Đồng nghĩa của assimilated

Alternative for assimilated

assimilates, assimilated, assimilating

Đồng nghĩa: absorb, blot up, digest, soak up,

Trái nghĩa: dissimilate,

Động từ

To have derived from
took derived got acquired developed evolved gleaned obtained originated elicited extracted formulated stemmed came by picked up procured sprang sprung took on took up developt gotten gat extraught taken on taken up taken earned received bagged secured collected landed netted gained attained made won snagged brought in reapt reaped grabbed had scored realized achieved realised pulled down caught drew hooked experienced nabbed captured collared racked up felt grossed cleared pocketed amassed pulled in garnered incurred copped come to have received a salary of come into possession of come into suffered come in for bought purchased seized accomplished possessed oneself of took home gathered underwent appropriated reached accepted delivery of assumed built up sustained taken receipt of took receipt of banked raked in drawn nailed snared snatched snapped up hauled in got one's hands on got one's mitts on got hands on latched onto accessed endured glommed managed rapped corralled knocked down scraped together swung brought home trapped locked up grappled inherited taken home taken home earnings of took home earnings of came to have came into possession of came into came in for taken possession of took possession of boughten undergone gotten hold of got hold of gotten hands on gotten one's hands on took delivery of taken delivery of swungen swang went through gone through been through got to got paid logged grasped fulfilled made it to chalked up pulled off hit notched up rang up notched pulled fetched harvested took in accumulated profited hustled produced cleaned up held encountered knew faced maintained came into contact with partook in contracted accepted incubated came down with adopted fell ill to became infected with fell victim to succumbed to sickened with went down with took sick with consummated scooped came away with carried off walked off with had conferred on one walked away with

