Đồng nghĩa của enlivened

Alternative for enlivened

enlivens, enlivened, enlivening

Đồng nghĩa: brighten, cheer, inspire, stimulate,

Động từ

To have triggered enthusiasm or eagerness
excited thrilled exhilarated roused stirred animated enthused stimulated delighted inspired inspirited invigorated moved elated lifted vitalized buoyed charged electrified enraptured galvanized gladdened gripped heartened intoxicated pumped up tickled uplifted bucked up energised energized envigorated galvanised gingered up jazzed up livened up pepped up perked up picked up stirred up evoked fired gave someone a buzz lit a fire under put zip into quickened aroused provoked incited set off kindled awakened rallied triggered enkindled wakened inflamed vivified activated waked awaked fired up revived brought out touched off sparked off instigated fomented called forth whipped up generated egged on agitated engendered fanned promoted goaded initiated brought into being called into being lift encouraged fired the imagination of impassioned woke woken piqued wound up awoken awoke worked up revved up intensified whetted heightened spurred on fired the enthusiasm of riled waked up needled drew forth upset drawn forth sparked spurred prodded bestirred urged exalted titillated keyed up challenged roiled primed incensed irked angered vexed grilled elicited vext ruffled induced gotten going got going charged up brought about started maddened worked into lather fed the fire taunted flustered caused triggered off motivated woke up commoved jolted elevated raised startled disturbed warmed prompted fostered pleased teased transported irritated tantalized informed reignited rekindled got someone going worked magnified turned on made wild psyched come around mounted juiced up kick-started bestirred oneself deepened shook filled with joy made waves got to innervated turned out enhanced tickled pink got up steamed up innerved crazed recalled breathed life into summoned up spooked called greeted the day heated up tantalised upped and at 'em rolled out woken up redoubled het up activized shook up bugged sent produced intensated come to alerted built a fire under enticed wrought asked for it piled out drave driven druv drove shaken shaken up gotten to gave someone a charge given a buzz gave someone a kick gave a buzz given someone a kick given someone a charge given rise to gave rise to arose arisen risen and shone shook a leg came around came to gotten up shaken a leg rose and shone aggravated baited offended infuriated chafed discomposed

