Đồng nghĩa của contumelious

Alternative for contumelious

contumelious /,kɔntju'mi:ljəs/
  • tính từ
    • làm nhục, lăng mạ, sỉ nhục
    • vô lễ, hỗn xược

Tính từ

Insolent or disdainful
abusive invective opprobrious scurril scurrile scurrilous truculent vitriolic vituperative vituperatory brash brazen cheeky contemptuous derisive disdainful disrespectful forward humiliating impertinent impudent insolent insulting malapert pert pushy rude sassy saucy scornful bold presumptuous fresh audacious cocky flip nervy wise brassy brazen-faced cocksure arch brassbound bold-faced smart shameless smart-alecky lippy discourteous barefaced procacious overbold unmannerly unabashed insubordinate ill-mannered irreverent immodest unblushing mouthy blatant brass-necked flippant bold as brass impolite bumptious assuming boldfaced defiant mannerless bad-mannered familiar assumptive cool arrant off-base out of line presuming overconfident smart-arsed arrogant smart-assed uncivil crude ungracious snippety offensive shocking outrageous ill-bred meddlesome intrusive snippy as bold as brass cute smart-aleck smarty-pants facetious overfamiliar in-your-face presumptive naughty ballsy mischievous temeritous bantam unashamed weisenheiming smug combative obtrusive volatile unembarrassed undisguised flagrant uncalled-for personal unsubtle inconsiderate undiplomatic unhandsome thoughtless tactless unmannered spunky tawdry hotshot gritty loud indecent flashy gutsy meretricious bald-faced lacking civility bad mannered incongruous meddling prying unsuitable inquisitive interfering nosy disgracious overbearing out-of-line imperative peremptory breezy magisterial dictatorial smart alecky off base put down

Tính từ

Contemptuously ridiculing or mocking someone or something
scoffing mocking sardonic scornful cynical sneering satirical derisive caustic contemptuous jeering disparaging taunting sharp ironical biting cutting mordant acerbic satiric disrespectful trenchant offensive mean scorching corrosive arrogant bitter salty carping acid acerb irascible backhanded acrimonious brusque needling saucy scurrilous chaffing twitting austere captious ornery disillusioned cussed evil severe weisenheiming hostile snarling smart-alecky sarcastic snarky scathing barbed scalding acidulous acrid tart smart-mouthed pungent acidic smart-aleck ironic stinging vitriolic sarky snide ridiculing mordacious insulting nasty quizzical derisory irreverent disdainful teasing rude unkind uncivil venomous critical incisive astringent pointed harsh keen spiteful malicious vicious cruel virulent piercing wounding hurtful catty penetrating searing dry devastating abrasive waspish razor-edged poisonous withering rancorous wry savage polemic poignant hateful rapier-like unfriendly fierce heartless wise callous brutal acute belittling tongue-in-cheek burlesque abusive vindictive double-edged snappy pithy churlish stern witty impertinent wicked blistering corroding burning derogatory sour aggressive stringent hard telling rough unblunted ferocious bad-tempered ill-tempered merciless snappish snippy testy acetose short unpleasant disapproving ill-natured curt evil-intentioned malevolent splenetic malign baleful malignant vengeful pernicious bilious violent provocative salt exciting racy forceful stimulating parodying lampooning humorous spoofing paradoxical spoof farcical bantering unrelenting edged maleficent malefic sharp-worded angry thoughtless inconsiderate peppery ungracious pitiless truculent unsparing sadistic grim ruthless wanton Hudibrastic Rabelaisian extremely critical cold-blooded clever implausible ridiculous defiant contradictory exaggerated backbiting alert jibing atypical twisted uncomplimentary curious spicy quick-witted crisp cold squint-eyed