Động từ

To have understood based on given information
seen understood comprehended appreciated fathomed grasped perceived ascertained got gotten apprehended construed determined discerned established figured out identified interpreted cognized conceived of cottoned to deduced got it gotten it got the idea of got the point of inferred intuited made out made sense of registered taken in worked out become cognizant of caught on to compassed cottoned on to dug fathomed out got one's head around gotten the hang of gotten the picture got the drift of latched on to savvied sussed gotten a fix on gotten the message tumbled to twigged recognized deciphered decoded sensed recognised conceived caught seized grokked read beheld made saw gat realized followed realised absorbed absorpt known knew sussed out learnt learned took in digested picked up beholden made head or tail of got the picture puzzled out got the message unravelled unraveled gathered divined mastered readen caught on pieced together accepted penetrated got the hang of distinguished imbibed cottoned on latched onto soaked up gotten to the bottom of got to the bottom of cracked acquired envisaged took on board picked up on kept up with familiarized oneself with taken on board were aware of been aware of was aware of got a fix on untangled processed translated discovered integrated had knowledge of latched on got into become aware of had had an aha moment become conscious of gotten the drift became cognizant of got the drift felt ingested noticed explained concluded disentangled noted told thought believed found gotten the idea got the idea tracked sorted out soaked in got the message about hit on got the picture about come to know gotten to know saw the light caught the drift seen the light pierced got clued up about got to know got one's head round found out made of taken took became aware of gotten into were cognizant of been cognizant of absorbed mentally was cognizant of became conscious of drank in taken up drunk in took up solved developt developed acknowledged observed received formed cultivated remembered fostered admitted conceded decrypted detected suspected heard granted evolved devised contrived demystified resolved allowed confessed owned imagined defined concocted materialized unfolded searched out unriddled ferreted out scented incorporated guessed tapped into respected explicated apperceived founden smelt smelled deemed fand tasted gotten the point got the point featured pinned flashed copied gotten wise to got one's mind around clicked with caught the drift of got wise to got your head round thought through paid close attention to felt in gut kenned envisioned perceived the meaning of had a handle on felt in bones measured held considered came to know wrapped one's mind around broke down anticipated felt in one's bones materialised picked up what someone is putting down reckoned figured something out gained an understanding of had a hunch felt in your bones had a feeling got the impression of got across had a funny feeling made intelligible doped out gauged pinpointed gaged credited made sense own was absorbed in been absorbed in seen the point of saw the point of got to the bottom gotten to the bottom broke broken brake gotten across gotten the gist got the gist holden gotten the impression got the impression just knew got vibes just known gotten vibes gotten vibrations got vibrations taken to mean took to mean saw through thrown light on threw light on broken down seen through taken meaning got a grip taken on took meaning saw into saw daylight seen daylight took on gotten a grip seen the light about saw the light about seen into taken something on board took something on board hit upon unearthed descried uncovered nosed out figured forecast spotted predicted dug up dug out espied judged visualized visualised got on to revealed disclosed estimated conjectured decided surmised exposed supposed calculated become aware expected foretold called fancied previsioned rooted out diagnosed forefelt run down tracked down scared up hunted down sized up thought likely hunted up routed out scouted up turned up sniffed out dredged up forecasted prophesied esteemed hypothesized foreboded evaluated postulated theorized speculated verified pinned down brought to light picked out prognosticated contemplated vaticinated augured achieved gained obtained attained presumed sayed said rumbled reasoned assumed presupposed approximated made certain of premised daresaid daresayed foresaw foreseen located confirmed gleaned presaged put unlocked auspicated spaed prevised placed gotten on to got wind of the fact stumbled on wised up to hazarded a guess got wise to the fact lit upon psyched out explored looked up come to the conclusion theorised guesstimated thought of hypothesised became aware foreknown foreknew wised up gotten wind of got wind of ran down assessed laid bare introspected unmasked viewed nosed remarked got wise differentiated projected sniffed fixed fixt hazarded reflected pondered soul-searched self-reflected ruminated reflected upon settled ranked rated appraised derived classed whiffed marked posited extracted snuffed ventured opined extrapolated affected trusted soothsaid decried predicated implied portended forewarned entertained had information counted maintained weighed valued clocked checked suggested planned planned on had sneaking suspicion come upon pegged meditated glimpsed crystal balled it allowed for looked for become clear to double-checked looked inward made certain called the turn ranked as formed an opinion of dare-said made heads or tails of checked out checked up on regarded as foreshadowed visioned felt certain seen it coming self-questioned debunked prepared for called it banked on become conscious figured on picked unscrambled taken for granted counted chickens pre-empted had experience of foretasted reckoned on took for granted sympathized with made sure counted upon formed the opinion caught sight of classed as adumbrated cooked up had a sneaking suspicion of hoped for had a hunch of clinched become conscious of the fact that made an estimate of came to the conclusion waited for become aware of the fact that caught on to the fact cleared up had down pat saw it coming added up thought it likely imaged elicited had knowledge encountered jumped to a conclusion rated as made a guess at contemplated the possibility of dared say counted on looked on as dreamt up regarded as likely watched for gotten a handle on got a handle on extraught drew drawn came upon gotten down cold got down cold gotten down pat got down pat putten known for certain knew for certain taken notice of took notice of became clear to taken account took account took it saw in the cards drew the inference taken it as given seen coming drawn the inference saw coming took it as given taken it bargained on bargained for seen in the cards took a shot at taken a shot at gone out on a limb took a stab took a stab at went out on a limb took a shot taken a shot taken a stab at taken a stab saw as seen as took to be taken to be looked at became aware of the fact that got through one's head gotten through one's head became conscious of the fact that became conscious

