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Tính từ

Of, belonging to, or typical of the aristocracy
noble patrician gentle great grand genteel highborn wellborn highbred titled lordly distinguished elite upmarket posh respectable gentlemanly blue-blooded upper-class upper-crust high-born well born silk-stocking well-born silver-spoon upper crust top drawer of gentle birth huntin', shootin', fishin' kingly exalted royal majestic regal imperial august dignified magnificent imposing refined eminent queenly lofty stately illustrious superior princely top-drawer esteemed impressive well-bred preeminent respected elevated honoured glorious honored courtly high-ranking prominent important proud venerable celebrated renowned notable famous foremost prestigious noble-born well-known highly regarded thoroughbred of noble birth landed landowning gracious splendid leading county supreme gallant noted ladylike sovereign magnific grandiose high baronial high-up knightly honourable honorable top-level privileged high-class exclusive courteous polite cultured civil high-level classy cultivated influential polished powerful prime solemn monumental acclaimed predominant purebred staid heroical epic massive heroic Homeric highest premier chief first-class four-star VIP noteworthy dominant superb head imperious outstanding portly big pedigreed famed luminous pre-eminent rich extraordinary resplendent grave magisterial reputable signal brilliant highfalutin' big-time memorable of distinction sovran top-ranking well thought of major league mannerly tweedy elect well-brought-up well-mannered bluestocking high-profile selected elegant sophisticated top-rank urbane formal decorous opulent sumptuous gorgeous costly fine select taught considerate trained well-behaved snobby reserved ceremonious splendiferous uptown front-page major-league top-notch upright proper sedate fit for a king serious highbrow composed aristocratical Brahmin ennobled couth sombre starchy somber distingué nifty gentlemanlike blue born with a silver spoon in one's mouth legendary exceptional marked full-blooded monarchial monarchic monarchical monarchal singular star redoubtable significant bright conspicuous peerless just so self-respecting excellent hallowed top-people's astral especial remarkable special striking unforgettable shining worthy well known nonpareil name talked of arresting salient big name awe-inspiring prevailing commanding eventful formidable notorious prized controlling well-connected valued queenlike kinglike of repute upper recognized of influence high profile senior fabled eloquent distinctive integral puissant incomparable marvelous towering historical authoritative cogent alpha successful potent seminal phenomenal oratorical mighty of note trusted all-important deciding high-powered pompous high-minded of high standing good resonant recognised marvellous iconic pure pure-blooded pure-bred reigning ruling regnant pure-blood pedigree master lead key primary major premium main greatest revered central apex top principal transcendent arch cardinal paramount first capital focal primal biggest core largest overbearing huge large overriding overmastering number-one number one numero uno widely praised prior essential vital fundamental presiding supereminent ultimate pivotal crucial uppermost best topmost basic prevalent governing top-tier unsurpassed critical utmost matchless unequaled unequalled consummate heavy intrinsic preponderant superlative champion consequential ascendant predominate unparalleled arch- weighty big-league highest-ranking admired indispensable stellar unrivaled unrivalled directing overruling ranking dominating big league underlying necessary elemental decisive rudimentary absolute lionized maximum higher staple urgent surpassing unsurpassable big-name top-priority first-rate determining material must-have exemplary inimitable lionised storied radical heavy-duty of greatest importance No. 1 second to none heavyweight far-reaching of great consequence of the first rank inflated intellectual finest immodest exaggerated excessive crack unprecedented winning total superstar celeb unconditional quintessential meaningful pressing sublime world-class big-gun compelling substantial perfect industry leading headmost high-grade momentous effective unbeatable of prime importance of supreme importance first and foremost telling almighty popular acute high-priority unexcelled a cut above the rest topflight best possible top-class burning historic instrumental feted life-and-death accomplished expert finished unmatchable number ideal unlimited characteristic inherent favoured favored chosen particular strongest simple beginning opening crowning axial infinite unrestricted boundless unrestrained unbounded root strong constitutional prodigious operative keynote strategic elementary final skookum full utter oustanding public basal constitutive second-to-none maximal optimal peak super intervening superseding of greatest significance of mark in the public eye energetic dynamic richest venerated immortal trendsetting big-wheel big-shot hot-dog record loftiest chad ace better world class crown self-important overblown uplifting apical zenithal tiptop complete unassailable optimum reverenced front guiding omnipotent official supervisory all-powerful overpowering efficacious arbitrary utopian domineering unexampled initial larger greater bigger elder magnanimous undefeated unbeaten inaugural A-number-1 A-1 pertinent considerable worshipped furthermost grandiloquent primo hotshot hotdog holding the reins triumphal idealistic learned profound sweeping ponderous appreciable imperative upper-level top of the line top of the range top-of-the-range without equal par excellence beyond compare record-breaking first class prize-winning number 1 sans pareil requisite severe large-scale sizable dire intense pronounced exigent at the cutting edge at the leading edge heavy stuff hot stuff determinative climactic sacred decent reverend sage high up definitive prerequisite mandatory needed required impactful immediate worthwhile pointed in charge higher-ranking of higher rank first-string higher-level superordinate loftier unmatched higher up wise much needed earth-shattering vitally important very important life-or-death of the utmost importance of the essence gifted first rate highly rated untouchable overshadowing life-changing dangerous grievous of consequence of concern life and death matriarchal experienced patriarchal philosophical admirable worshipful estimable worshiped highest ranking mother of all leonine lionlike celebrious page-oner redoubted most important most prominent most influential most illustrious most powerful most obvious most noticeable most skilled most excellent most outstanding