Động từ

Past tense for to suffuse with vigor, life, energy, or spirit
stimulated animated fired gladdened heartened envigorated invigorated vitalized cheered up exhilarated roused vivified excited livened up quickened cheered enhanced galvanised galvanized gingered up inspired sparked uplifted woke up waked up woken up boosted brightened rejuvenated restored braced brightened up energised energized filliped jump-started pepped up refreshed revived spiked buoyed up inspirited made lively perked up wakened up amped up bucked up buoyed diverted entertained gave life to given life to jazzed up juiced up livened recreated renewed spiced vivificated zapped zipped up lit a fire under braced up fired up made more exciting made more lively picked up worked up gave a lift given a lift let sunshine in put pep into snapped out of it revitalized encouraged revitalised strengthened revivified rallied aroused stirred fortified lift reanimated elated resuscitated activated reinvigorated electrified regenerated awakened emboldened motivated breathed new life into freshened incited recharged repaired stirred up spurred elevated rekindled renovated resurrected built up moved refreshened kick-started lifted improved triggered reinforced bounced back reawakened reassured steeled lightened enkindled comforted consoled thrilled put some spark into spurred on rewaked rewakened instigated reactivated geed up put zip into turned on inflamed enthralled relieved delighted brought around impelled raised prodded pumped up bolstered spiced up breathed life into reconditioned kindled recovered put new life into provoked intoxicated sustained exalted touched up assured made whole enraptured goaded updated replenished pleased promoted modernized chirked up regained warmed modernised looked up rejoiced fulfilled empowered supported put new life in given a boost to gave a boost to imbued set up made happy fueled fuelled enthused enheartened tickled pink hit the spot leavened dynamized gratified helped titillated seasoned urged propped up transported whipped up intensified given a shot in the arm to gave a shot in the arm to innervated fanned revved up rewoke rewoken commoved psyched up contented brought to life prompted put some life into solaced pleasured ameliorated satisfied captivated restarted suited gladded gave a buzz given a buzz impassioned re-established given a lift to gave a lift to suffused agreed with made someone feel good brought back brought to raised someone's spirits swayed hotted up modified piqued incentivized infused informed cooled charged soothed enriched touched influenced gave someone a kick given someone a kick added zest to primed armed enabled activized augmented sweetened put life into sent driven drove drave druv raised your spirits confirmed borne up bore up snapped up affected innerved brushed up put new heart in hardened entranced indulged feed fed instilled given new strength to gave new strength to humored increased put new heart into put new strength in amused made real zested fleshed out saved got going again made happier got better put on cloud nine feasted gassed humoured relaxed added zing to let the sun shine in rescued put on top of the world reinstituted relaunched recuperated keyed up fired with enthusiasm given a new lease of life to gave a new lease of life to bowled over put at ease brought joy to made content raised spirits brought back to life holp holpen incentified applauded pushed disinhibited enforced zhooshed zhooshed up jumpstarted egged built pervaded permeated boosted up cheered on reenforced ignited penetrated made something swing nudged took a turn for the better taken a turn for the better evoked engendered irritated gotten going got going added some zest to added some colour to smartened up brought alive praised pricked transformed edified lit up flavored flavoured heightened stiffened the resolve of raised the morale of boosted someone's morale spirited someone up lifted the spirits of bielded stimulated spiritually caused called forth brought out made something go with a bang nerved juiced accelerated jogged magnified coloured soured made alive bettered refined satiated persuaded gave shot in arm given shot in arm titivated upraised charmed sated reestablished speeded sped fostered moved to action consolidated placated quenched tidied dusted neatened cleaned cultivated civilized stiffened enchanted recalled redeveloped reproduced whetted wakened catalysed waked catalyzed distorted laced poisoned gave new life to given new life to become livelier gained strength made brighter inclined impressed topped up turned someone on filled made confident freshened up become lively calmed sharpened tickled made very happy served slaked corroborated substantiated upheld exacerbated nurtured cleared up advanced civilised cooled down fascinated delectated enamored bewitched tempted changed given someone a charge gave someone a charge met cleaned up aired out powered struck nourished allured wowed authenticated felt happier become more cheerful colored tinged taken heart took heart become cheerful added spice to gotten better obliged condoled precipitated dispatched actuated sprung assuaged regaled arrided ravished blew away the cobwebs blown away the cobwebs switched on got brought round beghasted infected occasioned overcome sparked off endued rediscovered spruced up started up surfeited satisficed flattered accommodated attracted grooved poured it on girt backed reintroduced burgeoned girded cured healed speeded up sped up lightened up loosened up carried cloyed gotten your act together got your act together steamed up mollified charged up made more cheerful commiserated made one feel at ease performed CPR become hopeful prospered given the kiss of life to given pleasure to captured fired the imagination of sold boosted moral acted as a incentive to gave someone pleasure gave the kiss of life to gained convalesced made healthy acted as a stimulus to lent more weight to made a hit with someone made your head spin made well composed pleased greatly acted as a spur to knocked dead mended besoothed brought comfort to built a fire under sympathized with made merry become optimistic lifted up allayed soared come to life palliated backed up tickle to death gave pleasure to warmed the cockles of the heart succored made more forceful catered to succoured provided for started off salved given someone pleasure stoked up quieted fears acted as a fillip to eased condoled with pandered to lightened burden pacified commiserated with acted as a impetus to filled the bill empathized with added zest given hope to gave hope to given confidence to gave confidence to drew forth drawn forth gave a bit of zing given a bit of zing pepped woke woken given courage to gave courage to became lively stung became livelier upholden overcame sprang grew grown stricken gave someone great pleasure given someone great pleasure became cheerful given someone a thrill gave someone a thrill taken off took off became more cheerful gotten gat shook up shaken up gave a new lease on life given a new lease on life did the trick done the trick sprung up sprang up grew buoyant grown buoyant gone to your head went to your head took a load off taken a load off got one going gotten one going gotten one started got one started appealed to came to life given mouth-to-mouth resuscitation gave mouth-to-mouth resuscitation gave condolences to given solace to gave sympathy to gave solace to given sympathy to given condolences to got one's kicks gone over big tickled to death went over big gotten one's kicks added a little something to were responsible for was responsible for given one an idea gave one an idea been responsible for given impetus gave impetus gave weight to bore out given weight to borne out shaken gotten into the mood shook got into the mood risen rose became optimistic became hopeful

