Đồng nghĩa của seduced

Alternative for seduced

seduces, seduced, seducing

Đồng nghĩa: entice, lead on, lure, persuade, tempt,

Động từ

To have aroused someone
excited aroused attracted titillated allured enticed inflamed roused beguiled charmed stimulated tantalized thrilled bewitched enchanted entranced hooked interested intrigued sparked appealed to fascinated pleased spellbound teased tempted wakened whetted enthralled stirred up tantalised turned on floated someone's boat got going lit someone's fire tickled someone's fancy wooed captivated swept off feet lured magnetized courted magnetised won over grabbed wowed enamoured engaged riveted rivetted absorbed absorpt inveigled wiled pulled whetted the appetite of turned one's head picked up tickled your fancy drawn drew provoked stirred ravished charged exhilarated kindled tickled galvanized electrified intoxicated mesmerized invited enamored persuaded dazzled endeared cajoled amused palpated sent entertained grappled quickened beckoned hypnotized inclined turned someone's head made an impression on got someone going led on pulled in drawn attention exerted a pull on steered sucked in obtained brought in caught the eye of made a hit with switched on galvanised exerted influence on got made your mouth water won hypnotised roped in mesmerised tickled pink secured turned someone on drew attention caught your eye pumped up come on to gotten gat came on to gotten going given someone a thrill gave someone a thrill done it for someone did it for someone made someone feel sexually excited made someone feel sexy engrossed snared perked up touched gripped concerned affected involved distracted mattered to moved piqued immersed diverted bemused held engaged one's attention preoccupied whetted one's appetite sat up occupied enwrapped busied arrested sexually aroused aroused sexually held your attention aroused curiosity holden caught one's eye held one's attention aroused one's curiosity captured one's imagination

Động từ

Past tense for to charm or captivate someone, typically during courtship
charmed allured attracted enchanted captivated tantalised tantalized bewitched fascinated entranced magnetised magnetized titillated enthralled enamoured mesmerised mesmerized ravished spellbound hypnotised hypnotized delighted enraptured raptured carried away blew away blown away lured beguiled tricked deceived hoodwinked enticed deluded led on duped inveigled absorbed absorpt gulled misled tempted dazzled ensnared killed wiled fooled put one over on set up wooed put under a spell intrigued baited entrapped infatuated gripped witched misinformed transfixed entertained pleased roped in misguided turned on swept off feet taken took cheated decoyed engrossed trapped rivetted riveted cozened won over hooked betrayed vamped enslaved won strung along gratified slayed led down the garden path corrupted sucked in amused enamored piqued led up the garden path diverted held spellbound gladdened put under magic spell put horns on cast a spell on tickled pink put the whammy on led off misdirected drawn drew conned led astray bamboozled blinded cajoled double-crossed snookered soft-soaped sweet-talked suckered wheedled framed caught juggled bluffed gaffed had gammoned humbugged diddled shafted snowed burnt burned hoaxed spoofed buffaloed hornswoggled solicited held befooled buttered up outsmarted outwitted took in taken in finessed manipulated gypped scammed jockeyed sticked exploited faked out stuck chiseled chiselled shaved had on rooked flimflammed played interested engaged mousetrapped occupied imposed on slain slew compelled tripped up caught out pulled a swifty on pulled a fast one on fitted up tickled controlled captured bedevilled voodooed sent wowed bedeviled played for a sucker bedazzled involved enwrapped immersed busied arrested bemused satisfied caught up made a hit with took for a ride taken for a ride excited overpowered kindled thrilled stirred transported poked borack invited overwhelmed tickle to death come on to tickled your fancy aroused laid a trap for fired interested greatly knocked out animated provoked stimulated appealed subdued knocked dead intoxicated holden snew snown shove took advantage of shave taken advantage of shaven forspoken forspoke tickled to death came on to exhilarated bowled over fulfilled elated grabbed rapped made happy electrified contented delectated hit the spot elevated moved cheered pleasured enlivened indulged humored rejoiced suited warmed humoured gladded agreed with roused overjoyed given a buzz gave a buzz gave someone a kick given someone a kick inspired tranced galvanized appeased invigorated charged sent into raptures inflamed envigorated galvanised pleased greatly refreshed pumped up fired with enthusiasm comforted brightened up made someone feel good feasted gassed made content bucked up appealed to gave someone a charge given someone a charge struck overcome ensorcelled owned stunned filled with delight mollified placated soothed energized satiated enthused sated turned someone on quickened assuaged quenched pacified uplifted heartened astonished astounded amazed agitated frenzied motivated jolted filled regaled arrided slaked served quietened stilled silenced grooved energised jarred dynamized commoved fed feed met sent into transports got someone going obliged cheered up made merry reconciled satisficed surfeited stirred up took your breath away buoyed up given pleasure to flattered sold cloyed gave pleasure to warmed the cockles of the heart catered to brought joy to provided for made your head spin lit a fire under pandered to filled the bill accommodated taken your breath away sufficed stricken overcame own got under your skin gotten under your skin done the trick did the trick gone to your head went to your head gave joy to given great pleasure to gave great pleasure to given joy to went over big got one's kicks gave someone pleasure gave a lift given someone pleasure given a lift gotten one's kicks gone over big

