Đồng nghĩa của fight back


Breathe or swallow with difficulty, typically in response to strong emotion
repress check contain curb restrain smother stifle suppress control gag hold back keep back muffle silence strangle swallow bottle up choke back keep in check rein in button up cork up keep under control keep the lid on hold in bite back withhold inhibit conceal sink submerge pocket gulp back bridle keep a lid on hide quench choke frustrate overpower subdue stop suffocate impede retard overcome limit rein hinder block squelch constrain moderate govern hold muzzle keep a tight rein on regulate tame hold down restrict cork bite one's lip stem the flow of slow down keep in resist choke something back hold something in master conquer bottle something up shut in fight gulp deaden cover up keep under wraps bottle internalise internalize jam up shush keep inside black out hold in check keep a rein on keep secret put a lid on keep within bounds discipline trammel keep lid on freeze peg box in cool down put the brakes on cut back put a limit on cool off keep tight rein on bring to screeching halt entrammel deter measure keep fetter curtail tie up rule snuff extinguish compose shower shroud oppress cool kill quell put out collect quash simmer down heap hush up arrest halt bar delay thwart obstruct stem stall stay foil hamper hold up pause prevent neutralize catch reduce still terminate interrupt cut short bottleneck staunch counteract repulse discourage rebuff circumvent neutralise brake checkmate play for time put a brake on put a spoke in someone's wheel interfere with stand in the way of nip in the bud pull in slacken pace bring to a standstill pull up fetch up draw up confine delimit cap circumscribe temper fix tone down calm keep down bound rein back hem in mitigate dampen mellow quiet squash cramp decrease straiten demarcate modulate damp down set constrict specify set limits on impose limits on enclose demark define shut down tranquilize monitor corner pacify soothe soften settle tranquillize mute damp leash box up keep in line direct imprison coop up intern determine quelch guide decide gaol jail chain tie down get the better of lock up hog-tie prescribe delimitate girdle stamp out bring under control put away pin down crack down bind modify fence in keep within limits put an stop to put an end to put half nelson on put a ceiling on mark off encircle surround soft-pedal come down on keep something in check manage crush cushion destroy ease re-collect adjust relieve drown keep control of gain mastery over gain control over garrote garrotte censor rally inspect lull recover keep an eye on set a limit on keep on a string bring to naught keep feeling inside oneself trap collar entrap left out mothball immobilize immobilise hamstring baulk incarcerate bring into line lay down the law to someone hush ice quieten tongue-tie ban lock in deny concuss deprive shotgun disallow close in necessitate immure balk ration place a limit on lick shrink inclose shorten narrow contract prelimit qualify tether diminish dry up dummy up shut up allay mollify send up take tough action hang up clamp down clip someone's wings put on ice cut down on palliate draw the line on gentle handicap mince relax break humble clamp down on crack down on temperate bit harness cow reclaim bust debar detain impound hogtie water down get a grip on sit on pull back sway form influence condition dictate play down cool out meet halfway have on a tight leash affect shape mould alter touch underlie establish predispose directionalize mold act on incline work on dispose shepherd impact on exert influence on be a factor in have an effect on have an impact on outline stipulate identify designate delineate classify distinguish envelop encompass detail set the limits of set the boundaries of flank gird set out mark rim belt lay down verge stake out edge wall in border set bounds to compass mark out


To retaliate against
get back at pay back be revenged on exact revenge on pay out retaliate against retaliate on take revenge on wreak revenge on avenge oneself get even with take reprisals against take vengeance on avenge be avenged exact retribution get get even retaliate revenge settle a score with settle the score with take revenge take vengeance even the score give like for like give tit for tat return like for like get your own back give someone their comeuppance give someone their just deserts turn the tables on give as good as one gets let someone see how it feels take an eye for an eye give someone a dose of their own medicine give someone a taste of their own medicine take an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth turn the tables hit back reciprocate avenge yourself get you back revenge oneself have one's revenge settle accounts fix someone get square be revenged sort out demand an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth take reprisals settle the score get back at someone return tit for tat repay give just desserts kick back take vengeance for pay someone back for pay back in spades seek payback for exact revenge for venge make reprisal for get revenge for take revenge for fix one's wagon take reprisals for give comeuppance make retaliation for get revenge on get even for vindicate give someone a Roland for an Oliver settle with retaliate for make reprisal repay in kind for return the compliment hit back for get your own back for take an eye for an eye for be out for blood get redress for get your own back on settle up requite even the score for recriminate redress square things up get satisfaction for get even with someone for stick it to

Trái nghĩa của fight back

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