Động từ

Past tense for to entertain, or to cause to laugh or smile
amused entertained cheered delighted diverted gladdened regaled tickled charmed pleased beguiled gratified made laugh disported wowed convulsed grabbed killed slew slayed slain solaced cracked up cheered up tickled pink cracked someone up creased someone up made smile knocked dead made roll in the aisles enthralled interested occupied distracted absorbed absorpt fascinated engrossed involved engaged preoccupied recreated immersed stimulated humored captivated satisfied piqued inspired elated indulged relaxed comforted humoured ecstasized inspirited made merry held the attention of given pleasure to gave pleasure to enchanted gripped bewitched intrigued mesmerized entranced titillated busied rivetted riveted mesmerised attracted enraptured bemused spellbound held put under a spell enwrapped transfixed allured hypnotized magnetized wiled seduced magnetised hypnotised thrilled ravished tantalized witched arrested infatuated ensnared hooked lured tantalised employed panicked excited turned on fractured won over sent aroused provoked vamped dazzled tempted enamoured put 'em away monopolized stirred bedazzled compelled kindled intoxicated caught up enslaved won enamored monopolised overwhelmed held spellbound swept off one's feet kept busy put away nurtured refreshed partied brushed caressed patted touched scratched vellicated itched kittled prickled tingled irritated bowled over roused treated to made happy fractured one charged galvanized inflamed electrified exhilarated consumed teased knocked out knocked 'em dead caught held in awe fixated fixed filled palpated grappled quickened tossed a party had a get-together laughed it up soaked attended concerned enticed tickle to death tickled the fancy of drawn drew carried away wooed used up broken one up broke one up taken took engulfed obsessed led on pumped up galvanised kept amused made somebody laugh held attention overpowered transported invited fired interested greatly animated appealed subdued tied up swept off your feet roped in turned one on tickled someone's fancy made a hit with switched on held one's attention appealed to got one's jollies gotten one's jollies taken up took up tickled to death gave a party given a party

