Đồng nghĩa của blood and guts

Tính từ

Characterized by fierce, extreme, or violent energy or force
turbulent stormy tempestuous rough raging violent boiling foaming agitated blustery choppy furious tumultuous wild angry bumpy convulsive heavy storm-tossed bang-bang blood-and-guts cataclysmal cataclysmic cyclonic disordered explosive ferocious fierce hammer and tongs hot knock-down-and-drag-out paroxysmal rabid roily seething squally unsettled unstable volcanic boisterous weltering bitter blustering coarse confused destructive disturbed howling moiling noisy rebellious restless riotous roaring ruffled stormful storming swirling thunderous tremulous unmanageable windy stirred up intense fiery passionate frenzied heated feverish lively volatile impassioned frenetic impetuous savage frantic vehement forceful mad delirious hysterical unrestrained excited uncontrollable flaming animated emotional aggressive brutal vicious bloodthirsty harsh maniacal hotheaded potent headstrong full-blooded drag-out knock-down uncontrolled unbridled exciting unpredictable rampant ebullient bursting roller-coaster hectic involuntary spasmodic chaotic in turmoil at the boiling point full of upheavals full of ups and downs ardent fervent spirited fervid acrimonious foul gusting gusty passional touchy inflamed irascible ungovernable dirty nasty filthy aroused ill-tempered bad-tempered temperamental excitable distracted rampageous excessive intensified concentrated extreme bullying murderous berserk ruthless cruel intemperate threatening pugnacious callous terrorizing sadistic pitiless merciless thuggish barbaric barbarous homicidal heartless inhuman maddened assertive fuming crazy out of control terrorising cut-throat demoniac forcible hot-tempered radge hot-headed manic perfervid energetic crazed hyperactive rugged torrid inclement blazing overwrought strong fevered red-hot burning powerful hot-blooded swivel-eyed fanatical zealous raucous charged unruly incensed thundery distraught hard raving demonstrative incandescent religious glowing superheated jarring warm-blooded overactive cacophonous nuts sharp enraged desperate bleak blowy bustling menacing stridulent buffeting overwhelming insane immoderate devastating acute vivid almighty deranged hyper vigorous severe fast and furious dynamic profound busy blistering deep hellacious fired up like one possessed worked up melodramatic warm grating mighty discordant wrathful fraught uninhibited gruff breezy strenuous confusing inharmonious unmusical great rainy unchecked buzzing obsessive vibrant overpowering irrepressible piercing corybantic uncurbed vivacious keyed up panic-stricken nervous full-hearted raw demented flustering roiled active avid unhinged overexcited madhouse painful inordinate dreadful brisk intensive consuming carried away earnest exquisite fearsome ghastly terrible frightful fearful steamed up on fire zoolike keen white-hot maniac beside yourself peppery urgent stirring heartfelt in a lather rousing beside oneself overemotional sentimental emotive heavy-duty in a frenzy abandoned standup harmful scintillating unconstrained unrepressed full-on hoarse rasping husky dry ugly typhonic hurtful demonic gay blind irresistible tremendous unbalanced injurious screeching maddening blaring shrill furibund phrenetic wired unscrewed unquenchable unstoppable uncontainable very angry pumped neurotic unrestrainable annoying vexatious irritating raring obsessed ready inspired abusive panic-struck storm-wracked murky frigid riproaring cold damp sprightly disorderly hazardous risky distrait wholehearted sincere weirded out wigged out lost it panicky squawky strident squawking effervescent psyched voracious berko ablaze heightened marked moving mushy romantic touching raining cats and dogs coming down overcome high game in a state driven to distraction very upset unnerved possessed out of one's wits in a panic in a fit hysteric penetrating unqualified from the heart starry-eyed eager enthused overwhelmed dissonant ear-piercing juiced nutty amped high as a kite high-spirited struck overawed affected stunned incredulous resounding hopped up gung ho all-consuming deep-seated true blue deeply felt rampaging excruciating unmelodious stirred incoherent flurrying indignant irate ireful rough-and-tumble unfettered biting emphatic tiring exacting wigged-out babbling irrational overpowered agonizing ruinous eventful arduous tough demanding challenging coercive agonising outrageous rumbustious festive laborious exhausting rip-roaring nutsy wooly jungle hassle crowded hefty crushing devastated oversensitive snappy sensitive quarrelsome querulous pettish fractious hypersensitive petulant easily offended trying testing unsparing taxing gale force full of force enthusiastic very busy woolly very active deadly destroyed not knowing what to do with oneself hallucinating light-headed rambling lunatic wandering unreasonable disarranged lightheaded aberrant deviant bewildered hallucinatory flipped deviate burdensome tireless full lethal fatal impulsive irritable mercurial quick-tempered humming zestful onerous full on wearing imperious rowdy action-packed like Piccadilly Circus hell broke loose serious damaging dramatic choleric flipped out out of one's head off one's head out of one's skull happening abubble alive kinetic buzzy full of activity thriving zesty full of life go-go peppy astir flourishing abuzz electrifying merry aboil mortal smart shaken infuriated testy steamed-up all shook up highly strung hottempered mean impatient death-dealing in a tizzy high-strung all-powerful

