Đồng nghĩa của spirited

Alternative for spirited

spirits, spirited, spiriting

Đồng nghĩa: courage, disposition, heart, life, mind, nature, soul, temper, vigor, vivacity,

Trái nghĩa: body,

Tính từ

Full of energy and enthusiasm
lively active animated energetic sprightly vigorous vivacious bold vital enthusiastic fiery passionate dynamic peppy sparkling vibrant ardent effervescent gritty brisk chirpy gay gingery jaunty jazzy kinetic peppery perky pert pizazzy pizzazzy racy snappy spanking sparky springy valiant zappy zesty zippy airy animate avid barnstorming bouncing frisky rocking bouncy bright burning hot hyper jumping sharp zingy high-spirited full of life mettlesome bubbly buoyant full of beans zestful exuberant cheerful merry playful chipper frolicsome happy upbeat bright-eyed and bushy-tailed spry jolly dashing cheery strong sportive blithe sunny ebullient full of vim and vigour breezy forceful keen alert peart spunky light-hearted gamesome joyful carefree enterprising powerful daring feisty fun-loving frolic blithesome eager joyous aggressive hardy lighthearted in high spirits nimble gutsy intense adventurous forcible jovial quick bright and breezy tireless stirring fresh vehement rollicking flamboyant glad alive and kicking courageous go-go happy-go-lucky plucky wild festive tough lusty gleeful indefatigable zealous excited audacious bustling busy intrepid exciting confident boisterous agile strenuous witty jocund stalwart scintillating venturesome jocular alive robust mirthful genial lightsome full of fun crank ludic fearless full of the joys of spring determined brash stimulating sturdy irrepressible full of pep vivid colourful skittish driving resolute wick sparkly potent emphatic devil-may-care rousing debonair buzzing light nervy kittenish elated gallant positive flourishing gladsome frivolous fervent colorful red-blooded coltish impish industrious smart adventuresome as merry as a grig impassioned mischievous emboldened nerved swashbuckling full of get-up-and-go prankish swinging go-getting fun full-blooded flippant punchy entertaining humorous striking high-powered thriving imaginative humming ingenious piquant full of energy bubbling jocose hearty insouciant abuzz in good spirits as lively as a grig happening brave resourceful unrestrained romping energized venturous free-swinging roguish spicy daredevil waggish wanton frolicky contented clever energised ball of fire game ballsy stout optimistic funny inventive effective hopping untroubled untiring sporty sound astir unflagging winsome creative interesting heroic eupeptic on the go canty assured whimsical volatile dazzling abubble aboil pushy rowdy heated moving innovative exhilarated ambitious activated dauntless valorous rumbustious assertive roisterous poignant emotional uncontrolled unruly dramatic tart go-ahead healthy of good cheer puckish gratified sassy riotous resounding muscular intensive capable salty flush jokey doughty delighted euphoric fay sportful antic elfish larky devilish showy jubilant charged relaxed content arch fierce pleased satisfied lionhearted easy raucous fit larkish facetious eventful teasing flip elvish rugged mobile excitable comical hopeful hard-hitting laughing unconcerned raring to go rash quick-witted hale and hearty original good-humoured in-your-face good-humored resilient modern feeling one's oats sensitive brilliant coming on strong romantic on top of the world responsive noisy sexy dapper pungent entrepreneurial invigorated undaunted casual rip-roaring up-and-coming knockabout beaming storming progressive without a care in the world fulfilled honored loud fervid new talented hectic uninhibited gifted violent robustious rambunctious able gregarious unafraid tangy hell-raising perk occupied nonchalant proud unflinching cheeky combative blunt unbridled pushing saucy vitalized tenacious fluid quarrelsome fast dynamical argumentative bellicose pugnacious rakish easy-going belligerent contentious exceptional joking truculent hale militant naughty chaotic wonderful confrontational warlike wicked gumptious hard arduous virile swift graceful radiant take-over disputatious unworried tumultuous expressive blooming biting high-octane agonistic in fine fettle exultant rapid working chippy frantic appreciative gladiatorial demonstrative tricksy rascally taxing productive discordant exhausting electrifying smiley amusing droll assaultive diligent overjoyed brawly laborious hot-blooded decisive heroical foolhardy reckless able-bodied athletic dexterous forward social blissful coruscating full of spirit warm thrilled frenetic frenzied slaphappy perceptive temerarious laid-back all-out unthinking stouthearted scrappy have-a-go ready inspired lion-hearted efficient espiègle in good condition easygoing gutty ecstatic convivial buzzy supple dextrous over the moon tongue-in-cheek risible glib fighting fit sanguine ornery prideful honoured grateful esteemed dignified expansive full of vim cocksure bullish pulling no punches assuming presuming glowing furious elastic full of joie de vivre unreserved expectant fit as a fiddle smart-alecky self-assured sharp-witted disposed to look on the bright side quick on the draw quick on the uptake neat theatrical stylish swaggering invigorating frolicking capering outgoing attractive raffish salacious fancy jazzlike psychedelic glitzy deep fairylike grooving emotive boon exhilarating heady aware swish elegant pioneering awake all out turnt savory savoury hilarious youthful excellent magnificent outstanding marvellous whopping marvelous