Tính từ

Showing enthusiasm or displaying positive energy about something
excited enthusiastic eager buoyant delighted desirous elated jovial joyful joyous thrilled ecstatic encouraged engaged enraptured enthused euphoric excitable exhilarated glad great interested motivated overjoyed rhapsodic stoked willing craving electrified exuberant exultant gung ho happy inclined inspired jolly roused agog ambitious amenable animated appetent athirst avid awakened bursting disposed elevated giddy hungry hung up impatient intoxicated keen longing on cloud nine peppy pining piqued restive solicitous sparky thirsty tickled tickled pink covetous full of beans geeked greedy hankering hepped up hopped-up alive blissful bright-eyed and bushy-tailed jubilant moved tumultuous aflame beside oneself cock-a-hoop ardent wild pumped crazy raring anxious voracious antsy nuts juiced hot passionate aroused stimulated fervent lively rapturous over the moon zealous spirited vivacious rapt ebullient high-spirited energetic yearning gleeful zestful high champing at the bit itching keyed up transported cheerful fired up entranced dying in seventh heaven bouncy gay merry ready impassioned chomping at the bit pleased enrapt intent fanatical heady stirred bubbly delirious in raptures chirpy rhapsodical in high spirits effervescent on a high hysterical sparkling psyched blissed out frenzied jaunty vehement sunny keen as mustard peart desiring devoted dedicated vigorous breathless sprightly wholehearted jumping for joy walking on air cheery dynamic exalted zingy aching charged carried away zippy upbeat full of life crank frolicsome wigged out breezy triumphant irrepressible light-hearted earnest ready and willing atingle in transports of delight fervid chipper corybantic worked up raring to go active sent on tenterhooks mad keen on cloud seven on top of the world frolic gamesome psyched up beside oneself with happiness committed gagging hopeful intense vibrant as keen as mustard mad animate perky afire vital energized feverish expectant airy blithe blithesome nutty gratified chuffed bright wild with excitement turned on in suspense energised wrapped driven juiced up bright and breezy on fire captivated wishing proud in a frenzy of delight heated determined waiting with bated breath hot to trot rarin' to go full of vim and vigour titillated gladsome smiley assiduous flying fiery overwrought uplifted activated thirsting diligent inspirited gloating all agog agitated brash enchanted on edge gone on turned-on galvanized desperate hearty wacky in a frenzy lighthearted of good cheer delirious with happiness zesty mettlesome astounded pert wishful itchy rejoicing with bated breath game galvanised alive and kicking restless cheered stirred up full of fun as merry as a grig perfervid industrious on pins and needles desirous of dying to puffed up infatuated exulting conscientious warmblooded bubbling curious flushed open-mouthed potty scintillating crowing dizzy forceful vivid frantic happy-go-lucky carefree apprehensive glorying prideful daft touched infatuated with devoted to enamoured of smitten with edgy triumphalist alert zappy prepared boisterous flipping warm in heaven brisk mirthful very keen on floating satisfied intent on hoping influenced enamored of turnt up insatiable obsessed pumped up pizazzy bouncing springy snappy kinetic jazzy racy spanking pizzazzy concerned jumpy frisky overexcited amused grasping acquisitive emotional flying high geared up ravenous hilarious cranked up rapacious feeling one's oats dashing itching for dying for as pleased as Punch on the edge of one's seat in a hurry pleased as punch hankering after amped-up blazing accelerated possessed fierce approving triumphal inflamed exhilarative aglow ablaze fired transfixed awestruck amazed effusive dotty nutso hot for contented frothy gushing in paradise in rhapsodies started lusty overwhelmed overpowered celebrating tingling tingly enthralled amped chafing straining fun-loving avaricious raving uproarious in love with hooked on lusting filled with joy doing handsprings revelling daring untrammeled untrammelled unrestrained impetuous restored refreshed revitalized distraught distrait hysteric distracted rabid burning extravagant lyrical eulogistic bold swaggering boastful jocose laughing jocund jocular festive full of the joys of spring absorbed affected quickened ripe Corybantic gotta have habitual unreluctant diehard straining at the leash victorious content reveling wowed beatific set all a-gog smug boon self-driven set on bent on fascinated passional playful very excited spunky over-the-top revitalised thunderstruck flabbergasted drunk fain tantalized unqualified ravished coltish self-starting gallant kooky zany cottonmouthed juiceless bone-dry sapless tantalised bugged gaga minded jumping up and down in transports extremely happy grateful flattered privileged eagerly red-hot blown away riled up full of enthusiasm orgasmic charmed longing for wanting hoping for beside yourself consumed with desire favourably inclined fond romping sportive skittish jittery gone athrill dreamy tickled to death beside oneself with joy in exaltation very happy out floating on air up for on for in the mood of a mind pysched up keen on smitten enamored ludic rollicking kittenish frolicky chafing at the bit gladdened diverted entertained partial to crazy for wild for dry as dust honoured honored thankful wanton anxious for yearning for ambitious for eager for uptight worried nervous uneasy enchanté fulfilled wicked larkish prankish full of get-up-and-go full of joie de vivre ready for willing for avid for in love def in trendy groovy now mod hep downtown with-it cool hip made up as happy as a clam very pleased pleasantly surprised as happy as Larry like a child with a new toy like a dog with two tails lustful hopeful for envious aspiring towards prehensile amorous aspiring keen for gluttonous predatious piggish unsatisfied hungered intemperate swinish unfilled edacious hoggish ravening esurient insatiate anticipatory greedy for ravening for thirsty for craving for wishing for hungry for with an appetite covetous of in need of lusting after with a yen in want of waiting expecting fond of sweet on very enthusiastic aspiring to quick enamoured wigged-out awaiting