Đồng nghĩa của contending

Alternative for contending

contends, contended, contending

Đồng nghĩa: argue, fight, quarrel, struggle,


Contending for a title or championship
in contention challenging competing contesting striving struggling vying battling fighting grappling in competition tussling warring up there in the running in with a shout clashing locking horns wrangling crossing swords combatting combating brawling quarreling quarrelling opposing scrapping disputing arguing wrestling taking on confronting squabbling feuding bickering scuffling disagreeing rivaling rivalling sparring rowing engaging encountering attacking jostling altercating facing racing coming to blows skirmishing conflicting dueling duelling doing battle tilting tangling controverting scrimmaging pushing countering quibbling spatting falling out having a dust-up waging war meeting jousting debating exchanging blows jockeying having a fight jarring hassling bandying words fighting like cat and dog jockeying for position bumping heads resisting tackling assaulting differing rassling withstanding playing argufying having a row having a punch-up colliding having words going at it hammer and tongs chopping logic setting to going up against going for defying campaigning repelling running locking antlers playing off disaccording discording dissenting boxing roughhousing tiffing brabbling matching coming into conflict contending with bucking oppugning discepting objecting to vying with engaging in conflict scrambling for coming to grips going for broke failing to agree skirmishing with having a dispute pitting clashing with competing with taking issue with having a tiff putting up a fight competing against grappling with having a set-to mixing it up addressing crusading manoeuvring maneuvering romping agitating squaring off tourneying working making war coping taking engaging in hostilities going to war emulating questioning contradicting gainsaying scrambling essaying having an altercation having a disagreement objecting bandying taking the field joining battle having at it bearing arms striving against having a spat going head to head going for the jugular traversing fighting for taking issue tugging striking laying into litigating having a scrap getting to grips picking a bone coping with defending going for the gold breaking with taking up arms protesting against having a barney having a misunderstanding standing up to entering the lists tangling with fencing taking part taking exception going after breaking a lance campaigning against cuffing flying in the face of struggling against dealing trading punches raising Cain contending against breaking slugging closing duking it out manhandling mounting an attack fighting a duel going out meeting head-on addressing yourself to nonconcurring demurring trading blows taking part in a race raising fists starting fighting going for each other slugging it out messing argy-bargying going at it speaking pressing lobbying cutting and thrusting butting heads finding fault having it out caviling disapproving getting tough with embroiling carping varying complaining caterwauling bumping dividing cavilling charging coming up against messing with becoming involved squaring up discussing trying to put out rushing trying to extinguish hastening fighting over matching yourself against sweating straining exerting grunting endeavoring setting against ripping into each other setting as rivals contradicting each other putting in opposition jumping on zapping letting have it haggling paltering jumping on one's case talking over canvassing exchanging views kicking around thrashing out batting around mooting hashing over tossing around canvasing hashing out having an argument arguing against quarreling with endeavouring laying a finger on trying for putting up dukes ganging up on knuckling with contending for competing for crossing laying out trying to win battling for struggling for tussling for putting on gloves vying for challenging for socking handling managing contrasting putting up a fight against speaking against opposing action arguing with putting up an argument setting your face against taking a stand against making a stand against sparing no effort standing up and be counted against showing showing jump juggling braving fielding negotiating scrabbling making haste disporting sporting contenting against going one on one with going eyeball to eyeball with going toe to toe with facing off against mismatching interfering disharmonizing dallying frolicking rollicking toying skylarking denouncing hacking manipulating swinging treating assaulting each other swedging stoushing screaming at differing from diverging from querying plying weapons scrimmaging with bandying with protecting taking all comers racing against sparring with carrying on war hitting each other taking up the gauntlet warring against exchanging blows with punching each other racing with going the knuckle fighting like Kilkenny cats lighting to tasting battle attacking each other flaring up brushing with matching strength trying going up against in contest participating in matching wits pitting yourself against pitching oneself against seeking prize running for attempting trying to beat pitting oneself against bidding assailing refuting calling out rebutting doing battle with fighting with undermining impugning calling in question facing down demurring about dissenting from rebelling against feuding with enquiring interrogating coming to blows with testing accosting calling into question disapproving of negating throwing down investigating taking exception to rallying against remonstrating denying impeaching demurring against inquiring disagreeing with fighting against disproving launching waging war against battling with entering into combat with mounting an attack on taking up arms against wresting with falling on joining battle with setting upon waging war on scrapping with coming to close quarters with giving battle to beginning battle with recreating engaging in participating shooting carrying on hostilities bombarding engaging in combat taking the field against marching against conducting a war threaping going for jugular pushing for shooting at nominating yourself giving one's all knocking oneself out putting up with putting yourself forward mixing it up with having at standing giving all one's got dealing with going for it making play for shooting for