Tính từ

Snobbish, condescending or aloof in manner or behavior
elitist potty snobbish snobby snooty snotty persnickety ritzy high-hat toffee-nosed pretentious superior stuck-up arrogant uppity haughty pompous patronizing condescending high and mighty conceited patronising supercilious hoity-toity egotistical high-and-mighty exclusive disdainful proud aloof uppish self-important toplofty swanky puffed up highfalutin affected fancy-pants la-di-da smug snippy egotistic cocky lofty cavalier overbearing sniffy important inflated selective elitist discriminatory highbrow on a high horse commanding self-satisfied wiseguy insolent bumptious contemptuous huffish bossy imperious airy masterful domineering standoffish lordly narcissistic presumptuous toploftical presuming huffy remote ostentatious tony high-flown cliquish putting on airs cheeky sassy impertinent fresh highfalutin' smart-alecky know-it-all la-de-da overweening hifalutin high-handed peremptory chesty stiff-necked assumptive self-assertive self-asserting vain vainglorious prideful scornful boastful egoistic egoistical opinionated overconfident self-centred self-centered bigheaded egocentric swaggering self-opinionated bragging biggity selfish swellheaded biggety complacent audacious self-righteous self-conceited autocratic swollen-headed assured self-serving self-congratulatory pushy magisterial brash dismissive immodest cocksure bloated stuck up full of oneself goody-goody pontifical holier-than-thou dictatorial sneering mocking self-admiring big-headed bold grandiose boasting egomaniacal hubristic blustering consequential self-absorbed impudent cool assuming self-regarding posh self-loving above oneself full of yourself forward brazen sanctimonious pietistic pious swollen too big for your boots stuffy stuck on oneself contumelious self-interested self-obsessed priggish confident self-seeking self-contented tyrannical solipsistic despotic self-confident self-oriented self-involved self-preoccupied self-infatuated self-concerned indifferent scoffing brassy self-assured inner-directed self-affected self-promoting self-engrossed self-adulatory self-glorifying hypocritical orgulous pleased with oneself inconsiderate unctuous well pleased self-approving introverted individualistic authoritarian withering Pharisaic wisenheimer on an ego trip wrapped up in oneself preachy gracious proud of oneself officious smarty showy full of contempt rude cold-shoulder portentous jumped up puffy puffed-up on your high horse flaunting wise guy pi high-minded moralizing personal derisive slighting mealy-mouthed oppressive Tartuffian disparaging canting jeering Pharisaical distant reserved heavy-handed insulting high religiose scathing abhorrent detached disrespectful nervy refined thoughtless strutting on high horse self-aggrandizing moralising sententious belittling smart saucy loudmouth stiff offish uncivil artificial malapert sarcastic dogmatic pert flatulent pushful too good to be true inward-looking highfaluting highhanded snot-nosed sure too big for one's breeches subjective obsessive intimate intrinsic too big for one's boots pleased with yourself isolated self-respecting blusterous stooping silliness giddy dizzy flighty arbitrary la-dee-da complaisant pontificating vaunting denigrating offhand poncey windy ambitious obnoxious loud undemocratic moralistic bullish honourable honorable squeaky-clean willful rigid inflexible wilful anti-democratic repressive casual curt on one's high horse churchy grand spectacular magnificent splendid exaggerated flowery overstated unconcerned insouciant uninterested too big for one's britches nose in the air offensively self-assertive flip wise unabashed pietistical judgmental simon-pure hotshot boldfaced barefaced procacious unblushing unceremonious discourteous grandstanding ironhanded dominant inborn ingrained inherent idiosyncratic pharisaical insincere familiar free overbold dominating self-indulgent independent self-sufficient having a swelled head wrapped up with oneself rash overfamiliar impolite abrupt brusque glib terse cursory off perfunctory ungracious throwing one's weight about unco guid false deceiving Pecksniffian censorious bigoted impetuous overhasty precipitate previous premature hasty foolhardy coercive bullying uncaring unthinking take-it-or-leave-it pococurante presumptive swollen with pride tyrannous autocratical overproud authoritative tyrannic looking after number one improper inappropriate shameless careless lording it iron-handed devastating majestic regal imposing august judicial stately dignified rejecting contemning averse despising antipathetic unsympathetic scouting repudiating pharisaic preponderant imperial imperative demanding regnant ascendant prevalent humiliating high falutin pleased genteel mannered contrived chichi precious schmaltzy campy content flushed to keep up appearances noble derisory stinging biting mortifying blistering blasting searing I'm all right, Jack well-pleased proud of yourself like a cat that has swallowed the canary flushed with success like the cat that's got the cream turning up your nose at looking down your nose at lah-di-dah defiant snubbing blighting hurtful high falutin' upper-class demeaning degrading derogative snide depreciative denigratory sardonic detractive derogatory decrying pejorative uncomplimentary depreciatory deprecatory denigrative full of airs and graces gone Hollywood over-refined crushing cynical hypercritical cold abusive despicable malicious opprobrious unsociable unfriendly withdrawn frosty antisocial unapproachable unforthcoming unclubbable reticent asocial unbending standoff dry egomaniac solitary peacockish windbag reclusive brag boast conceity ham phony gall phoney misanthropic uncompanionable eremitic buttoned-up cold-eyed in love with oneself think too highly of oneself full of hot air big talking blowing one's own trumpet have an excessively high opinion of oneself think a lot of oneself

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