Đồng nghĩa của peaked

Alternative for peaked

peaks, peaked, peaking

Đồng nghĩa: apex, crest, crown, hilltop, pinnacle, summit, tip, top,

Trái nghĩa: foot,


Pointed in shape, having a point or points
pointed pointy sharp spired tipped spiky spiked edged cuspidate acute keen acuminate jagged pronged aciculate sharpened honed whetted fine cuspate acuminous barbed knifelike serrated sharp-edged razor-sharp acicular unblunted piked acuate knife-edged keen-edged mucronate briery horned needlelike sharp-cornered tapered tapering cornered prickly thorny splintery tined spiny needle-pointed stropped cutting trenchant edgy cuspidated apical piercing cuspated aciculated razor-edged lancinating gnawing stinging shooting stabbing salient knife-like razor-like ground fine ground razor needle-shaped acute-angled fine-edged spear-like needle-like spear-shaped conic wedge-shaped cone-shaped conical V-shaped subulate lanceolate conoid cusped aculeate sagittate arrowlike spearlike sagittal bristly brambly briary scratchy spinous thinning dwindling thin narrowing spinose pyramidal spined ticklish tricky bristled thistly difficult knotty problematic delicate sensitive tough sticky dodgy tricksy hairy problematical touchy catchy nasty hobnailed attenuated elongated shaped hooked diminished funnel-shaped toothed notched sawtooth sawtoothed snaggy strobilate coned infundibular strobiloid turbinate conoidal trying complicated bristling intricate troublesome awkward involved perplexing bothersome hard baffling spicular spiculate spiniferous complex irksome worrying vexatious taxing concerning bristling with thorns jaggy muricate barbellate setaceous convoluted annoying stimulating echinated nettlesome


Having a pale or unhealthy skin tone
pale pallid wan ashen pasty blanched ashy cadaverous livid doughy paled mealy lurid waxen colourless bloodless white colorless anaemic sallow grey sickly gray chalky anemic peaky drained etiolated like death warmed up sapped deathlike drawn ghostly washed out ghastly pasty-faced chalk-white whey-faced deathly washed-out leaden white as a sheet waxy milky lymphatic jaundiced ashen-faced peakish whitish bleached peely-wally haggard white-faced wheyfaced deathly pale pinched fair unhealthy green alabaster unhealthy-looking bilious cream greyish corpse-like grayish faded discoloured dull tired-looking worn discolored drained of color striped exsanguinous pale-faced grey-faced yellowish lacklustre weak lackluster white as a ghost ash-colored sickly-looking jaundiced-looking wabbit ghostlike listless depressed forceless low ineffectual down ineffective yellow muddy greenish-yellow watery gloomy dusky murky grisly anaemic-looking tired fatigued exhausted spent careworn gaunt hollow-cheeked sick creamy ivory spectral waxlike milk-white fair-skinned light-skinned as white as a sheet as white as a ghost looking as if one has seen a ghost light snowy faint pearly light-coloured neutral silvery blonde light-colored blond feeble argent fair-haired dim tow-headed tow-haired flaxen-haired flaxen uncolored languid insipid golden achromatic achromic towheaded platinum straw silver straw-colored poor inadequate unsubstantial insubstantial thin untarnished frail drab flat monochrome infirm cream-coloured corpselike waterish characterless enervated wishy-washy light-complexioned unwholesome alabastrine translucent deathful deadly deadened peaches and cream without color light-toned tow-coloured bottle-blonde peroxide sun-bleached unpigmented undyed milky-white chalky-white snow-white snowy-white leucous auricomous strawberry blonde ash blonde albino strawberry stramineous champagne sandy transparent unpainted tintless clear tawny slatey steely slate slaty argentine gold natural argentate pewter silvern silvered ash color colour whitish-grey greyish-white sterling hoary lily-white unstained light-haired