remarkable overbold formidable rich tasty distinctive urbane liberal disruptive advanced forward-looking chivalrous stout-hearted breathless envigorating party dogged earnest Herculean pertinent dull relevant tight provocative intriguing fascinating indifferent uncaring unconsidered heedless demoniac motive locomotive kinematic motile high informal enlivened enlightened driven forward-thinking exclusive swank coquettish persistent unremitting pertinacious disorderly deedful beatific ostentatious macho rigorous insubstantial unserious full of the joy of living clubby coy jesting jumpy arresting cock-a-hoop cheering pleasure-seeking rising overexcited uproarious flirtatious on the move practical smiling grinning festal partyish enjoyable welcoming fanciful full of vim and vigor comic amiable full of zip self-assertive vibrating feverish cavalier still going strong going strong juicy avant-garde nifty holiday cute clamorous undisciplined wayward rough abandoned as happy as a clam as happy as a sandboy deviceful pixieish scampish bantering knavish pixy pixie sly leprechaunish chucklesome refreshed torrid superheated ventilated affable mellow easy-breezy low-pressure contemporary sophisticated hip electric magnetic well impetuous wilful roistering zoolike to the point functional revitalized reinvigorated explosive warm-blooded religious ungovernable beside oneself with joy wrapped on cloud nine thankful on cloud seven tickled chuffed in jest clowning in fun shallow superficial trivial free and easy unconstrained offhand full of activity clangorous obstreperous hardened inured engaged whole heartening heartwarming blessed rapturous effectual wholesome silly flirty empty-headed demure giddy scatterbrained dizzy feather-brained revivified rejuvenated rested restored renewed perfervid incandescent passional staunch headstrong toughened snazzy slapstick highbrowed profound ironic tactful smart-aleck nimble-witted cutting assiduous up-to-date trendy full of hope cavorting strident vociferous vociferant over-the-top brawling enduring resistant employed operating functioning revived revitalised reenergized strapping fine doubtless implicit certain clear sure good can-do encouraged greathearted undauntable manful sedulous exacting tiring extroverted childish hot-tempered cantankerous hostile have a bone to pick on the outs at loggerheads mean have chip on shoulder battling fighting have it in for antagonistic charismatic activating self-motivated highpowered energising influential compelling energizing hyped-up go-getter vitalizing handy occupational operational serviceable operative rollicksome thumping ripping in good health inspirited strengthened fortified pepped up freshened reanimated motivated perked up challenging demanding in good trim in good kilter strong as an horse strong as an lion strong as an ox in tip-top condition in good shape difficult to keep down practicable utile right as rain bursting with health ridibund undoubtful secure well-conditioned in rude health in good heart self-confident fit as a flea aweless bantam flexible rolling with punches quick to recover quick to bounce back utilitarian well-oiled lithe play hard ball play for keeps persuasive steamroller take-charge hard-driving unwearied looking on the bright side unfatigued fresh as a daisy like a new person untired buoyed up quickened adjustable adaptable variable turbulent severe restless testing harsh trying unsparing in the pink red-hot accommodating feelgood meaningful suggestive supersmart acute hyperintelligent intelligent ultrasmart astute hungry craving hardworking advancing self-starting itching yearning aspiring hustling lusting sociable burdensome full flustering madhouse bombastic personable limber light-footed tied-up touchy like new rehabilitated bright-eyed like a new man bushy-tailed brainy trim natty in full swing busy as a bee deft malleable difficult spruce eloquent artistic graphic significant revealing likable friendly bumpy onerous full on wearing imperious action-packed acrobatic willowy spark plug hard ball compliant all there with it impudent fleet nippy quick-moving fleet-footed lissom featly light-foot lissome gracile nimble-footed feline lithesome talkative congenial extraverted telling pregnant revelatory indicative evocative descriptive meaning sympathetic twinkle-toed on the ball brazen pliant changeable pliable modifiable alterable yielding thin-skinned flattered likeable cordial quick-thinking twinkle toes fabulous clear-headed quick on the trigger quick off the mark spright winged prompt mercurial gassy easy-moving on the warpath high-strung visionary indicating emotion indicating feeling allusive deeply felt insolent shameless versatile complaisant tolerant conformable cocky revered venerated well-pleased barefaced impertinent unabashed immodest presumptuous brassy understanding representing pictorial indicating tender representative articulate pathetic thoughtful full of feeling communicative touching full of emotion pointed open easy-to-read picturesque masterly silver-tongued signifying recuperative mutable soaring rude glittering wise bold-faced defiant blatant unashamed familiar unshrinking unembarrassed unblushing free overfamiliar brazen-faced brassbound brass-necked arrogant flashing glistening shimmering not backwards in coming forwards bold as brass twinkling shining glinting gleaming iridescent lustrous coruscant shimmery flickering glistering dancing opalescent scintillant effulgent fulgurating mantling starry shiny spangled lambent glittery gaseous

