Đồng nghĩa của deprive

Alternative for deprive

deprives, deprived, depriving

Đồng nghĩa: take away, take from,


To remove from office or a position of power
oust depose dethrone unseat displace uncrown unthrone unmake defrock overthrow topple defenestrate dismiss remove eject supplant discharge expel bring down drum out remove from office overturn usurp demote sack fire dislodge replace discrown unfrock cashier impeach degrade evict throw out force out drive out unhorse boot out can kick out turf out give someone the boot show the door excommunicate disfrock disqualify unsettle dispel succeed turn out out discard disenthrone disthrone take over step into shoes of come after step into the shoes of crowd out defeat triumph overwhelm vote out downgrade axe bounce ax chuck upset chuck out subvert break get rid of strip of rank throw out on your ear run out of town give heave-ho give someone the push send packing ride out on rail give someone their marching orders freeze out pink slip remove from power remove by force banish exile deport cast out ostracize ostracise expulse relegate release retire pink-slip bump muster out expatriate purge give the heave-ho terminate chase move lay off let go turn off run off give someone the bullet shift push out rout boot slang drop give the bum's rush cast off give someone their cards relocate evacuate dislocate transport uproot transfer reposition disfellowship cut eliminate humble sideline disown bust suspend pension deselect shelve recall disemploy furlough depone exclude reject invisibilize marginalize bring about the downfall of marginalise make redundant give notice to give the ax let out give the old heave-ho give the gate leave out give notice wash out cut dead force to leave thrust out shut out give walking papers give someone the sack turn away give warning leave out in the cold consign vote someone out proscribe extrude outlaw undo disestablish dissolve migrate cut out abolish put away give someone his or her walking papers give someone the pink slip pull expunge detach court martial heave give a pink slip conquer vanquish seize power excuse ship budge abstract nix relieve of duty deprive of office supersede declare redundant lock out disturb take down see the back of move on extricate knock over disentangle free bring low fling out knock out of place knock out of position throw overboard toss give the sack to do away with kiss goodbye give someone their P45 eighty-six ditch send off unloose squeeze out throw someone out on their ear give the chop irrupt drive off show the gate to dump dig out get out knock loose disrate declass disregard reduce kick downstairs demerit lower devalue lower in rank demean bench move down pack off put out give the 1-2-3 bundle off set back reduce in rank hold back kick down the ladder reduce to the ranks give someone their notice give someone the big E kiss off give someone the air pay off give someone his bin off give the elbow