Động từ

To have involved or engaged in deeply
lost immersed engaged involved absorbed absorpt engrossed consumed enmeshed obsessed occupied threw affected connected enraptured enthralled hooked mired preoccupied held gripped fascinated arrested interested captivated intrigued caught rivetted charmed riveted bewitched engulfed spellbound beguiled busied entranced enveloped enwrapped mesmerized bemused fixated hypnotized caught up monopolized upped on cornered hypnotised soaked held your attention become lost mesmerised attracted hogged applied monopolised filled holden thrown taken up became lost sewed up took up sewn up implicated embroiled distracted entangled diverted ensnared enchanted amused entertained employed grabbed embrangled snared pleased bogged down concerned mixed up lured bedazzled incriminated broiled entrapped pulled captured trapped piqued drew transfixed tangled buried kept busy held the attention of tied up tempted drawn titillated excited tantalized netted moved tantalised held one's attention delighted committed entoiled meshed enticed immeshed fixed fixt allured ensnarled inspired enamored wrapped wrapt attended bound set back made party to dragged into knocked dead boxed in appealed to touched aroused perked up mattered to turned on sat up aroused one's curiosity engaged one's attention lit someone's fire tickled someone's fancy whetted one's appetite drawn in caught one's eye drew in floated someone's boat captured one's imagination won devoted cheered impressed bothered deceived seduced tricked regaled plunged snarled gained seized dazzled bagged transported raptured disported solaced influenced associated enamoured magnetized troubled landed inveigled recreated overwhelmed intertwined wowed got lost in hung up gratified drowned led on made merry sucked in clung participated grabbed the attention of linked setted a trap for kept amused tickled clinged detained held in awe inspirited sticked wrapped up engrossed oneself tickled one's fancy bounden roped in invited enlisted tickled pink gladdened cracked up enlivened entailed comforted used up humoured slayed tickled your fancy ecstasized laid for magnetised stuck satisfied knocked out won over elated indulged reeled in lost oneself in betrapped swamped imputed stimulated floundered held spellbound concentrated tangled up caught hold of humored muddled relaxed inculpated benetted held attention aroused the curiosity of aroused curiosity given pleasure to slain gave pleasure to slew thrown yourself into threw yourself into absorbed yourself in threw oneself into thrown oneself into sunken sank sunk

Động từ

To have discerned from given information
made thought ascertained discerned estimated gathered imagined intuited read surmised assumed believed comprehended conjectured determined esteemed fathomed figured grasped hypothesized perceived postulated presumed presupposed sensed supposed theorized understood appreciated apprehended detected divined felt guessed hypothesised noted noticed observed opined philosophised reckoned recognised recognized regarded suspected theorised ventured adjudged appraised assessed cognized considered deciphered deemed evaluated expected fancied philosophized registered savvied saw speculated suggested viewed decoded dug knew sized up summed up weened weighed up caught on to cottoned on to grokked tumbled to twigged readen seen known posited judged deduced said sayed premised put forward concluded inferred hypothecated predicated forecast hazarded a guess had a hunch conceived reasoned daresaid daresayed predicted took for granted dared say trusted taken for granted propounded come to the conclusion gleaned proposed submitted guesstimated had sneaking suspicion advanced accepted established bet forecasted calculated put implied held anticipated contemplated suspicioned called set pretended doped out thought likely worked out took it taken it construed derived stated maintained took discovered found offered projected posed asserted broached hazarded gauged gaged counted on figured out called it took as read came to the conclusion thought it likely had a feeling envisaged betted dare-said propositioned tendered taken drew the inference drawn the inference taken as read proffered extrapolated mooted approximated deliberated holden foresaw foreseen prescribed decided had a sneaking suspicion foretold cogitated previsioned dreamt dreamed had as one's opinion visualized visualised placed cerebrated doped excogitated brainstormed forefelt introduced built castles in air called the turn put up formed an opinion of set forth postulated that theorized that psyched out taken it as given banked on picked chewed over selected counted upon took it as given thought it likely that made an estimate of announced beat one's brains read between lines jumped to a conclusion made a guess at regarded as likely gave given looked upon granted interpreted compassed got the idea taken as a hypothesis took as a hypothesis gotten the idea induced decreed bounced vapored felt in one's bones stayed in the clouds required declared conveyed wondered voted founded extended settled proclaimed pronounced formulated mused raised learnt conceded had a funny feeling learned founden fand resolved ordered directed dictated adjudicated needed preferred envisioned asked allowed had a suspicion had a sneaking feeling heard argued grounded ground built prophesied prognosticated ordained putten meditated essayed exhorted augured adverted soothsaid intimated imparted got realized queried questioned portended espied forewarned foreboded entertained deposited asseverated mortgaged hooked pledged hocked rated sussed vaticinated presaged planned inquired foreknown foreknew took as gospel truth planned on reflected formulated a theory sworn by formed theories pondered allowed for looked for stumbled on generalised had vibes proponed took a shot at valuated jumped the gun evoked swore by reputed foreshadowed counted told heard tell schemed tabled realised trotted out laid down taken a shot at taken as gospel truth prepared for laid down the law made suppositions beaten one's brains risked assuming ventured a guess commenced ventilated figured on reviewed expressed gone out on a limb took a stab picked out had a foreboding counted chickens pre-empted took a stab at foretasted contextualized rationalized reckoned on had the impression surveyed called for credited went out on a limb generalized ruminated adumbrated cooked up had a sneaking suspicion of auspicated made a judgement hoped for weighed reflected on started run it up flagpole had a hunch of solved took a shot ruled formed a theory come to the conclusion that fixed fixt held that waited for aired taken stock in lodged had an idea that felt for volunteered differentiated claimed rationalised taken a shot taken a stab at computed passed upon kicked around commanded took stock in made guesses presented contextualised contemplated the possibility of made out depended enquired chanced latched on to relied spaed held out happened upon dreamt up affirmed solicited studied dared to say prevised averred nominated taken a stab brought up watched for gotten the impression got the impression just knew just known ran it up flagpole lay down came to the conclusion that began begun fallen for fell for taken something on board saw the light took something on board saw through seen the light seen through gotten gat gave in earnest given in earnest threw up thrown up saw in the cards seen it coming seen coming saw coming saw it coming bargained on bargained for seen in the cards chosen chose has funny feeling had funny feeling got vibes gotten vibes got the picture gotten the picture taken it for granted took as fact took it for granted taken as fact taken it as read took it as read