Tính từ

Full of resolve and determination
determined courageous plucky brave feisty mettlesome dauntless eager game gutsy resolute spunky audacious dashing enterprising fearless intrepid keen zealous ballsy forceful nervy strong-willed as game as Ned Kelly have-a-go unflinching valiant stalwart bold indomitable dogged tenacious staunch steadfast undaunted lionhearted indefatigable unyielding unwavering heroic firm gritty unfaltering doughty gallant daring stout-hearted unflagging vigorous unshakeable stout stubborn unbending valorous strong unswerving manful steely committed persevering persistent dedicated unafraid earnest single-minded gutty strong-minded driven stouthearted adventurous resolved untiring heroical greathearted pertinacious confident unrelenting purposeful hardy obstinate rock-ribbed undauntable venturous tough industrious unshrinking lion-hearted intent uncompromising enthusiastic full of determination assertive steady willful insistent obdurate ambitious energetic ardent daredevil motivated fierce pushy constant unfearful immovable unhesitating relentless unshakable perseverant dynamic venturesome avid go-getting self-assertive active hard-driving ruthless tireless set high-spirited adamant unshaken diligent unabashed intransigent aspiring unblenching self-starting self-driven strenuous goal-oriented undeviating hungry stiff manly assiduous desirous thirsty purposive fixed decided go-ahead bulldog noble inflexible assured decisive aggressive striving inspired true adventuresome unbendable chivalrous militant death-or-glory unalarmed four-square dead set intense eager beaver unremitting fire-eating bent upon deliberate devoted fanatical implacable aweless powerful spartan serious indurate unchanging loyal frightless temerarious unfearing progressive pioneering brassy self-confident undismayed unswervable unwearied power-loving power-hungry Herculean self-asserting high-reaching self-seeking gung ho get up and go incessant invincible unfailing inexhaustible weariless unconquerable hard-nosed patient forward perky jumping grind hyper sporting undeterred bent resilient unflappable bullheaded obsessed unsurpassable invulnerable conscientious honourable great solid hard-working brash impavid faithful foolhardy redoubtable compulsive iron-willed cutthroat worthy puissant devil-may-care self-willed defiant bloodthirsty competitive self-assured gladiatorial undefeatable can-do self-possessed herolike scrappy sedulous meaning business warlike hell-bent like a ball of fire on the make two-fisted honorable quixotic having killer instinct desiring success focused bravehearted direct pigheaded headstrong enduring firmly-based cast-iron iron reckless undiscouraged cool hardworking unbeatable straight trusty reliable never-tiring hanging tough focussed unwearying unstinting thrusting passionate cocky icy sassy orped self-motivated madcap high-powered rash risky wild fiery domineering commanding macho great-spirited bound bullish impregnable hopeful free-swinging nerved overbold overconfident emboldened demanding definite immutable persisting not put off not discouraged sure vehement sagacious lively brisk imposing authoritative settled out on the go ball of fire rigid sustained rigorous ferocious death-defying imprudent chin-up fortitudinous controlling irrepressible hard dutiful dependable peppery gingery unabated stringent bulletproof unassailable insuperable unstoppable untameable insurmountable overbearing imperious positive bossy brutal ungoverned uncurbed urbane hairy suave dignified mettled frisky sprightly independent perceptive take charge mean impassable unceasing composed collected emphatic intent on do-or-die consumed compelled combative set on determined to committed to the idea of tall in the saddle hell-bent on on one's mettle insistent on hell-bent upon bent on hell bent on dead set on intent upon poised hang-tough full-blooded intensely competitive high-pressure go for broke in-your-face fiercely competitive bound and determined stop at nothing cut-throat dog-eat-dog firm in spirit animated tough-minded ironclad resourceful certain possessed obsessive emulous contentious continuing plugging go-go unstinted fireball continued plodding keen as mustard upwardly mobile brazen galvanized monomaniacal impelled vying high-minded fixated obsessional induced driving competing self-reliant impulsive besetting pushed steered galvanised guided knightly pushing warring carnivorous opposing antagonistic oppositional cool-headed dominant spoiling for a fight on the warpath ready for action chivalric magnanimous urged on elevated just big high lordly sublime gentlemanly fair natural lofty courteous virtuous courtly gentlemanlike benevolent great-hearted noble-minded well-mannered wholehearted unmovable inexorable grim intractable recalcitrant secure refractory wilful unmanageable indestructible perverse froward untouchable contrary contumacious balky bolshie ungovernable unruly stiff-necked bloody-minded dyed-in-the-wool uncontrollable inviolable safe overwhelming unattackable uncooperative undisciplined mulish restive difficult cantankerous irresistible opinionated hardheaded bull-headed obstreperous fractious stroppy set in one's ways awkward impenetrable wayward unmalleable unadaptable hard-line disobedient indocile insubordinate ossified cussed adamantine untoward inconvincible hardened incompliant unaccommodating strict pat self-opinionated uncompliant supreme impossible resistant true-blue hopeless insuppressible unrestrainable unpersuadable rebellious ornery challenging rebel recusant overpowering diehard cross-grained incontrollable remorseless unreasonable well fortified well defended stubborn as a mule unswayable dogmatic opinionative pig-headed locked in contrarious standing one's ground undisciplinable safe and sound argumentative wrong-headed unsubduable immortal uncontainable inexpugnable unattainable indefeasible undefeated innate self-disciplined above criticism unkillable unsurmountable fervent devout inevitable inescapable fortified matchless insusceptible hidebound stanch hardboiled buckled down blinkered impervious immune insensitive peerless unsurpassed inalterable unalterable stable sturdy holy sacred hallowed sacrosanct unchangeable brassbound unvacillating unmoved unbreakable heady fervid impassioned sworn tried-and-true responsible pious tried inveterate unmatched set in your ways hard and fast stern convinced reactionary traditionalist conservative unwilling mutinous well-defended excellent outstanding with one's feet dug in with one's toes dug in deaf to reason superhuman disorderly steamroller powerhouse obstinately disobedient unexcelled ultra-conservative hard-core unprogressive deep-dyed tried and true tried and tested grand extravagant classic exaggerated epic renitent pervicacious proof against turbulent violent delinquent incorrigible non-compliant high-flown inflated grandiose good noncompliant resisting insubmissive radical withstanding out of control champion mythological incurable long-standing not beatable like a loose cannon excited insurgent beside oneself badly-behaved freaked abandoned lawless stand tall no-win inaccessible unmasterable ineluctable entrenched blimpish bigger than life insoluble thorny unpliable locked problematic knotty forget it no way unsinkable painstaking fogyish stick-in-the-mud conformist tough nut hang tough not a prayer nose to grindstone grumbly disobliging importunate pitiless irritable trying boorish finical tiresome vexed unpredictable testy hard to handle invidious choosy fiendish captious snappy sensitive ill-natured hard to please temperamental crotchety uppity touchy troublesome uptight chippy quarrelsome unamenable disputative sour oafish discontented tyrannical hypercritical picky prickly dissatisfied rude querulous bearish crabby thrawn huffy negative delicate oppressive hard to satisfy irritating fussy overcritical impolite disputatious irascible obstructive perfectionist particular fastidious over-particular finicky dictatorial critical ungracious