To loot or plunder by force
pillage plunder sack loot ransack despoil maraud raid rob rifle spoil strip ravage depredate devastate dispossess spoliate denude harry forage freeboot lay waste rape reave reive steal from appropriate arrogate confiscate desecrate desolate destroy devour embezzle gut invade ruin trespass waste demolish wreck wreak havoc on raze annihilate fleece vandalize lay waste to vandalise level burgle total smash pirate defile stick up decimate wrack pulverize extinguish shatter cream nuke vaporize attack pulverise vaporise leave in ruins ravish tear down do in rub out pull down violate burglarize foray burglarise requisition liberate lift grab loft relieve clear out abuse flatten depopulate damage wipe out rip off moonlight requisition knock off deface smash and grab trash debase leave desolate mess up take apart assail assault overrun havoc consume prey on rustle tear apart corrupt prey prowl kip burn do maraud over obliterate clean out empty out wreak havoc knock over stiff mug steam make desolate empty harass scourge lay low turn over hold up break into go looting go pillaging stamp out wipe off map raze to the ground go on forays go on raids picaroon profane reduce boost take swipe salvage snatch make thieve pollute contaminate dishonour mar blaspheme pervert injure impair harm do over tip over disfigure blemish befoul commit sacrilege infect degrade scar flaw dishonor prostitute insult outrage treat sacrilegiously upset blow blight hurt break endamage vitiate undo cripple bloody compromise crab treat with disrespect blaspheme against crool disfeature make lose face commit sacrilege against make useless be a blot on the landscape prejudice disgrace put a damper on blot squash screw up cross up crush tarnish mutilate sabotage mangle maim undermine weaken taint distort deform foul up scupper batter disable scotch stain sully louse up queer hinder corrode impede put the kibosh on poison disrupt subvert wound enfeeble diminish incapacitate play havoc with torpedo thwart sap make a mess of frustrate wear away bruise touch scratch debilitate afflict deteriorate contort foil dash dismantle stymie rust twist botch nix overwhelm dish threaten erode put paid to besmirch warp cut discolour quash dirty blow a hole in disintegrate invalidate gnaw discolor hamstring eat away sink throw a spanner in the works of deprave banjax throw a monkey wrench in the works of lacerate put an end to cruel euchre blast enervate shake up rot decay mangulate mark be detrimental to darken soil blacken put the lid on uglify bring to naught take out lessen hamper devalue quell crumble bring down jeopardize depress put out of action foul scathe misshape dilapidate weather torture char abrade hack blunt eat dissolve bend rough up lame paralyse defeat interfere with destabilize maul impoverish dent wrench disqualify nibble fret break up jeopardise make a hash of paralyze bring to an end prostrate ruinate muck up unfit put a stop to debauch smash up wear down bite waste away bite at cause detriment to destabilise run through worsen attenuate affect exhaust deflate overcome bring to ruin end cramp buckle prevent butcher ding tweak emasculate traumatize squinch obstruct screw molest smear stifle shake detract from misuse malform put at risk fade smirch stew tear gnarl overturn do damage to wrong bodge overcook scorch shock misapply bleach restrict spread to brutalize brutalise subdue be prejudicial to be disadvantageous to scuttle stab dismember knot misemploy skew traumatise knock down make unattractive water down demoralise demoralize distress stop be deleterious to overthrow wince color slash scour eat away at overdo animalize bust make ugly do for immobilize cut up colour decompose wear play merry hell with adulterate rain on someone's parade chip away at gnaw away at hack up spread among seduce drive a nail into the coffin of inactivate burn through bite into burn into gnaw away do mischief to knock out throw monkey wrench in unstrengthen kibosh unbrace immobilise take advantage of spike muzzle shoot down lay in ruins pinion render incapable hogtie hock handicap use up tag whittle plague detract shiver blotch speckle devitalize disfashion inconvenience wither endanger nick bust up imperil brand annoy clobber mess disarrange disorganize disturb disorder bastardise bastardize bestialize handle roughly oxidize delay convulse slow retard unsettle trouble do harm to bow impact bring about the downfall of indispose muller derange slow down turn upside down dampen sour strike spray paint streak cause confusion in cause turmoil in throw into disarray throw into disorder throw into confusion throw a monkey wrench into put out of commission deplete torpefy perturb influence mayhem hog-tie massacre gimp castrate truncate score pinch scrape beat rend bankrupt curb inhibit restrain smother disserve make powerless make unfit render powerless decrease nip in the bud reduce to nothing reduce to rubble bring to nothing wreak havoc upon occur prevail knacker make misshapen distort the shape of bend out of shape melt liquefy dissipate limit perish fragment topple radioactivate pique aggrieve grieve pain wax torment sting wear through dump on oxidate impinge neutralize squelch age eradicate impact on prevail over impinge upon expurgate censor bowdlerize cause the loss of cause the sacrifice of result in damage to lead to the end of result in harm to cost enthuse disease make impure move cancel out spot strike down strike at canker flake oxidise season draw blood amputate bowdlerise render ineffective take hold of chop crumple make dirty tinge become rusty devaluate cheapen exert influence on have an effect on have an impact on skin crimp have neutralise craze unbuild overreach outmaneuver abolish outmanoeuvre outfox abate outsmart offset force overshadow condition fell harsh balls up cut to pieces tear limb from limb hash up dynamite crash nullify work against make waves carve slay cut about hash slit separate mash slice flay lose strength mellow explode smite bomb disappoint whittle away disempower exploit mishandle cast gloom over mine dig soften tunnel sandbag challenge break down blow up overbake chop up wash out manipulate be destroyed bring a note of sadness to cast a gloom upon bed glitch up chip blow to bits blow sky-high blow to pieces drag through the mud dig out hollow out deflower sexually assault clip one's wings knock the bottom out of queer the pitch of poke full of holes burn to a cinder burn to a frazzle burn to a crisp misrepresent falsify misinterpret halt force yourself on sexually abuse have one's evil way with take away someone's innocence have your way with indecently assault scrape away ill-use garble jam grimace grind down deactivate freeze disenable divert misconstrue crack maltreat split knock exterminate simulate age in clamp wheel-clamp misrelate misstate fudge deflect slant cook cause injury bang up tamper with tie prevent from moving bring to a standstill render inoperative make inoperative prevent from working action render inactive bring to a halt arrest disarm trample eat into mistreat salt change alter doctor phony up alloy steer fake doctor up veer water brainwash


