Đồng nghĩa của arose

Alternative for arose

arises, arose, arising, arisen

Đồng nghĩa: bob up, come up, develop, get up, go up, grow, lift, move up, originate, rebel, rise, rise up, spring up, stand up, turn out, uprise,


To have become larger in size or degree
increased rose grew improved lifted soared built climbed surged expanded magnified rocketed bourgeoned burgeoned escalated accelerated accumulated appreciated ascended doubled got higher moved up pushed up rose up waked up went up went uphill woke up flourished peaked uprose accrued ballooned became greater bulked crescendoed crested got bigger got larger mounted up mushroomed piled up puffed up rolled up skyrocketed spiraled spiralled straught stretched scaled up averaged up bulked up continued filled out prolongated lift clomb multiplied augmented swelled swoll snowballed amassed shot up built up spread amplified intensified inflated proliferated compounded gained incremented boosted mounted advanced waxed enhanced aggrandized redoubled jumped tripled intensated aggravated jacked up hiked up put up blew up leaped up pumped up became larger elevated extended broadened leaped leapt exacerbated surged up billowed speeded up sped up went through the roof stepped up cranked up stacked up beefed up bumped up lengthened hiked upped ratcheted up raised enlarged boomed heightened deepened cumulated roused gathered upsurged collected towered vaulted escaladed developt developed risen grown clumb progressed thrived swollen increased rapidly prospered sprouted matured thriven throve strengthened gone up succeeded bloomed exploded become greater supersized made headway made progress gotten bigger grown rapidly grew rapidly spread out put on a spurt burst come on blown up burst forth arisen uprisen sprung up sprang up went through the ceiling risen rapidly gone through the ceiling rose rapidly gone through the roof pumped spiked accentuated bred nurtured upgraded reinforced proceeded concentrated evolved gotten higher risen up luxuriated stoked marched upscaled made strides cultivated moved forward propagated pressed on worked one's way forged ahead pressed forward moved onward blossomed hyped developed rapidly supplemented flowered worked up become more numerous become larger increased in scope pushed on made larger made one's way detonated pushed ahead worked one's way up appeared welled climbed the ladder increased in value stepped forward came on bettered oneself increased exponentially moved on come along gained ground topped up made greater got on increased in size run riot gone uphill woken up grown stronger grew stronger grown greater grown larger added to grew larger grew greater gone off went off bursten brast went up in price gone up in price ran riot became more numerous went places gotten on moved ahead went forward gotten somewhere gone forward gone places got somewhere came along gotten on well got on well bore fruit gone great guns been successful went great guns borne fruit were successful was successful gone sky-high went sky-high


To have come into being as a result of something
developed followed stemmed ensued resulted transpired came about came into being came off chanced derived sprang sprung germinated occurred picked up uprose went brake broke broke out burst out came into existence sprouted erupted issued propagated fomented happened metamorphosed set in shot up upsprang upsprung appeared emerged materialized developt materialised originated cropped up rose came to pass started took place emanated befell eventuated began dawned arrived proceeded formed came surfaced commenced turned up flowed actualized sprang up betided betid evolved happed presented itself took shape engendered popped up passed went down turned out came up came out fell out unfolded manifested grew came forth were was went on came down came to light felled fell loomed came from crystallized showed up crystallised became apparent took form panned out supervened burst forth did spawned birthed descended headed came into view originated in made an appearance entered into the picture manifested itself cooked set spread catalyzed accrued accompanied flared up culminated flourished kicked in spread out put in an appearance bobbed up catalysed progressed poured hailed from ended up bechanced attended occurred suddenly launched existed came into sight showed blew up stemned from revealed itself showed itself started suddenly came on the scene became evident took effect rolled out supervened on became visible had roots in exploded became known derived from came along matured hatched incarnated flamed came after initiated leaked out boiled over realized appeared unexpectedly appeared suddenly became established reified becomed became extended set off mushroomed symbolized became manifest entered objectified started off hit actioned made real made the scene played out came to the fore shaped up intervened exposed itself kicked off gushed forth entered the picture realised popped in burst into resulted from had its origin put into effect arose from saw the light of day recurred symbolised became a fact arrived on the scene welled up blew in arose out of blazed up took root chanced to happen presented succeeded prove proved became public incubated came next hailed opened reappeared finished up worked out overtook conceived flowed from rolled up shook out came forth suddenly passed off sprouted up had its origins chanced upon had its origin in originated from began life lived in forthcame had effect glimmered presaged befitted happened suddenly continued popped popped out sprang from issued from emanated from sprung from gelled shook stopped ended terminated had as an ancestor occurred abruptly appeared abruptly commenced suddenly followed on had one's origin precipitated came out of unravelled unraveled spurted gushed had one's foundations hat sparked incited became entrenched settled in got under way came to stay saw daylight cultivated solidified settled crystalized acquired jelled invoked enkindled fostered got up actuated instituted established fared bore fruit fore accumulated ejaculated triggered activated occasioned surged hardened fell into place became a reality condensed took on character performed swelled swoll developed out of followed from came out in the wash leaked slipped out got out got around circulated became common knowledge proved to be the case came out in the open started up kick-started triggered off turned out from had its origins in arose in had as a source drew on began suddenly embarked on went off paced got along exuded oozed vented aged seasoned welled ripened spilled over maturated bloomed bodied incorporated epitomized personified expressed substantiated externalized embodied personalized instantiated blossomed poured out poured forth oozed out trickled overflowed seeped flowed forth oozed forth flowed out seeped out seeped forth gushed out flowered effected hove in sight manifested oneself hoved into view made appearance showed your face presented oneself heaved into view showed oneself wound up at revealed oneself represented advanced accomplished hypostatized pragmatized visualized became concrete exteriorized became visual externalised personalised revealed yourself personized corporealized visualised epitomised substantialized typified became real came true coalesced produced primed portrayed effectuated engineered came of age reached adulthood grew up brought about brought to life made concrete brought into being made happen gave life


