Đồng nghĩa của pitiable

Alternative for pitiable


Arousing or deserving pity
sorry miserable pathetic sad deplorable wretched dismal distressing heartbreaking heartrending lamentable piteous pitiful poor rueful harrowing lousy mean mournful paltry woeful doleful lame abject afflicted base beggarly cheerless comfortless distressed grievous joyless ruthful sorrowful suffering tearful unfortunate worthless gut-wrenching tragic heart-rending moving unhappy upsetting forlorn distressful poignant touching affecting meagre plaintive saddening insignificant agonizing inadequate low disturbing meager stirring depressing tear-jerking agonising derisory gloomy melancholy negligible trifling awful petty insufficient measly terrible hopeless piddling mingy dire shabby trivial piffling scanty puny dreadful dreary unlucky small glum morose desolate grim drear exiguous regrettable calamitous scant painful traumatic poxy disconsolate bleak dinky vile dolorous disheartening scurvy sombre inconsiderable appalling somber depressive melancholic hapless emotional disappointing inconsequential nominal unpleasant dispiriting lugubrious to be pitied minor inferior despicable contemptible depressed slight dejected tender regretful woebegone drab shameful compassionate impressive sullen inappreciable sordid anguished solemn tragical disgraceful piddly despondent dispirited picayune disastrous dark uncomfortable disquieting niggling minute discouraging impactful hangdog lonesome bad despairing ungenerous funereal limited destitute lachrymose ill-fated ill-starred commiserable footling luckless downcast commiserative arousing bitter useless heartbroken mortifying melting down crestfallen downhearted ruined atrocious blue godforsaken squalid grieving inconsolable little skimpy unimportant uninviting emotive chicken mere pimping no-account peanut mirthless shocking derisible saddened brokenhearted horrendous gruesome lonely heart-warming droopy heavyhearted heartsick heartsore helpless dejecting catastrophic execrable disagreeable nickel-and-dime broken-hearted crushing miserly insubstantial elegiacal vexatious discomposing indigent scungy impoverished sepulchral displeasing detestable forsaken rotten long-faced low-spirited de minimis Mickey Mouse cast down trashy shoddy sentimental stingy heart-wrenching down in the mouth down in the dumps merciful cheap beseeching entreating supplicating imploring outcast stark teary intolerable modest lean degrading demoralizing difficult demoralising misfortunate restricted short deficient excruciating troublesome oppressive dolesome fatal toytown hurtful hideous ghastly horrible deadly ruinous twopenny-halfpenny cold sparse slender scrimpy cataclysmic ill-advised warming set sleazy narrow ineffectual common unconsequential powerful unsightly nasty repulsive abominable gross galling devastating horrific frightful dingy plangent horrifying pensive agonized evocative intense telling soul-stirring uplifting cruel tortured racked agonised feeble offensive remorseful subsidiary peripheral lethal adverse mortal blameworthy unwelcome undesirable reprehensible wrong heavy-hearted lost repentant contrite deathly fateful destructive fractional insipid not enough unconsiderable tiny shoestring forgotten homeless abandoned stunning mind-blowing sympathetic wistful responsive penitent apologetic perturbing passionate agitating expressive nostalgic bereft friendless uncared-for inopportune egregious afflictive unfavorable unfavourable heartwarming affective haunting destroyed dragging cynical solitary defenseless oppressed defenceless fruitless pessimistic alone too bad emotionally moving out of sorts fed up of little account pettifogging self-reproachful compunctious sheepish shamefaced conscience-stricken weighed down a pity down and out in the dumps arousing affect ashamed cursed doomed jinxed desperate broken unprosperous stricken pained shattered troubled snakebitten unsuccessful foul unpromising awkward snakebit burdened morbid filthy dreich saturnine sunless plutonian tenebrous black tenebrific elegiac out of luck ill-omened in a bad way hard luck sad sack star-crossed Cimmerian poverty-stricken sorrowing mourning devastated spiritless choked gutted bummed sour powerless hurting downtrodden down-and-out grief-stricken cut up in the pits chap-fallen discouraged disheartened weeping upset disappointed in low spirits in pain crushed moody demoralized dragged wailing bewailing bemoaning aching bummed out funeral demoralised deploring chapfallen distraught in the doldrums brassed off tormented cheesed off defeatist sick as a parrot shot down in despair bleeding all torn up anxious lamenting angst-ridden dismayed ripped dolent cast-down heavy weary in a blue funk as sick as a parrot singing the