Đồng nghĩa của trailing

Alternative for trailing

trails, trailed, trailing

Đồng nghĩa: follow, go after, heel, hunt, line, path, pursue, road, run down, shadow, tag along, tail, trace, track,

Tính từ


Động từ

Present participle for to pursue, typically in order to keep track of, or to apprehend, someone
following pursuing tracking shadowing tracing dogging hounding tailing chasing hunting coursing stalking spooring tagging running bedogging hunting down bird-dogging tagging along following on stringing along hanging back lingering behind running down keeping an eye on keeping a tab on keeping in sight keeping tabs on poking along following a scent nosing out running to earth taking out after running to ground running after giving chase to tracking down going after watching finding seeking surveilling chasing after giving chase heeling locating chivying eyeing haunting observing taking off after going in pursuit of digging up ferreting out keeping watch on keeping under surveillance running with following secretly smelling out keeping track of lurking nearby lurking behind lurking close by searching for following the trail of putting a tail on watching over seeking out investigating scouting scenting rushing after surveying monitoring following on the heels of coming after keeping pace with keeping up the pace with gunning for treading on the heels of lurking in the shadows dogging the footsteps of harrying accompanying chevying shagging spying on harassing plaguing badgering riding attending ambushing prowling lurking menacing creeping up on driving pacing striddling approaching moving behind prowling after playing catch up flushing out spying observing furtively probing camping on the doorstep of walking up to looking for eliciting questing keeping under observation prying secretly following working undercover staking out keeping a watch on scouting out smoking out digging out chasing down searching out rooting out sniffing out worming out getting at

