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Alternative for protract

protracts, protracted, protracting

Trái nghĩa: shorten,


To rapidly grow out of proportion or control
snowball increase expand swell escalate multiply burgeon grow mushroom rise proliferate enlarge spread balloon bourgeon mount extend appreciate augment accumulate climb boom accelerate amplify develop gain boost wax heighten magnify inflate intensify advance aggrandize enhance raise strengthen widen broaden soar build lengthen dilate reinforce progress thicken aggravate distend double exaggerate triple deepen pad further redouble upsurge supplement prolong annexe annex sharpen swarm teem pullulate build up roll up step up mark up run up slap on tack on grow quickly increment elevate compound make bigger supersize stretch up pump make larger hike up beef up pump up blow up shoot up add to become larger puff out accrue rocket spiral open become wider improve pile ramp up leap up fatten add maximize optimize consolidate enrich bulk bulge bloat better fill out become distended hike intumesce bolster pyramid tumefy jack up top up make better crank up bump up lift amass make greater inflame reenforce ameliorate upraise puff up become bigger get bigger parlay increase in size soup up bulk up go up elongate flesh out ratchet up upscale collect follow up jack hype maximise optimise flourish thrive bloom prosper blossom mature make headway make progress come on succeed flower do well be successful sprout come along skyrocket pick up upgrade make strides fare well stoke spring up get better germinate go forward gain ground cultivate bud exacerbate accentuate move forward make inroads shape up move ahead get on well go places bear fruit go great guns get ahead nurture proceed foster shine evolve show improvement emerge run riot scale up batten fly high get places spread one's wings come of age get on promote spike fortify grow rapidly shoot refine increase rapidly worsen become more numerous amp up rally mount up make worse move onward press on press forward forge ahead take shape develop well work up go well make it take steps forward move on move forward in leaps and bounds turn out get somewhere look up burst forth hit it big surge rouse explode propagate encourage go through the ceiling appear sustain diversify intensate buttress flow go move up star uplift gather mend excel vegetate perfect stand out figure arrive march be promoted polish get larger be brilliant be excellent be outstanding sweeten score be good be on the up become better turn the corner be skilled come to fruition be in good health reign supreme be proficient cover ground stand out in a crowd grow in take root be expert produce push forward open out go on push ahead be very good grow well put forth shoots take a turn for the better push on build on perk up be in the pink go to town make the big time have a gift for be pre-eminent be a success steal the show put forth buds turn out well go sky-high concentrate breed show promise uprise spurt stimulate metastasize increase dramatically increase suddenly spread out spread wide widen out increase in scope branch out well grow stronger grow full get to become large pervade reach start to be rise in value hot up become worse peak get stronger stock up be distinguished be conspicuous get higher be fine and dandy spring broaden one's horizons extend one's operations come around be enlarged be stepped up be extended be magnified be increased be amplified ascend go from bad to worse deteriorate scale gallop develop quickly spread quickly develop buds send out shoots form buds breadthen complement go up in price profit increase in value amend meliorate help produce buds rise rapidly go through the roof pile up become greater start to grow put forth new growth rise up endow exalt abound convalesce recuperate elaborate make a go grow vigorously make good do wonders yield get there make good speed grow rich become rich go ahead have legs catch on crack on be enriched move along roll on march on forge on press ahead continue on effloresce make richer hop up jazz up advertise revitalize advertize embellish grow up maturate recover incubate jump put up shore up buck up revitalise push up boost up increase exponentially put on a spurt expatiate be take on a new lease of life be on the road to recovery be given on a new lease of life make a comeback turn a corner be on the mend bounce back triumph nourish work one's way reaffirm perform prevail lead detail embroider establish secure assure feature reassert reiterate be skilful elaborate on give details expand on add detail to put flesh on the bones of add flesh to improve on restate be good at be skilled at be without equal be unsurpassed be the best be talented glow be second to none wear the crown be unequalled have a gift be unexampled be unparalleled be unrivalled better oneself make one's way step forward climb the ladder work one's way up be elevated fuel open up show progress renew support restore feed put on weight get plump round out fatten up gain weight swell out cement substantiate be strong be well be vigorous corroborate justify fix empower uphold nutrify be in your prime be in its heyday be on top of the heap go up in the world be in good shape piggyback tag on authenticate embolden inspirit prepare provide for poise make strong give strength to nurse nerve ready make healthy make stronger endorse underpin settle make firm firm up back up lend more weight to give weight to give sheepskin graduate finish get out certify confer degree complete education be commissioned take a degree gain promotion get a degree grant diploma win earn confirm