blues grieved wounded unconsolable bereaved traumatized dull resigned daunted dour mopey crummy sick at heart traumatised heavy with grief downbeat grumpy troubling sunk sunk in gloom torn up taken down defeated agitated abashed overwhelmed perturbed harrowed suicidal shaken bothered overcome discombobulated harassed concerned wrecked spooked bugged shook dysphoric weepy uptight mopish broody sapped overcome with sorrow down-in-the-mouth bummed-out jumpy antsy unglued Eeyorish strung out shook up subdued enervated crabbed flat surly sulky adust negative racked with suffering racked with pain in a stew in a tizzy down-hearted long-suffering on a downer in sorrow in mourning low-down let down full of sorrow ugly in the toilet low in spirits feel-bad very sad prostrated sorry for oneself heart-sick lovesick prostrate with grief undermined mortified cringing browbeaten guilty cowed unable to be comforted unable to be consoled dolorific dirgeful detrimental pining unsatisfied torn-up discontent guilty-looking furtive beside oneself with grief worried distracted humourless humorless in distress cataclysmal harmful untoward direful apathetic brooding listless intimidated embarrassed sneaking afflicting fraught griefstricken damp lowered bowed grousing cranky bellyaching cantankerous crabby beefing bearish disillusioned taken aback deflated threnodic dirge-like aggrieved jittery shaky miffed unpropitious off sluggish emo cowering humiliated depressant in anguish bowed down moping churlish unmitigable without energy atrabilious clouded dampened drooping dashed sagging frantic ill-humoured huffy sorry for yourself peeved exercised wired let-down not happy hurt ill-humored have the blahs in a funk vexed unnerved discomposed disconcerted ruffled disquieted with a long face ticked off teed off browned off peed off up the wall bundle of nerves basket case distrait hyper fidgety feeling down full of gloom blue funk looking as if one had lost a pound and found a penny no-win strabilious up the creek without hope at the end of one's tether at one's wits' end irked discountenanced flustered aflutter plagued haunted can't win not a prayer in the soup persecuted at end of one's rope at the end of your tether grave serious tristful worrying dangerous weighty severe earnest forbidding sobering sedate urgent strenuous sober unamusing acute critical far-reaching


Low in quality
bargain-basement inferior mediocre bad poor substandard second-rate awful low-grade low-quality unsatisfactory unsound wretched average base deplorable disagreeable dismal dreadful execrable junk lamentable miserable pathetic pitiful second-class terrible atrocious cheap contemptible deficient diabolical dire direful downmarket imperfect indifferent lemon lousy middling ordinary paltry poorer rotten rubbish shoddy sorry suboptimal subpar sub-par third-rate useless worthless abysmal appalling below average below par below standard crude crummy dodgy flawed grotty inadequate low-rent pedestrian poxy sad shabby subnormal two-bit unacceptable unexceptional common dissatisfactory lame schlock schlocky under par wanting a load of pants coarse déclassé dime-a-dozen duff good-for-nothing hack junky leaving much to be desired not up to much not up to snuff pants ropy rubbishy tawdry the pits trashy low-end nasty cruddy grubby woeful despicable ratty dirty mean vile loathsome disastrous disgraceful grievous faulty detestable sneaking scabby scummy scurvy feeble hopeless chronic shocking frightful calamitous intolerable very bad laughable dishonourable dishonorable shameful cheapo God-awful unfortunate tatty cheapie punk hateful regrettable poor-quality bush-league distressing scandalous heartbreaking tacky off horrifying grim low stinking pits godawful mournful unbearable sickening opprobrious meagre wicked meretricious wrong reprehensible dud objectionable undesirable insufficient disappointing insupportable abominable indefensible offensive repugnant odious tinhorn kitsch scroungy trumpery meager Brummagem tinny pinchbeck tattered gimcrack naff cheapjack brassy insufferable run-down entry-level cheap and nasty dime-store a dime a dozen el cheapo bottom-rung twopenny-halfpenny two a penny rinky-dink vicious crook poorly out of sorts rough sick off colour off-colour harmful low-down well below par wet catastrophic no-good petty negligible measly insubstantial wanky not much cop inexcusable tragic unforgivable egregious outrageous senseless inglorious preposterous monstrous unspeakable ridiculous unpardonable unconscionable foolish abhorrent sinful iniquitous immoral discreditable disgusting heinous ignominious ignoble disreputable unjustifiable revolting criminal beyond contempt unhappy melancholy unseemly impermissible exceptionable distasteful