Đồng nghĩa của suffering

Alternative for suffering


Đồng nghĩa: agony, distress, excruciation, hurt, miserable, woe, wretched,

suffers, suffered, suffering

Đồng nghĩa: bear, endure, experience, stand, tolerate, undergo,

Danh từ

The condition of someone who suffers
pain torture agony distress misery torment affliction anguish discomfort hardship hurt ordeal sorrow adversity grief sadness woe hurting trauma tribulation unhappiness wretchedness angst dolour heartache heartbreak dolor hell martyrdom misfortune stress difficulty passion travail hell on earth trial trouble worry burden anxiety despair desolation straits hassle dejection depression excruciation vexation strain nightmare despondency problem disquiet care dolefulness bane rack curse upset shock tragedy calamity blues rue cross melancholy gloom sorriness blow headache purgatory visitation mourning regret persecution disquietude drag pang misadventure bother disaster murder irritation Gehenna disappointment deprivation bad luck bummer plague mishap ill fortune horror cross to bear downer privation grievance scourge agitation throe struggle bereavement infelicity malaise travails pest heartsickness penalty damage worriment mournfulness nuisance gloominess annoyance loss bitterness albatross injury rigor rigour vicissitude disadvantage inconvenience setback ache detriment lamentation cost toil trials and tribulations remorse concern load evil punishment labour crucible uneasiness bemoaning grieving labor heavy heart broken heart nervousness lamenting perturbation sorrowfulness catastrophe oppression hard times harm test sweat cheerlessness disconsolateness mental suffering pangs apprehensiveness fear issue hard time stroke of bad luck desperation melancholia reverse crucifixion grind mischance snag drudgery twinge dole bewailing gauntlet unease sacrifice upheaval apprehension menace dispiritedness gantlet fire calvary ill rotten luck bad news death bad break price exertion toll millstone blight disbenefit mopes anxiousness disturbance dire straits nervosity concernment agita tough luck victimization botheration low spirits trepidation undesirable consequence ill luck misgiving restlessness mistrust destruction killing traumatization poverty unpleasantness disease devastation mortification throes execution embarrassment tumult drawback effort pressure mischief pains perplexity downside strife hard luck forfeit moodiness funk listlessness tension expense cataclysm broken-heartedness cruelty emotional suffering ruination minus failure harsh conditions accident deploring drain encumbrance lament forfeiture knock debacle doldrums slog canker battle terror endeavor jam crunch nemesis asperity hardness cancer dumps tenseness victimisation hot water ill-treatment discouragement bitter pill heaviness of heart pestilence letdown austerity glumness endeavour downheartedness solicitude weight fearfulness suspense down uphill battle hard knocks infliction dread ill-fortune fretfulness foreboding doubt butterflies ill-luck hard work uncertainty willies watchfulness can of worms jumps shakes jitters creeps shivers ants in pants nail-biting uphill struggle cold sweat tough grind difficult task tall order goose bumps flap fuss heebie-jeebies tough assignment fidgets all-overs discord abjection discontent unrest dissatisfaction harshness severity turmoil wrench death in life jolt bale wronging paroxysm dispossession pining baptism of fire disorder abyss hellhole repining rain ruin handicap ruth spasms painfulness double whammy hard knock rainy day cumber living hell painful experience laceration cruciation impalement confusion derangement outburst collapse malice dark night of the soul sickness fiasco fit stabs convulsions unpleasant experience heartbrokenness ills long haul challenge despite disfavor moroseness third degree wrong thorn in one's flesh disconsolation dismalness hopelessness hangover aftereffect legacy scar effect indigence destitution infirmity condition weakness crux plight comedown drama weeping repentance uphill bête noire mishappening hitch commotion difficulties need want consternation stitch squalor living death stew unconsolability disheartenment irk irritant thorn bugbear peeve frustration rub aggravation exasperation aggro ruffle self-sacrifice martyrization contamination sad event dud bad experience bête noir downfall penury impoverishment tormentor correction disfavour shame resignation forlornness edginess nerves extreme upset boo-boo offense prejudice offence disservice pollution undoing despondence dismay anvil chorus pickle lack beggary pinch exigency complication hair shirt jitteriness suspicion devotion unpleasant aspect demoralization resignedness miserableness dreariness thorn in your flesh thorn in your side Joe Blakes yips dubiety screaming abdabs twitchiness jim-jams abdabs collywobbles butterflies in one's stomach hazard scrape corruption conflict joylessness pessimism defeatism despond severe test trying time fatal attraction mildew contagion fungus demoralisation blue devils dashed hopes infestation tough break holy mess unholy mess ticklish spot result eyesore withering dump sight deaths inroad undesirable consequences adverse effects losses casualties adverse effect consequence ferment blot on the landscape consequences