Tính từ

Loudly cheerful, enthusiastic or approbatory
hearty ardent eager passionate enthusiastic intense avid zealous animated ebullient lively impassioned exuberant energetic vivacious dynamic deep devout emphatic loud affable effusive generous jovial unreserved cheerful profound backslapping deepest uninhibited responsive amiable vigorous abiding cheery frank full gay glad gushing honest jolly profuse unrestrained welcoming back-slapping deep-rooted warm-hearted deep-felt good natured fervent vehement fervid perfervid fiery excited feverish keen fanatical wild fierce passional earnest emotional burning red-hot flaming warm torrid charged hot-blooded heated demonstrative enthused incandescent dedicated committed voracious warm-blooded pumped hot crazy blazing superheated religious raring wholehearted violent hungry gung ho nuts desirous athirst juiced glowing mad keen antsy stoked solicitous excitable impetuous devoted obsessed keen as mustard agog frenetic anxious willing impatient rabid furious exhilarated ready strong assiduous heartfelt thirsty forceful intent interested motivated tempestuous angry zestful geeked delirious high-spirited hopped-up hepped up inflamed keyed up sprightly stormy yearning frenzied raging ambitious driven sincere determined titillated nutty afire mad rash temperamental consuming tumultuous ready and willing impulsive fired up as keen as mustard bright-eyed and bushy-tailed raring to go frantic on fire hopped up chomping at the bit manic itching industrious longing fevered psyched thrilled conscientious warmblooded pleased animate powerful diligent great restless appetent uncontrollable hectic ferocious unqualified active amped greedy explosive forcible heightened volatile aflame stirred stirred up crazed hyperactive messianic irascible gung-ho raw acrimonious deep-seated stimulated hysterical dithyrambic aroused potent volcanic steamed up deeply felt mercurial champing at the bit hot-tempered full of beans true blue hyper wishing amorous hopeful dying craving desiring intent on inspired feeling inspirited galvanized roused energized overzealous raving uproarious encouraged moved uplifted influenced activated steadfast allegiant agitable neurotic card-carrying ecstatic aggressive proactive bullish banzai daft in a frenzy very excited untrammeled untrammelled jumping up and down potty extremely enthusiastic take-charge can-do militant urgent short-fuse hot-headed high-strung highly strung energised self-driven galvanised eventful exciting gotta have dying to serious pious hot for tender unfeigned warmhearted severe immoderate uncontrolled marked acute clamorous outspoken vocal noisy vociferous single-minded pushy purposeful inordinate vivid intemperate heavy penetrating piercing bitter forthright insistent strident busy hellacious excessive melodramatic blistering intensified obsessive itchy ripe zealotic extreme fired go-ahead fanatic fireball self-starting possessed wild-eyed desperate on the make full-throated pronounced opinionated concentrated turbulent rough emotive overemotional sentimental all-consuming ungovernable noteworthy interesting moving inspiring eloquent stirring poignant high-pressure hotblooded expressive precipitate thrilling affecting headlong quickened high-powered convulsive paroxysmal cyclonic touchy savage disorderly knock-down-and-drag-out bad-tempered blood-and-guts ill-tempered bang-bang hammer and tongs distracted coming on strong effervescent overactive overwrought full-hearted agitated red-blooded unruly high game sultry high as a kite action-packed strenuous ireful indignant wrathful irate wigged-out fascinated rhapsodic wacky tantalized concerned gaga tantalised bugged zesty turnt gone on hot to trot