Tính từ

Extremely offensive, harsh and insulting
opprobrious abusive insulting offensive scurrilous vitriolic vituperative contemptuous defamatory scandalous disparaging invective pejorative calumniatory damaging denigratory deprecatory derogatory scornful derisive hateful libellous libelous scurril scurrile slanderous truculent venomous vituperatory aspersive calumnious insolent abasing censorious critical damning debasing defaming denigrating depreciative derogative despicable despiteful detractive disapproving disgracing dishonouring dishonoring dismissive excoriating humiliating hurting injuring injurious libelling libeling malevolent malign malignant maligning offending reproachful reproaching reviling shaming spiteful vile vulgar disdainful belittling slighting uncomplimentary degrading sarcastic scathing rude derisory sneering disrespectful mocking jeering depreciatory demeaning malicious decrying denigrative snide vilifying scoffing detracting withering traducing sardonic catty foul obloquious calumniating ridiculing satirical harsh negative taunting supercilious deprecating sniffy full of contempt scolding denunciatory castigating jibing upbraiding backbiting unflattering teasing pillorying affronting nasty violent berating obnoxious unmannerly unfavourable blasphemous discrediting sharp-tongued lampooning caustic uncivil discourteous hurtful detractory arrogant sarky snidey fault-finding unfavorable haughty abhorrent cynical snotty mud-slinging ironical irreverent cheeky judgmental minimizing snooty minimising virulent ranting mortifying diminishing deflating invidious unpleasant depreciating untrue false unfounded personal mean defiant wounding discreditable superior biting impertinent repulsive hypercritical overbearing egotistic maledictory scandalmongering vicious muckraking acerbic disadvantageous sniping dyslogistic downgrading aspersing maledictive slurring unfriendly bitter sharp impolite ribald groundless obscene low infamous coarse salacious gross indecent scabrous uncharitable abrupt curt brusque unkind gruff short surly blunt ungracious raunchy lewd dirty vituperous smutty outrageous filthy shameless bad-mannered ill-mannered unsympathetic Rabelaisian epithetical reproving castigatory offhand foul-mouthed rough condescending cavalier pathetic silly ridiculous cockamamy absurd ludicrous laughable risible cockamamie comical farcical preposterous vain imperious proud gally out-of-line flip cocky fresh smart-alecky smart sassy nervy crusty snippy high hat dog it hard-nosed bold on your high horse hard audacious high and mighty temperamental snobbish uppity cool on high horse upstage cold-shoulder for the birds deprecative condemnatory shameful undignified prejudicial lowering patronizing aspersory disgraceful patronising ignominious abject unworthy misrepresentative lying cheapening inglorious infra dig dishonourable contemptible menial hostile dishonorable bringing shame incriminatory poisonous familiar intrusive unsubstantiated baseless unwarranted uncorroborated insupportable unsupported unjustifiable unjustified corrupting wretched unbecoming frowning discouraging criticizing ill-founded dissatisfied boot-faced denouncing condemning disapprobatory adverse displeased slating knocking stern harmful faultfinding carping captious cavilling overcritical rejective caviling deleterious detrimental criticising full of reproof inopportune inexpedient ill-timed unpropitious inconvenient inauspicious unfortunate pharisaic self-righteous bad untoward inimical counter unlucky destructive untimely objectionable contrary debit-side troublesome unprofitable downside unhelpful judgy on the debit side

Tính từ

Lacking consideration for others
discourteous rude disrespectful ill-bred impolite uncivil ungracious unmannerly bad-mannered boorish brusque curt ill-mannered offhand insolent abrupt ungentlemanly crass graceless unchivalrous ungallant unladylike audacious blunt impudent presumptuous cheeky churlish derogatory disparaging ignorant impertinent inconsiderate insulting malapert offensive sharp short thoughtless uncalled-for unceremonious uncomplimentary uncourteous uncouth unhandsome unmannered cavalier crude crusty flip fresh inaffable indelicate inurbane mannerless oafish rustic sassy smart-alecky underbred ungenteel unrefined rough loutish brash indecorous lippy disgracious sullen disagreeable abusive unpleasant pert brassy tactless vulgar arrogant irritable moody uncharitable undiplomatic cocky smart alecky mouthy gruff surly brazen overbearing coarse out-of-line disdainful insubordinate peremptory intrusive crabbed yokelish bounderish unpolished uncultured gross uncivilized low cloddish lowbred uncivilised unkind unfriendly common bearish clownish insensitive uncultivated classless unsophisticated unseemly clodhopping insensible roughneck tasteless lowbrow yobbish raffish rugged incult illiberal rough-hewn misbehaved gauche terse hostile badly behaved low-bred tart inhospitable unfortunate off plebby offish harsh bad-tempered ill-tempered morose common as muck mean-spirited ill-humoured snippy cross-grained polite dour grumpy miserly unsociable grouchy truculent base ill-natured ill-humored ornery unneighborly touchy cantankerous ugly cussed mean despicable barbaric plebeian hooligan provincial philistine primitive savage awkward ungainly clumsy backwoods gawky barbarian hick hillbilly barbarous dishonorable rakish rascally slobbish improper raunchy raw Neanderthal inelegant loud foul-mouthed loud-mouthed heavy-handed caddish dishonourable