nervous tension overextension distention heat intensity flutter urgency alarm expectancy impatience slavery fine tyranny panic needles sense of foreboding pins and needles work abuse mistreatment maltreatment drudge tears fatigue moil donkeywork industry striving discrimination tyrannization graft red-baiting pogrom responsibility stiffness stiffening intransigence unresponsiveness rigor mortis objectivity difficult time attention to detail punctiliousness thoroughness restriction conscientiousness tenacity meticulousness traditionalism stricture inclemency demand intolerance obduracy roughness dogmatism consistency firmness conventionalism ill treatment bashing witch hunt provoking expulsion pursuit galling massacre pestering discrimination against banishment subjection intimidation ill usage imprisonment exile burdens reversal crisis buffet contretemps danger clutch nakba poison jinx skids deep water stroke of ill luck pain in the rear tough situation reversal of fortune pain in the backside evil eye the worst pain in the neck pain in the bum kiss of death hesitation jumpiness discomposure inquietude presentiment qualm scruple fright distrust hesitancy fluster compunction excitement timidity dither insecurity reservation diffidence turbulence qualms fidgetiness habdabs tizzy scepticism hesitance second thoughts casualty premonition skepticism restiveness nerviness distraction discomfiture lack of confidence niggle cold feet disconcertment touchiness butterflies in the stomach chagrin misgivings haplessness unluck jimjams whim-whams feverishness anger reservations lack of faith screaming habdabs screaming meemies frenzy disconcertion self-doubt doubts displeasure presage stimulation mistrustfulness indecision alarum unluckiness funny feeling dysphoria unfortunateness misdoubt chill wariness incertitude sinking feeling demur untowardness dubitation lather skittishness prenotion flightiness emotion second thought bad feeling surprise irritability bad vibe abashment doubtfulness suspiciousness tetchiness reluctance flusteredness unsureness solicitousness trembling trepidity dyspathy forebodingness pother tremulousness excitability irascibility feeling demands antsiness intuition hunch trembles delirium neurasthenia animation neuroticism quivers dithers sensitivity to-do stage fright disbelief query disgruntlement fret reconsideration idea flurry liability Weltschmerz disinclination suspicions scruples resentment objection conscience shudder inkling prognostication remonstrance huff unbelief questions issues uncertainties storm clamour twitter state swivet swelter worries objections shiver sudden fear blue funk sense vibes mental strain twit clamor sixth sense vague feeling sneaking suspicion querulousness question nervous excitement jealousy complaint bustle feeling in bones handwriting on wall question mark thorn in one's side amazement doom prickliness awkwardness disquietedness regrets stupefaction astonishment bewilderment hysteria humiliation shaking fidgeting ailment nag unquiet DTs hardshi disorientation muddlement wonder awe muddle scare sleeplessness constraint instability penitence queasiness fit of nerves buck fever bad vibes augury foreshadowing feeling in the bones mid-life crisis discombobulation palpitation humility unassertiveness duress relevance regard relation irresolution indecisiveness the shakes jump tremble fidget living day to day nerve a cold sweat a blue funk disruption exertions fever timidness timorousness self-consciousness inhibition humbleness meekness outcry disillusionment the willies contrition arousal mental stress emotional strain disenchantment hyperactivity mania loss of face incitement harassment whammy pressure cooker quandary cynicism surviving getting by struggling butterflies in your stomach mixing rocking nervous state reverse of fortune bad trot evil fortune evil chance misbelief dilemma tizzy, tizz pressure of work caution lack of self-confidence vacillation insecureness possessiveness the blahs questioning hullabaloo state of agitation hubbub state of anxiety hoopla pique snappiness discontentment squeamishness warning sign omen shortness reluctancy faltering superego censor pause portent forewarning distrustfulness disaffection testiness impetuosity spite survival mode disapproval vibrations vision indication admonition winds onus peevishness vehemence ill-will overprotectiveness disregard disapprobation disgust discontentedness wake-up call irritableness curtness brusqueness abruptness obligation duty pang of conscience twinge of conscience second sight gut feeling winds of change feeling in your bones wind change overexcitement debate controversy tizz aversion malcontent heartburn envy weariness indisposition distaste boredom malcontentment dislike disrelish disliking ennui ball and chain charge dead weight mental weight blame shackle deadweight task unwanted responsibility accountability chain hindrance quick temper demurral protest dubiousness argument whirl forethought expectation anticipation forecast apprehension about rivals exception contention expostulation dispute tiz-woz awareness boding remonstration bone of contention demurrer stink faint heart chicken heart white feather fear of carrying out an activity weak knees backing out yellow streak