Tính từ

Causing emotion, excitement, and enthusiasm
stirring exciting thrilling rousing stimulating inspiring moving dramatic electrifying emotive gripping heady action-packed emotional exhilarating impassioned inspirational intoxicating riveting animating breathtaking charged electric emotion-charged exhilarative galvanic galvanising galvanizing hair-raising heart-stopping kicky lively mind-bending mind-blowing mind-boggling passionate rip-roaring soul-stirring anthemic inspiriting stem-winding arousing awakening dynamic heartbreaking heartrending magnificent motivating provoking enlivening motivational energizing influential invigorating encouraging provocative persuasive animated uplifting impelling stimulative affective meaningful touching affecting refreshing envigorating energising inciting thought-provoking vigorous energetic challenging striking enthusiastic hearty instigative instigating triggering piquing interesting inflammatory agitational brisk fascinating sensational shaking trembling melodramatic quaking vibrating shivering shuddering fab awe-inspiring enchanting large spine-tingling miraculous frantic boss blood-tingling mad awesome fabulous exquisite swinging wondrous overwhelming delightful wild tragicomic tragic expressive heartening zero cool memorable impactful impressive poignant exalting vibrant enthralling captivating astonishing amazing intriguing compelling absorbing appealing wonderful entrancing engrossing spectacular staggering stunning spellbinding incredible astounding remarkable startling compulsive marvellous engaging titillating bewitching arresting marvelous unputdownable eye-popping mesmerizing suspenseful powerful intense entertaining stupendous mesmerising hypnotic eye-opening brilliant extraordinary mesmeric magical unbelievable involving transfixing bracing vitalizing seductive dazzling shocking magnetic consuming charming immersing quickening vivid piquant enticing adrenalizing hectic jaw-dropping sexy outstanding irresistible fantastic out of this world very interesting alluring tantalizing lurid diverting cliffhanging amusing prodigious vivifying tantalising beguiling tense shock-horror phenomenal difficult imposing theatrical inconceivable preoccupying surprising exceptional mind-altering buzzworthy momentous heart-rending heart-warming excellent attention-grabbing tear-jerking bold superb scandalous fantastical tremendous effective unique fast-moving tonic glorious portentous exhilarant suggestive explosive first-class first-rate vital knife-edge salacious restorative cheering strong notable colourful sentimental important tempting conspicuous complex complicated baffling confusing puzzling very exciting significant noteworthy addictive graphic noticeable racy newsworthy stupefying monopolizing hallucinatory marked hot climactic splendid seducing blinding unimaginable psychedelic monopolising attractive sublime great pleasing cool terrific stellar sudden emphatic pleasurable hypnotizing colorful profound curious super charismatic gee-whizz forcible awe-striking heart-stirring fine sensorial amazeballs far out hypnotising special theatric divine majestic empyreal out of the ordinary galvanical reviving cordial rejuvenating Hitchcockian shareable viral potent ensational readable elating hallucinogenic nerve-racking fashionable trendy sparkling adrenaline-charged edge-of-the-seat beautiful magic spicy better than expected laden pervaded permeated filled imbued suffused fraught loaded full saturated exalté boisterous rollicking ripping riotous uproarious revitalizing gladdening bright histrionic risqué totally absorbing giving one food for thought superior warm radiant revitalising elevating giddy animative exhilaratory teasing erotic sensual pornographic dramaturgical royal telling tender adrenaline-fueled unusual meaty inviting eventful worthy of note fresh trenchant topical unboring newsy splashy relatable prepossessing showy fast-paced high glaring gleaming pronounced definite unprecedented breathless sententious upsetting juicy insane unparalleled sharp biting saucy sexually arousing lewd sexually exciting sexually stimulating dramaturgic far-out resplendent like a dream come true unheard-of blissful fabled