Present participle for to give reasons or cite evidence in support of an idea, action, or theory
arguing asserting maintaining reasoning claiming holding insisting advancing alleging attesting averring declaring expostulating pleading proclaiming stating testifying avowing certifying challenging defending explaining opining positing postulating propounding questioning submitting swearing adducing advocating suggesting asseverating deposing implying moving professing remonstrating appealing presenting prevailing upon making a case making a case for giving reasons for affirming avouching protesting purporting warranting pronouncing saying announcing vowing citing upholding guaranteeing laying down supporting pressing vouching putting forward predicating stressing representing emphasizing acknowledging emphasising establishing verifying admitting making out proposing offering pretending indicating confirming vindicating pledging backing endorsing justifying repeating bearing witness conveying confessing swearing on bible swearing up and down charging reasserting reaffirming volunteering intimating giving evidence venturing validating promising expressing putting forth proving sustaining bearing out championing signifying stipulating witnessing owning vouching for insisting on recognizing pressing for saying so crossing heart recognising owning up bringing forward allowing syllogizing espousing putting dictating advising drawing conclusions accusing hinting insinuating imputing broadcasting responding recounting reciting laying rumoring connoting rumouring putting about that answering charges crossing one's heart granting conceding reiterating swearing to copping a plea using as excuse testifying to assuring using as an excuse requesting enforcing voicing ensuring underwriting undertaking uttering notifying insuring guarantying telling disclosing securing passing rendering allegating informing taking a stand laying down the law setting giving an undertaking cinching having a lock on locking up encouraging icing putting on ice okaying nailing down rubber-stamping clinching speaking out taking an oath backing up standing by sponsoring standing behind delegating answering for giving grounds for bolstering substantiating giving testimony acting as if singing getting off chest spieling spouting constating agreeing talking big soapboxing getting on soapbox opening up crooning blowing hot air coming out stumping corroborating ratifying authenticating pushing for sticking up for standing up for insisting upon seeming demonstrating meaning appearing extenuating evidencing intending importing impersonating excusing mouthing off popping off shooting off one's mouth shooting one's wad personating denoting laying claim betokening disculpating whitewashing rationalising confuting shielding rationalizing protecting rehabilitating seconding guarding refuting disproving maintaining that one is implying that one is setting oneself up as proclaiming that one is setting oneself up passing for feigning the identity of pointing to representing oneself as alleging that one is masquerading as asserting that one is posing as passing oneself off as bearing witness to offering grounds for giving credence to pleading for doing justice to lending weight to


Present participle for to offer for discussion or debate
propounding advancing proposing suggesting advocating offering posing presenting proffering putting forward submitting postulating bouncing broaching discussing hypothesising hypothesizing introducing mentioning mooting peddling promoting setting forth tendering voting adducing advising affirming asking asserting counselling counseling inviting kibitzing naming nominating positing preferring pressing promulgating proponing propositioning recommending requesting soliciting spitballing spreading stating urging volunteering yielding bringing up putting forth bringing forward coming up with hitting on holding out laying before laying down moving for putting to putting up setting out making a motion making a pitch speaking one's piece laying on the line moving tabling bidding lodging filing bringing initiating projecting floating canvassing laying out pressing for extending putting giving raising detailing describing delineating explaining expounding questioning querying providing pitching throwing up trotting out giving an account of championing accosting preaching selling approaching proclaiming producing delivering supplying particularizing putting on the table announcing rehearsing declaring cataloguing asking about rendering mounting citing carrying staging showing setting seeking the answer to getting the answer to establishing inquiring enquiring cataloging particularising forwarding setting before ventilating turning transposing venting translating airing recounting framing elucidating explicating spelling out giving an explanation of