Danh từ

The state of having a lack of something that is necessary or essential
deprivation want poverty destitution need privation penury impoverishment lack neediness indigence scarcity deficiency beggary impecuniousness pauperism dearth impecuniosity hardship distress deficit pauperdom absence ruin loss unavailability disadvantage oppression pauperization detriment straitened circumstances hand-to-mouth existence financial distress reduced circumstances austerity misery affliction adversity necessity difficulty trouble misfortune calamity tribulation torment grievance burden persecution trial discomfort hassle pain asperity rigor hazard hardness disaster ruination trials wretchedness mischance sorrow danger drudgery injury grief worry travails labor curse accident labour catastrophe vicissitude travail peril toil fatigue rigour dire straits rotten luck tough luck hard knocks trials and tribulations rainy day tough break uphill battle Herculean task shortage destituteness insufficiency famine inadequacy paucity pennilessness poorness penuriousness insolvency starvation bankruptcy drought exiguity pinch scantiness scarceness meagerness depletion undersupply shortfall inadequateness crunch drouth exiguousness barrenness shortness sparseness scantness emptiness void necessitousness default debt lacuna failure meagreness reduction underdevelopment insufficience needfulness omission aridity non-existence straits difficulties decrease decline vacancy sparsity abjection debilitation vagrancy mendicancy extreme poverty dire poverty skimpiness rareness abridgment curtailment abridgement extremity shortcoming vacuum food shortage indigency mendicity defect enervation enfeeblement exclusion vacuity narrow circumstances nonexistence neglect inefficiency ineffectuality unfitness short supply primary poverty weakness utter poverty leanness tightness uncommonness stringency slim pickings absenteeism rarity inaccessibility infrequency life on the breadline shrinking shrinkage retrenchment slightness withdrawal removal pass exigency being after missing out on falling short in being able to do with being short of being without being deficient in

Danh từ

A sudden short bout of an illness or stress
attack bout fit outburst spell case dose occurrence encounter run stint eruption outbreak relapse streak access frenzy series spasm fury siege stroke burst convulsion explosion stretch battle period rush throe conniption patch torrent turn flare seizure spurt blowup flurry paroxysm spree ailment round spate blow-up flare-up welling up flash gush ebullition storm blaze gale flush boutade agony gust surge effusion outpouring flood upsurge splurt outflow outflowing blast hurricane ictus flutter flicker apoplexy spot cycle interval session episode short time twinge collapse state throes huff term scene blow short period course onset experience phase blowout fireworks twitch howl peal ripple manifestation wave rash breakout break volley bursting detonation paddy scream roar hoot shout shriek time sudden illness illness breakdown sickness incidence nausea upheaval rapture discharge fuming violence furor rage hysterics anger frothing passion excitement agitation furore heart attack sesh sequence shift tear tour trick go pang queasiness qualm grand mal epileptic attack petit mal epileptic fit embolism thrombosis shaking tremor contraction contortion cramp shock clamour algospasm epilepsy clamor cerebrovascular accident CVA cerebral haemorrhage cerebral vascular accident muscular contractions stream deluge flow cascade epidemic flux tide barrage hail jet issue onslaught efflux salvo bombardment rise avalanche cannonade outrush shower current blitz drainage fusillade blitzkrieg welling drain bang drumfire drumbeat swell sally battery effluence spout inundation upwelling leakage outpour exodus rain escape emanation outflux overflow upswing gushing sweep emergence spring effervescence recrudescence emission sudden appearance groundswell plague thunder charge uprising onrush effluent crack fulmination debouchment escalation influx expression hemorrhage haemorrhage boom ooze bubble seepage effluvium ignition blowing up start inflammation tantrum vomiting outcry hissy vibration expulsion fire bomb broadside fever ferment strafe gunfire spray boiling bubbling fountain combustion ebb voidance shedding mass shelling bombing ejection venting exudation splash touch hissy fit outfall crash breaking sundering commotion rending brawl irruption disorder disruption tumult sortie crossfire stab fermentation seething exudate diffusion pouring effluxion loss streaming depletion blasting show burst of fire building up build-up sudden display sudden exhibition craze increase growth blowing-up sudden show brief display brief exhibition upturn scourge contagion mushrooming spread pest endemic pestilence what's going around motion trickle river oozing