Feeling ill, fatigued, or generally unwell
run down ill unwell poorly peaky unhealthy crook off ropy sickly crummy seedy wabbit weak debilitated queer peakish fatigued tired drained exhausted enervated knackered below par run-down off colour not oneself out of sorts under the weather washed out not up to snuff worn out in bad shape not feeling up to snuff sick indisposed bad ailing queasy lousy nauseous infirm rough grotty down nauseated funny liverish sickened rotten in poor health not up to par unsound peculiar green about the gills diseased awful terrible punk feeble dreadful bedridden invalid not well peely-wally faint under par frail sick as a dog dizzy giddy not very well delicate lightheaded light-headed in a bad way not in good shape off-color off-colour impaired infected suffering rocky laid-up valetudinarian on the sick list out of action laid up qualmish under medication incurable hospitalized broken down confined feverish mean hospitalised sickish woozy laid low green rickety disordered not so hot imperfect tottering defective declining wobbly weakly squeamish queerish queazy groggy unfit grim bummed on sick list pale the worse for wear low feeling rotten out of shape dragging down with enfeebled at death's door haggard feeling awful horrible wan unstable strange disabled incapacitated off one's feed ropey unsightly ugly wretched not healthy valetudinary handicapped ghastly failing reeling qualmy pukish in bed hors de combat confined to bed out of commission got a bug uneasy not feeling well in bad health wasting languishing dying puny lacklustre cranky pining chronically ill often ill always ill lackluster laid-low in ill health in poor shape shaky pallid ill-looking anemic in poor condition in a decline out of condition anaemic afflicted invalided iffy running temperature like death warmed up off one's feet a wreck got the bug feeling terrible bilious seasick carsick airsick unsettled travel-sick upset vertiginous barfy suffering from motion sickness suffering from altitude sickness about to throw up green at the gills nauseatic slightly unwell off form not yourself suffering from radiation sickness green around the gills chunderous achy hypochondriacal in pain decrepit not a hundred percent trainsick uncomfortable sick as dog uncertain restless dubious unsettling troubling odd concerned doubtful fidgety green around gills dazed hazy unsteady whirling tipsy off-balance unbalanced off balance volatile swooning light punch-drunk ditzy hypercritical annoyed exacting mincing prim puritanical cowardly uncompromising captious disgusted hysterical easily upset easily offended sick to one's stomach


Thin or haggard, especially from hunger or disease
emaciated skeletal gaunt wasted haggard thin bony cadaverous pinched skinny atrophied attenuated scrawny undernourished lean scraggy angular attenuate half-starved raw-boned size-zero stick-like underweight weak anorexic drawn shriveled shrivelled shrunken starved underfed withered wizened consumptive famished lank macilent meagre meager phthisical skeletonlike skin-and-bones skin and bones thin as a rake thin as rail like a bag of bones looking like a bag of bones spare lanky spindly rawboned over-thin hollow-cheeked hollow-eyed raddled lantern-jawed starveling spindle-shanked skeleton peaky skin and bone slim slender as thin as a rake without an ounce of fat as thin as a reed looking like death warmed up tall gangly gangling rangy weedy gawky small delicate shadow pole rarefied narrow stick twiggy puny rickety beanpole stilt fragile threadlike slinky fleshless lightweight reedy twiglike slight wan beanstalk ethereal featherweight subtle stalky thin as a rail all skin and bones stringy lithe wiry anorectic svelte spindling fatless willowy very thin leggy gracile long-legged boney long-limbed awkward sylphlike scraggly sapped hungry skin-and-bone etiolated sallow lissom ungainly inelegant uncoordinated trim ultrathin extenuated ungraceful lumbering graceless light loosely built loosely jointed loose-jointed slightly built wraithlike taut frail undersized feeble sharp sinewy underdeveloped stilted hairline fine paper-thin needlelike slim-jim worn to a shadow muscular malnourished no fat pint-sized ghastly graceful like a rail ghostly stark lymphatic shadowy dead sickly snake-hipped clean-limbed waifish bare sticklike tenuous rattleboned little broomstick like a skeleton like a matchstick corpse-like unco bag of bones drained thread-like refined extended thinned lengthened slimmed like death warmed up deathly elongated stretched out thinned down spun out drawn out


