Đồng nghĩa của highly rated

Tính từ

Greatly praised or lauded, revered, highly respected
acclaimed admired celebrated lionised lionized revered acknowledged eminent famous praised renowned distinguished esteemed exalted honored honoured illustrious lauded noted outstanding august famed great much touted vaunted venerable well received estimable notable pre-eminent prestigious well thought of applauded cheered commended considerable extolled hailed much vaunted highly esteemed of note of repute highly thought of of high standing important reputable respected recognized respectable recognised reputed valued well-regarded venerated name prominent well-known well known highly regarded notorious influential glorious preeminent noteworthy major high-powered established significant star visible appreciated big-name popular professional big feted storied laureate authoritative prized foremost much-admired elevated top legendary peerless chief dignified leading imposing up there number one signal superior powerful highly praised of distinction noble major league big league decorated prizewinning flaunted touted paraded promoted overhyped publicized advertised hyped boasted about bragged about publicised made much of shown off beloved reliable immortal large exulted in crowed about prated about exceptional infamous conspicuous superstar memorable redoubted celeb numero uno world-class widely known big-league made a display of worthy of mention much-publicized major-league well-thought-of worthy of note high-profile stand-out big-time big-shot having made a name for oneself VIP good dynamite something weighty unreal essential meaningful mondo material fab super-duper fat momentous consequential doozie super prevailing commanding overbearing prime high profile senior highest fabled unparalleled honourable unequaled superlative high-level unequalled puissant gifted incomparable matchless arch high-minded redoubtable prior resonant formidable first rate paramount sublime primal alpha unexcelled learned grand potent arch- seminal supreme lofty stately mighty primary well-connected dominant premier trusted all-important first capital iconic main of the first rank heroic unsurpassed magnanimous triumphal predominant regal principal idealistic greatest extraordinary honorable to the max solid gold something else central key sovereign cardinal master overriding overmastering sovran magnificent majestic head ruling high vital crucial splendid proud remarkable lead fine resplendent pivotal impressive imperial topmost critical superb excellent brilliant bright number-one lordly controlling aristocratic royal fundamental gallant monumental uppermost serious ultimate heavy basic marvelous presiding high-ranking epic supereminent magnific grave core focal marvellous worthy unforgettable grandiose baronial kingly heroical best massive striking Homeric luminous preponderant prevalent salient champion shining top-tier stellar astral beautiful four-star utmost admirable awe-inspiring gorgeous triumphant front-page gratifying ascendant predominate wonderful upper-class regnant patrician surpassing gentle genteel elite transcendent highborn biggest towering indispensable wellborn intrinsic top-ranking highbred palatial spectacular posh elemental celebrious high-power arresting dazzling strictly business playing hard ball splendiferous overruling effulgent radiant top-notch staple princely time-honored much publicized heavyweight blue-blooded historic of consequence silk-stocking pleasurable of greatest importance high-born first-rate governing upper-crust dominating hallowed No. 1 in the public eye remembered unrivalled consummate solemn staid apex portly absolute blue-chip refined chivalrous unrivaled successful necessary lavish opulent sumptuous breathtaking special top-level deluxe luxurious maximum eventful highfalutin' integral rich largest top-priority especial big-gun creditable winning greathearted underlying sedate public first-class magnolious ritzy splendacious must-have high-up rudimentary ranking imperious urgent radical reigning directing effective sterling praiseworthy headmost top-drawer of prime importance of supreme importance first and foremost far-reaching well born big name talked about heavy-duty of mark in the limelight on the map splendrous heavenly delightful enjoyable finest accomplished expert finished ok splendorous decisive unsurpassable unmatchable rightly prized favoured favored chosen elegant terrific characteristic inherent unlimited familiar utopian enduring perennial evergreen abiding traditional timeless classic time-honoured ageless awesome statuesque extravagant fantastic tremendous divine benevolent particular simple strongest telling crack root queenly high-status reverenced known substantial marked splashy monster proverbial axial constitutional common inflated infinite unrestricted boundless unrestrained unbounded premium crowning singular beginning opening titled basal constitutive everyday operative keynote strategic quintessential of influence eloquent distinctive historical oratorical upper cogent phenomenal deciding richest oustanding higher strong adored landmark fateful generous second-to-none total unconditional full utter victory commemorative ceremonial celebratory worshipped second to none final compelling determining top-rank nonpareil energetic dynamic instrumental trendsetting big-wheel hot-dog underlined monarchical monarchal of importance intervening superseding of greatest significance commemorated grandiloquent just fine tall in the saddle upmarket huge groundbreaking fulfilling decorous formal sacred decent reverend sage considerate guiding monarchial front noble-born of gentle birth of noble birth interesting far-famed high-flying talked of initial in spotlight in limelight uplifting high up exemplary wise sensational inaugural A-number-1 A-1 paragon genius reserved courtly ceremonious omnipotent official supervisory all-powerful overpowering efficacious almighty arbitrary leonine lionlike page-oner higher up cheering satisfying epochal red-letter heart-warming rewarding pleasing matriarchal experienced patriarchal philosophical worshipful worshiped fit for a prince primo hotshot hotdog natural upright proper topical fit for a queen fit for a princess holding the reins widely praised highbrow composed gracious at the cutting edge at the leading edge heavy stuff hot stuff exciting relevant buzzworthy pompous maximal couth sombre magisterial distingué starchy somber nifty fit for a king loftiest crown newsworthy apical zenithal tiptop just so self-respecting highest-ranking out of the ordinary of substance most important most prominent most influential most illustrious most powerful most skilled most obvious most noticeable

Trái nghĩa của highly rated

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