To use unfair means to deprive (someone) of (something)


To limit, restrict, or inhibit
constrain restrain check confine restrict chain curb hamper hinder stifle balk baulk frustrate hamstring impede bridle constrict contain control cramp govern hold imprison incarcerate inhibit intern keep measure regulate rein rein in retard rule tame straiten trammel ban bar bind close in concuss coop up cork deny disallow fence in hem in hog-tie immure gaol jail lock in necessitate pull in shotgun shut in withhold lock up bottle up cool off hold down hold in keep lid on put half nelson on limit hold back obstruct handicap shackle fetter stop stymie encumber suppress prevent hobble block hold up repress arrest slow down interfere with thwart circumscribe handcuff manacle detain clog curtail embarrass short-circuit keep back tie tie up keep in check delay delimit smother keep under control subdue moderate keep a tight rein on cap foil slow put away halt cripple stall hang up deter impound tie down set back keep within bounds keep the lid on cumber bork muzzle pin down put a brake on hold captive put on ice choke back put in prison clap in irons bite back put behind bars put inside put in chains throw a spanner in the works of pinion freeze forestall prohibit bound stay tether catch cool commit burden debar disadvantage jug leash fix bastille reduce delimitate cramp someone's style hold prisoner put in irons send down take into custody put into detention bang up send to prison fight back send up stem the flow of box in keep a lid on throw a monkey wrench in the works of put under lock and key get in the way retain immobilize contract enfetter gyve enchain secure discourage disrupt pin trap cuff avert remand cage refuse still circumvent immobilise peg demarcate hold fast bit stem muffle interfere inconvenience enclose gag terminate encircle chain up make late slow up tie someone's hands interrupt surround crimp neutralize rein back bottleneck keep in keep down hold in check baffle specify counteract get in the way of book railroad neutralise choke demark narrow kill define lock away take away bog down nip in the bud resist simmer down weigh down box up sit on set limits on impose limits on cork up not allow to go beyond keep within the limits of put at a disadvantage clip someone's wings cool down put the brakes on place at a disadvantage keep within limits hold in custody keep under lock and key pull up rail in button up press ruin manage master quell counter modulate preclude intercept clap compose collect impair keep waiting keep control of decelerate overload enmesh net ensnare capture sideline suspend cause to wait cause to stay entangle debilitate snag gain control over gain mastery over keep on a string put straitjacket on throw monkey wrench in incommode rule out entrap pause narrow down strangle charge discommode oppress bother give disadvantage take out put out of commission prison sentence can cut short squelch swallow throw book at slough send up the river throw in jail settle discipline cramp one's style drag your feet tie one's hands get bogged down staunch entrammel oppose make impossible saddle with make difficult repulse rebuff brake checkmate ration cut off cease draw up put a limit on throw in dungeon set prescribe shrink temper inclose come down on put a ceiling on modify shorten cut down on prelimit qualify decrease diminish pound contravene crab put a spoke in someone's wheel bring to a standstill play for time slacken pace stand in the way of fetch up cut back girdle throw the book at throw away the keys dampen hold off on lay off discontinue harness keep tight rein on bring to screeching halt shut out throw a spanner in the works be a hindrance to throw a spoke in the wheel of louse up stultify constipate throttle place a limit on fasten shut up keep under custody keep under constraint put in jail hold under custody draw the line on mark off guide direct hogtie damp down dissuade quash put on hold refuse to pay wrong pull back crack down forbid concentrate faze sandbag ward taboo interdict outlaw enjoin keep in line bring under control rope truss lash have on a tight leash treat harshly encompass treat unfairly do a disservice to give a disadvantage to be unfair to put in an unfavourable position treat unfavourably tell against inflict a handicap on put an end to ring press down put on brakes put an stop to compass gird corral kettle truss up hurdle isolate localise focus pen in pinpoint center localize centre mew up hedge in pen up hide reserve conceal stop from spreading forbear refrain keep secret keep yourself keep under wraps hold out on dummy up deduct hold on to hold out keep to oneself refuse to give fail to disclose spike clam up keep hold of abstain stop oneself keep under your hat pen stockade closet ice keep captive hold hostage detain at Her Majesty's pleasure take prisoner keep in custody