To delay taking action
procrastinate dally delay stall dawdle temporise temporize adjourn defer dither haver hesitate postpone prolong retard vacillate waver cool goldbrick lag poke swither tarry wait drag linger loiter pause stay dilly-dally put off be dilatory defer action drag your feet hold off let slide shilly-shally take a raincheck drag one's feet hum and haw play for time postpone action hang fire put off doing something suspend action be indecisive be undecided use delaying tactics play a waiting game kick the can down the road drag one's heels hang back dillydally lollygag diddle mope hang about lallygag creep crawl waste time falter hold back hang around take one's time filibuster take your time idle plod equivocate halt trail prevaricate straggle kill time stagger stonewall gain time fluctuate fritter away trifle hedge mark time fall behind blow hot and cold get no place fast teeter lag behind saunter wabble pussyfoot around scruple wobble goof off beat about the bush buy time amble putter while away time fool around drag your heels stop potter loaf lose time loll oscillate balance be unsure be slow potter around potter about slouch trudge tail tool potter round drift hover flag hang out sit around slacken stay put warm a chair horse around hem and haw drop behind let the grass grow under one's feet sit on the fence shuffle move slowly not keep pace discontinue cease burn daylight fiddle about piddle fritter away time pass the time take one's own sweet time while away the time obstruct penelopize slack hold on tergiversate bide totter be irresolute shirk remain be evasive use dilatory tactics stroll hang on wait around prevent block demur be uncertain meander palter balk sit tight put something on the back burner traik be doubtful dodge mess around um and ah hinder baulk rest lodge boondoggle be long be tardy hang round fool with while away trifle with play games with fool about avoid committing oneself mooch mosey skulk stay back shy away shrink back stay in the background be reluctant to come forward adopt Fabian tactics goof around stop over shamble wander ramble pass time go slowly slough dabble lurk traipse shillyshally be ambivalent employ delaying tactics stall for time use Fabian tactics avoid making a decision hold the phone be in two minds faff about fall back decrease drop fail diminish wane trail behind drag behind ebb bring up the rear fall off slow inch along inch be behind hobble drop back lose strength slow up lounge limp jelly distract divert avoid the issue beat around the bush hold over toddle diddle-daddle fritter time away shlep along scrounge around bum around sit on one's butt think twice hang deliberate abide yo-yo stick around get cold feet desist dwell take a breather let up take a break stop briefly reside await take ten call time have a breather take five squat go at a snail's pace put on hold perch bunk roost nest sweat it out hold your horses hold your fire bide one's time stay behind keep on hold the fort be left see-saw refuse avoid rebuff evade resist kick around kick about stand stick settle endure remain behind put down roots outstay continue establish yourself stay out establish oneself tumble tremble surcease refrain take too long be leisurely proceed in a leisurely fashion not hurry refrain from lurch roll quaver sway bobble reel put something off take no action nose avoid doing something snail sojourn ooze change one's mind break keep from doing something hold one's horses draggle creak along bivouac live inhabit cling interrupt limp along creep along hang heavy wear on advance slowly break off stay over make camp stay on slow down appear to pass slowly go on and on go on too long pull up sideline shake suspend take a breath reflect become tedious look forward lie in wait be patient lie low keep shirt on hold one's breath save it sweat it hang onto your hat cool it hold everything wait in the wings sit up for twiddle one's thumbs stand by wait on kick your heels cool your heels stay up for bide your time alternate come to standstill catch one's breath break it up seesaw pussyfoot stumble stop what you're doing doubt boggle flounder ponder mammer debate weigh be hesitant be reluctant be unwilling pull back think about sit on fence


To make (someone or something) late or slow
delay retard impede hamper hinder obstruct postpone restrain stall arrest derail detain foil restrict retardate stymie thwart trammel block cramp cripple curb defer halt hobble interrupt pause prevent repress withhold crimp cumber deter fetter hamstring inhibit prorogue remit shackle shelve slow stop bar brake check choke clog confine encumber frustrate handcuff hold intermit prolong hold back hold up put off set back slow down slow up bog down interfere with keep back shut down shut off stave off take down back off close off hold off on put back choke off hold over make late put a brake on get in the way of stand in the way of bring to screeching halt hog-tie throw a spanner in the works of throw a monkey wrench in the works of adjourn suspend table reschedule pigeonhole stay mothball extend hold off hold in abeyance put on ice put on hold lay on the table put in cold storage put on back burner take a rain check on put on the back burner procrastinate respite lay over put over hang fire set aside give rain check prorogate recess waive carry over continue keep in abeyance lengthen cease discontinue break off terminate dissolve disband put aside put in abeyance pink-slip omit inactivate cut short can file quit push back bring to an end lay off hang up rule out break up count out call a halt to lay aside put an end to put on the shelf put a stop to give a rain check temporise take a raincheck temporize dally handicap baulk balk limit constrain tie up baffle decelerate get in the way manacle embarrass bork short-circuit bridle curtail interfere slacken forestall mire reduce disrupt oppose inconvenience bind be a hindrance to weigh down suppress keep prohibit control stem catch still lessen decrease embog keep waiting moderate stonewall neutralize loiter regulate crab bottleneck scupper freeze entrammel counteract neutralise draw up rein in incommode pull up fetch up bring to a standstill discommode leash entangle nip in the bud cramp one's style tie one's hands saddle with ruin sink cause to wait avert cause to stay end tie debilitate overload penelopize reserve muzzle burden temper stunt disadvantage discomfit rattle faze dam contravene debar resist down hesitate loaf falter dawdle flag poke bog get bogged down chain disconcert oppress bother charge idle drag one's feet abate lag diminish let up foul up screw up make difficult reef quiet qualify box in shut out louse up immobilize immobilise affect disturb cut off tamper influence confuse jam conflict trouble give a hard time throw a spoke in the wheel of throw a spanner in the works put the brakes on lose steam cut down wind down cut back back-water lose speed anchor it fix scrub sidetrack drop brace bring up bring to a screeching halt lock up rein stifle contain muffle squelch smother swallow let down flaps hit the brakes sabotage sandbag govern staunch fight back throttle knock off obscure screen complicate repulse discourage bottle up circumvent tame rebuff choke back checkmate keep in check pull in keep under control slacken pace keep a lid on bite back hold in hold down stem the flow of monkey with put a spoke in someone's wheel play for time

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