Đồng nghĩa của metamorphosed

Alternative for metamorphosed

metamorphose /,metə'mɔ:fouz/
  • ngoại động từ
    • (+ to, into) biến hình, biến hoá
    • (sinh vật học) gây biến thái


To have come into being as a result of something
developed followed arose stemmed ensued resulted transpired came about came into being came off chanced derived sprang sprung germinated occurred picked up uprose went brake broke broke out burst out came into existence sprouted erupted issued propagated fomented happened set in shot up upsprang upsprung come into existence come off come into being come about developt arisen uprisen broken broken out gone emerged appeared materialized cropped up materialised turned up evolved surfaced dawned eventuated arrived formed proceeded unfolded originated commenced come out come to pass come up started presented itself crystallized popped up come forth flowed crystallised emanated actualized came to light risen rose turned out manifested sprung up sprang up loomed befell befallen taken shape took shape began begun progressed taken place took place panned out flourished came out came to pass came up become apparent entered into the picture taken form took form came forth spawned kicked off catalyzed launched betided betid showed up kicked in made an appearance manifested itself catalysed fared supervened come along come after happed grew grown accompanied engendered rolled up existed come from attended headed worked out culminated originated in became apparent ended up fell out fallen out bobbed up flared up burst forth supervened on burst into proved succeeded unravelled got underway unraveled come next fore faren birthed exploded come flowed from came along came after made a start deepened broadened become manifest emanated from issued from started off performed sprung from finished accrued ended came from flamed naturalized hailed from occurred suddenly went over increased offered come into view appeared unexpectedly showed become evident swung come into sight played out felled followed on stemned from become visible had one's foundations changed happened suddenly gone over paced merged recurred sprouted up leaked out advanced entered the picture started suddenly become known come together spurted come to the fore got along matured embarked on appeared suddenly come on the scene come forth suddenly blazed up naturalised forthcome gushed resulted from prove proven came next comen came became manifest sprang from bore fruit borne fruit shaken out shook out forthcame came forth suddenly became evident begun life began life fell came to the fore fallen arrived on the scene came on the scene came into view came into sight became known shown became visible came together blew up begun suddenly blown up began suddenly gone off went off arose from arisen out of arisen from arose out of gotten under way got under way swang swungen shown itself showed itself gotten going got going went ahead gone ahead gotten cracking got cracking


Past tense for to change one substance into another
transubstantiated transformed converted transfigured transmuted altered mutated turned transposed transmogrified alchemized remodeled remodelled modified reorganised reorganized translated switched restyled revised interchanged commuted applied appropriated downloaded made downlinked made over switched over changed recast reconstructed adapted varied shifted reshaped adjusted amended evolved substituted remade developt developed rearranged revamped revolutionized renewed fashioned fit rebuilt reworked rewrought shaped tailored customized redesigned refashioned tweaked permuted improved readjusted refined swapped affected revolutionised molded edited doctored modulated made alterations to transferred moulded made adjustments to customised put redid redone exchanged traded progressed moved metamorphized metastasized renovated overhauled reoriented bartered reformed morphed remoulded reordered segued reconciled fitted shope shapen rehashed diverged reorientated reshuffled retooled rejigged qualified squared suited conditioned upgraded metamorphosized reconstituted fixed updated fixt redeveloped realigned transited transmutated passed regulated redrafted recalibrated reconfigured refurbished regenerated denatured rectified corrected refitted rehabilitated permutated reconditioned cooked warped remolded rejiggered diversified tuned trucked bended bent prepared stirred up flip-flopped veered turned around fluctuated made innovations tampered with replaced fixed up alternated swung made improvements to turned over new leaf turned upside down vacillated transitioned turned the tables shifted gears changed completely turned the corner grown grew putten sung different tune did up done up sang different tune swungen swang bettered mended ameliorated emended repaired restored restructured remedied uplifted reclaimed modernized debugged resolved modernised cured made better brought up to code red-penciled red-pencilled

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