Động từ

Present participle for to give advance publicity to (a film, broadcast, or proposal)
advertising advertizing announcing hyping previewing publicizing proclaiming publicising calling attention to showing excerpts of promoting touting billing puffing pushing marketing plugging promulgating trumpeting peddling publishing flogging flaunting blazoning boosting ballyhooing declaring flashing pitching broadcasting heralding spruiking advancing displaying blazing endorsing placarding presenting advising trailering notifying sounding praising blaring showing circularizing spotting apprising annunciating blurbing huckstering alerting releasing uncovering enunciating acquainting splashing sponsoring exhibiting unmasking revealing informing drumming exposing selling disclosing posting communicating flacking divulging merchandising circularising made known building up beating the drum for soft selling running with cracking up getting on soapbox for shouting from the rooftops giving a puff to giving notice of making a pitch putting on the map hyping up giving a plug to bringing to public notice making public shouting out banging the drum for beating the drum spreading abroad giving publicity to spreading around giving out describing introducing reviewing packaging circulating airing disseminating reporting imparting spreading stating unveiling transmitting expressing talking up puffing up featuring issuing pronouncing conveying brandishing distributing showcasing propagating telling flourishing putting out parading disporting uttering mentioning voicing indicating venting putting up for sale producing setting forth showing off passing on spotlighting spreading the word putting into words asserting showboating raising articulating offering for sale spieling crying sporting strutting rolling out repeating manifesting suggesting bruiting recommending putting across laying out trotting out coming out with getting across talking about professing propagandizing affirming saying intimating ventilating propagandising evincing purveying giving blazoning abroad verbalizing delivering bringing to public attention breaking writing up hawking noising abroad passing relating drawing attention to relaying bruiting about putting forward registering commending verbalising giving voice to leaking putting on display putting on show spelling out advocating projecting aggrandizing demonstrating calling putting on the market headlining diffusing propounding popularizing vaunting extolling dealing in unfolding maintaining expounding denoting signalling signaling illustrating mooting shouting discussing bespeaking passing the word intoning phrasing purporting recounting emphasizing talking of playing up stressing detailing putting about outlining admitting clarifying confessing emphasising giving utterance to giving expression to putting bruiting abroad getting out bringing into the open waving around making a show of giving away bringing out boasting vending popularising staging gossipping gossiping gazetting trading encouraging blasting retailing rumouring decreeing rumoring transferring talking something up scattering preconizing evidencing exchanging putting on view setting out trafficking in noising vocalizing protesting tabling sounding off sowing spouting citing wording debating claiming betraying submitting speaking of ostending marking proposing connoting transfusing alleging opining outing arguing mouthing testifying conducting pressing shouting something from the rooftops looking asseverating broaching averring speaking spreading about spilling avouching muttering framing implying vocalising modulating addressing offering explaining rendering printing flashing about whispering translating summarizing summarising leaking out letting on letting it all hang out making an exhibition of getting round putting in a good word for coming out making clear making a great show of popping off laying down getting off speaking about displaying ostentatiously getting around getting about signifying going into spreading the news telling people informing people letting people know screening performing topping barking shifting turning over championing naming backing supplying bragging swaggering celebrating swanking pumping up putting up in lights screaming crowing splattering campaigning for passing round trolling getting behind grandstanding gloating baring making something known tooting dispersing inscribing depicting crying up tweeting beating the drum about sounding loudly making official dissipating namechecking overpraising immortalising soft-selling immortalizing skywriting calling out spinning acknowledging springing building ringing out persuading people to buy making obvious making manifest issuing a statement about making a pitch for putting before the public speaking well of bandying about passing around going the rounds bigging up having printed blowing wide open strewing radiating disjecting trading in arraying reading out handing on putting in print blowing up lodging talking waving dangling letting it be known ringing up letting out getting through letting on about sharing writing disposing of putting on sale modelling modeling examining streaking hotdogging giving a mention to putting on the air putting on the airwaves running off at mouth preaching arranging hanging bringing up scrutinizing sifting postulating strutting stuff parading wares putting on a display showing to the public putting on public view talking over taking up scrutinising discoursing bringing out into the open freeing giving an airing to threshing out deliberating smacking with throwing in one's face springing on breaking out whipping out making a scene fanning it exclaiming reflecting exulting in wielding evoking betokening remarking reciting attesting noting furthering predicating enouncing blurting vouching mumbling pleading orating contending chattering espousing proselytizing televising inferring yakking yammering lipping gassing gabbing blabbing chirping soliloquizing declaiming retelling drawling murmuring specifying perorating regurgitating rehearsing reading swearing narrating quoting jawing piping persuading putting on proselytising hustling merchandizing reeling off sounding out throwing out piping up with putting forth couching sweet talking bringing someone round to soft-soaping getting support for getting acceptance for winning someone over to winning approval for speaking for convincing someone of the merits of persuading someone to accept talking someone into gaining acceptance for allotting telling of pointing to pointing toward importing designating formulating avowing hinting insinuating inflecting intonating roaring allegating yelling reaffirming clothing reasserting sharing out blazing abroad bartering wholesaling pointing out attesting to pouring out making out giving expression giving testimony bringing forward putting over giving vent to putting in words getting over speaking out testifying to giving utterance bearing witness stumping stating publicly highlighting punctuating underscoring putting up shooting off mouth spreading it around shouting from the housetops accentuating underlining getting on a soapbox illuminating foregrounding accenting focusing attention on making a feature of making conspicuous pointing up italicizing giving the full works setting off italicising giving prominence to

Động từ

Present participle for to move or walk, especially in an orderly fashion as a group in a single line

