Đồng nghĩa của warlike

Alternative for warlike

Đồng nghĩa: hawkish, martial, militant,

Tính từ

Hostile and belligerent
aggressive argumentative bellicose belligerent combative pugnacious quarrelsome jingoistic sabre-rattling antagonistic bloodthirsty hawkish hostile inimical martial militant militaristic warmongering aggers agonistic assaultive biffo brawly chippy confrontational contentious discordant disputatious feisty gladiatorial gung-ho military scrappy soldierly threatening truculent unfriendly violent warring attacking battling contending contrary fighting offensive ructious sanguinary war on the warpath cantankerous ornery fierce irascible stroppy ill-tempered bad-tempered hot-tempered defiant fiery adversarial captious mean combatant inhospitable surly touchy litigious quick-tempered spoiling for a fight nasty malevolent unkind army petulant irritable angry choleric fractious cross antipathetic disputative oppugnant unpleasant armed destructive conflicting invasive hateful rancorous unsympathetic noncivil polemical cavilling factious courageous arsey grouchy adverse controversial polemic unwelcoming difficult uncongenial spirited bolshie malicious spiteful unsociable pushy cold adversary wrangling sour bickering rebellious intimidating jaundiced negative caviling malignant at loggerheads ready for a fight clashing provocative quarrelling sullen have chip on shoulder have a bone to pick expansionist loudmouthed at war service testy pettish soldierlike snappy snarly active vicious crabby huffy prickly spunky embattled uncooperative opposed wrathful bitter militarist quarreling competing soldier-like challenging enthusiastic opposing dissentious disapproving venomous alien virulent perverse excitable disagreeable ill-disposed ill-natured determined hot-blooded querulous unpropitious maleficent vitriolic biting unreceptive malefic salty brawling hot flip ardent rude thin-skinned go-getting discourteous carnivorous cussed zealous dour viperous catty two-fisted ferocious ready to fight on the outs competitive up in arms have it in for having a chip on one's shoulder intrusive rapacious macho pro-war battle-hardened paramilitary battleful troublesome awkward disruptive war-mongering war-loving colonialistic imperialistic at each other's throats naysaying dissentient defence defense spiky opinionated wrestling tilting skirmishing looking for trouble invading rough chauvinistic flag-waving plucky trigger-happy warrior assertive under arms brave vigorous incursive radical fire-eating hotheaded peevish striking heroic naval self-assertive itching to fight ultra-active forceful extremist extreme combating tempestuous arguesome obstreperous impassioned turbulent unruly passionate churlish fanatical sparring rival valiant valorous assaulting assailing warrish revolutionary assertory at daggers drawn in arms itching on the attack ambitious scathing deadly vituperous terrifying cowing terrorising trenchant sharp mordacious insolent frightening browbeating caustic terrorizing harsh bullying mordant splenetic abusive narky miffy exasperated driven grumpy cutthroat emulous keen tough vying motivated thirsty snappish cranky fretful mighty peppery soreheaded sensitive foul hungry ruthless driving desirous short-tempered gutsy pushing go-ahead gung ho insistent having killer instinct ready for action hard-driving oppositional mettlesome lively alive energetic bubbly peppy gritty frisky gutty zestful game hearty full-blooded high-strung full of pep