Đồng nghĩa của full of spirit


Spirited or plucky
spunky spirited lively energetic active animated peppy vigorous mettlesome sprightly fiery zippy snappy bouncy enthusiastic gingery peppery bold determined gutsy tough zesty courageous plucky chirpy game gritty alert brave eager fearless high-spirited full of life sparkling dynamic flourishing exciting vivacious electrifying vital effervescent forceful alive flamboyant dazzling bustling dashing potent animate perky humming happening airy stirring robust impassioned zealous indefatigable colourful virile kinetic vehement buzzing intense feisty brisk zestful driving colorful passionate vivid rousing lusty abuzz spry aggressive coruscating industrious hopping powerful bubbly intensive astir sparky stimulating thriving tireless busy fresh storming sturdy springy unflagging sensitive resounding untiring strong ballsy frisky rugged vibrating breezy bouncing pert punchy emphatic radiant racy effective stalwart responsive enterprising muscular hardy vibrant abubble spanking sound pizazzy aboil jazzy forcible pizzazzy strenuous jaunty pushy gay red-blooded full of get-up-and-go have-a-go full of the joys of spring go-go bright-eyed and bushy-tailed hard-hitting bright and breezy full of beans full of pep full-blooded all-out full of vim and vigour ball of fire high-octane alive and kicking high-powered buoyant ebullient peart exuberant chipper zingy cheerful merry sunny irrepressible upbeat excited joyful cheery ardent keen light-hearted frolicsome frolic gamesome bright crank bubbling elated happy in high spirits exhilarated jolly gladsome blithe blithesome zappy brash of good cheer as merry as a grig resolute scintillating euphoric fervent jubilant assertive carefree boisterous violent happy-go-lucky smiley in-your-face full of fun barnstorming combative belligerent bellicose pugnacious argumentative quarrelsome contentious confrontational truculent disputatious warlike scrappy agonistic chippy militant gladiatorial discordant assaultive brawly heated energized exultant uncontrolled unbridled unrestrained blunt wild quick vitalized go-getting activated playful rocking energised raring to go pulling no punches jumping fun-loving theatrical daring flush awake tumultuous on the go sportive gallant all out lighthearted swinging feeling one's oats turnt still going strong going strong hale and hearty in fine fettle full of the joy of living dogged earnest Herculean tenacious stout willful bubbling over valiant unruly rhapsodical interesting avid hot sharp hyper burning persistent unremitting pertinacious effusive frothy agitated jovial gushing eventful formidable hard arduous taxing exhausting rigorous refreshed invigorated revitalized reinvigorated fighting warring radical revivified rejuvenated restored renewed rested incisive ultra-active extremist two-fisted extreme fierce contending combating fanatical embattled charged revived revitalised reenergized relaxed impressive hilarious mirthful gleeful joyous offensive up in arms military warrish militaristic revolutionary in arms assertory martial rebellious telling influential eloquent persuasive cogent compelling dramatic striking convincing inspirited reanimated fortified perked up pepped up motivated strengthened freshened ornery touchy moving effectual graphic authoritative great irresistible difficult like a new person bushy-tailed like new untired rehabilitated fresh as a daisy unwearied like a new man bright-eyed unfatigued quickened excitable gutty hearty succinct terse pithy thin-skinned hot-blooded on the warpath high-strung

Trái nghĩa của full of spirit

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