Động từ

Present participle for to move or pass at a slow speed, especially of time
dragging crawling dawdling dallying creeping lingering loitering delaying lagging tarrying poking dillydallying plodding diddling moping limping inching lollygagging lallygagging nosing snailing straggling oozing slouching shuffling draggling shilly-shallying lagging behind hanging back moving slowly creaking along going slowly trailing behind limping along creeping along advancing slowly hanging heavy wearing on appearing to pass slowly slowing down going on and on going on too long becoming tedious procrastinating getting no place fast putting off dilly-dallying hanging about dragging your feet idling sauntering falling behind hanging around frittering away wasting time loafing pausing waiting moseying toddling ambling killing time stalling flagging trudging drifting slackening staying tailing tooling falling back bringing up the rear taking your time fooling around dropping behind hanging out dragging one's feet warming a chair schlepping along losing ground lolling strolling biding remaining skulking mooching halting hovering lurking wandering traipsing shambling sloughing rambling dabbling temporizing stopping hesitating temporising filibustering lodging resting pottering hanging round meandering passing time staying put losing time taking one's time stopping over goofing around holding the phone trifling pottering about diddle-daddling marking time hanging fire pottering around puttering boondoggling pottering round frittering time away sitting on one's butt scrounging around shlepping along bumming around sitting around whiling away time fooling with whiling away trifling with playing games with fooling about horsing around diminishing failing dithering dropping decreasing dragging behind ebbing waning retarding faltering slowing staggering jellying lounging hobbling slowing up inching along losing strength falling off vacillating postponing deferring adjourning goofing off sticking around playing for time holding off humming and hawing using delaying tactics playing a waiting game abiding havering wavering swithering dwelling prolonging protracting residing shelving holding back remitting suspending rescheduling kicking around taking a raincheck continuing putting over holding up holding over waiting around hanging on putting off doing something putting back holding off on sitting tight putting on the back burner putting on hold putting on ice slacking fluctuating shirking frittering away time taking one's own sweet time whiling away the time fiddling about piddling burning daylight passing the time twiddling stonewalling kicking about fribbling dragging your heels hemming and hawing pussyfooting around blowing hot and cold taking too long gaining time proceeding in a leisurely fashion tottering goldbricking cooling doodling walking slowly taking a stroll strolling along taking it easy using dilatory tactics putting something on the back burner playing buying time letting slide deferring action tabling postponing action puttering around messing around monkeying around mothballing pigeonholing respiting extending haunting standing suspending action kicking the can down the road fiddling around living roaming putting in cold storage giving a rain check laying on the table impeding setting aside putting on back burner hindering giving rain check taking a rain check on holding in abeyance keeping in abeyance sticking settling awaiting hanging enduring squatting bunking roosting nesting outstaying perching kicking your heels spending time lying around laying over putting down roots remaining behind sweating it out staying out establishing oneself keeping on staying behind holding on establishing yourself holding the fort leaving to another time proroguing

Động từ

Present participle for to cause splashing by moving a body part like a bill or limb in soft mud, water, etc.

Động từ

Present participle for to draw someone or something out, to entice, to lure as if with trailing bait

Động từ

Present participle for to decrease in number, amount, intensity, or quality

Động từ

Present participle for to walk or move in a leisurely or aimless way
wandering roaming rambling ranging strolling meandering roving walking drifting traipsing gallivanting maundering ambling cruising sauntering dawdling mooching pottering prowling coasting peregrinating stravaiging trekking floating galavanting jaunting knocking about moseying straggling tramping trudging batting bimbling gadding hiking rolling tootling circumambulating circumlocuting circumnutating hopscotching vagabonding gadding about globe-trotting knocking around milling about milling around milling round going walkabout kicking around mooching around following one's nose walking the tracks divagating journeying marching slogging travelling traveling footslogging tripping pilgrimaging voyaging touring trogging plodding yomping hitting the road migrating footing perambulating legging it treading backpacking straying hoofing it stepping ambulating promenading shuffling stumping traversing padding tromping exploring hoofing pootling going on foot striding advancing moving going pacing trooping proceeding prancing strutting footing it pattering climbing scrambling streeling swanning bumming dallying trekking through sweeping wandering aimlessly moving aimlessly going off at a tangent getting sidetracked getting off the point scouring struggling along bumming around crossing reconnoitring reconnoitering searching encompassing mincing ascending descending skipping tiptoeing schlepping passing over spreading through hitting the trail making circuit toiling traveling on foot pressing on going by foot moving forward going down going up travelling on foot going forward dragging oneself patrolling winding zigzagging clambering toddling stepping out batting around going for a walk taking a walk parading filing lumbering racing cantering locomoting scuffing shambling stalking taking a turn plodding on making your way taking the air wending one's way

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