To prohibit or interdict the participation or inclusion of
debar bar exclude ban preclude blackball disentitle disqualify reject black eliminate except prohibit rule out stop disfellowship interdict shut out close out count out declare ineligible deny expel forbid freeze out keep out lock out refuse suspend veto say no to refuse admission to refuse entrance to leave out in the cold give the cold shoulder to stand in the way of ostracize ostracise proscribe blacklist boycott disallow block repudiate embargo prevent remove evict bate banish snub outlaw eject leave out oust omit check shun spurn dismiss disregard obviate avoid ignore estop throw out cold-shoulder get rid of pass over close one's doors to invalidate impede restrict disenable hinder restrain obstruct vote against nix inhibit discount discontinue disable forestall forfend force out deter exile put an embargo on ward off send to Coventry shut off keep off keep at arm's length give the cold shoulder steer clear of place an embargo on rusticate render make illegal enjoin unchurch blank taboo exempt inveigh declare incapable denounce thwart coldshoulder discard override circumvent limit down negative kill cashier drum out consider undesirable anathematize deny admittance to refuse to employ thumbs down hit list put on hit list cancel avert abolish revoke recant shut out of unfit hand someone the frozen mitt leave in the cold takfir curse leave out of account weed out mark off shoot down cast out excommunicate incapacitate stave off put paid to not consider forget about disfranchise eighty-six paralyze impair weaken paralyse cut off not make the cut strike ward quit cease interrupt cover withhold patronage conceal mask hide disbar bounce make impossible make it impossible for make it impracticable for veil abstain from shroud pass by turn your back on brush off have nothing to do with stay away from impose sanctions wash your hands of hold aloof from ice out refrain from give a wide berth to pass up refuse to take part in seclude close deny access to disclude occlude sideline blockade screen beleaguer not count refuse to admit cut out miss out make impracticable put a stop to put out set aside prevent from entering refuse admittance drive out shut the door on block out fence off