displeasing obnoxious improper inadmissible unsuitable inappropriate amateurish abject unimpressive horrible dubious unreasonable questionable blameworthy downer overwhelming bummer dolorous afflictive horrendous damnable wack garbage crumby condemnable scurrilous horrid out defective gross irremediable stinky inacceptable unappealing uninviting bush reject won't do not up to scratch over the fence not up to par not on tenth-rate less-than-stellar from hunger not quite the done thing poor quality half-baked second rate not cricket of poor quality not up to standard beyond the pale of low quality out of order sour ill unworthy bum weak unjustified unwarrantable unwarranted bodger cut-rate jerry-built cheesy lacking uncalled for censurable sleazy excessive unprovoked vulgar inexpiable culpable rude remiss degrading impolite unsatisfying indiscreet without justification unjust indelicate gratuitous crass insulting no good not good enough careless immoderate half-pie groundless tasteless baseless unfounded incompetent humiliating untenable without cause not acceptable without reason a bit much unrefined flimsy damaged uncalled-for piss-poor sucky unfair uncouth tactless irregular unnecessary beastly undiplomatic no great shakes negligent for the birds unsustainable disrespectful shaky too much piddling trifling indecorous derogatory discourteous hurtful invalid ill-founded inexpert provocative impudent impertinent affronting insolent wounding shy trivial minimal illogical amiss provoking slighting blamable absurd specious implausible a bit thick unpleasant insignificant uncivil vexing unmannerly irrational repulsive gruesome inept out of line impaired valueless upsetting end-of-the-pier indecent unwelcome failing fallacious weak sauce bereft scant strictly for the birds minor-league minor league in bad taste small potatoes of a sort not satisfying inordinate undue extreme below the belt not done unskilful doubtful unarguable undefendable refutable slovenly uncomfortable ineffectual incorrect out of turn over-the-top dissatisfying very great infamous desperate commonplace ropey dilapidated puny iffy needless injudicious broken criticizable unpermissible unallowable not the done thing repellant repellent stupid shady unrespectable louche notorious not cutting it disturbing disconcerting disquieting thin yucky second-best unprincipled off-color shlocky hideous ghastly unsightly sordid godforsaken seedy shlock blah less than ideal underwhelming cheap-jack second class raunchy icky diddly grody bad news grungy not good erroneous not the best hellish rancid rebarbative disgustful hellacious loathly not quite the thing unbecoming arbitrary run down down at heel anticlimactic found wanting not okay inconsiderable too little a bit off over the top unbefitting unceremonious unfulfilling demeaning undignified unladylike unfitting ungentlemanly bathetic uninteresting ineffective leaving a lot to be desired craptacular debasing shaming belittling lowering cheapening mortifying not all it's cracked up to be falling short disillusioning untoward abusive annoying irritating OTT lowbrow exasperating graceless personal galling embarrassing disparaging contemptuous nauseating gaudy ungrounded unmerited errant lowbred bizarre sketchy patchy incomplete erring short absent unfinished missing restricted scarce limited needing unpolished reproachable scanty omitted empty gone unfulfilled less devoid cooked away needed destitute bankrupt deprived delinquent blameable reprovable burned out in default cut off out of gas not up to expectations too little too late demeritorious guilty unholy at fault


Deserving of contempt
despicable contemptible detestable disgraceful abject base deplorable execrable heinous ignominious odious reprehensible vile abhorrent abominable degenerate dishonourable dishonorable disreputable loathsome shameful wretched despisable discreditable disdainable low revolting sordid lousy miserable mean unworthy cheap scurvy villainous sorry shabby worthless pitiful hateful paltry infamous unprincipled dirty offensive nasty shocking unscrupulous ratty currish pathetic cruddy grubby distasteful scabby scummy sneaking sad snide ignoble lame disgusting bad unsavoury unsavory beyond the pale low-down beggarly low-minded beyond contempt unspeakable cowardly petty hateworthy measly poor crass swinish outcast inferior notorious louche scandalous shady rascally dishonest immoral untrustworthy corrupt suspect questionable vicious seedy opprobrious outrageous disorderly of bad reputation unrespectable dubious suspicious seamy crooked shy shoddy sleazy slippery unwholesome repulsive shifty dodgy fishy repugnant appalling in low esteem licentious dissolute lewd in the doghouse derogatory in bad lowly inglorious libidinous no good awful horrible horrid repellent dreadful obnoxious filthy wicked beastly rotten slimy degrading scungy caitiff nauseating horrifying below contempt beneath contempt dirty rotten low-life no-good depraved underhanded shameless unethical unpleasant deceitful vulgar sneaky indecent deceptive graceless nefarious thoughtless disagreeable debased malevolent disrespectful meanspirited malicious malignant slipshod poxy no-count good-for-naught no-account meritless good-for-nothing unfair tawdry underhand


