Đồng nghĩa của drag out

Động từ

To argue or discuss (a subject) in excessive detail
belabour over-elaborate labor labour overdo overdramatize overplay dwell on over-emphasize discuss at length expand on expound on linger over do over flog to death go on about hammer away at tarry over make too much of harp on about place too much emphasis on blow out of all proportion make a big thing of exaggerate overemphasize overemphasise overstress stress belabor harp on attach too much importance to attach too much weight to make a federal case of make a production out of overstate amplify magnify inflate accentuate elaborate underline impress expand highlight emphasize strain emphasise blow up out of all proportion make a big thing about drive home play up make a mountain out of a molehill go on lay too much emphasis on point up lay it on with a trowel hyperbolize lay too much stress on make something out of nothing go over the top about go on and on about dramatize embroider embellish overembellish colour overdraw overuse blow up go overboard with do to death pile on carry fatigue overrate overload put on overreach camp up overwork overvalue overburden overtax overtire dramatise ham up pressure puff color stretch overindulge overestimate hype make a big deal out of talk big make a production of wear oneself out lay something on thick make a thing about bite off too much pull the longbow go too far go overboard make federal case drive oneself strain oneself run into the ground make a thing of lay it on lay it on thick run riot wear down catastrophize enlarge exalt pad hike boost heighten brag misrepresent misreport misquote lie boast fudge fabricate build up blow out of proportion aggrandize oversell overpitch add colour elaborate on romance distort intensify scam falsify romanticise up caricature romanticize corrupt overexaggerate pyramid pile it on stretch the truth lay on pretty up draw the longbow cook up loud talk pile it on about shoot a line go to extremes lay it on thick about lay it on with a shovel big up blow something out of all proportion make a drama out of a crisis lay it on with a trowel about enhance emphasize too much draw the long bow make a big thing out of

Động từ

To speak in a slow, lazy way or accent with prolonged vowel sounds

Động từ

To remove or take out, especially with effort or force
prize extract wrest pull uproot dislodge wring pry yank corkscrew winkle wrench coax raise root out tear out winkle out work free work loose remove draw out pluck take out extricate deracinate eradicate draw release free weed take off pull out dig up weed out pluck out prize out wrench out rip out withdraw lever twist tear unearth rip evulse extirpate force out dig out tear up pull out by the roots rip up tear up by the roots fish out grub up pull up physically remove grub out worm wheedle remove by force take down take apart tweak prise pick out pull off wring out pick off seize snatch snap pick uplift heave disengage uprear upraise rend cull gather elevate lift hoist pry out pull up by the roots choke compress push throttle turn strain contort pinch unstick shake down isolate reap unsheathe siphon drag mine garner secure root avulse catheterize syphon bring out haul out eke out sunder out pick up wheedle out tug jerk grab take force whisk clutch twitch peel collect produce pump tap abstract whip separate detach get out squeeze retrieve elicit whip out take by force extort draw off educe inspire evoke develop bring forth fish uncover rake out haul confiscate yank out prise out tug out displace lug jimmy jemmy siphon off suck up drain off pour clear hoick out pull something out attract catch hold of evince nip harvest take something out cut dig crop hold enfold glean pull sharply tease pull in clasp embrace gather in whip up take in hug dissociate catch suck embosom cuddle grasp uncouple pull at tug at clutch at snatch at take away take hold of catch at