Tính từ

Having an arrogant, self-important or pompous manner
uppish arrogant presumptuous overweening haughty lofty overconfident pushy supercilious affected brash bullish cavalier cocky conceited imperious lordly peremptory pompous cocksure disdainful patronising patronizing smug snobbish bold bumptious chesty dictatorial domineering forward insolent overbearing self-important assuming assumptive blustering boastful brassy hifalutin highfalutin huffish huffy important masterful officious opinionated presuming pretentious smart sniffy superior toploftical toplofty uppity aloof audacious brazen condescending egotistic elitist flip hubristic immodest impertinent ostentatious persnickety pushful remote rude sassy saucy snippy snobby snooty snotty swanky tony unabashed wise barefaced boldfaced cheeky cool fresh malapert pert procacious unblushing hoity-toity stuck-up high-and-mighty high-flown smart-alecky high-handed high-hat self-assertive toffee-nosed high and mighty self-asserting stiff-necked putting on airs throwing one's weight about disrespectful proud impudent scornful contemptuous familiar overfamiliar improper inappropriate prideful impolite free inconsiderate confident shameless grandiose magisterial vainglorious assertive ambitious indulgent overindulgent over-free relaxed egotistical overbold rash free-and-easy tolerant impetuous uncivil hasty foolhardy precipitate previous premature overhasty presumptive bigheaded self-confident self-satisfied self-assured too big for your boots derisive sneering disparaging slighting withering mocking indifferent abhorrent insulting dismissive jeering full of contempt averse rejecting unsympathetic scouting despising antipathetic repudiating contemning turning up your nose at looking down your nose at on your high horse vain bossy swaggering puffed up narcissistic self-centered fancy-pants bragging pontifical swollen-headed self-centred autocratic self-opinionated stuck up egoistic egoistical swellheaded self-conceited bloated selfish la-di-da egocentric know-it-all full of oneself self-affected self-promoting self-engrossed self-congratulatory self-contented self-adulatory self-glorifying big-headed biggity biggety nervy assured full of yourself authoritarian smarty self-righteous self-serving orgulous holier-than-thou blusterous wise guy above oneself posh tyrannical scoffing despotic portentous stuffy stiff pontificating flaunting showy commanding jumped up cold-shoulder dominating sure on an ego trip unconcerned uninterested high distant reserved detached offish gracious self-aggrandizing imposing highhanded sententious standoffish brassbound arch on high horse puffy aristocratic high-minded la-de-da brazen-faced bold-faced too big for one's breeches too big for one's boots self-respecting braggart self-complacent self-flattering self-applauding extraverted bombastic self-loving braggy self-pleased unreserved complacent self-gratulatory self-dramatizing blustery extroverted uninhibited offhand stooping loudmouth puffed-up la-dee-da complaisant arbitrary exclusive casual curt silliness giddy thoughtless dizzy flighty vaunting strutting insouciant denigrating belittling refined potty ritzy ranting oppressive unceremonious discourteous honourable honorable airy obnoxious loud inflated poncey windy abrupt brusque glib terse cursory off perfunctory ungracious undemocratic heavy-handed fustian boasting take-it-or-leave-it pococurante willful rigid inflexible wilful anti-democratic repressive on one's high horse throwing one's weight around wiseguy grand spectacular flatulent highfaluting magnificent splendid exaggerated flowery overstated careless majestic regal august dogmatic judicial stately dignified offensively self-assertive high falutin pleased with yourself ironhanded dominant on a high horse authoritative impressive forceful imperative firm insistent emphatic positive hotshot certain jaunty compelling strong in charge decisive unassailable not backward in coming forward smart aleck smart guy smarty pants cold unfriendly frosty withdrawn unsociable uncommunicative frigid unresponsive antisocial unforthcoming chilly unapproachable impersonal unbending unclubbable formal asocial standoff dry forbidding austere incurious thick-skinned cold fish hard-hearted hard-boiled lone wolf laid back buttoned-up cold-eyed on ice stand-offish

