Đồng nghĩa của tear jerking

Tính từ

Excessively sentimental
sloppy corny soppy mushy mawkish schmaltzy touching saccharine sugary slushy maudlin romantic sappy syrupy weepy overemotional gushing pathetic tearful bathetic nostalgic tender gushy simpering soapy soft effusive dreamy softhearted sweet affected idealistic impressionable overacted sobby demonstrative passionate vapid inane insipid jejune silly affectionate languishing loving moonstruck rosewater visionary lovey-dovey dewy-eyed sentimental cloying drippy emotional over-sentimental cutesy gooey sickly cheesy soupy icky novelettish cornball spoony sticky spooney sugarcoated fruity poignant moving chocolate-box twee treacly sloshy wet sick-making hokey toe-curling three-hanky heart-rending affecting stirring emotive hearts-and-flowers heartbreaking heart-warming sad lachrymose tragic three-hankie trite sugar-coated impressive upsetting impactful Mills-and-Boon heartrending oversentimental nauseating sickening heartwarming sickly sweet plaintive banal pitiful saddening harrowing soul-stirring exciting soft-hearted thrilling pitiable warming affective teary melancholy depressing piteous powerful uplifting distressing disturbing haunting dismal impassioned dramatic telling tacky stunning oversweet honeyed sickly-sweet self-pitying goo-goo feeble poetic over-the-top too much agonizing painful unctuous over-emotional ingratiating candied controversial sensitive mournful cloyingly sweet sorrowful agonising emotionally moving misty-eyed dreary woeful dolorous drear sorry arousing affect delicate inflammatory contentious lamentable touchy heart-melting inspiring hot-button awkward difficult problematic arousing melting evocative provoking striking sententious gripping breathless meaningful expressive significant impelling rousing affectional compassionate sympathetic wistful mind-blowing responsive

Tính từ

Deserving or arousing pity
pitiful heartbreaking pathetic distressing miserable piteous pitiable sad sorry wretched heart-rending poor abject affecting grievous lamentable moving woeful disturbing harrowing saddening touching base deplorable forlorn heartrending plaintive poignant rueful worthless distressful gut-wrenching scurvy tragic vile afflicted arousing cheerless comfortless commiserative compassionate derisible disgraceful dismal distressed doleful joyless low meagre meager mournful shabby small sorrowful stirring suffering tearful to be pitied unfortunate upsetting painful agonizing agonising traumatic depressing regrettable disappointing bitter excruciating unhappy melancholy gloomy desolate disconsolate melancholic heart-wrenching lugubrious disheartening dreary drear grim dispiriting dire tragical unlucky glum depressed discouraging unpleasant dejecting calamitous grieving terrible funereal discomposing lachrymose despairing desolating teary afflictive depressive drab demoralising dreadful bleak demoralizing difficult hopeless mirthless oppressive sombre troublesome crushing dolorous dispirited morose shocking somber dolesome emotional intense impactful impressive vexatious uncomfortable cold sentimental tender expressive perturbing passionate nostalgic agitating mortifying pensive dark dingy plangent horrific appalling frightful horrifying heartsickening hurtful anguished agonized disastrous catastrophic tortured cruel racked agonised feeble paltry mean dejected heartbroken woebegone down downhearted despondent downcast blue regretful low-spirited inconsolable crestfallen bad heavyhearted broken-hearted droopy heavy-hearted heartsick grief-stricken brokenhearted hangdog heartsore saddened bowed down full of sorrow sorrowing sick at heart down in the dumps in mourning down in the mouth singing the blues troubling solemn hurting troubled ruthful in pain in sorrow dolent cast down sullen awful black uninviting godforsaken sepulchral shameful morbid contemptible saturnine tenebrific plutonian tenebrous dreich lonesome sunless elegiac elegiacal lousy Cimmerian despicable disquieting inadequate gray chill murky grey darkening lonely cloudy disagreeable inferior dull execrable rotten ghastly drearisome horrible austere unwelcoming spiritless horrendous dour dim bare inhospitable stark bland clinical draggy mopey impersonal wintery mourning institutional wintry jarring squalid down-and-out in the dumps beggarly useless trashy sordid crummy petty grave unsatisfactory indigent scungy impoverished displeasing detestable horrid foul cataclysmic unfavorable unfavourable shoddy egregious gruesome commiserable derisory inauspicious atrocious hideous abominable direful merciful insignificant cheap lame daunting intolerable sober disconcerting melting unnerving discomforting disenchanting luckless beseeching ruined supplicating imploring entreating ruinous devastating puny humourless humorless hapless ill-advised misfortunate ill-fated ill-starred heart-breaking blameworthy unwelcome wrong undesirable reprehensible mediocre abhorrent grisly monstrous nightmarish inopportune heinous inept godawful diabolical rubbish sucky too bad cataclysmal unpropitious adverse destructive wet pants a pity ridiculous absurd ludicrous abysmal laughable negligible insufficient measly foolish-looking silly god-awful odious beastly second-rate third-rate insubstantial poxy rubbishy wanky dishonourable dishonorable unpromising filthy destitute poverty-stricken

Trái nghĩa của tear jerking

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