anticipating agape anticipant waiting for the axe to fall au courant aggressive proactive bullish banzai watchful go-go vitalized anticipative vigilant take-charge can-do extremely enthusiastic hopped up set up looking good looking for waiting on resolute steadfast purposeful enterprising indefatigable persistent untiring go-getting unflagging tireless tenacious assertive striving persevering dogged single-minded pushy strenuous hard-working pertinacious gutsy progressive militant apt unwavering plucky staunch unrelenting go-ahead pioneering strong strong-willed sedulous eager beaver resolved firm rigorous obstinate hard-driving obsessive predisposed bent self-assertive qualified uncompromising budding ruthless tough courageous power-hungry insistent studious stubborn on the make self-seeking faithful confident devouring high-reaching ball of fire goal-oriented grudging strong-minded bent upon fixated hell-bent get up and go uncontrolled adventurous likely prone compulsive inexhaustible unwearied violent pushing stalwart devout laborious smart feisty agreeable busy unwearying intelligent able incessant full-blooded unremitting unbending weariless fixed jumping grind hyper unyielding unshakeable constant piggy hardworking potential unflinching skilled steady unfaltering brave languishing thrusting wannabe loyal decisive on the go wistful compliant operose in-your-face endeavouring docile coming on strong close close-fisted carnivorous gormandizing gobbling grabby gulping guzzling obliging power-loving cooperative acquiescent aspirant prospective optimistic self-asserting promising unquenchable powerful forcible potent would-be endeavoring attentive extreme unappeasable possible wired supportive frenetic gung-ho prodigious intensive audacious painstaking hooked fanatic blunt unbridled coveting resounding muscular emphatic given talented Herculean gross uncontrollable intrepid resourceful unfailing unswerving stout punchy gifted steely undaunted wolfish selfish mean monomaniacal hard-hitting obdurate undeviating in favour nervy up-and-coming gannet-like omnivorous impulsive in favor fearless true hardy open bustling deep partial iron-willed indomitable dutiful persisting unhesitating self-confident gritty pulling no punches hungering have-a-go desiring success dead set full of determination true-blue nothing loath like a ball of fire needing positive uncomplaining unceasing long-suffering materialistic self-improving complying mercenary fidgety moneygrubbing unsettled for ok with sympathetic agreeing ungrudging assenting all out excited about radical intending future resilient sincere consumed compelled lacking aspirational panting red-blooded immovable unshakable unbendable unshaken involved high-powered gingery focused spoiling serious impelled adamant urgently requiring peppery wild-eyed zealotic fireball careful crude rude hard-nosed inquisitive quenchless induced obsessional adoring doting big focussed teachable aquiver atremble pushed steered guided besetting sagacious sure astonished surprised meticulous primed preoccupied immersed concentrated unstinting boorish exacting particular thorough punctilious so-called dormant professed crying out in great need of heedful game for accessible all set equipped about to organized close to alacritous at hand with one's shoulder to the wheel with one's nose to the grindstone riveted concentrating occupied engrossed unslakable inextinguishable inappeasable firm in spirit independent perceptive heroic certain two-fisted stout-hearted tough-minded ironclad take charge rising coming urged on spoiling for full of spirit unfulfilled self-appointed undeveloped latent self-styled up for it self-indulgent stingy miserly tight-fisted parsimonious penurious pennypinching tight immoderate clamorous crying pressing exigent importunate urgent demanding unsatisfiable limitless dirty filthy inflexible fit convenient expeditious employed can't wait hard arduous taxing addicted to succeeding emerging soaring go-getter climbing over-enthusiastic never satisfied original gobsmacked spellbound dumbfounded soi-disant unrealized quasi- in urgent need swotty plugging working slogging plodding unclean sordid squalid brutish all-out exhausting liable to likely to visionary competitive with potential imaginative ingenious relentless mad on embryonic cutthroat sustained rigid ferocious unable to be satisfied trainable bigoted wackadoodle overenthusiastic wackadoo awe-stricken shocked wrapped up liable subject susceptible insatiat bloodthirsty unabated stringent assured organised in the making likely to succeed inventive dauntless defiant bullheaded warlike gladiatorial brutal scrappy biased erratic headstrong domineering opinionated credulous willful unruly contumacious incorrigible addicted sworn empty gorging sating starving starved dog-hungry creative consenting on the up and up sharp venturesome quick-witted capable clever fast through and through cut-throat self-willed self-assured vulnerable upwardly mobile intensely competitive fiercely competitive stop at nothing having killer instinct dog-eat-dog hang-tough high-pressure go for broke bound and determined self-possessed venturous free-swinging entrepreneurial emboldened adventuresome nerved accommodating ballsy good pledged pious stanch jealous very hungry nuts for high on bound dyed-in-the-wool card-carrying starved to death decided favorable down-the-line deep-dyed stirring take-over gumptious driving advancing hustling innovative single-hearted old faithful true to the end out-and-out given over to true blue minding tractable biddable helpful receptive favourable one persuadable responsive likely to get likely to have at risk of given to with a tendency to get in danger of getting apt to get well-disposed resentful spark plug hard ball out to fixed upon anxious to obsessive about committed to intending to inflexible about hell-bent on insistent on fixed on fixated on obsessed with dead set on resolved on fanatical about impatient to resolved to single-minded about do-or-die determined to hell-bent upon decisive about firm about determined on as game as Ned Kelly so-minded so minded in accord with like-minded possessive begrudging green invidious jaundiced green-eyed green with envy more than willing