Danh từ

A punishment imposed for breaking a law, rule, or contract
punishment penalty correction discipline retribution chastisement comeuppance justice penance sanction sentence reprimand castigation deserts infliction medicine penalization price rap requital torture vengeance wrath amends chastening consequences damages judgment judgement pain amercement confiscation deprivation dues fine forfeit forfeiture gallows hammer jankers mortification mulct nemesis ostracism punition reparation rod sequestration stick unhappiness victimisation victimization punitive measures disciplinary action just deserts punitive action coercive measure punitive measure hell to pay firm hand ruling censure condemnation suspended sentence reproof deferment scolding telling-off recompense conviction decree deferred sentence sacrifice reward desert revenge atonement criticism disciplining loss rebuke redress time verdict determination consequence absolution charge fee denial stretch retaliation pronouncement compensation doom fall decision attrition cost prison term prison sentence financial penalty what's coming to you what you deserve reformation admonition handicap aversive aversive stimulus reform fate destiny blast put down return penitence restitution destruction excoriation bawling-out ticking-off penalties sanctions negative reinforcement what is coming to one what one is asking for talion rule sentences due meed what's coming to one poetic justice what is merited payback what is due dueness dose of one's own medicine lumps levy retributive justice chewing out dressing down assessment payment slammer time imprisonment due reward just punishment deserved fate ban embargo restriction boycott getting yours control use of punishment a firm hand prohibition deterrent surrender relinquishment subjugation exclusion giving up finding order holding tariff barrier suppression controlling subduing losing surrendering injunction measure action writ command edict sleep dictum term knock book hitch vacation getup clock jolt trick result toll restraint abasement denying coercive measures sacrificing abandonment ceding attainder yielding forfeiting considered opinion sending up the river drawback disadvantage downside snag bird stint porridge bane minus affliction worry burden trouble torment tribulation trial disbenefit undesirable consequence expiation life sentence penal sentence propitiation compunction purgation jail sentence self-abasement self-mortification self-punishment self-flagellation

Danh từ

The ability to withstand prolonged hardship
endurance fortitude perseverance resolution stamina determination persistence tenacity pertinacity doggedness patience resignation staying power strength submission grit guts indefatigability resoluteness spunk stickability tirelessness toleration bottle sufferance ability allowance backbone capacity continuing cool coolness courage Dunkirk spirit enduring forebearance gutsiness heart mettle moxie pluck resistance restraint standing starch survival undergoing vitality will withstanding holding up intestinal fortitude steadfastness resolve resilience toughness hardiness obstinacy vigour vigor stubbornness diligence dedication staunchness tolerance application commitment intransigence purposefulness assiduity purpose assiduousness tenaciousness insistence energy survival skills robustness stick-to-it-iveness legs drive sedulousness constancy devotion pluckiness vim perseveration ruggedness continuance power of endurance Sitzfleisch firmness of purpose immunity non-susceptibility sedulity immovability pursuance industry force power lustiness stick-to-itiveness industriousness meticulousness zip sturdiness welly character work ethic hard work singleness of purpose stoicism spirit spiritedness durability intrepidity indomitability spine single-mindedness strength of character toughness of spirit moral fiber strong-mindedness moral fibre bouncebackability ability to bounce back opinionatedness obdurateness pigheadedness pertinaciousness obduracy willfulness obstinateness self-opinionatedness mulishness self-will hardheadedness steadiness bullheadedness relentlessness bulldog tenacity persistency importunity pushiness firmness inflexibility strength of will fixity of purpose bulldog spirit boldness decision decidedness intentness bravery braveness decisiveness earnestness willpower courageousness determinedness will power granite intension stout-heartedness nerve manfulness dauntlessness purposiveness fixed purpose conviction certitude dogmatism fearlessness valor valour sense of purpose assurance hardihood certainty self-confidence stiff upper lip strength of mind sitzfleisch inexorability inexorableness implacability objective design undertaking strength of purpose chutzpah stomach guttiness clock sticktoitiveness intention project conclusion inner strength true grit what it takes