Showing advanced signs of wear and tear
run-down derelict dilapidated decrepit battered dingy dumpy ramshackle shabby tattered crumbling mangy mean old ragged rickety seedy tatterdemalion tatty tumbledown grungy miserable neglected ratty scruffy tacky timeworn untended frowzy scrubby shattered sleazy threadbare broken-down beat-up badly maintained below par tumble-down uncared-for under par worn out dog-eared down-at-the-heel in bad condition in a bad way in bad repair weather-beaten bombed-out moth-eaten out of condition gone to seed seen better days run down down-at-the-heels down-at-heel rundown grotty worn squalid shoddy bedraggled falling to pieces crummy down at heel worse for wear falling apart decaying worn-out decayed scuzzy unkempt wretched poor faded sorry deteriorated slummy ruined gone to rack and ruin raggedy grubby in disrepair unmaintained sordid frayed insalubrious shacky cheap on its last legs deteriorating rumpty paltry in ruins trashy second-rate shambly ruinous base tawdry common bad damaged mediocre lousy tired yucky low-grade pitiful low-rent inferior beat up well worn dismal substandard skanky untidy junky filthy rubbishy nasty disintegrating rotten unsound slipshod in a state of disrepair the worse for wear seamy holey slovenly unpleasant scungy low in tatters depressed raggedy-ass warby shaky poverty-stricken cheapjack execrable gimcrack used trumpery rough two-bit sad dishevelled ill-maintained el cheapo disheveled having seen better days cruddy falling apart at the seams poorly maintained on your last legs dirty sloppy antiquated gaudy worthless dodgy kitsch messy Brummagem tottering distressed dowdy disreputable torn in rags cheapo naff creaky creaking desolate ragtag punk cheesy third-rate poor-quality subpar lame deficient degenerated schlocky tinny cheap and nasty rubbish ropy duff bush-league dime-a-dozen rinky-dink inadequate scroungy crude in poor condition overgrown unprepossessing patched in ribbons terrible in holes worn to shreds skeezy frumpy low-class slimy stodgy time-worn scraggy broken limp average scabby sucky dreadful schlock meretricious rent impoverished wrecked in shreds impaired injured used-up disfigured bare meager cut-rate bum coarse bargain-basement pitiable meagre clapped out superannuated slumlike dud tinhorn all the worse for wear a dime a dozen out at elbows flimsy destroyed junk entry-level pinchbeck below average badly dressed lemon faulty down and dirty bottom-rung two a penny not up to much cheapie dime-store below standard slum-like not up to snuff second-class twopenny-halfpenny broken down brassy low-end historic overcrowded done outworn dateless shopworn ancient old-fashioned dishonest crooked smirched downgone withering infirm knocked around cure pot well-read well-thumbed uncouth unsavoury unkept unsavory unweeded defective uncultivated hazardous unsafe insecure perilous dangerous treacherous precarious frazzled shaggy ripped rugged garbagy overused overworked unoccupiable unlivable uncared ordinary middling menial rank mucky indigent sick sticky gunky gungy weedgrown wild raunchy unimproved fallen-in marred crumbly uncared for beaten up beat fallen in busted lined worn-down wrung out dinged totaled pegged out well-worn wizened decrepit. in ruins contaminated infected septic unhealthy unwholesome blighted falling down disadvantaged deprived poorly made badly worn full of holes torn to pieces awful atrocious quavering shaking haggard effete anile crippled insubstantial fragile tasteless vulgar uninhabitable unsatisfactory showy garish dire abject pathetic unspeakable condemned needy destitute stonewashed lamentable unacceptable wanting deplorable bush horrible abominable crumby suboptimal dissatisfactory wrong flash loud pants beastly underprivileged flashy shlocky wack woeful hideous a load of pants ghastly God-awful unsightly off scummy scurvy repulsive godforsaken low-quality disastrous horrendous calamitous shlock weak gross gruesome shanty ghetto skid row ghost daggy slobbish dying declining slobby outmoded ostentatious out-of-date unbecoming waxy unsuitable poky sloven waning slatternly frowsy blowsy degenerating collapsing jerry-built blowzy cheap-jack bodger frumpish abandoned failing perishing in bad taste homely plain plastic pretentious inglorious makeshift low-down baggy languishing forsaken manky mumsy dreary ill-dressed wrinkled not smart unseemly droopy wilted sickly wilting drooping ailing sagging flagging breaking up oxidizing on the way out wearing away in decline rusting breaking down oxidising eroding on the decline on the rocks used up glaring brash glitzy chintzy flamboyant brummagem tinsel lurid kitschy flaunting glittering flaring swanky jazzy tinselly low quality downmarket raffish obtrusive blatant brazen abysmal splashy appalling swank razzle-dazzle ornate lowbrow frightful over-bright useless crass poor quality bright bling-bling harsh screaming bilious noisy extravagant insufficient valueless diabolical direful egregious low cost tenth-rate unfashionable in poor taste brilliant uncultured snazzy corny violent bold nauseating distasteful unattractive inelegant florid imperfect overdone ritzy unrefined catchpenny colorful over the top colourful half-pie ungroomed no great shakes off-color artificial not much cop tousled tangled contemptible schlumpy draggle-tailed uncombed thin unsophisticated cheap-looking sporty offensive down scale badly built overwrought thrown together over-elaborate trifling down-market indifferent conspicuous expensive OTT ropey poxy chronic throwaway twopenny fakey pizazzy fancy glittery pizzazzy fancy-pants nifty bombastic outrageous bling elaborate bad quality of a sort sparkling downscale split uncomfortable disagreeable common as muck dumbed down hateful sour ill noddy desultory unpressed unfinished down at the heel shredded poorly straggly mussy ruffled unstylish styleless ticky-tack ticky-tacky from hunger scraggly mussed tumbled snarled weak sauce sub-par messed up mussed up matted rumpled windblown unneat commonplace end-of-the-pier bogus empty garbage no-good despicable good-for-nothing barren piss-poor grody pigpen Mickey Mouse second-best ill-groomed Daliesque clinquant affected twee camp mod posturing gimmicky strictly for the birds rude second class improper low in quality rough-hewn roughneck incult insensible indiscreet unpolished tactless lowbred ill-bred illiberal indecorous indelicate graceless impolite stupid foolish outlandish barbarous unclassy low-down-and-dirty trivial unlovely barbaric gay splendiferous pizzazz frou-frou chichi pzazz gussied up putting on the ritz

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