Tính từ

Engaging or ready to engage in physically energetic pursuits
active energetic lively vital animated spirited dynamic sprightly nimble vigorous busy frisky perky agile bustling spry alert mobile quick sparky sporty strong vivacious bouncy bubbly vibrant zestful zippy animate brisk occupied springy gay hyper kinetic peppy pert snappy spanking airy bouncing dashing deedful dextrous dexterous eager eventful forceful fresh jaunty jazzy jumping mettlesome pizazzy pizzazzy racy go-go high-spirited on the go alive and kicking on the move full of beans full of get-up-and-go full of life full of vim and vigour full of zip bright-eyed and bushy-tailed enthusiastic hopping powerful buoyant industrious chipper bright effervescent exuberant keen hardy sparkling robust chirpy employed engaged fiery stirring working hearty aggressive tireless buzzing fit flourishing sturdy potent assiduous tough alive zesty muscular thriving lusty humming diligent frolicsome playful healthy abuzz happy forcible vehement peart strenuous merry laborious athletic sedulous happening zealous upbeat rousing intense bold astir passionate abubble tied-up aboil cheerful determined spunky able-bodied feisty ebullient indefatigable assertive jolly sportive sharp breezy sound driving zingy zappy hale emphatic ardent stalwart violent at work full-blooded gutsy full of pep wild enterprising festive in good shape hale and hearty gingery wick well fine smart bright and breezy effective clever gamesome on the job red-blooded untiring able resolute fighting fit hectic cheery high-powered sparkly stout perceptive strapping invigorated in fine fettle sunny resounding blithe firm wholesome good restored excited moving exciting whole swinging quick-witted blooming ball of fire full of energy well-conditioned vivid frolic in good health fun-loving in good trim as lively as a grig in tip-top condition energized hard at work flamboyant capable light pushy as merry as a grig Herculean rugged ready brawny refreshed trim earnest burly intensive light-hearted fit as a fiddle fervent joyful buff virile full of the joys of spring boisterous energised unflagging husky in harness stimulating go-getting at it intelligent gritty rehabilitated carefree courageous influential fast hard-pressed fanatical astute exceptional hustling unwearied busy as a bee avid all-out gifted buzzy sinewy irrepressible on the hop crank hard at it lighthearted bursting with health bright-eyed bushy-tailed raring to go ambitious lightsome activated compelling striking jovial daring shredded peppery jacked beefy fun engrossed quick off the mark blithesome on the ball tenacious tied up rollicking flush young acute physically fit mighty stark impassioned efficient glad entertaining militant storming involved go-ahead pushing in good kilter rested rocking scintillating venturesome shrewd quivering effectual punchy colourful colorful revived relaxed rushed off your feet brilliant jocund clear trembling resourceful game two-fisted brainy committed quaking pulsating dedicated staunch sharp-witted confident full of fun shaking interested fit as a flea high-octane hard-hitting in high spirits throbbing beating restless supersmart hyperintelligent ultrasmart as fit as a fiddle sensitive glowing wrapped up like new in the pink in rude health hungry wide awake right as rain belligerent combative muscly bellicose quick on the uptake normal ingenious pugnacious unsteady imaginative hard arduous hired laboring signed selected operating inked ripped chaotic argumentative productive well built quarrelsome extreme inventive dogged taxing aerobicized exhausting frantic contentious sexy confrontational full skittish in place in collar plugging away on board on duty physical gleeful truculent severe hunky dramatic creative disputatious dynamical crowded vitalized warlike scrappy thewy on the payroll in a job bubbling agonistic impressive frenetic frenzied rigorous chippy swarming barnstorming persistent gladiatorial lithe swift discordant assaultive awake jocose in good condition strong as an ox preoccupied plucky brawly persuasive labouring absorbed elated teeming exhilarated telling talented immersed perk penetrating fierce ballsy thronging all right hardworking brave adventurous OK resilient genial insouciant mirthful devoted overloaded in good physical condition in good physical shape steadfast ludic snowed debonair quick-thinking motivated well-built excitable in shape furious hard-working innovative on the run rich interesting in good spirits jumpy have one's hands full in-your-face have-a-go electrifying take-over full of spirit in fine feather convivial expressive wholehearted nimble-witted observant discerning vibrating up to one's ears busy as a beaver breathless lucid eloquent unconcerned warm responsive perspicacious aware driven pulling no punches faithful enthused obsessed coming on strong full of vim puissant genius whip-smart pumped intent unyielding happy-go-lucky raring craving itching yearning brash like Piccadilly Circus great willing as fit as a flea full of go full of commotion self-assertive agog solicitous voracious all there as strong as an ox appetent thirsty desirous anxious impatient nuts antsy keen as mustard crazy athirst gung ho greedy neat unused rosy undimmed stimulated verdant relieved florid ruddy unfaded fair dewy creamy unwithered retained gregarious concentrated outgoing fluid ambulatory dapper invigorating valiant fairylike grooving health-conscious youthful salacious fancy jazzlike psychedelic glitzy jobholding burning hot better nonchalant heated concerted unremitting pertinacious piercing healthful demoniac motive locomotive kinematic motile dazzling pertinent dull relevant