Động từ

Past tense for to persuade someone to do something
coaxed persuaded cajoled inveigled wheedled enticed influenced tempted lured induced beguiled urged allured charmed blarneyed blandished flattered wooed encouraged got gat gotten decoyed maneuvered manoeuvred palavered pressed prest conned hooked wangled wormed bartered importuned jawboned pestered plagued soothed teased sweet-talked prevailed on soft-soaped won over talked into prevailed upon argued into got round buttered up worked on arm-twisted came on come on talked someone into something roped in twisted one's arm attracted convinced entrapped baited led on swayed betrayed solicited fascinated captivated spread it on sucked in brought round ensnared tantalized drawn drew smooth-talked deceived bewitched tantalised enchanted wiled snared pulled turned on bantered snowed oiled soaped stroked converted sweetened up invited deluded misled trapped tricked tolled steered led astray hit on set at ease put off guard swept off feet talked round motivated talked impelled courted incited inclined prodded made argued pressurized reasoned pressured coerced brought around caused stimulated bootlicked softened massaged pushed brownnosed duped jollied crowded snew snown pressurised finagled kowtowed moved sold entangled softened up mollified appeased laid it on brought pressure to bear on netted enmeshed worked over built up gotten around got around caught captured placated enraptured beckoned witched killed magnetized made up to handed a line sucked up to played up to conciliated pacified propitiated sweetened led leaded appealed to intrigued dragged trained drug roped rubbed the right way gentled assuaged laid it on thick bedevilled bedeviled immeshed meshed entoiled bagged magnetised embroiled tangled ensnarled implicated flattered into humoured landed whetted the appetite of disarmed shilled mousetrapped touted led up garden path setted a trap for ensorcelled involved laid for caught up reeled in won the affection of betrapped unarmed humored dangled a carrot in front of boxed in benetted egged on distracted got next to gotten next to drawn in drew in gave the come-on to given the come-on to batted eyes at adulated honeyed praised overpraised glorified complimented puffed belauded fawned beslavered salved toadied groveled grovelled hero-worshipped fawned on brown-nosed crept to crawled to catered to complimented excessively put on a pedestal fell all over fallen all over flanneled flannelled admired commended adored revered expressed admiration for panegyrized pandered to lauded paid tribute to venerated paid blandishments to waxed lyrical about paid court to made much of said nice things about elevated lionized slavered fawned over raved over worshipped gushed over worshiped curry favored with curried favour lionised kissed one's feet laid it on with a trowel sucked up prostrated oneself to kept someone sweet curry favored rubbed up the right way toadied to abased oneself to truckled to curry favoured with bowed and scrape to danced attendance on grovelled to kowtowed to demeaned oneself to ingratiated oneself with gotten on the right side of got on the right side of

Động từ

Past tense for to deceive or fool someone
deceived tricked fooled hoaxed misled cheated conned deluded duped hoodwinked beguiled swindled bamboozled outwitted took in taken in stung defrauded double-crossed ensnared entrapped gulled misguided stiffed cozened inveigled betrayed bilked did done gypped kidded led on snookered suckered diddled fiddled hornswoggled rooked shafted swizzled bluffed buffaloed buncoed burned burnt caught euchred gaffed gammoned had humbugged juggled misinformed snowed snew snown spoofed mulcted ripped off scammed beat beaten circumvented clipped clipt cuckolded disappointed faked faked out falsified fleeced gouged had on hooked robbed screwed sold skinned strung along sucked in victimised victimized crossed up imposed upon lay to lain to played away put on put one over on sold a pup to stepped out took for taken for took to the cleaners taken to the cleaners beat out of beaten out of played joke on pulled a swifty on pulled fast one took advantage of taken advantage of took for a ride taken for a ride took for ride taken for ride took to cleaners taken to cleaners pulled the wool over someone's eyes pulled a fast one on finagled overreached roped in pulled one's leg put on an act put on false front put on the wrong track put up smoke screen misdirected prevaricated disinformed misstated made a fool of hosed illuded misrepresented lied baffled chicaned dusted flimflammed propagandized fudged bunked tempted perverted fabricated distorted enticed outfoxed baited mousetrapped lured entangled propagandised enmeshed imposed on jived pulled jerked around led astray covered up led up the garden path played trick on led down the garden path led up garden path sent on a wild goose chase wrong steered done a number on did a number on gave wrong information to given wrong information to given the wrong impression gave the wrong impression gave someone a bum steer given someone a bum steer thrown off the scent threw off the scent embezzled hustled milked bled shortchanged stuck chiseled skunked shorted reamed chiselled sticked thimblerigged sandbagged squeezed pilfered plucked pluckt nobbled choused shucked double-dealt sold a bill of goods to suckered into stitched up taken took shaken down shook down done in did in done someone in the eye done out of did out of did number on done number on did someone in the eye