Very disgusting, dirty or unpleasant
nasty foul unpleasant dirty distasteful disagreeable disgusting horrible sickening filthy nauseating odious offensive repellent repugnant vile loathsome obnoxious awful abominable dreadful objectionable repulsive revolting nauseous unappetizing appalling hideous horrendous noxious terrible unpalatable frightful grotty horrid malodorous noisome yucky atrocious gross icky rancid squalid stinking unsavoury lousy smelly uninviting acrid beastly diabolical foetid fetid ghastly grubby gruesome mephitic polluted putrid rank skanky cruddy pongy stinky ugly whiffy abhorrent bad bedraggled befouled begrimed bemired besmirched bitter black blackened cheap contemptible deplorable despicable dingy disgustful displeasing draggled dusty evil fulsome funky grimy grungy harsh illegal lame loathly mean miasmal mucky muddy niffy obscene paltry pitiful ratty repellant rotten scabby scandalous scummy scurvy shocking smudged smutty sneaking soiled sordid sorry sour stained sullied unclean uncleanly uncongenial unfair unlovely unpleasing unsavory unsportsmanlike unwelcome wicked wretched yukky festy olid yucko bum hellish poison ungodly unholy off-putting God-awful sick-making on the nose evil-smelling foul-smelling detestable low shabby dislikable hateful bogging execrable grisly heinous gut-churning monstrous reprehensible vomitous intolerable unspeakable vomit-inducing stomach-turning stomach-churning rebarbative insufferable sick hellacious horrifying macabre beyond the pale horrific grody base grim fearful dire unacceptable distressing from hell invidious outrageous very unpleasant nightmarish dislikeable lurid terrific nightmare undesirable creepy cringe-making sleazy terrifying vulgar emetic poisonous grewsome egregious damnable exceptionable spine-chilling godawful pestiferous unbearable ornery upsetting brutal savage vicious fiendish nefarious bloody villainous murderous dark low-down shameful unforgivable harrowing reeking infamous forbidding grievous poor unsightly flagitious abysmal hateable immoral worthless biting embarrassing cutting rubbish annoying pesky yecchy off-color bloodthirsty violent gut-wrenching sickly catty blood-and-guts sanguinary blood-and-thunder shameless chunderous hated reviled discouraging harmful tainted diseased insupportable eerie sanguine very disgusting offending opprobrious disconcerting repelling scabrous unpardonable inexcusable hurtful deleterious unhealthy pernicious injurious mischievous tremendous abusive impertinent insolent irritating discourteous frightening morbid woozy brackish rocky censurable blood-stained baneful unwholesome pestilential weird daunting fierce gory unlikable tasteless galling dismaying reeky serious alarming accursed uncool shuddersome resentful blasted cursed cussed confounded spine-tingling pill heel strong high musty stenchy fusty deadly insalutary dangerous squicky cloying surfeiting sleazeball scuzzy disgraceful raunchy godforsaken gnarly depressing frowzy frowsy miasmic frowsty corrupt perverted excruciating pigpen ripe sinful depraved degenerate cruel barbaric debased iniquitous uncanny ghostly dim faint mortuary haggard wraithlike supernatural deathlike corpselike unnatural unearthly anemic ghoulish sepulchral funereal weak anaemic dishonourable dissolute diabolic miserable reprobate humiliating debauched ruthless degrading abject ignoble coarse devilish contradictory inconsistent hostile opposed incompatible adverse barbarous inhuman snide unrighteous ignominious currish dishonorable unlawful wrong unethical low-minded inimical averse antipathetic antagonistic impure infernal brutish unfriendly extrinsic counter against extraneous unconformable different opposite revulsive unfitted alien foreign degraded abandoned merciless black-hearted flagrant in opposition mediocre substandard disastrous dismal inferior inhumane heartless butcherly brute truculent sadistic wanton unsatisfactory trashy crummy cut-rate garbage lamentable wanting low-grade third-rate under par low-quality pathetic less-than-stellar punk poor-quality second-class below par sub-par laughable deficient second-rate two-bit rubbishy sad cacodemonic facinorous desperate hairy

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