Tính từ

Experiencing pain
miserable tormented distraught troubled afflicted sad upset anxious dejected depressed despondent disconsolate distressed hurt unhappy wretched agitated bitter bothered broken cheerless desolate devastated discomposed disconcerted disquieted doleful dolorous heartbroken heavyhearted inconsolable melancholy morose perturbed ruffled shaken sorrowful tortured traumatised traumatized unnerved vexed aflutter anguished bereaved concerned despairing discombobulated discountenanced down flustered grieved grieving harassed heartsick hurting irked mournful overwhelmed plagued rueful saddened uptight weeping wrecked agonised agonized bugged crushed dolesome gutted harrowed haunted mourning pained shook spooked woeful wounded aching antsy bemoaning bewailing jumpy persecuted sorrowing unglued wailing brokenhearted broken-hearted bummed out cut up grief-stricken shook up strung out all torn up angst-ridden in pain woebegone heavy with grief in a stew in a tizzy overcome with sorrow racked with pain racked with suffering sorry regretful dismal lamenting plaintive funeral lugubrious plangent lamentable deploring downcast crestfallen forlorn glum racked low downhearted blue melancholic bad gloomy droopy hangdog heartsore joyless low-spirited down in the mouth cast down down in the dumps stricken aggrieved remorseful mortified pining overcome tearful impaired cursed heavy bleeding painful in distress in anguish depressive sombre sullen solemn somber luckless strained discontented dull destroyed ailing ruthful out of sorts bowed down on a downer fed up dispirited disheartened choked heavy-hearted shattered disappointed chap-fallen discouraged in low spirits orphaned widowed bereft sick as a parrot deprived dispossessed in mourning moody pessimistic demoralized cheesed off brassed off demoralised teary in the dumps weepy hopeless oppressed dragged lachrymose chapfallen grim in the doldrums long-faced distressing funereal defeatist depressing mirthless tragic down and out pitiful in the pits piteous dreary spiritless abject emotional wistful in tears morbid dismayed weighed down bleak down-hearted shot down grumpy grievous saturnine sulky heart-rending pitiable desperate tristful crying in despair harrowing sobbing cast-down displeased dour disgruntled as sick as a parrot weary sniveling black dolent heartrending crummy snivelling blubbering listless comfortless sick at heart singing the blues in a blue funk surly pensive subdued taken down howling annoyed suicidal disillusioned deplorable mopey daunted dispiriting dissatisfied calamitous low in spirits ripped elegiac sunk in gloom dysphoric disturbed heartbreaking ticked off teed off browned off blubbing peed off whimpering in grief in doldrums traumatic upsetting troubling dark torn up lonely pathetic sorry for yourself let down humourless distressful bawling larmoyant sour agonizing close to tears on the verge of tears shamefaced agonising saddening enervated humorless churlish sepulchral flat tear-jerking regrettable crabbed downbeat sapped defeated mopish broody disenchanted adust down-in-the-mouth peeved piqued irritated abashed Eeyorish discontent sick exasperated cynical with a long face unconsolable resigned sheepish bummed-out frustrated sunk chagrined in sorrow damp unsatisfied full of sorrow negative hacked off low-down in the toilet down in dumps crabby sick and tired greeting maudlin triste lacklustre dim deep languorous drab shadowy colorless tenebrous unexciting blah uninteresting uninspiring gray colourless boring monotonous dingy lackluster macabre grey languid lifeless humdrum awful disturbing disquieting worried unamused sorry for oneself feel-bad apathetic very sad prostrated glowering scowling heart-sick lovesick sore burned contused undermined without energy depressant dirgeful grouchy brooding atrabilious clouded dampened drooping dashed sagging dire dolorific afflictive afflicting torn-up angry cross lowered bowed threnodic dirge-like emo godforsaken griefstricken off sluggish moping ugly taken aback deflated prostrate with grief have the blahs cringing browbeaten guilty cowed frantic fraught affected down in mouth hapless affecting bored tired unable to be comforted unable to be consoled let-down not happy guilty-looking furtive discomfited tragical unlucky unfortunate elegiacal uneasy miffed no-win strabilious long-suffering self-indulgent self-absorbed wallowing beside oneself with grief in a state ashamed intimidated embarrassed uncomfortable sneaking feeling down full of gloom in a funk aghast beaten ill-humoured huffy helpless lost worsted vanquished baulked objecting balked catastrophic cruel unpleasant disastrous feeble disappointing paltry mean can't win ill-humored cowering humiliated conscience-stricken forgotten homeless lonesome forsaken abandoned languished not a prayer in the soup at the end of one's tether at one's wits' end blue funk friendless destitute uncared-for in a bad way looking as if one had lost a pound and found a penny sensitive teary-eyed mawkish with tears in one's eyes blubbery moist watery wet put out jaded narked wearied dragging solitary defenseless defenceless fruitless alone at end of one's rope at the end of your tether nostalgic surfeited sated satiated blasé not best pleased in floods of tears easily moved with tears in your eyes up to here self-pitying complaining disaffected fretful malcontent envious impatient querulous restless resentful malcontented picky griping kvetching grumbling ungratified out of joint sick to death fed up to the teeth with a chip on your shoulder fed up to the back teeth

Tính từ

wounded bruised damaged disabled harmed impaired injured beaten hurt marred incapacitated sore battered tender cut painful aching chafed smarting crushed hurting inflamed throbbing stinging affected broken weakened afflicted gammy sensitive raw burning maimed grazed scratched mangled mutilated ruptured scraped scarred out of action in the hospital in hospital game hit struck irritated bleeding reddened pained discoloured discolored black-and-blue stricken red in pain handicapped crippled hors de combat deformed crook knackered bad stiff lacerated gashed agonised delicate excruciating agonizing achy afflictive agonized mauled nasty troublesome disfigured nicked busted up harrowing grievous sharp severe uncomfortable abscessed agonising hurtful ulcerated upset offended maltreated abused irritating distressing unpleasant vexatious difficult acute hypersensitive oversensitive troubled punctured perforated pierced smitten ailing lame abraded debilitated tingly distressed deeply affected limp prickly twingeing smartful laborious nagging gnawing biting searing piercing pounding tingling frail infirm caustic peeled blistered tired feeble laid low struck down achy breaky weak enfeebled skinned unhealed excoriated galled pared bloody physically challenged tortured warped shot buffeted fractured smashed shattered spoilt spoiled on the sick list immobilized paralysed bedridden paralyzed sidelined laid up immobilised out of commission arthritic sickly vulnerable fragile dismembered humpbacked hunchbacked truncated grieved unfit overwrought overwhelmed indisposed impotent wornout powerless broken-down laid-up helpless out-of-action confined incapable undermined housebound wheelchair-using quadriplegic tetraplegic monoplegic ruined halt destroyed hemiplegic paraplegic paraparetic paretic having a disability palsied physically handicapped gimp hamstrung hog-tied confined to bed defective differently abled physically impaired