Tính từ

Involving physical conflict, or having a propensity to use physical force
violent fierce aggressive rough wild brutal savage vicious bullying ferocious berserk bloodthirsty murderous rabid cruel frenzied intemperate ruthless callous furious harsh maniacal pugnacious terrorising terrorizing threatening barbaric barbarous destructive fiery mad merciless pitiless sadistic thuggish delirious heartless homicidal impetuous inhuman assertive explosive forceful frenetic hotheaded maddened agitated crazy demoniac feverish forcible frantic fuming headstrong hysterical impassioned potent radge hot-headed hot-tempered blood-and-guts cut-throat drag-out hammer and tongs knock-down knock-down-and-drag-out out of control bang-bang full-blooded volatile intense tumultuous turbulent hot cyclonic stormy animated tempestuous convulsive paroxysmal volcanic grim brutish bloody dangerous crazed beastly fiendish sanguinary truculent inhumane brute bestial unrestrained raving uncontrolled remorseless fell excited raging untamed insane distraught swivel-eyed deranged monstrous feral manic overwrought hectic butcherly atrocious corybantic wicked tough severe unmerciful wanton unruly hard cold-blooded fraught worked up panic-stricken diabolical chaotic beside oneself hyper sanguine murdering sanguineous vile rugged malevolent uncontrollable bloody-minded demented desperate fevered slaughterous disorderly angry in a tizzy keyed up fanatical freaked out rapacious wired unscrewed rowdy death-dealing harmful weirded out wigged out deadly heinous flipped out unsparing evil abominable hyperactive oppressive wolfish unfeeling terrible energetic abandoned hellish unrelenting mean stern unkind malicious malignant crude intimidating depraved flinty nasty confused berko unhinged distracted hard-hearted lawless physical weird zonkers unzipped unglued boisterous spazzed out hot under the collar shook up in a stew hot and bothered at wits' end lawbreaking menacing lethal ravening enthusiastic zealous hurtful intolerant mortal riotous baleful relentless abusive unmanageable tigerish irrational illiberal gruff criminal obsessed infuriated dour devilish bitter insensitive austere horrible restless villainous onerous unreasonable killer animalistic infernal obsessive passionate uncaring intimidatory exciting unsympathetic frightening draconian perverse abhorrent killing maleficent flipped nervous immoral spiteful panic-struck panicky confusing virulent coercive venomous vindictive nuts unforgiving hardhanded nefarious distrait maniac possessed hysteric overexcited fast and furious strong-arm inclement in a state in a frenzy beside yourself damaging predatory warlike madding injurious bellicose beastlike hardened ruffianly gory perverted lupine implacable voracious ravenous hideous ghastly trying treacherous gloating ebullient full-on overwhelming overpowering uninhibited uncharitable heavy stony-hearted grievous cold-hearted gay bloodless unemotional excruciating fleshly bodily red in tooth and claw emotional burdensome ferine coarse neurotic unrestrainable consumed overcome hostile stiff dastardly unconcerned bearish tactless indifferent pernicious undisciplined troublemaking fractious overwhelmed uncompassionate wrathful hateful roughshod searing swinish unsafe sinister incoherent bad foul corrupt struck overawed affected stunned incredulous bully-boy dodgy ill-boding foreboding ominous belligerent intractable disruptive contumacious punishing unbalanced awful infamous degraded dreadful degenerate worthless babbling tormenting torturous gone subhuman irrepressible carried away vehement driven to distraction incensed very upset unnerved out of one's wits in a panic rampant blazing spasmodic in a fit seething debased profligate unprincipled sinful uncivilised rancorous minatory viperous minacious serpentine uncivilized dark furibund phrenetic animal out of one's mind two-fisted anarchic overpowered licentious contaminated flagitious faulty indecent reprehensible demoralised lewd miscreant reprobate putrid impious base insubordinate impure demoralized libidinous strong powerful forced tyrannous despotic tyrannical exacting dictatorial distressed suppressive authoritarian ugly lost it hallucinating disturbed light-headed rambling lunatic wandering disarranged lightheaded aberrant deviant disordered bewildered hallucinatory unsettled deviate devastated rigid unpitying ramrod uptight critical destroyed not knowing what to do with oneself in a lather heavy-handed last-minute wound up worried anxious het up fatal extreme out of one's head off one's head out of one's skull in a flap having kittens in a tizz hard-nosed hard-boiled fervent at your wits' end in a cold sweat in a flat spin at the end of your tether hard-shell heated deathly uncompromising extremist bigoted terminal overactive over-enthusiastic overzealous diehard forbidding fearsome ungentle steely impatient biased prejudiced one-sided partisan gung-ho louring frightful busy pestilent incessive cutthroat stark lowering enraged undomesticated fearful narrow-minded perfervid devastating nutty dedicated overboard sick infected naked poisoned smoking mad-dog ultraist diseased ardent sizzling bitten unwell militant ill keen primitive biffo aggers vital high-strung ruinous like one possessed internecine destroying

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