Past tense for to elevate or extend in an upward direction or motion
rose ascended lifted lift mounted climbed clomb soared uprose aspired stood thrust thrusted upreared upthrusted upturned towered jumped reappeared upped jumped up leaped up popped up sprang up turned out became erect moved upward straightened up piled out got up stood up went up flew rocketed got to your feet shot up scaled levitated shot spiralled spiraled moved up rose up came up flew up took off floated lifted off moved upwards floated up took to the air made its way up loomed escalated stirred started sprouted sailed flew upwards skyrocketed started up climbed up went upwards blasted off went sky-high heightened upsprang upsprung winged extended jutted gained altitude got out of bed reached rose to one's feet sat up took flight circled topped emerged stretched straught winged its way stabbed darted vaulted up left the ground flew off launched catapulted got off the ground glided glid picked yourself up found your feet stretched out reached out made one's way up swept upward bobbed up reached up pushed up shifted up broke broached brake surfaced came out came to the top broke the surface came to the surface conquered clambered up scrambled up shinned up sloped upwards came upwards clumb risen arisen flown uprisen gone up risen up flown up taken off come up gone upwards gotten up taken to the air come upwards soared up shinnied shinned escaladed clambered drifted surmounted become airborne drifted up crested shotten arcked arced shinnied up swarmed up inclined became airborne gone sky-high slanted upwards wafted cleared reemerged flown upwards appeared piggybacked roofed resurfaced climbed over zoomed walked up flown off reached the top of become erect spiraled upwards come to the surface rose into the air gotten off the ground climbed to the top of broken the surface defied gravity sprung up scrabbled up come out risen into the air reached the summit of come to the top whizzed spiralled upwards taken flight gone uphill gotten higher went uphill got higher got steeper gotten steeper went over gone over broken taken wing took wing gone through the ceiling grown went through the roof rose rapidly gone through the roof went through the ceiling risen rapidly grew


Past tense for to become disobedient against authority
rose rebelled revolted mutinied dissented rioted rose up agitated protested resisted campaigned defied demonstrated fought opposed remonstrated denounced disobeyed renounced mounted a rebellion rampaged rose up in arms staged a rebellion struck took to the streets took up arms went on rampage mounted the barricades ran amok ran riot staged stirred up trouble turned against rallied took a stand took on mobilized marched against stood up to mobilised broke with struggled came out against went against faced down rose in opposition scuffled brawled started a fight went on the rampage ran wild caused an affray raised hell dissipated went wild fought in the streets racketed debauched went berserk raised an uproar defected broke brake overthrew boycotted opposed authority overturned showed resistance defied authority disobeyed authority resisted authority got out of line made waves refused to obey orders opted out took up arms against dropped out took part in an uprising rocked the boat foughten run amok run riot arisen gone wild risen run wild gone berserk risen up gone on rampage taken to the streets gone on the rampage upset stormed charged stricken steamed got out of control seceded combatted come out against combated gotten out of line rised against cut loose taken up arms broken with behaved uncontrollably become destructive behaved wildly rushed madly about become violent taken part in an uprising rushed wildly about teared gone against risen up in arms raved raged behaved like a maniac kicked over defied the authorities rushed madly refused to obey revoluted rushed wildly manned the barricades lived hard taken part in an insurrection run amuck taken up arms against caroused took part in an insurrection run free gone postal gone mad went postal became destructive became violent went mad torn tore went insane gone insane gone crazy went crazy taken on gone on strike went on strike shown resistance broken overthrown went undisciplined gone undisciplined ran free ran amuck went ape went ballistic gone ape gone ballistic


Past tense for to jump or leap, to a great height, or with great force


Came into view

Trái nghĩa của arose

arose Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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