Tính từ

In poor health
ailing ill poorly sick unwell indisposed weak sickly debilitated infirm diseased bad crook delicate down dying feeble invalid languishing peaked peaky punk run-down sickened unhealthy unsound valetudinarian not well below par enfeebled laid up rocky unfit wasting in bad health in poor health off colour down with feeling awful run down under the weather sick as a dog bedridden infected frail hospitalized impaired incurable feverish broken down under medication in a bad way hospitalised laid-up rickety disordered declining tottering imperfect defective confined wobbly queasy nauseated not so hot lousy funny off under par not oneself out of sorts pale grim wretched off-color not healthy liverish nauseous on the sick list wabbit grotty seedy ropy queer crummy rough haggard peculiar not up to snuff not feeling well not very well not in good shape not up to par green about the gills at death's door the worse for wear off-colour qualmish rotten green mean awful washed out faint terrible dreadful peely-wally peakish dizzy giddy sickish squeamish shaky tired enervated exhausted afflicted prostrate woozy incapacitated low queazy queerish weakened drained fatigued laid low decrepit carsick wasted bilious languid sapped lightheaded prostrated asthenic seasick down-and-out light-headed groggy slight weakly effete airsick tender out of action unstable unsteady anaemic failing anemic doddering wimpish wimpy unsubstantial lame worn-out worn out like death warmed up invalided rundown iffy drawn out of commission bummed puny thin pinched soft softened sick as dog barfy doddery fragile insecure flimsy wavering wan pallid disabled injured spent sickly-looking emaciated ill-looking weary travel-sick pooped beat etiolated confined to bed knackered pukish poor crippled broken-down weedy worn tottery gaunt spindly in poor shape a wreck dragging raddled tired out tuckered out out of gas vacillating doubtful tenuous feeling rotten vitiated trembly on sick list meagre pathetic strengthless sapless meager in bad shape lacklustre lackluster out of shape green at the gills hollow-eyed not yourself about to throw up off one's feed not a hundred percent not up to the mark horrible strange slightly unwell ugly travelsick unsightly ghastly qualmy reeling pasty pasty-faced ropey paltry valetudinary handicapped disgusted housebound immobilized uneasy ashen whey-faced ashy gray colourless bloodless grey ashen-faced unwholesome in bed corpse-like cadaverous sallow off form ill in bed miserable slender stricken in pain hors de combat chunderous deathly pale contaminated tainted septic blighted sinking reduced sensitive nesh susceptible got a bug immobilised achy hypochondriacal peccant abnormal green around the gills nauseatic sick as a parrot peelie-wally powerless as white as a ghost as white as a sheet colorless without energy infectious dainty fishy shatterable brittle fracturable shattery wispy trainsick bockety languorous depleted sluggish upset uncomfortable cranky chronically ill always ill pining often ill laid-low helpless impotent burned out low-energy in ill health in poor condition irresolute stressed out of condition shilpit restless dubious unsettling odd concerned uncertain troubling suffering from motion sickness unsettled fidgety faltering out-of-action not feeling up to snuff experiencing nausea feeling queasy ticklish quaking feeling nauseous feeling nauseated feeling woozy inconstant staggering tricky trembling in a decline suffering from altitude sickness indecisive unsafe unbalanced uneven tense strained half-hearted dopey emasculated flabby gentle insufficient flat aged halting anile sensile out of humor down in the mouth green around gills in declining health off one's feet careworn got the bug running temperature feeling terrible wonky precarious withered fraught hollow-cheeked teetering dead loggy aweary bushed jaded logy washed-out wearied beaten bleary done limp teetery fluctuant rattletrap wavy wiggling unsure dilapidated tattered unkempt dishevelled disheveled coarsened debauched feeling sick wiped out played out stressed out burned-out all in tapped out on one's last legs with sunken cheeks worse for wear