splendorous heavenly ethereal enlightening fairy-tale fairytale-like dream-filled jolting superlative uncommon singular enjoyable crazy unreal rare surpassing buzzy volatile adrenalized sensitive controversial enrapturing funny ridiculous unusually good power-driven AC DC juiced motor-driven electrical electronic plug-in rechargeable up-tempo some histrionical thespian farcical comic cherished perfect pleasant horrifying fetching elfin bad massive luring delectable ravishing glamourous glamorous good accomplished humorous witty battery operated contentious delicate daring deep primo grand like wow swell hunky-dory groovy dandy monumental delicious lavish stately luxurious too good to be true unheard of winning high-octane agreeable fun skilled skilful consummate skillful formidable admirable masterly congenial recreative droll nice bodacious noisy commanding studied crack ace world-class expert consequential touchy hilarious chucklesome harrowing haunting breath-taking eye-catching appalling sensationalistic revealing comical cracking crash-hot nifty saccharine lachrymose sugary cloying syrupy pathetic mawkish over-sentimental relaxing scream clever riot be a ball cheerful fun-filled gas gay side-splitting priceless distracting sensationalist screaming gee-whiz catchpenny problematic awkward hot-button soppy mushy cornball weepy gooey schmaltzy cutesy drippy sappy wizard mean hokey yellow historic crackerjack well-done heartwarming affectional lovey-dovey signal extravagant tabloid sultry vulgar coloured pointed prominent rough pungent excessive livid coarse X-rated salient colored three-hanky

Tính từ

Active and energetic
quick fast swift speedy brisk rapid nimble expeditious fleet lively nippy prompt breakneck flying lightning sprightly cracking whirlwind zippy alacritous express hasty high-speed active animated blistering breathless dizzy energetic fast-track fleet-footed galloping hot rapid-fire rattling ready snappy splitting agile headlong spry tantivy vivacious volant accelerated expeditive going harefooted nifty fast-moving hurried vigorous smart sharp bustling urgent alert adroit spanking immediate timely instant direct instantaneous unhesitating responsive rathe meteoric without delay fast-tracked short-lived double time PDQ sudden abrupt precipitate precipitous rushed rash unexpected unforeseen unanticipated whistle-stop cursory quickie supersonic winged mercurial short quick-fire precipitant brief willing impulsive rushing violent turbo impetuous at speed velocious without warning surprising punctual summary fleet of foot on the double fleeting perfunctory overnight flat-out overhasty gadarene light-footed quickened helter-skelter snap very fast drive-by hypersonic up-tempo pell-mell on-the-spot uninterrupted non-stop in nothing flat deft pacey unceremonious reckless peremptory quick-moving spur-of-the-moment slapdash transitory pronto startling momentary screaming speedball unlooked-for awful twinkle-toed light of foot double-quick ultrarapid ultrafast unpremeditated successive automatic efficient staccato diligent sporty souped-up jerky effectual effective tripping excessive zooming streaming furious dynamic supple nimble-footed acrobatic lissom limber lithe dizzying with good acceleration dashing fugacious dangerous passing unthinking determined no-nonsense resolute light hurricane cyclonic tumultuous tornado severe excruciating dreadful unbearable terrible intense piercing frightful machine-gun swift-footed fast-paced impatient priority barrelling fiery rush promptly given lightsome fast and furious unswerving undeviating nonstop hurrying extremely fast dangerously fast incautious hectic like lightning spasmodic impromptu acute like mad like crazy eager thoughtless slambang barreling hurry-up explosive unusual speeded shaking a leg temerarious premature superficial imprudent now or never not to be delayed lissome speeding early ultrasonic chop-chop the double without notice at full tilt quick as a wink subitaneous snatched like the wind out of the blue not bargained for swift as an arrow like greased lightning little nasty temporary unpleasant harsh disagreeable impermanent short-term crude brutal rude brusque shocking unpredicted unforgiving

