention become aware settled fixed fixt gained knowledge found out about picked up on tripped over looked for smoked out searched for or out stumbled upon got wind got word got a line gotten to know unmasked came upon puzzled out founden taken notice took notice wised up became acquainted with checked out double-checked come upon become acquainted with judged made sure measured evaluated deduced appraised calculated assessed gauged fathomed figured rated quantified gaged added up contrived intuited asked computed counted diagnosed had a hunch read made out inquired calibrated took checked up on estimated queried investigated probed clarified canvassed enquired questioned revealed obtained attained acquired exposed achieved gotten twigged rumbled caught fathomed out debunked ran down glimpsed run down explored elicited scared up tumbled to sniffed out tracked down had an aha moment thought of looked up hit on lit upon got wind of gotten wind of gotten wise to got wise to gat apprehended appreciated registered cognized assimilated savvied cottoned on to decided ensured known knew sussed dug separated picked out differentiated pegged pinned down become aware of pinpointed discriminated placed substantiated become cognizant of gathered set apart told beheld put your finger on compassed took in taken in put one's finger on become conscious of made sense of stumbled on brought to light cottoned to got it latched on to fingered gotten a fix on got a fix on corroborated named got the picture gotten the picture validated tagged followed differenced secerned told between certified diagnosticated come across told apart interpreted unlocked construed grokked got the drift of got the point of became aware of described readen got the message became cognizant of gotten the message demarcated clocked marked selected labelled analyzed labeled remembered set off deciphered contrasted assured singled out flagged list absorbed absorpt put a name to put the finger on determinated decoded isolated put a stopwatch on tracked seized pointed out made certain of seen to it saw to it scaled sized weighed valued beholden extracted decided on settled on metered made told the difference between made a distinction between decided between taken care ID'ed took care IDed buttoned down tabbed became conscious of apperceived insured satisfied oneself eyed analysed gotten the hang of struck met with put a figure on guaranteed gotten it got one's head around got the idea of conceived of got at smelt out reckoned quantitated inferred happened upon traced affirmed got the hang of came across divided qualified classified categorized characterized singularized collated signalized specified individuated sifted parted extricated recalled recollected sorted out told from penetrated marked off scented remarked concluded recorded met transpired mentioned listed marked out called to mind spanned kept up with keyed out keyed carded made up your mind on smelt smelled decried searched out were aware of been aware of was aware of extraught tasted received discerned a difference between laid your hands on uprooted visualized sparked eyeballed spotlighted proved arrived tumbled edged out retrieved gotten at characterised looked over controlled for checked up got the message about visioned called tallied localised got the idea accessed heard tell had on good authority figured in reached traced back gained an understanding of saw the light become conscious stricken individualized timed got clued up about had knowledge of rooted pieced together came to light thought caught sight of gained access made a distinction rendered lit on fished out fancied chanced on showed guesstimated told which is which visualised featured rooted up spotlit had clinched become conscious of the fact that guessed cropped up ferreted hooked signalised made head or tail of envisioned gotten the idea popped up laid one's hands on become aware of the fact that got the picture about caught on to the fact categorised tested imagined envisaged become known familiarized oneself with exhibited imaged zeroed in on localized figured something out individualised learned of setted at variance come to pass come up with got across run to earth seen the light stumbled across pierced hunted out contacted delved adjudged had one's number assured yourself span knew by sight known again known by sight knew again struck on stricken on taken came to pass became known saw through seen through gotten across taken account of took account of gotten the point got the point got to the bottom of gotten to the bottom of came up with ran to earth known for certain knew for certain taken notice of took notice of drew a distinction between drawn a distinction between prove proven gotten down cold got down cold gotten down pat got down pat did not forget to done not forget to took the wraps off dolven taken the wraps off dalf shown became aware of the fact that were cognizant of been cognizant of saw daylight was cognizant of got through one's head seen daylight gotten through one's head became conscious of the fact that became conscious did not forget gotten hold of got hold of written to wrote to spoken to spoke to

Động từ

(of a subject) To have intellectually pursued
took studied majored in pursued took up concentrated on focused on learnt specialised in specialized in did trained in grasped mastered practiced practised acquired a knowledge of applied oneself to dedicated oneself to developed oneself in gained an understanding of had lessons in read read up on worked at worked in hit the books cracked the books enrolled attained received gained got absorbed absorpt acquired lucubrated matriculated imbibed applied oneself researched learnt the ropes comprehended assimilated digested observed calculated perceived noted determined understood picked up reviewed swotted gleaned crammed apprenticed familiarized yourself with mugged up familiarized oneself with got the point of become proficient in gathered become competent in prepared grinded got across become skilled at ground got clued up about perused become expert in acquired skill in conned soaked up improved mind become versed waded through brushed up on minored in pored over checked watched become able larned larnt gotten gat done research did research taken readen gotten across became expert in became proficient in knew backwards became competent in known inside out became skilled at known backwards knew inside out got the knack of gotten the knack of taken course burnt midnight oil became able drunk in took in got down pat taken in burned midnight oil took course gotten the hang of gotten down pat got the hang of became versed drank in become proficient at excelled in got to grips with became proficient at gotten to grips with managed acquired the skill of acquired the technique of caught on to learned the art of become versed in gotten down cold learned thoroughly become familiar with gained mastery of chalked up gained mastery in buried yourself in got down cold got off by heart boned up taken up done became versed in became familiar with

Trái nghĩa của learned

learned Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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