Tính từ

Having an ache in a part of one's body
aching painful hurting sore achy tender smarting throbbing pounding agonising agonizing hurt stiff stinging troublesome uncomfortable afflictive burning gnawing nasty raw searing tingling tired twingeing excruciating inflamed in pain killing feeling tender hurtful nagging sensitive feeling uncomfortable giving someone gyp giving someone trouble playing up harrowing torturing torturous tormenting racking wrenching raging grievous severe piercing extreme intense distressing fierce struggling tearing anguishing violent vehement tortuous disturbing tormentous pained delicate tingly distressed injured afflicted bruised prickly broken gammy damaged chafed wounded irritated reddened impaired smartful beaten laborious disabled sharp battered incapacitated biting stricken weakened bleeding agonized abscessed mutilated grazed discoloured lacerated mangled scratched mauled harmed caustic gashed agonised marred disfigured ruptured discolored red hit scarred scraped nicked ulcerated struck cut crushed busted up bitter achy breaky black-and-blue hellish acute insufferable harsh unbearable heartbreaking galling cruel afflicting heartrending unendurable exquisite gut-wrenching heart-rending worrying shooting stabbing penetrating arthritic keen irritating vexatious cutting knifelike swollen prickling injurious powerful unpleasant difficult hypersensitive aculeate oversensitive tortured warped shot buffeted rheumatic bad crook game knackered shrewd creaky tight rheumaticky taut drilling paralyzing paralysing more than one can bear more than flesh and blood can stand

Tính từ

Extremely poor
poverty-stricken destitute impoverished penniless impecunious indigent needy penurious broke needful poor skint bankrupt beggared beggarly necessitous distressed short dirt-poor moneyless dirt poor down and out extremely poor in need pauperized strapped down-and-out famished flat broke in penury in want on the breadline threadbare impencunious stony-broke stranded unmoneyed wanting without a sou cleaned out down at heel hard up in straitened circumstances stone broke stony broke without a penny bad off financially poor miserably poor on your uppers out at elbows out of pocket strapped for cash very poor as poor as a church mouse down on one's luck in dire circumstances in great need in Queer Street on your beam-ends unable to make ends meet without two pennies to rub together without two farthings to rub together underprivileged disadvantaged badly off short of money in reduced circumstances scanty reduced meagre empty-handed unprosperous insolvent low flat meager fortuneless pinched truly needy behind eight ball on one's uppers without two brass farthings to rub together deprived ruined bust boracic without a red cent boracic lint without a bean without a brass farthing homeless on skid row depressed busted hard-pressed low-income shabby unable to keep the wolf from the door straitened up against it in the red dead broke lacking on the rocks in debt without two pennies farthings to rub together vagrant unlucky unfortunate on the streets broken wiped out clean seedy derelict finished have-not rundown neglected indebted stony in distress handicapped in need of tapped out in the gutter struggling on the bread line cashless in Chapter 11 low-paid on one's beam ends without a shot in one's locker poor as a church mouse bankrupted unfavored severe difficult unaffluent base crippled requiring help workless unemployed laid off jobless between jobs redundant living rough sleeping rough idle vile in distressed circumstances of no fixed address of no fixed abode wretched despicable mean empty hurting sterile out of a job resting signing on unprivileged down-at-heel fleeced squalid miserable pathetic shoddy foul sordid in reduced down to last cent on the dole over a barrel on last leg without a dime denuded bereft pitiful unpleasant abject forlorn down to last penny overdrawn dispossessed beaten vagabond defeated outcast on one's beam-ends craptastic without a penny to one's name without money discriminated against on the wallaby track contemptible without a penny to your name ill-fated hapless ill-starred hindered impaired in financial difficulties not having two pennies to rub together not having two farthings to rub together in a bad way financially distressed financially embarrassed without means of support short of cash on the skids out of funds in the poorhouse in dire straits gone under out of business poverty-ridden stripped totaled divested deficient deprived of devoid of played out slummy ghetto ghost shanty run down run-down skid row