Tính từ

Involving or showing violence and bloodshed
gory bloodthirsty grisly gruesome violent bloody brutal fearful frightful ghastly hideous horrid horrific horrifying macabre savage awful dire disgusting dreadful grim horrendous horrible spine-chilling terrible abominable appalling distressing loathsome repellent repugnant repulsive revolting shocking sickening abhorrent blood-and-guts blood-and-thunder gross gut-churning monstrous odious sanguinary sick sick-making unspeakable disgustful loathly murderous unpleasant fierce morbid grotesque lurid nightmarish cruel dark bleak eerie sanguine unearthly atrocious shadowy funereal spooky sepulchral sinister terrifying spookish grewsome ferocious offensive vicious homicidal black warlike cut-throat barbarous bloody-minded murdering sanguineous sadistic sombre somber ghoulish ghostly sullen frightening morose unhealthy terrific nightmare gloomy slaughterous twisted sickly pitiless wretched fearsome cold weird scary shady chilling death-obsessed hellish perverted diabolic diabolical heartless merciless inhuman ruthless harrowing severe forbidding godawful harsh bellicose deathly devilish upsetting callous barbaric worrying disagreeable concerning remorseless distasteful unwholesome diseased deadly infected ailing unsound malignant pathological sensational graphic exaggerated abnormal maleficent moody unnatural aberrant unusual perverse ominous brooding baleful irascible nasty warped explicit melodramatic miserable glum dreary melancholic melancholy dispirited dismal depressive desolate solemn depressing cheerless startling disheartening tenebrous sad gray mournful dingy murky grey drab mirthless lugubrious drear grave involving bloodshed decimating hard-fought cutthroat heavy trashy colourful sensationalist extravagant rubbishy overdramatized unrestrained pulp tasteless ribald kitschy cheap salacious prurient dirty suggestive filthy God-awful shock-horror vivid tacky juicy yellow full-frontal fiery off-color raunchy salty purple extreme deep rough racy obscene striking colorful distinct garish low-down alarming vile hair-raising disturbing unnerving bad direful heinous beastly nauseating hellacious foul daunting creepy formidable intimidating bloodcurdling hateful detestable execrable disquieting grievous redoubtable petrifying from hell disconcerting grody traumatic outrageous unpalatable evil perturbing wicked ugly nauseous dread egregious unsettling objectionable scandalous displeasing rotten despicable contemptible dismaying obnoxious deplorable hairy lousy spine-tingling troubling mean off-putting repellant fiendish troublesome irksome scaring intolerable agitating strange shameful lamentable undesirable noxious blood-curdling unwelcome haunting discomforting abysmal galling eery uncanny menacing serious insufferable difficult woeful agonizing eldritch unbearable annoying distressful bitter yucky very bad noisome unforgivable irritating desperate painful rancid fulsome tragic unsavory unsavoury unfortunate icky agonising shuddersome dispiriting beyond the pale unpleasing dim threatening unsightly discouraging villainous poignant supernatural disgraceful sober worrisome nefarious terrorizing infamous stressful torturous brutish discomposing freaky foreboding base poor uncomfortable doleful humourless humorless dreaded terrorising sedate tormenting troublous fraught unacceptable vexing depraved bestial tragical reprehensible flagitious stinking exceptionable gut-wrenching grotty terribly bad unkind unpardonable parlous calamitous regrettable excruciating hurtful hostile sublime uninviting unhappy astounding scurvy inexcusable tremendous rebarbative bewildering overwhelming colorless uncongenial dangerous lacklustre forlorn joyless unexciting blah uninteresting uninspiring dull colourless boring monotonous lackluster depressed lonely dolorous lifeless humdrum taboo critical bone-chilling gripping cynical unthinkable unmentionable iniquitous Kafkaesque satanic great degenerate ironic indescribable hard oppressed impoverished stark blood-stained exciting suspenseful electrifying thrilling misshapen fugly misproportioned reptilian abject nightmarey phantasmagorical unreal demonic animal beast immoral poverty-stricken lou causing fear huckery lewd wrong inconvenient disastrous punk excessive phantom preternatural disappointing shameless frozen gnarly spectral insupportable vulgar stupefying sordid infernal heartstopping like death warmed up haunted extraterrestrial mysterious other-worldly stunning astonishing amazing staggering misanthropic mordacious pessimistic demoralizing bothersome unlucky testing austere unfavorable unfavourable faint mortuary haggard wraithlike deathlike corpselike anemic weak anaemic surprising as ugly as sin unlikable vomitous sleazy putrid black-hearted flagrant low alien bizarre glaring like the back end of a bus discommoding squicky festy stomach-churning cringe-making cloying surfeiting bogging stomach-turning sleazeball yecchy unappetizing yucko skanky scuzzy vomit-inducing mephitical irritable unpropitious hopeless troubled perplexing revulsive frustrating unamusing inauspicious aggravating distressed crummy mortifying not of this world phantasmal phantasmic onerous inhumane butcherly brute truculent wanton unsatisfactory heartbreaking unendurable vexatious cacodemonic facinorous demoniac heavenly ethereal inappropriate hyperphysical uncool yukky saddening sour pathetic unappealing awkward afflicting afflictive affecting demoralising anguished sorrowful heartrending unlovely nerve-racking nail-biting heart-rending heart-breaking extremely bad nerve-wracking