To oppress or tyrannize
enslave subjugate dominate suppress yoke oppress persecute tyrannise tyrannize exploit disfranchise hegemonize subdue disenfranchise hobble subject get hooks into keep under thumb take away someone's human rights crush overpower master repress overwhelm coerce torment bring to heel hold sway over bring under the yoke bring someone to their knees conquer vanquish defeat overcome tame overthrow subordinate humble force rule domineer rule over put down harry harass hound annoy gain ascendancy over gain control of gain mastery over beat down torture trample keep down treat harshly walk all over hold down grind down ride trample underfoot tyrannize over ride roughshod over rule with a rod of iron rule with an iron hand break someone's spirit browbeat bully intimidate terrorize victimize dictate victimise terrorise push around abuse domineer over order about order around have someone under your thumb rule despotically lord it over dictate to treat brutally hassle maltreat heckle wrong scold berate disparage badger taunt ill-treat reproach revile bother provoke hector pester scourge afflict push override grip upbraid haze encumber plague press despotize overload distress smother saddle outrage strain worry handicap vex tax beset tyrranize be cruel to aggrieve be brutal to trample on be autocratic put upon pick on put screws to weigh heavy upon put the squeeze on lick quell quash colonize break pacify underyoke reduce triumph clobber hammer compel enthrall enthral colonise bear down hold sway kick around reel back in bring to knees wipe the floor with beat best trounce triumph over thrash rout get the better of worst prevail over own drub demolish tank whip skunk stuff make mincemeat of blow out of the water cream surmount stop dispatch slaughter overmatch upend overbear destroy annihilate win against get murder shellac take undo paste massacre crucify trim blow out flatten total get around take to the cleaners smash run rings around pound pulverize wipe out do down control slam be victorious over pulverise knock out give someone a drubbing give someone a hiding upset curb turn inside out cane trash overrun beat hollow floor outplay extinguish overturn pip at the post squelch torpedo finish wallop surpass outdo marmalize defeat utterly outclass wax whomp zap kill swamp lambaste shut down put an end to blow away prevail drop throw subvert outstrip squash devastate ruin bulldoze sink skin obliterate outmaneuver deck outmanoeuvre win outrun tan gain a victory over excel render incapable render helpless render powerless win a resounding victory over put paid to edge out take it all KO be victorious bury stifle chasten restrain check abase demoralize stagger bridle bust immobilize overshadow steamroll whack immobilise frustrate outwit thwart pommel whitewash silence waste flog slay edge top demoralise route shipwreck outhit decimate entrap outjump flax outflank butcher ambush get the upper hand over crack down on overmaster keep under transcend put away exceed better bear down on work over plow under take care of outperform checkmate nose out run rings round get over outshine finish off mow down win a victory over run roughshod over rise above get under control bring to ruin take to cleaners roll back cut to pieces snuff out knock over wipe off map come out on top snow under go one better than do better than stamp out put someone in their place unseat clamp down on knock off put in the shade put a stop to pwn slap down get a grip on pick apart cripple undermine enfeeble humiliate outsmart solve muller defeat heavily defeat easily eradicate disable foil give someone a pasting circumvent astonish render speechless discomfit confound govern manage regulate blast take down beat up outfight shoot down wreck prostrate whelm down weather survive direct command do in knock for six eclipse tread keep in subjection keep in submission shock stun walk over hurdle render outlive quelch ice strangle succeed over cap win over make a fool of get one up on gain the advantage over bring under control get control of deal with discipline overtop trump come out on top of knock your socks off outmatch outgun force down blot out tower over overtake hose outdistance shoot ahead of knock spots off outrival be better than improve on deny tread on end gain the upper hand over get the upper hand punish dampen depress terminate abolish mortify sweep quench dispirit sap extirpate queer carry the day get last laugh take the cake win through be the victor win out gain a victory take the prize prevail against be successful come first gain mastery of take the honours win hands down take the crown trouble lower ail dishearten deject dismay discourage shake sadden devitalize weaken daunt enervate diminish put the lid on get rid of sit on nip in the bud put the kibosh on smoke whup whop deaden perturb chagrin weary debilitate whap dust bomb tromp weigh down bum out dull cast down damp down larrup cast a pall over put a damper on put to rout blow out of water put to flight shut out clean up on beat back throw back in confusion drive off blank stretch shellack dumbfound overawe take out gain control over bowl over shut off roll over lay out

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