(with object) Present participle for to say something in order to convey information or to express a feeling
speaking saying talking articulating stating telling uttering enunciating mentioning pronouncing voicing announcing citing exclaiming expressing proclaiming verbalising verbalizing vocalising vocalizing affirming airing claiming declaring professing relating alleging asserting asseverating attesting broadcasting conveying detailing disclosing divulging intimating noting opining pressing promulgating reciting relaying remarking reporting venting wording addressing admitting advertising advertizing arguing averring avouching blurting chattering communicating crying delivering denoting enouncing explaining imparting maintaining mouthing mumbling muttering offering orating outlining phrasing pleading predicating presenting proposing protesting publicising publicizing purporting repeating revealing shouting sounding spilling spouting testifying vouching blabbing chirping clarifying confessing declaiming drawling emphasising emphasizing evincing exposing gabbing gassing indicating intoning jawing lipping modulating murmuring narrating passing perorating piping quoting reading recounting regurgitating rehearsing retelling signalling signaling soliloquizing specifying spieling stressing suggesting summarising summarizing swearing translating whispering yakking yammering bringing out making public popping off giving away made known putting forth putting into words speaking about talking about coming out with getting across giving utterance to giving voice to putting across putting forward spelling out throwing out reeling off sounding out getting off making clear piping up with


Present participle for to analyze or argue against a claim or piece of information
debating arguing contesting rebutting challenging debunking disproving disputing refuting contradicting controverting countering opposing addressing denying discrediting examining mooting querying questioning rejecting repudiating altercating answering bandying canvassing contravening disaffirming disavowing invalidating canvasing crushing disclaiming negating wrangling arguing against confuting disconfirming pettifogging quashing squelching arguing about calling into question contending over disagreeing with objecting to proving false proving wrong tearing down agitating against differing with dissenting against hammering away at picking a bone putting up argument quibbling about quibbling over showing up arguing the pros and cons of giving thumbs down to picking an argument with protesting against proving to be false proving to be wrong shooting down showing to be false showing to be wrong taking issue with blowing out of the water blowing sky high declaring to be untrue having an argument about shooting down in flames taking a stand against shooting full of holes wondering about bandying words concerning gainsaying disallowing disowning negativing canceling everting overthrowing disposing of abnegating silencing burning down canceling out topping replying to breaking cancelling burning exposing convicting cancelling out parrying exploding nullifying counteracting impugning disagreeing crossing traversing offsetting neutralizing annulling counterbalancing confounding falsifying dissenting from declaring untrue belying bucking making a nonsense of withsaying giving the lie to neutralising deceiving knocking the bottom out of driving a coach and horses through arguing with fighting brushing aside combating withstanding flying in the face of resisting combatting naysaying retracting backpedaling backpedalling undermining taking on confronting daring calling in question saying the opposite of reversing refusing to accept having bone to pick differing withspeaking rebuffing taking back revoking recanting sacrificing disacknowledging forgoing preventing holding back taking exception to tabooing doubting blocking calling on not buying spurning enjoining from turning thumbs down keeping back begrudging saying no to disbelieving excluding curbing forbidding banning standing in the way restraining repelling demolishing countervailing counterpoising busting overturning balancing knocking bottom out of shooting holes in knocking props out weakening setting aside throwing out finding unfounded blowing sky-high blowing up poking holes in remedying compensating for correcting antagonizing working against antagonising evening out making up for counterweighing balancing out obviating equilibrizing responding righting halting counterchecking rectifying stabilising redressing lessening stabilizing fixing counterworking going against reducing