chilly distant aloof misanthropic frosty cool unneighbourly unamicable frigid antisocial unsocial unaffable withdrawn reserved unapproachable stand-offish severe supercilious unforthcoming stern stiff haughty uncommunicative impersonal indifferent disdainful hard-eyed uncivil chill gelid brittle wintry obnoxious clammy cold-blooded cold-eyed wintery frozen menacing icy mortal antiseptic arctic glacial impolite coldish uncordial unmannerly ungracious Olympian starchy uncharitable unpromising against vengeful not on speaking terms acrimonious opposite estranged censorious grudging gruff disaffected unneighborly vindictive bad malign hurtful cruel poisonous evil pernicious baleful wicked critical injurious cutting unfavourable evil-intentioned unfavorable harmful acid damaging untoward prejudicial wounding waspish savage despiteful resentful detrimental acerbic corrosive deleterious counter sarcastic dangerous disadvantageous disparaging dirty barbed tart stinging sardonic sinister noxious astringent bilious low ill devastating acrid pungent dark acidulous brutal snide evil-minded inconsiderate baneful hate-filled grim derisive calamitous cynical snarky satirical inauspicious scalding defamatory discouraging scornful tetchy acidic satiric incisive sulky poor forbidding acerb withering searing ill-humored ill-humoured mischievous uncomplimentary ruinous murderous smart-alecky contemptuous bad-natured mocking disobedient vile jeering scorching at odds recalcitrant disavowing dissident furious indignant taunting smart-mouthed moody contumacious implacable insubordinate vexatious ominous snarling nocuous hard dire blistering barbarous unlucky inopportune mean-spirited ratty untimely awful dissenting smart-aleck piercing shirty revengeful recusant unflattering resistant ironical unhelpful black refractory lousy intractable sneering derogatory intransigent wretched envenomed crabbed objectionable shrewish vituperative undermining unfeeling crotchety dyspeptic wayward grievous unfortunate problematic disrespectful frowning contumelious joyless distressing liverish backhanded horrid scoffing brusque needling scurrilous saucy upsetting carping beastly willful bothersome hazardous repugnant twitting chaffing arrogant austere dodgy trying disillusioned morose perilous irksome weisenheiming regrettable cheerless belittling inimic annoyed hellish disobliging mutinous adversative accusatorial obstinate obstructive backbiting poison murder irate displeased unadvantageous unwilling rotten insensitive tricky wilful disorderly infelicitous despicable merciless cataclysmic embittered slanderous pitiless disagreeing froward balky offended contemptible damning unforgiving aggrieved enemy inexpedient callous disastrous louring shabby uncaring intimidatory woeful inconvenient deplorable filthy bold tight glowering wild catastrophic brooding sticky minatory heartless rebel incompliant restive ungovernable ireful terrible pejorative inhuman minacious base relentless thoughtless glum hard-hearted thorny delicate bleak curmudgeonly subversive unappeasable eggy annoying bloody-minded unsafe insidious gross enraged foreboding boot-faced full of hate hairy worrying onerous arduous knotty taxing ungenerous peckish stark coldhearted crippling waxy execrable ignominious dishonorable detestable currish tiresome stubborn accidentally on purpose rowdy uncontrollable inhumane sadistic dishonourable low-down problematical ticklish punishing precarious chancy worrisome concerning iffy