Động từ

Past tense for to speak ill of
depraved corrupted debased degraded demoralised demoralized perverted subverted debauched vitiated warped poisoned abased bastardised bastardized brutalised brutalized cankered cheapened defiled demeaned deteriorated led astray lessened polluted profaned prostituted sullied bestialized contaminated infected ruined made degenerate stained lured violated tainted fouled spoilt spoiled devalued lowered desecrated blighted tarnished abused cast down harmed animalized dishonoured smirched marred dehumanized dishonored blemished undermined damaged disgraced soiled chastened shamed injured dehumanised impaired misust misused embittered besmirched humbled adulterated blackened touched darkened discredited bemeant bemeaned weakened distorted misemployed misapplied betrayed humiliated undercut befouled prejudiced manipulated demoted smeared reduced depreciated blotted dirtied diluted mortified desensitized belittled dragged down disparaged radioactivated alloyed lowered the status of dragged through the mud hurt diminished made impure tarred desensitised put double whammy on cast a slur put down cut down spread among cut down to size spread to unsettled influenced sunken sank sunk taken down took down twisted confounded coloured biassed biased wasted turned squandered rotted bended bent skewed jaundiced sold sacrificed crippled soured sold out colored inflicted destabilized sabotaged rusted consumed debilitated devaluated hardened lived in the gutter exploited mishandled corroded envenomed descended stooped reduced the status of depressed downgraded stigmatized toughened denigrated sored branded scourged destabilised crawled mongrelized viced sweared scorned curst voodooed despoiled cursed reviled flamed trashed mocked cussed darned hoodooed blasphemed subjugated slammed destroyed derogated panned detracted decried wasted away reduced in value worsened inured case-hardened dumped on treated with disrespect brought down ill-used brought shame to brought low run down diseased afflicted blotted your copybook moved watered down enthused overwhelmed run through coarsened stigmatised talked dirty reduced in quality committed sacrilege committed sin made unfeeling mucked up made callous shot down went bad gone bad went to hell gone to hell ulcered sworn swore ran through gave a bad name given a bad name done wrong did wrong took advantage of taken advantage of torn down ran down taken down a peg took down a peg tore down

Tính từ

Excessively attracted to, in love with, or fond of someone or something
infatuated besotted beguiled captivated enamored smitten bewitched fascinated inflamed obsessed possessed charmed enchanted intoxicated spellbound enamoured enraptured taken crazy lovesick silly gaga love-struck carried away beguiled by bewitched by captivated by charmed by enchanted by keen on mad about nuts about potty about smitten with stuck on sweet on wild about crazy about enraptured by gone on in love very attracted to bowled over by consumed with desire for enamored of enamoured of fascinated by passionate about devoted to greatly enamoured of head over heels in love with turned on by under a spell under the spell of far gone on hopelessly in love hypnotized by head over heels in love hung up on swept off your feet twitterpated by carrying a torch for swept off one's feet by enthralled rapt mesmerized engrossed entranced hypnotized riveted transfixed gripped enticed attracted dazzled titillated tantalized thrilled hypnotised mesmerised tantalised hooked on giddy focussed focused passionate ardent mad fervid fervent zealous nutty enthusiastic nuts potty wild very enthusiastic very keen absorbed immersed delighted intent involved transported aroused excited overpowered very interested fond of sold on in love with very inquisitive extremely curious highly interested extremely interested very curious devoted hooked fanatical keen fond infatuated with preoccupied fixated intense really into head over heels very keen on enthusiastic about taken with mad on happy queer dotty occupied consumed monomaniacal single-minded engaged lost obsessed with intrigued wrapped up in hung up deep concerned preoccupied with single-minded about hell-bent preoccupied by obsessive about possessed by interested engrossed in caught up in dedicated to immersed in into wild on caught up addicted to dotty about wrapped up locked in dialed in gone avid amorous attentive dizzy eager held beside oneself enrapt distracted besotted with buried busy addicted love-struck by bowled over taken over tied up enthralled by affected hot for taken up sunk in intent on struck on turned on absorbed in up to one's ears up to here heavily into up to here in focused on eat sleep and breathe interested in ensorcelled by involved in hopelessly in love with wound up very taken with deep in thought having a one-track mind loving attached trapped twitterpated has a thing about silly about impassioned taken up with gripped by prepossessed wackadoodle wackadoo fanatical about paranoid neurotic captive daft afflicted nutso beset struck plagued enthused fixed in the grip of earnest steady concentrated overwrought laid low stricken watchful observant concentrating mentally enchanted hysterical steadfast studious doting lovestruck settled alert set on deep in doting on under someone's spell carried away with partial to gaga over using euphoric exhilarated ecstatic elated wasted abusing jonesing for dependent on shooting up under the influence dependent strung out jonesing on prone habituated with a … habit rhapsodic elevated rapturous rhapsodical heady stimulated high sent piqued galvanized moved galvanised turned-on delirious quickened extremely happy

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