Động từ

Past tense for to assimilate into a body, structure or system
integrated absorbed absorpt incorporated adapted adopted amalgamated coalesced embodied fitted fit homogenised homogenized accommodated admitted combined conformed embraced engulfed intermixed married meshed mingled naturalised naturalized subsumed accepted acclimatised acclimatized adjusted appropriated blended blent commingled compounded consolidated espoused fused interfused interwove interweaved interwoven lumped merged mixed mixt included welded co-opted blended in fitted in swallowed up took over taken over put together knit melded unified added encompassed contained hooked in united concentrated joined acculturated intermingled banded emulsified harmonized knitted conflated commixed comingled composited alloyed pooled immingled immixed took in taken in brought together associated harmonised linked introduced folded in inserted worked in added to collected organized onboarded systematized comprehended codified massed accustomed affiliated converged systematised established organised had involved comprised conglomerated melted yoked synthesized interpenetrated synthesised interblent interblended jumbled agglutinated compacted cemented gathered together desegregated concatenated conjoined coordinated symphonized interfaced stirred whisked come together become one linked up joined together blunged imbibed formed lumped together melted into slotted in become similar become like ganged up slipped in run into molt molten gotten together got together came together became one added in threw in together thrown in together ran into became similar became like concreted wed admixed interlaced connected conjugated coupled wedded weaved interflowed networked suffused bound bonded mixed up braided cohered glued bled sticked stuck tied bracketed woven wove intertwined crossed hybridized interbred instilled adhered tangled premixed transfused infused kneaded allied hybridised bounden dissolved folded federated made up beat made created produced bunched up tied up joined up browden knitted together arranged orchestrated manufactured twisted entwined embedded intertwisted worked laced plaited wrought teamed accompanied interknitted adulterated infiltrated saturated enlaced plied matted interworked wreathed writhed inweaved implicated shuffled enveloped inmixed interspersed criss-crossed twined feathered in related dubbed aligned centered amassed condensed centralized concentered made uniform interwound interleaved interwreathed crisscrossed spooned confederated centred concentred fastened centralised twisted together interacted matched made similar whipped treated smoothed leagued syndicated hitched stirred together cross-bred clung clinged cleaved clamped interconnected fixed secured fixt interlinked shifted around cooperated clubbed diluted spliced liquesced joined to stirred gently coadunated chained affixed catenated hooked soldered physically joined joined forces melted into one another melded with tacked on tagged on teamed up tied in with plugged into run into one another hooked up stirred in formed an alliance run together slapped on stuck together faded into one another inwoven inwove wrothe writhen inmixt shaken shook beaten thrown together threw together ran into one another ran together hitches on hitched on banded together threw in with thrown in with