Tính từ

Alert and vigilant
open-eyed alert watchful awake observant attentive vigilant tentie tenty heedful careful wakeful wary circumspect perceptive ready sharp quick wired cagey wise active bright hip intelligent clever jazzed Argus-eyed wide-awake on guard on the lookout on tiptoe on the alert on the qui vive on one's toes all ears on the ball on the job heads up switched on good hands psyched up with it fast on the draw quick-witted keen agile acute wide awake astute responsive all there whip-smart clued up quick off the mark lively bright-eyed and bushy-tailed vital alive quick on the uptake aware sensible apprehensive clued-in on top of on your toes on the stick with your wits about you chary sharp-witted beady-eyed not missing a trick cautious sharp-eyed canny mindful eagle-eyed discerning keen-eyed guarded hawk-eyed regardful smart brilliant quick-thinking brainy able nimble-witted shrewd gifted fast ultrasmart exceptional supersmart hyperintelligent perspicacious penetrating concentrating sensitive nimble focused genius gimlet-eyed clear-sighted sharp-sighted focussed on the watch prepared with eyes like a hawk interested keen-sighted lynx-eyed keeping a weather eye on things defensive leery expectant upon one's guard surveying understanding advertent discovering deducing correct eager detecting discriminating searching contemplating considering questioning comprehending intentive observative receptive on your guard suspicious hooked glued unsleeping with eyes peeled with one's eyes skinned savvy apt delicate deft fine competent dexterous effectual capable slick knowing adept effective skilful adroit curt skillful dextrous vigorous smart as a whip sharp as a tack mercurial quick on the draw quick on the trigger whiz percipient diligent rapt committed assiduous earnest deep studious reckful paying attention listening carefully scrupulous heeding rigorous listening noticing intent prudent swift PDQ prompt brisk gingerly conservative considerate safe walking on eggs doubting calculating unwasteful watching one's step saving watching out sly provident discreet frugal thinking twice thrifty handling with kid gloves keeping on one's toes sparing

