Đồng nghĩa của finite

Alternative for finite

Trái nghĩa: infinite,

Tính từ

Limited in size, amount or extent
limited restricted defined narrow circumscribed determinate measured bounded definite confined delimited fixed demarcated precise specific exact bound terminable definable set conditioned exhaustible predetermined predictable not infinite subject to limitations deficient constrained small meagre scanty checked sparse paltry scant meager inadequate insufficient slight minimal short tiny controlled insubstantial lean reduced surrounded encircled curbed diminished incomplete in short supply restrained prescribed stipulated hampered particular select qualified predefined reserved sectional topical determined established marked assigned well defined well-defined wanting low clearly defined well-marked scarce incommensurate measly drained piddling bereft lacking shy needed not making it too few not hacking it too small too little coming up short not enough belted encompassed ringed flanked walled rimmed hog-tied fenced fringed bordered enclosed limitary girdled contiguous enveloped boundaried hedged edged compassed tight close cramped compact constricted confining congested squeezed regulated incapacious compressed choked pinched slim tapered skinny spare slender tapering hairline fine exiguous jammed thin needlelike ultrathin moderate contracted near straitened strait incommodious narrowing hemmed in taper pent shrunken threadlike modest frustrated clogged deterred foiled fettered chained deprived narrowed moderated blocked inhibited barred prevented bridled stopped decreased stayed closed governed impeded tethered hitched modified shortened fastened obstructed secured tempered manacled repressed suppressed narrow-gauged paper-thin slim-jim poor little held in check reined in held back in check rudimentary miserly sketchy patchy basic unsatisfactory faulty imperfect partial ineffectual mean

Tính từ

Not able to be renewed

Tính từ

Quantitative or arithmetical

Trái nghĩa của finite

finite Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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