not nice low-minded dubious disturbing questionable self-willed spartan suspect unsparing prejudicious counterproductive spleenful squint-eyed stabbing razor-edged smouldering bearish of evil intent coruscating burning scowling artful grumbling bodeful oppugning reluctant scathy strident viperish toxicant ignoble paltry sordid divided split compassionless corrupting atrabilious peeved aspersive allergic corruptive sulphurous sulfurous cold-hearted ill-timed corrupt insulted begruding sore treacherous complaining scratchy dripping venom wrought up prepared for war in the midst of battle at swords' points tumultuous uncool envious petty unkindly unamiable ill-intentioned vexed irked piqued irritated discontented crusty full of spleen full of gall gloomy temperamental aggravated short-fused on a short fuse hardhearted unchristian galled provoked smoldering avenging sorehead whingy whingeing extremely critical invalidating outraged not conducive inimicable pointed snaky disharmonious insurrectionary seditious sectarian schismatic lamentable dyslogistic depreciative unprofitable depreciatory slighting downside detracting debit-side unhappy sharp-tongued on edge unaccommodating uptight discrediting irreconcilable anti headstrong lethal incendiary imperilling unhealthy unwholesome imperiling afflictive toxic undesirable feral punitive grudge-bearing unwelcome tragic fuming malcontent divisive insurgent alienated troublemaking partisan unrelenting unreasonable abrasive serious steely somber distasteful unacceptable asocial obdurate thrawn mulish capricious on the debit side untamed brutish ill-boding barbaric retaliatory fatal cataclysmal angerful ranting bristly raving psyched up frenzied tense in a temper convulsed arch odious renitent full of dislike loathsome humourless humorless desperate nefarious villainous serpentine monstrous depraved uncivilised fiendish abhorrent uncivilized abandoned thirsting for revenge out for revenge tragical heartbreaking distressful heartrending miserable contrariant nonconforming nonconformist paradoxical pervicacious contrarious uncompromising inflexible hardline remorseless inexorable at variance lawless sociopathic wrongheaded converse sombre solemn unfair reproachful condemnatory deprecatory catastrophal dreadful dysfunctional pigheaded bull-headed pig-headed cross-grained unmerciful unpitying blunt non-compliant hostile to averse to inimical to opposed to unyielding delinquent unsmiling flinty cast-iron ungentle no-nonsense mortified stony criticizing reproving fateful shattering frightful horrible daring audacious resisting sworn naughty undisciplined badly behaved ill-disciplined honest candid erratic errant unmanageable disturbed pesky ill-behaved maladjusted unrestrainable uncontainable wearisome indocile socially impaired impudent badly-behaved misbehaving whiny roguish undisciplinable demanding troublous incorrigible exasperating uncompliant rascally devilish unenthusiastic about disapprobatory denunciatory denouncing dissatisfied condemning straightforward realistic beyond the pale disinclined to accept reluctant to accept unwilling to accept dead set against ill-fated outspoken judgmental slating knocking scummy unsatisfactory tardy late malapropos wrong improper unseemly unfit discommodious inadvisable unseasonable unsuited faultfinding unappealing insulting insubmissive sassy resistive disregardful cheeky reckless dareful criticising full of reproof ill-advised warts and all straight from the shoulder