Danh từ

Death and destruction
carnage butchery holocaust massacre slaughter bloodbath havoc shambles annihilation bloodletting bloodshed death decimation destruction mass murder murder blitz blood butchering crime extermination gore hecatomb homicide insurrectionism killing liquidation manslaughter offing pogrom rapine slaying warfare wasting blood bath indiscriminate bloodshed mass destruction ethnic cleansing taking out search and destroy genocide execution assassination mass execution Shoah mass homicide extinction devastation elimination murdering eradication indiscriminate killing wholesale killing battue wholesale slaughter mass slaughter mass killing patricide matricide parricide rubout infanticide filicide night of the long knives foul play cataclysm catastrophe disaster conflagration dispatch internecion fatality putting to death wiping out fratricide sororicide uxoricide regicide race extermination hit shooting persecution witch-hunt victimization racial killing genticide injury wounding mactation blood-letting megadeath mass suicide victimisation bloodiness blood shedding mass murdering war cruor grume inferno atrocity purge fire violence stabbing erase big chill ride second-degree murder first-degree murder bump-off demolition ravaging scene of carnage martyrdom immolation taking of life final solution race-murder mass extermination Roman holiday wholesale murder doing to death lynching obliteration dying off dispatching knifing the business rub out contract killing the works unlawful death ruin capital punishment bumping off debacle tragedy calamity loss wastage termination massacring slaughtering assassinating overwhelming finishing off lethality mortality loss of life humanness deadliness Ragnarok doomsday eschaton Armageddon armageddon putting to sleep bane rubbing out killing off snuffing out subjugation putting down mincemeat apocalypse Judgment Day end times day of reckoning end of the world

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