Engaged in war
warring conflicting hostile belligerent fighting clashing opposed warlike aggressive antagonistic at war battling combatant competing embattled martial militant opposing pugnacious quarreling quarrelling quarrelsome warmongering bellicose combative ill-disposed rival sparring at daggers drawn at loggerheads militaristic combating enemy sabre-rattling hawkish gung-ho argumentative violent gladiatorial brawly assaultive scrappy confrontational disputatious chippy feisty agonistic contentious discordant truculent challenging military offensive jingoistic inimical bloodthirsty aggers at each other's throats threatening unfriendly soldierly biffo ructious contrary sanguinary war attacking on the warpath corrival emulating striving competitive in conflict contesting in competition vying disputing emulous in opposition equal cutthroat assertive active vigorous pushy radical forceful fierce ultra-active extremist two-fisted extreme enthusiastic zealous fanatical revolutionary assertory warrish rebellious up in arms in arms cantankerous ornery irascible stroppy ill-tempered bad-tempered hot-tempered defiant fiery adversarial captious mean inhospitable surly touchy litigious quick-tempered spoiling for a fight nasty malevolent unkind army petulant irritable angry choleric fractious cross antipathetic disputative oppugnant unpleasant armed destructive invasive hateful rancorous unsympathetic noncivil polemical cavilling factious courageous arsey grouchy adverse controversial polemic unwelcoming difficult uncongenial spirited bolshie malicious spiteful unsociable cold adversary wrangling sour bickering intimidating jaundiced negative caviling malignant ready for a fight provocative sullen have chip on shoulder have a bone to pick expansionist loudmouthed service testy pettish soldierlike snappy snarly vicious crabby huffy prickly spunky uncooperative wrathful bitter militarist soldier-like dissentious disapproving venomous alien virulent perverse excitable disagreeable ill-natured determined hot-blooded querulous unpropitious maleficent vitriolic biting unreceptive malefic salty brawling hot flip ardent rude thin-skinned go-getting discourteous carnivorous cussed dour viperous catty ferocious ready to fight on the outs have it in for having a chip on one's shoulder intrusive rapacious macho pro-war battle-hardened paramilitary battleful troublesome awkward disruptive war-mongering war-loving colonialistic imperialistic naysaying dissentient defence defense spiky opinionated wrestling tilting skirmishing looking for trouble invading rough chauvinistic flag-waving plucky trigger-happy warrior under arms brave incursive fire-eating hotheaded peevish striking heroic naval self-assertive itching to fight tempestuous arguesome obstreperous impassioned turbulent unruly passionate churlish valiant valorous assaulting assailing itching on the attack ambitious scathing deadly vituperous terrifying cowing terrorising trenchant sharp mordacious insolent frightening browbeating caustic terrorizing harsh bullying mordant splenetic abusive narky miffy exasperated driven grumpy keen tough motivated thirsty snappish cranky fretful mighty peppery soreheaded sensitive foul hungry ruthless driving desirous short-tempered gutsy pushing go-ahead gung ho insistent having killer instinct ready for action hard-driving oppositional mettlesome lively alive energetic bubbly peppy gritty frisky gutty zestful game hearty full-blooded high-strung full of pep chilly distant aloof misanthropic frosty cool unneighbourly unamicable frigid antisocial unsocial unaffable withdrawn reserved unapproachable stand-offish severe supercilious unforthcoming stern stiff haughty uncommunicative impersonal indifferent disdainful hard-eyed uncivil chill gelid brittle wintry obnoxious clammy cold-blooded cold-eyed wintery frozen menacing icy mortal antiseptic arctic glacial impolite coldish uncordial unmannerly ungracious Olympian starchy uncharitable unpromising against vengeful not on speaking terms acrimonious opposite estranged censorious grudging gruff disaffected unneighborly

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