Tính từ

Having or showing a desire to kill and maim
bloodthirsty murderous barbarous brutal cut-throat ferocious heartless homicidal inhuman merciless ruthless sanguinary savage vicious bellicose bloody sadistic violent barbaric bloody-minded callous cruel murdering sanguine sanguineous fierce gory horrible pitiless remorseless slaughterous hard-fought involving bloodshed decimating heavy cutthroat grim fell inhumane destructive brutish lethal hellish deadly dangerous killing fiendish monstrous unmerciful truculent wicked devastating harsh atrocious unfeeling diabolical destroying cold-blooded relentless bestial brute wanton butcherly unsparing mortal ruinous criminal death-dealing hard-hearted malevolent uncaring unrelenting severe beastly killer infernal implacable devilish uncharitable abominable heinous malicious harrowing arduous sapping unpleasant exhausting strenuous unsympathetic vile nefarious malignant stern unkind insensitive dog-eat-dog vindictive evil fatal stony-hearted cold-hearted deathly hard nasty mean ghastly terminal baleful inclement wolfish unpitying stony pernicious pestilent dastardly crude draconian aggressive villainous black-hearted vital coarse inflexible unforgiving virulent unremitting insensate thick-skinned stonyhearted stoney obdurate hard-boiled affectless slash-and-burn compassionless desensitized take-no-prisoners ironhearted indurate soulless case-hardened pachydermatous internecine base competitive demoniac voracious desensitised butcherous thuggish maniacal ravening tigerish unspeakable crazed satanic bitter black low dark vulgar low-down rough tough uncouth demonic murtherous unconcerned bearish gruff tactless indifferent ungodly lupine ravenous unruly unrestrained rigorous accursed odious Mephistophelian rigid intolerant illiberal wretched strict punishing tyrannous coldhearted hurtful punitive constant vengeful hard as nails inexorable unbending carnivorous antagonistic steely without mercy intensely competitive every person for themselves fiercely competitive adamant lacking compassion noxious poisonous toxic rancorous hardhearted hard-nosed cold unappeasable ironfisted feral revengeful surly marble-hearted unyielding injurious harmful baneful deleterious detrimental with a heart of stone without pity dead mortuary incurable unhealthy untreatable nocuous venomous mephitic pestilential pestiferous slaying life-threatening cannibalistic mortiferous suicidal carcinogenic hideous spiteful bloodless unemotional flinty depraved maleficent immoral uncompassionate wrathful roughshod hateful