tight coltish right healthier heaving casual flippant sassy saucy powerfully built broad-shouldered thickset recovered coruscating envigorating party zoolike rapier-like ok excellent magnificent new outstanding marvellous whopping wonderful marvelous rapid remarkable gallant radiant graceful healed exhilarating heady afoot herculean full of activity romping A1 mended cured manly refreshing full of vim and vigor finely honed full of the joy of living clubby social peaches-and-cream kittenish frolicky high lucrative money-making paying rewarding well-proportioned mesomorphic in trim unthinking untroubled unworried indifferent uncaring unconsidered heedless unavailable revitalized reinvigorated with it blunt uncontrolled unbridled unrestrained piquant poignant tasty pungent distinctive tart tangy witty wanton live sweeping festal partyish enjoyable welcoming masculine inspired practical larkish prankish wicked persevering insubstantial unserious remunerative gainful fruitful taken outdoor outdoorsy revivified rejuvenated renewed fitter manful inexhaustible rushing thronged nifty holiday virulent up and about in motion hunky-dory as strong as a horse as strong as a lion strong as an horse strong as an lion full-bodied well-developed built focused on utilized utilised sports-loving fanciful volatile whimsical elastic deviceful in action joyous frivolous to the point charged revitalised reenergized sound in body and limb in good form in excellent shape solid as a rock fine and dandy skipping irregular springing bounding leaping hurdling have a previous engagement with a customer tied down have a prior engagement on assignment cheering devil-may-care winsome rakish gladsome eupeptic pleasure-seeking slaphappy laughing jocular canty feeling one's oats fast-moving important galvanic unwearying unfailing waggish receptive steamroller take-charge hard-driving heavy valid cogent original hurried full of joie de vivre forward presuming on the trot clocked up inspirited strengthened fortified pepped up freshened reanimated perked up significant rabid still going strong going strong incessant fervid thrilled time-poor savvy convincing weighty radical warring fighting head over heels grind fearless as happy as a clam on top of the world as happy as a sandboy stoked titillated apt delicate canny deft in an occupation contemporary sophisticated modern hip fascinated passional unfatigued fresh as a daisy like a new person untired quickened ultra-active contending extremist combating rushed off one's feet audacious too much on plate competent wise adroit slick adept skilful knowing weariless rhapsodic geeked aflame wacky perfervid afire nutty concerned tantalized unqualified iron-willed embattled juiced keyed up turnt hepped up gone on red-hot bugged hopped-up ready and willing as keen as mustard mad keen gaga pleased hot to trot tantalised chomping at the bit conscientious champing at the bit warmblooded smart as a whip sharp as a tack skillful quick on the trigger whiz mercurial quick on the draw curt wired in demand having a full plate having many irons in the fire slaving having enough on one's plate harried having fish to fry impish unimpaired rosy-cheeked safe and sound in use solid enduring reinforced stable secure fixed durable steady big substantial hard-nosed uncompromising stubborn unflinching electric magnetic plausible armed efficacious militaristic rebellious warrish assertory martial offensive military revolutionary like a new man good at sports devilish intrepid sagacious unwavering obstinate strong-willed sure loyal self-confident unbending in full swing well-founded hard as nails heavy-duty well-made up-to-date trendy graphic realistic up to snuff in top form the picture of health easy natty drastic conclusive coercive credible unanswerable compulsory motivating impellent major urging propulsive venturous free-swinging up-and-coming entrepreneurial nervy emboldened adventuresome nerved flip showy joking spruce positive strong-minded decisive single-minded unfaltering detailed exacting tiring ornery in arms up in arms lifelike evocative affecting picturesque arresting firm in spirit independent resolved heroic indomitable certain mean purposeful stout-hearted tough-minded ironclad unhesitating take charge touchy progressive gumptious advancing self-starting aspiring lusting challenging demanding difficult visual unforgettable memorable authentic haunting charismatic activating self-motivated highpowered energising energizing hyped-up go-getter vitalizing diehard spark plug hard ball turbulent testing harsh trying unsparing gutty pictorial delineated emotive distinct thin-skinned graphical fascinating hot-blooded burdensome flustering madhouse tumultuous riotous PDQ prompt on the warpath high-strung habitual trembly pulsing shuddery reverberant play hard ball play for keeps true-to-life true to life definite crystal clear theatrical sharply-etched highly coloured rowdy bumpy onerous full on unruly wearing imperious action-packed raucous quavering oscillating shivering rhythmic rhythmical reverberative reverberating shivery cadent cadenced palpitating hurrying about rushing about in a hurry in a rush dashing about engrossed in at work on rushed off one's feet with preoccupied with absorbed in immersed in shaky fluttering quavery shuddering jittery longing amenable inclined restive hung up hankering disposed unreluctant pining covetous strident aquiver tremulous atremble thunderous tottering lilting conscious wabbling wabbly juddering rocky tottery wobbly sonorant wobbling insomnolent awakened sleepless up with a steady pulse insomniac roused wakeful cognizant not asleep wide-awake tossing and turning not sleeping