Động từ

(assimilate) Past tense for to join or take part in (a social group)
integrated joined entered fitted in joined in acculturated co-opted participated in subsumed accustomed took part in taken part in mixed with assimilated into became involved in become involved in became part of become part of conformed to got involved in gotten involved in subscribed to became a member of become a member of contributed to entered into partook in partaken in shared in took up taken up blended in with played a part in plunged into threw oneself into thrown oneself into threw yourself into thrown yourself into enrolled for enrolled in signed on for signed up for enlisted in joined up joined forces with set foot in had a hand in signed on with got into competed in moved into become a part of joined up with set out on put your name down for contested tried ventured on helped in allied with played registered for become connected with fought had something to do with went in for affiliated with become member paired with launched into gone into started work at fallen in with become associated with associated yourself with pitched in with volunteered for lent a hand with played a role in affiliated to fell in with sided with admitted oneself into gotten into signed up with embarked on become a competitor in become a contestant in obtained entrance to come into became a part of went into assisted with committed oneself to banded together with tied up with started to be in gone in for associated oneself with teamed up with gained entrance to cooperated in plugged into committed oneself come aboard mingled with committed yourself to ventured into followed played in consorted with helped with undertaken undertook thrown one's hat in the ring became a competitor in became a contestant in threw one's hat in the ring associated with gone in with threw in with came aboard took up with broken into went in with went to broke into aligned with got together with thrown in with gotten together with taken up with gone to came into became associated with gotten in on the act agreed to got in on the act foughten became member engagde in got oneself into gotten oneself into began work at became connected with begun work at engaged in

Động từ

Past tense for to cause to be acclimatized or used to something
accustomed acclimatised acclimatized adapted habituated adjusted conditioned familiarised familiarized acclimated accommodated attuned acculturated hardened disciplined seasoned inured reconciled resigned came to terms with come to terms with got used to gotten used to became resigned become resigned blended in fitted in became accustomed to become accustomed to came to accept come to accept learned to live with made used became acquainted with become acquainted with got to know gotten to know fit conformed integrated tailored harmonized tuned shaped fitted domesticated suited fashioned doctored edited harmonised set coordinated conciliated naturalized put cultivated proportioned got accustomed naturalised got used got someone accustomed matched become seasoned got someone used familiarized oneself with become naturalized familiarized someone with tailor-made shope shapen regulated keyed accorded civilized balanced counterbalanced modulated compensated prepared reared raised become inured accultured resigned oneself established made agree jacked up composed become accustomed settled complied altered became seasoned corresponded modified became naturalized become used to blended followed blent made consistent shaped up followed beaten path followed the crowd kept in step followed convention run with the pack found one's way around found one's feet followed tradition rolled with punches followed custom civilised putten became inured became accustomed grew accustomed to became used to grown accustomed to got one's bearings gotten one's bearings gone along to get along swam with the stream swum with the stream ran with the pack went along to get along