Tính từ

Relating to crime
criminal unlawful illicit lawless illegal prohibited dishonest felonious corrupt culpable illegitimate unethical villainous crooked disorderly indictable nefarious unlicensed wicked wrong clandestine contraband iniquitous unsavoury unsavory anarchic delinquent forbidden furtive lawbreaking terrorist wrongful actionable banned bent black dark fraudulent immoral impermissible outlawed punishable shady unauthorised unauthorized unruly unsanctioned against the law anarchical bad disruptive dodgy improper insubordinate insurgent insurrectionary interdicted mutinous mutinying proscribed rebellious seditious unacceptable unofficial vile adulterous anarchistic barbarous evil malfeasant noncompliant nonconformist peccant revolting savage sinful sly taboo unrighteous unwarranted verboten vicious bootleg contumacious criminogenic dirty disobedient disordered excessive flagitious guilty heavy infringing miscreant nihilistic piratical racketeering recusant rotten traitorous transgressing turbulent uncivilised uncivilized uncultivated ungoverned unpeaceful unregulated violating violent wildcat haram tapu out of line black-market off base under-the-table smoking gun against the rules off limits ruled out not acceptable not allowed not permitted contrary to law in violation of law without law and order under the counter under-the-counter under the table riotous ungovernable revolutionary wild unrestrained reckless chaotic tempestuous uncontrolled fierce tyrannous unorthodox untamed uncontrollable despotic heterodox terrorizing terrorising unprincipled base depraved reprobate degenerate dishonourable reprehensible dishonorable unscrupulous shameful dissolute heinous foul erring atrocious perverted disreputable infamous scandalous abominable monstrous ungodly despicable outrageous shocking odious prosecutable blameworthy detestable warped scoundrelly unjust perverse egregious barred morally wrong dissipated unholy diabolical fiendish profane dastardly unfair rascally sacrilegious execrable blasphemous debauched hateful discreditable underhand mean chargeable impure unconscionable amoral offending devious contemptible sordid errant irreligious disgraceful indecent low impious low-down censurable malicious horrible unconstitutional fallen godless ignoble deceitful debased obscene responsible peccable shameless abandoned beastly sinning aberrant blamable deviant knavish condemnable diabolic murderous treacherous sullied tainted roguish profligate cruel wanton sinister underhanded decadent stinking wayward non licet licentious corrupted not cricket two-timing devilish indefensible maleficent answerable unmanageable appalling dreadful untrustworthy abhorrent irreverent straying degraded unspeakable naughty malevolent racket deviating ignominious tabu loathsome polygamous bigamous unhealthy not legal disgusting offensive incorrigible liable brutal libertine vitiated not approved pernicious injurious black-hearted blackguardly misbehaving terrible transgressive vetoed dangerous ruffianly unregenerate convictable reproachable rowdy opprobrious infernal notorious hot smuggled unwarrantable irregular extralegal undesirable condemned swindling inhuman deplorable blameful inexcusable undue intemperate blameable disallowed lewd inequitable mischievous lascivious raffish venal fallible wretched cheating unworthy repugnant callous double-dealing sick lecherous loose unwholesome rakish demoralized bribable unpleasant at fault prurient refused no-no louche damnable mercenary lowlife unclean rakehell jackleg prejudicial sub rosa filthy perfidious faithless outside the law rakehelly objectionable caitiff scurvy to blame snide demoralised defiled open nasty no go heartless harmful unvirtuous questionable in error two-faced out of bounds low-life in the wrong self-indulgent gone to the dogs fast and loose on the side secret undemocratic serious unapproved uncertified unaccredited penal mistaken deceiving malign rough intolerable vice-ridden atheistic antisocial inappropriate accursed facinorous groundless cutthroat Machiavellian imputable scungy buccaneering scurrilous satanic malignant embargoed faulty blundering unjustified flagrant glaring putrid gross restricted triable litigable tortious shy unrespectable shoddy unforgivable bogus unreasonable unnecessary undeserved beyond contempt pillaging plundering thieving exceptionable ill-famed hideous hellish no good convicted uncharitable undignified abject unbecoming sorry ill-reputed cowardly accountable hardened debarred uncalled for closed down good-for-nothing incriminated lamentable servile currish shabby inelegant menial paltry worthless rapacious wolfish impeached reprovable deleterious damaging demeritorious amiss baneful hurtful nocuous adverse noxious baleful detrimental ill tough threatening caught censured biased prejudiced off-color low-minded accusable doomed bad news discriminatory closed-up closed closed-down out on one's head ruthless merciless deserving blame partisan inhumane risqué contrary troublesome difficult froward unfeeling unkind forbidding slippery bloodthirsty tyrannical shifty brutish bestial unconscientious sadistic scheming inexorable spiteful discriminating partial unequal bigoted thievish smutty salacious not on corruptible pitiless rancorous disparaging exploitative hard-hearted mean-spirited wrathful demonic crafty scrofulous evil-minded self-seeking vengeful contemptuous grisly conscienceless cold-blooded squalid scornful despiteful harsh virulent vindictive gruesome disdainful grafting buyable gangland underworld weighted distorted intolerant coloured slanted preferential profiteering tricky obnoxious badly behaved shifting erratic stray heretic unreliable meandering errable unfaithful extortionate suborned loaded unbalanced uneven arbitrary out of control hollow-hearted on the take unchaste false one-sided petty grievous unrightful non-objective uncalled-for colored off straight and narrow hedonic pervy sleazy libidinous fast lustful concupiscent promiscuous indulgent flagitous twisted unconstrained sicko sybaritic kinky unnatural swinging voluptuary violated easy drunken deteriorated dirty-minded fast-living in the fast lane gone bad pleasure-seeking night owl lacking restraint in the gutter high living