Tính từ

Full of sorrow
ruthful merciful abject affecting afflicted arousing base beggarly cheap cheerless comfortless commiserative compassionate contemptible deplorable despicable dismal distressed distressing grievous heartbreaking heartrending inadequate insignificant joyless lamentable low mean miserable mournful moving paltry pathetic piteous pitiable poor rueful sad scurvy shabby sorrowful sorry stirring tearful touching vile woeful worthless wretched harrowing pitiful doleful gut-wrenching unfortunate lousy lame heart-rending disturbing saddening tear-jerking plaintive forlorn poignant distressful tragic small derisible to be pitied disgraceful meagre meager unhappy upsetting agonizing depressing agonising derisory gloomy melancholy negligible trifling awful petty insufficient measly terrible hopeless piddling mingy dire trivial piffling scanty puny dreadful dreary unlucky glum morose desolate grim drear exiguous regrettable calamitous scant painful traumatic poxy disconsolate bleak dinky dolorous disheartening sombre inconsiderable appalling somber depressive melancholic hapless emotional disappointing inconsequential nominal unpleasant dispiriting lugubrious minor inferior depressed slight dejected tender regretful woebegone drab shameful impressive sullen inappreciable sordid anguished solemn tragical piddly despondent dispirited picayune disastrous dark uncomfortable disquieting niggling minute discouraging impactful hangdog lonesome bad despairing ungenerous funereal limited destitute lachrymose ill-fated ill-starred commiserable footling luckless downcast bitter useless heartbroken mortifying melting down crestfallen downhearted ruined atrocious blue godforsaken squalid grieving inconsolable little skimpy unimportant uninviting emotive chicken mere pimping no-account peanut mirthless shocking saddened brokenhearted horrendous gruesome lonely heart-warming droopy heavyhearted heartsick heartsore helpless dejecting catastrophic execrable disagreeable nickel-and-dime broken-hearted crushing miserly insubstantial elegiacal vexatious discomposing indigent scungy impoverished sepulchral displeasing detestable forsaken rotten long-faced low-spirited de minimis Mickey Mouse cast down trashy shoddy sentimental stingy heart-wrenching down in the mouth down in the dumps beseeching entreating supplicating imploring outcast stark teary intolerable modest lean degrading demoralizing difficult demoralising misfortunate restricted short deficient excruciating troublesome oppressive dolesome fatal toytown hurtful hideous ghastly horrible deadly ruinous twopenny-halfpenny cold sparse slender scrimpy cataclysmic ill-advised warming set sleazy narrow ineffectual common unconsequential powerful unsightly nasty repulsive abominable gross galling devastating horrific frightful dingy plangent horrifying pensive agonized evocative intense telling soul-stirring uplifting cruel tortured racked agonised feeble offensive remorseful subsidiary peripheral lethal adverse mortal blameworthy unwelcome undesirable reprehensible wrong heavy-hearted lost repentant contrite deathly fateful destructive fractional insipid not enough unconsiderable tiny shoestring forgotten homeless abandoned stunning mind-blowing sympathetic wistful responsive penitent apologetic perturbing passionate agitating expressive nostalgic bereft friendless uncared-for inopportune egregious afflictive unfavorable unfavourable heartwarming affective haunting destroyed dragging cynical solitary defenseless oppressed defenceless fruitless pessimistic alone too bad emotionally moving out of sorts fed up of little account pettifogging self-reproachful compunctious sheepish shamefaced conscience-stricken weighed down a pity down and out in the dumps arousing affect ashamed cursed doomed jinxed desperate broken unprosperous stricken pained shattered troubled snakebitten unsuccessful foul unpromising awkward snakebit burdened morbid filthy dreich saturnine sunless plutonian tenebrous black tenebrific elegiac out of luck ill-omened in a bad way hard luck sad sack star-crossed Cimmerian poverty-stricken sorrowing mourning devastated spiritless choked gutted bummed sour powerless hurting downtrodden down-and-out grief-stricken cut up in the pits chap-fallen

Động từ

Being afflicted with something unfortunate
getting experiencing undergoing sustaining feeling having enduring going through incurring bearing facing living through meeting with coming to grips with encountering receiving knowing tasting witnessing coming across having experience of running into swallowing braving submitting oneself to confronting sitting through coping with stomaching tolerating bearing the brunt of grinning and bear putting up with resigning oneself to submitting to withstanding coming up against subjecting oneself to taking weathering standing riding out surviving resisting brooking passing coming into contact with sticking out meeting abiding seeing tholing standing up to coming through defying supporting accepting wearing prevailing against hanging tough grappling with getting through living out handling hacking countenancing biding dealing with taking on standing up against sweating out holding out holding out against standing fast taking it sticking it out living fighting daring crossing absorbing allowing participating in outfacing brazening breasting appreciating bearding outbraving sticking fast standing firm against holding the line against persevering in the face of bearing up against coming in for facing up to going the distance against taking patiently hanging on remaining firm flying in the face of sitting and taking it standing firm passing through having dealings in escaping contracting running the gauntlet of fronting enjoying running against falling on finding taking part in partaking in sticking with holding with pocketing standing for going along with abiding by assuming shouldering outlasting overcoming surmounting sticking in there grinning and bear it gutting it out hanging in there taking it like a man sucking it up keeping up bearing the brunt never saying die hanging in toughing it out dying hard against pulling through persisting with persevering against staying the course contending with becoming accustomed to making the best of becoming resigned to eating becoming reconciled to getting used to reconciling oneself to learning to live with admitting permitting carrying bearing with toughing out living with undertaking coming out of bowing sharing engaging in yielding deferring bearing up opposing risking thwarting repelling combatting combating disputing contesting challenging tackling bucking sticking bracing dueling duelling traversing violating coping braving out brazening out going up against venturing courting meeting head on outdaring squaring off against flying in face of bracing oneself for holding one's ground not giving up putting up struggle standing one's ground winning out holding off digesting becoming familiar with observing partaking assimilating apprehending sampling running the gauntlet trying beholding perceiving watching comprehending coming into contact

Trái nghĩa của suffering

suffering Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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