Tính từ

Shockingly bad or excessive
outrageous shocking atrocious scandalous appalling disgraceful horrible terrible heinous wicked abominable infamous offensive unspeakable villainous abhorrent beastly horrendous monstrous nefarious cruel dreadful evil horrid iniquitous odious savage unreasonable violent foul ghastly hideous horrifying loathsome nasty nauseating ruthless shameful sickening steep unbearable vicious vile barbaric diabolical excessive exorbitant flagrant immoderate inhuman insufferable insupportable intolerable unendurable unfair distressing egregious exasperating extravagant fiendish impossible infernal maddening OTT preposterous unwarranted execrable extortionate godawful hellacious O.T.T. contemptible corrupt criminal debasing debauching degenerate depraving despicable disgracing extreme flagitious gross ignoble malevolent notorious opprobrious scurrilous shaming sinful too great uncivilised uncivilized ungodly wanton over the top very bad awful frightful disgusting detestable repugnant revolting deplorable repulsive dire repellent reprehensible obnoxious obscene hateful immoral fearful bad shameless inexcusable unforgivable horrific objectionable blatant distasteful base glaring brazen inordinate disreputable indecent improper gruesome alarming vulgar ignominious unprincipled calamitous exceptionable arrant ugly discreditable noxious rotten frightening abysmal rude dishonourable grievous desperate audacious lousy obvious immodest shoddy beyond the pale fulsome unpardonable noisome patent unacceptable repellant unseemly dishonorable macabre bold rank scurvy God-awful unworthy low barbarous lewd barefaced transparent undisguised unconcealed nauseous grisly indefensible depraved unholy lamentable rancid crying terrific inglorious sorry terrifying unashamed grim coarse indescribable conspicuous unutterable manifest grave mean great low-down incorrigible louche nightmarish striking shady overt filthy pronounced unrespectable shy degrading miserable unconscionable unpleasant grewsome lurid nightmare poor profligate sordid woeful capital impudent insolent disgustful ridiculous reprobate wretched upsetting cheeky open dissolute dismal out-and-out grody hopeless pathetic unsavoury naked unearthly unsavory unembarrassed overwhelming sky-high unabashed palpable indiscreet unbecoming brutish enormous unblushing disagreeable abusive unjustifiable unrestrained brash tremendous dirty serious evident dastardly knavish displeasing harrowing forward hardened abandoned utter loathly unfortunate derogatory complete impolite humiliating intimidating regrettable raunchy smutty pitiful absurd bald-faced heartbreaking forbidding direful sick high-handed overbold unchaste presumptuous brassy formidable fearsome acute brass-necked sleazy crass chronic from hell abnormal extraordinary excruciating inflated merciless insulting devilish unsuitable indecorous expensive unscrupulous blameworthy dark unfitting outright satanic hellish indelicate tragic stark right brutal shabby black unbelievable critical bestial undignified unladylike ungentlemanly inferior disquieting proper disastrous prohibitive questionable perverse miscreant bare-faced unheard of disturbing disparaging ominous unrepentant wild stinking morbid not on embarrassing second-rate overinflated scary unwholesome noticeable untoward ribald undesirable unnerving truculent apparent disrespectful galling redoubtable crummy dismaying brazenfaced unsatisfactory unpalatable parlous too much over-the-top beyond contempt substandard mediocre putrid tasteless intemperate duff inadequate uncivil hair-raising ruinous wrong pitiable discourteous intense flaming downright unrefined useless sick-making poxy spine-chilling bum abject impertinent urgent absolute unqualified off-putting harmful devastating irretrievable sheer out of line out of order not the done thing a bit much unwelcome crude out and out fierce rubbish heavy cheap inexpressible uncontrolled severe harsh almighty deep no good a load of pants unsocial bald penal real antisocial murderous unheard-of black-hearted amoral undue aberrant dislikeable dislikable sad terribly bad unlawful unethical unrighteous accursed cursed strange scaring senseless late animal beast dangerous unwarrantable suggestive unprovoked brute sadistic inhumane heartless butcherly