Đồng nghĩa của finish up


To happen
come to pass come about happen occur transpire arise befall end up take place turn out work out become be found to be prove fall out develop result evolve come out pan out eventuate shake out ensue crop up materialize materialise chance betide hap appear go down follow go on come off come surface emerge pass arrive turn up come down be fall present itself take shape spring issue come up proceed spring up supervene do come into existence come into being cook break come to light emanate dawn rise eventualize form originate unfold manifest pop up actualize be realized come forth make an appearance stem flow derive bechance be caused by be produced by set in be brought about by take effect come after loom begin start commence crystallize launch erupt catalyze become apparent chance to happen break out be set in motion intervene catalyse engender go action burst out come to the fore see the light of day enter the picture bob up take form crystallise be born become a fact show up enter into the picture present chance upon have effect play out see daylight recur hit pass off show arise from come from manifest itself stem from be the result of accrue arise out of result from gel shake kick in be developed be created be brought to pass be brought about kick off be established be brought into existence arrive on the scene be forged come on the scene be brought into being spawn occur suddenly come forth suddenly stop be the consequence end terminate be the result be consequent be a consequence stumble blunder on light upon fall to one's lot tumble luck be one's fate stumble on hit upon overtake reappear befit presage grow come into view become visible roll out be fulfilled come true become a reality germinate culminate flourish upspring propagate uprise sprout foment be a consequence of be a result of circulate be released leak out be announced be made public be promulgated become evident get around slip out become common knowledge be uncovered get out be made known become known be revealed come out in the wash be brought out leak be exposed be reported be discovered be issued prove to be the case be disclosed be divulged spread come out in the open be published succeed come next be consequent on accompany roll up attend supervene on originate in be attended by follow on be subsequent to

Trái nghĩa của finish up

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