Tính từ

Having or showing passion in the pursuit of a goal
fierce ambitious enterprising aggressive assertive determined driven earnest hungry resolute ardent bold committed competitive eager indefatigable keen motivated steadfast unwavering active aspiring assiduous avid confident desirous diligent dogged dynamic enthusiastic intent relentless ruthless spirited tenacious thirsty tireless uncompromising unfaltering unflagging unremitting unshakeable untiring unyielding zealous cutthroat decisive energetic feisty ferocious obdurate obstinate persistent pertinacious purposeful rigid rigorous sedulous staunch steady sustained undeviating unflinching vigorous assured bloodthirsty forceful industrious inspired militant pioneering progressive pushy stringent stubborn unabated unrelenting brutal bullheaded defiant gladiatorial scrappy hard-driving self-asserting self-assertive single-minded strong-willed can-do cut-throat go-getting self-assured self-confident self-driven self-willed get up and go goal-oriented gung ho self-possessed self-seeking full-blooded hang-tough high-pressure self-starting eager beaver fiercely competitive high-reaching in-your-face iron-willed bound and determined having killer instinct intensely competitive power-hungry power-loving dog-eat-dog go for broke stop at nothing strong insistent firm fanatical intense dedicated bossy domineering vehement powerful resolved steely audacious unbending commanding bullish strong-minded authoritative emphatic passionate dominant tough demanding forward overbearing persevering undaunted sure gutsy striving pushing obsessed plucky thrusting pushful imperious go-ahead compelling positive fervent impassioned bent upon fervid persuasive burning devoted wholehearted fiery fixed strenuous perfervid hot hopeful high-powered decided unshakable unshaken bent gritty stalwart zestful obsessive possessed mettlesome adventurous indomitable unhesitating carnivorous keen as mustard certain dead set like a ball of fire hell-bent on the make two-fisted full of determination desiring success immodest hardline influential convincing potent robust stout effective violent brassy hard-hitting inflexible bitter furious dogmatic assaultive resilient unswerving stony iron unquenchable grim granite absolute believing in oneself rabid upwardly mobile combative hard-nosed sincere devout not backward in coming forward self-respecting emulous contentious brash loyal sagacious hearty bludgeoning intensive vying importunate coercive irrepressible faithful courageous hardy brave itchy ripe zealotic extreme antsy fired frenetic fanatic fireball afire gung-ho wild-eyed competing driving compelled consumed bumptious loud obnoxious presumptuous officious obtrusive pressurizing warring opposing antagonistic oppositional independent perceptive heroic take charge mean set unbendable immovable imposing offensive pressured stressful difficult forthright provocative outspoken shocking direct controlling galvanized adamant serious monomaniacal impelled arrogant firm in spirit tough-minded ironclad animated resourceful stout-hearted pressurising fixated compulsive obsessional induced spoiling for a fight on the warpath ready for action fearless cocksure overconfident coming on strong daring collected composed impulsive guided besetting pushed steered galvanised athirst cocky poised intrepid excited willing full-on not taking no for an answer raring crazy strident sharp-elbowed nervy loudmouthed voracious longing conscientious enthused warmblooded urged on full of oneself ebullient self-reliant solicitous wild cool-headed yearning lively craving desiring interested mad keen bright-eyed and bushy-tailed constant studious hard-working bent on focused bound set on focussed settled laborious hardworking sworn dyed-in-the-wool operose out do-or-die patient as keen as mustard valiant hell-bent on hell-bent upon unflappable intransigent painstaking attentive perseverant busy deliberate stanch pumped true self-motivated exuberant pious itching anxious vivacious true-blue pigheaded agog exhilarated dutiful bustling sprightly persisting stoked pledged impatient thrilled nuts good pleased animate titillated appetent ready juiced geeked hepped up hopped-up high-spirited intent on keyed up deep-dyed single-minded about chomping at the bit firm about card-carrying true blue ready and willing raring to go self-directed red-hot obsessive about inflexible about fixated on dead set on fanatical about career-focused enduring restless solid hardboiled buckled down headstrong tried-and-true responsible tried inveterate unfailing unswervable radical never-tiring hanging tough purposive involved career-minded implacable manful careful hellbent bulldog extremely motivated very motivated telelogical calculated four-square meticulous warm unmovable indurate stiff inexorable optimistic intending aspirant wannabe would-be budding potential wishful unchanging rock-ribbed thorough exacting punctilious particular meaning business spunky mean business be out for blood playing hard ball nose to the grindstone heedful ball of fire possible prospective likely future absorbed engrossed through and through fast Type A with one's shoulder to the wheel with one's nose to the grindstone engaged pig-headed fascinated passional great employed rhapsodic aflame nutty wacky concerned tantalized unqualified down-the-line concentrated slogging swotty plugging working plodding out-and-out single-hearted old faithful given over to true to the end hot to trot turnt gone on tantalised bugged zesty greedy champing at the bit gaga full of beans imaginative inventive ingenious wishing expectant endeavoring endeavouring observant concentrating liberal disruptive advanced forward-looking entrepreneurial creative innovative modern original dying entire preoccupied all occupied enrapt exclusive whole undivided enlightened forward-thinking up-and-coming vital engagé attached adherent fast-track high-octane deep alert watchful immersed minding highly motivated new rising weighty effectual mighty authoritarian ruling go-go successful supreme efficient forcible avant-garde wrapped up out to determined to fixed upon anxious to committed to intending to insistent on fixed on decisive about obsessed with resolved on impatient to resolved to determined on gumptious highly capable in control full of get-up-and-go in the saddle

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