daunting treacherous sinister underhanded beneath contempt confident unconcerned foolish brackish catty astounding plain irregular facinorous cacodemonic out of bounds risky precarious hazardous perilous petrifying risqué undismayed undaunted hairy unmitigated significant major disheartening inconceivable very great untold undescribable grotesque backbiting untrue maligning vilifying traducing detractive gossiping detracting unimaginable mournful cruddy off-colour fresh catastrophic good-for-nothing highly improper ill-famed unclean drunken impure carnal debauched ineffable pressing cataclysmic crucial visible red hot unhealthy ill-reputed caitiff fearless unawed unflinching unshrinking vitriolic vituperative obtrusive out of keeping uncalled for beyond words preternatural undefinable gloomy drastic out of the ordinary unmistakable tragical distressful heartrending unlucky indescribably bad indescribably wicked beyond description indescribably evil pejorative denigratory invective deprecatory dread crippling grotty yucky inept bungling third-rate unmissable outstanding inescapable cocky poised forthright abashless composed unaffected unshamed irredeemable annoying irritating creepy icky portentous bodeful exigent dishonest rascally venomous uninviting too horrible for words untrustworthy oppressing afflictive scowling plain to see over the fence without justification vomitous unpleasing unlikable ropy pits tricky unbefitting unceremonious bold as brass heart-rending weighty troublesome taxing seedy suspect disorderly clear protrusive festy surfeiting bogging sleazeball unappetizing yucko squicky rebarbative cloying skanky scuzzy vituperatory scurrile salacious scabrous scurril groundless demeaning damnable of bad reputation dubious crooked slippery suspicious seamy hurtful wounding yecchy total high as plain as day lowering cheapening belittling mortifying fishy dodgy shifty offending vituperous as plain as a pikestaff staring someone in the face standing out a mile provocative personal vexing provoking affronting slighting unmannerly high-priced impenitent remorseless radical thundering ultimate supreme unalloyed uber maximum utmost unadulterated veritable thorough pure inappropriate libidinous licentious beggarly lowly gut-churning cringe-making stomach-churning stomach-turning not quite the thing sticking out a mile contemptuous censurable disproportionate Rabelaisian vomit-inducing excessively high standing out like a sore thumb sticking out like a sore thumb raised in bad increased in low esteem in the doghouse prohibiting unaffordable limiting preventing without shame boosted foul-mouthed exaggerated in bad taste slovenly uncouth low-rent flaunting uncultivated boorish barbarian over the odds off ostentatious beyond your means financial means conditional out of the question unsophisticated philistine incompetent two-bit trashy bush-league wack subpar wanting dime-a-dozen low-grade cheapjack bush sucky cheesy junky deficient dissatisfactory bargain-basement careless trumpery cut-rate piss-poor schlocky gimcrack sour crumby punk suboptimal common schlock rubbishy uneducated unpolished uncultured primitive tinhorn pants bodger Neanderthal rough ill-bred flagitous faulty el cheapo stupid for the birds strictly for the birds of a sort not up to scratch not much cop worthless loutish benighted ill-mannered deliberate stupefying heathen heathenish Neandertal thuggish churlish natural perturbing startling agitating staggering stunning astonishing bewildering unsettling amazing illiterate unmannered yobbish slobbish surprising in a state of nature mannerless rugged stick out like sore thumb hanging out strong raging powerful forceful passionate uncontrollable resounding profound ungovernable rabid fiery rampaging rampant consuming riotous furious exquisite unchecked unmanageable sharp unbridled blistering keen storming unfettered uncurbed inflamed biting ferocious emphatic agonizing hard energetic strenuous peppery painful enraged blustery forcible hot vigorous concentrated intensive convulsive potent explosive paroxysmal turbulent out of control full of force aroused heavy-duty volcanic vehement frenzied coercive gale force agonising stormy dynamic tumultuous tempestuous more than one can afford

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