Tính từ

Easily excitable with an excessive amount of energy
skittish excitable nervous jumpy restive skittery fidgety fiddle-footed flighty fluttery high-strung hyper hyperactive hyperexcitable hyperkinetic jittery lively spasmodic spooky antsy agitable alarmable animated combustible dizzy easily frightened edgy excited flappable frivolous giddy harebrained irresponsible lightheaded light-headed panicky peppy restless scatterbrained sensitive skitterish spookish squirrelly undependable uneasy unreliable volative wary whimsical zippy highly strung very nervous tense nervy uptight anxious agitated twitchy wired neurotic unsettled worried hysterical apprehensive dithery insecure brittle keyed up on edge fearful impatient troubled perturbed upset touchy timid irritable irascible unstable ill at ease stressed flurried emotional frightened scared queazy overstrung volatile shy disturbed aflutter adrenalized unquiet temperamental queasy discomposed het up distressed chippy testy moody easily agitated overwrought hung up timorous frenzied hot-tempered quick-tempered easily upset overexcited bothered spooked overactive unnerved manic toey disquieted shaky terrified irrational rash afraid wound up hinky snappy overzealous curt tetchy goosey peevish fiery atwitter stressy crabbed in a tizzy critical fierce crotchety bad-tempered short-tempered ill-tempered overanxious hot-headed shrinking bashful mouselike graceless stiff uncontrollable energetic wild prim stilted prickly querulous captious nerve-racking feeling anxious beside oneself nervous wreck stressful nail-biting in suspense hectic distraught excessively active oversensitive on tenterhooks desperate flushed startled annoyed intense alarmed shocked nerves on edge bundle of nerves in a panic daunted aquiver mercurial fixated obsessed phobic have cold feet paranoid on pins and needles frantic unreluctant distracted unbalanced hotheaded hasty passionate like a cat on a hot tin roof like a cat on hot bricks wrought-up dismayed febrile fraught hot under the collar hyped-up afire atingle heated hyperexcited tempestuous on the edge disconcerted ruffled provoked worked up zipped up hot juiced up hot and bothered violent taut impulsive galvanic impetuous enthusiastic volcanic vehement uncontrolled inflammable intolerant susceptible demonstrative quick reckless concerned angsty sulky trepidatious sullen fretful short fused angry grumpy morose blowing hot and cold unglued careful offended cantankerous cross wriggly squirmy frowning glum miserable moping mopish saturnine sour petulant crusty mousy uncomfortable shivery wiggly crabby dour piqued splenetic mardy mopey huffy dejected waspish broody huffish blue mumpish kittle mopy tooshie wounded a bundle of nerves all wound up ill-humored ill-humoured strained strung out strung up in a state in a flap flustered windy all of a dither shaken in a tizz rattled self-conscious wrought up in a state of agitation in a stew embarrassed in a sweat in a twitter all of a lather in a state of nerves awkward hesitant unrelaxed having kittens in a twit uncertain discomfited fazed all of a doodah in a dither vexed unrestful discombobulated unsure worried sick trembling bricking oneself stressed out shaking like a fish out of water aroused retiring shook up tormented suspicious perplexed confused unsteady harassed fractious in a cold sweat out of place inhibited quaking irresolute frazzled moved doubtful under stress choked pressured under pressure irritated turbulent thrown unpeaceful fidgeting anguished hassled waiting for the axe to fall irked waiting with bated breath unnatural gauche wreck blushing unhappy weak fevered white-knuckled diffident perverse ornery quivering under a strain fretting wavering in turmoil unconfident withdrawn fitful unruly stirred worked-up clutched itchy inflamed discountenanced shot to pieces introverted aghast watchful affected creepy feverish angstful solicitous careworn bugged unyielding inconvenienced frozen a wreck in a spin beset riled active sleepless muddled tortured plagued all of a flutter in a flat spin beside yourself with one's stomach in knots with one's heart in one's mouth put out worried stiff with butterflies in one's stomach tossing and turning stressed-out eager difficult twittering complaining indecisive tentative disorientated faltering dithering vacillating highly-strung disoriented bewildered swithering constrained frisky strange lost distrustful ill-natured caught up reserved overtaxed taxed roused exasperated fussy cranky out of sorts whining grumbling ratty stirred up flapping disorderly moving shot agog eagerly galled chafed snappish contrary caviling faultfinding carping mean strict conventional cautious in a lather discomforted recalcitrant stimulated stoked jazzed sheepish shamefaced modest white knuckled all agog avid open-mouthed afflicted asea refractory cavilling palpitant wrung shaking in one's shoes up the wall anxiously waiting nervously awaiting fearfully anticipating apprehensively expecting hurt obstinate stubborn mannered artificial ill-at-ease aw-shucks exacerbated puzzled displeased chagrined aggravated pained mortified pestered harried harrowed miffed hurried transient wandering intermittent changeable inconstant footloose roving nomadic bustling lacking social skills tongue-tied with bated breath foreboding mistrustful overstretched frayed all nerves at fever pitch self-doubting unassertive self-effacing grieved pressurized pressurised old-fashioned on the defensive pumped-up gutted sad meek lacking confidence unforthcoming on the qui vive out of countenance champing at the bit shell-shocked on the rack saddened not self-assured lacking self-confidence passive dreading lily-livered running scared having stage fright biting nails having butterflies having cold feet having a funny feeling angst-ridden intimidated fearsome cowardly terror-stricken discouraged panic-stricken abashed horrified stunned cowed funky faint-hearted blanched petrified disheartened angered disappointed fretted swivel-eyed wakeful unsure of yourself low a basket case sweating bullets freaked-out overwhelmed wound-up crazy high keyed-up fired-up hot-and-bothered weary strung-out worn unstrung tired spent insomniac vague Delphic unassured questioning unpoised verklempt unzipped throwing a wobbly cut up in disorder amazed steamed up flipped out out of your mind awake unsleeping having butterflies in the stomach touch and go up in the air hanging by thread on thin ice come apart psyched out bummed out broken up at sixes and sevens all torn up in awe scared to death scared stiff run scared hot under collar all shook up insomnolent at the end of your tether alert rigid disturbing disquieting vigilant unsettling without sleep wide awake wide-awake attentive unnerving flexed tight distressing hard worrisome agitating hairy solid tensed firm tightened distressful stretched worrying close inflexible snug extended tightly drawn exciting scary nerve-wracking

Động từ

Past tense for to carry off, especially in haste, secrecy, or mystery

Trái nghĩa của spirited

spirited Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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