Tính từ

Restored or reinvigorated
new reborn born-again changed newborn refreshed regenerated reinvigorated rejuvenated renewed improved restored revitalised revitalized altered modernised modernized revived energised energized freshened invigorated redesigned reformed remodeled remodelled reanimated recreated reenergized rehabilitated resurrected resuscitated transformed converted different modified amended revised remade redone renovated corrected reestablished recovered dissimilar incompatible disparate mismatched reprogrammed differing contrasting reconditioned transmuted transfigured mutated metamorphosed repaired distorted recent brand-new newfound fresh returned reinstituted unrecognizable unrecognisable rested relaxed cooked updated reconstituted reconstructed refreshing qualified adapted turned fitted refitted spiked reshaped adjusted doctored fixed diversified reworked reset reorganized rectified revolutionized strengthened retailored motivated fortified quickened raring to go exhilarated galvanized galvanised perked up pepped up reorganised revolutionised matured non-identical alert lively active sprightly energetic unwearied spry florid vigorous chipper bright bouncing vital bushy-tailed like new bright-eyed keen revivified zippy peppy spirited animated untired unfatigued awake wholesome hardy fair dewy unused creamy rosy relieved undimmed glowing unwithered stimulated good ruddy young verdant unfaded clear blooming renascent increasing growing reviving rising burgeoning peaches-and-cream on the up rising again brisk resurgent dynamic vibrant forceful moving strong powerful driving forcible perky charged vitalized chirpy bouncy enthusiastic inspirited vivacious indefatigable tireless activated fluid robust dynamical vehement emphatic like a new person full of life bright-eyed and bushy-tailed full of beans fresh as a daisy full of vim and vigour like a new man

Trái nghĩa của enlivened

enlivened Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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