Động từ

Past tense for to be consistent with
agreed corresponded accorded coincided fitted fit complemented conformed harmonised harmonized matched tallied squared compared related correlated dovetailed resembled answered attuned chimed clicked cohered equated went gone suited checked comported concerted concorded paralleled parallelled synchronised synchronized conformed to correlated with matched up resonated went together gone together fell in with fallen in with got along with gotten along with went well with gone well with went hand in hand gone hand in hand rhymed chorded sorted rimed jibed consisted complied acquiesced agreed with concurred with quadrated related to amounted equaled tallied with reciprocated touched dovetailed with rivalled linked coincided with equated to equalled rivaled approached matched up with tied in with jibed with lip synced accorded with partaken of partook of squared with concurred checked with conformed with corresponded to harmonized with correlated to corresponded with met followed served befitted become fulfilled beseemed fitted in cohered with cut the mustard fit the bill sorted with rhymed with rimed with comported with coordinated gone with went with assented affirmed satisfied observed reconciled upheld obeyed kept leveled levelled balanced geed abided by complied with echoed mirrored duplicated imitated parallelized repeated recreated agreed to becomed becomen became kept pace kept to worked for met with reminded one of coordinated with clicked with chimed in with satisfied the demands of benefited acted in accordance with kept pace with measured up to belonged with chimed with met the requirements of chorded with filled the bill made the grade had its place checked out matched up to benefitted sufficed passed muster equated with compared with upholden adhered to answered a need beared a resemblance to did done acquiesced to gone along with aligned with went along with belonged to applied to

Tính từ

Consisting of different qualities or elements
mixed varied assorted miscellaneous different diverse motley differing diversified heterogeneous disparate jumbled variegated alloyed blended combined compound cosmopolitan eclectic fused haphazard indiscriminate kitchen-sink magpie patchwork piebald promiscuous raggle-taggle ragtag sundry united amalgamated composite incorporated manifold mingled brewed conglomerate crossed disordered embodied heterogenous hybridised hybridized infused integrated interdenominational international interracial joint kneaded married merged multicultural multifarious multinational multiracial tied transfused unsegregated woven various divers multitudinous many numerous several legion multiform unlike varying variant distinct omnifarious myriad distinctive dissimilar unalike separate polymorphic all manner of multiple divergent discrete many-sided multitudinal populous changeable contrasting varicolored polymorphous incongruous hybrid unequal peculiar changing protean individual multiplex colorful multifaceted unrelated wide-ranging colourful farraginous multiethnic contrastive a variety of discrepant loose mottled dappled multicolour multicoloured multicolored confused multicolor contrary contrasted odd alternate unique unsimilar disproportionate discriminable unconnected unassociated alternative kaleidoscopic polychromatic rainbow catholic broad prismatic extensive distinguishable general non-identical wide chromatic polychrome multihued colored multifold pied multipart flecked blotchy blotched speckled diversiform particoloured marbled some versicolor coloured an assortment of a mixture of a range of patchy a number of many and various marled not the same a mixed bag of parti-colored linked mixed-race of mixed race contradictory dubious opposite interethnic conflicting scrambled unmatched scattered muddled unsorted nonidentical random pluralist syncretic many and different like night and day voluminous varietal omniform variform collected dissonant a mixed bag anthologized inconsistent jarring spotted comprehensive morefold plural beaucoup collective of every description quite a few independent mongrel inharmonious mosaic discordant amalgamate unallied opposed complex all-embracing liberal broad-ranging universal synthesized brindled skewbald broad-based inclusive encyclopedic pluralistic distinguishing pinto brindle interdisciplinary non-exclusive multidisciplinary cross-disciplinary selective irregular unlimited unrestricted unqualified unspecialized dapple marked splotched aberrant exotic compounded dilettantish streaked varicoloured many-coloured tabby encyclopaedic melded synthesised many-hued multifactorial black and white two-colored brown and white rainbow-like jazzy psychedelic harlequin striated splodgy splotchy general-purpose all-purpose all-round all-around parti-coloured poikilo- patched striped checkered chequered particolored veined polychromous versicolored polychromic banded barred looking like an explosion in a paint factory like an explosion in a paint factory iridescent streaky checked multichromatic plaid lined vivid brilliant vibrant stripy rich flashy phantasmagoric bright gaudy showy intense multi-coloured many-splendoured many-colored polyhued rainbow-colored tartan variegation polychromatous spectral florid splashy of all the colours of the rainbow hued gay picturesque loud squared patterned check crisscross quilted ruled deep-coloured glowing bright-coloured radiant glaring eye-catching flamboyant garish brightly coloured checky mutable Day-glo whelked liny whelky lineate grooved striate linear ridged strigose tore

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