Đồng nghĩa của acclaimed

Alternative for acclaimed

acclaims, acclaimed, acclaiming

Đồng nghĩa: applaud, approve,

Tính từ

Greatly praised or lauded, revered, highly respected
admired celebrated lionised lionized revered acknowledged eminent famous praised renowned distinguished esteemed exalted highly rated honored honoured illustrious lauded noted outstanding august famed great much touted vaunted venerable well received estimable notable pre-eminent prestigious well thought of applauded cheered commended considerable extolled hailed much vaunted highly esteemed of note of repute highly thought of of high standing prominent respected well-known important well known glorious recognized reputable noteworthy preeminent recognised influential noble legendary notorious leading respectable star highly regarded popular elevated foremost name reputed big-name grand remarkable imposing significant signal major conspicuous big-time visible dominant honourable big-league top venerated superior honorable major-league memorable powerful storied established high-powered of distinction feted bright high-ranking much-publicized redoubtable well-regarded immortal high-profile brilliant major league valued stately dignified excellent chief infamous seminal luminous unforgettable superstar much publicized big-shot worthy principal prized lofty heroic big peerless high profile astral paramount redoubted supreme splendid predominant world-class in the limelight VIP well-thought-of puissant big name high-level iconic big league impressive admirable regal in the public eye pivotal creditable premier epic laureate authoritative resplendent heavyweight fabled sublime far-famed main celebrious essential consequential of consequence celeb public high-flying magnificent heavy remembered widely known worshiped talked about senior mighty majestic of mark hallowed worshipped familiar imperial royal reliable recognizable monumental superb proud heroical magnific massive grandiose gallant baronial Homeric celebrity appreciated shining professional exceptional aristocratic central key recognisable sterling praiseworthy top-ranking good large top-drawer decent much-admired serious extraordinary of good standing material prime primary weighty trusted arch up there high-minded number one big-gun highly praised well respected capital resonant heavy-duty potent of good repute on the map formidable with a good reputation high-up having made a name for oneself something else well-loved beloved widely-known decorated rightly prized high prizewinning flaunted glittering star-studded glamorous numero uno splashy monster proverbial triumphant beautiful enduring perennial evergreen abiding traditional timeless classic time-honoured ageless strong reverenced world-famous helped blessed flattered glorified aided high-status gorgeous divine dazzling known touted underlined common leonine lionlike page-oner golden all-star instrumental everyday splendiferous effulgent radiant paraded famous name widely knowbn dynamic cardinal meritorious worth mentioning marvellous marvelous gratifying adored time-honored of importance promoted overhyped advertised publicized hyped integral fundamental focal commemorated substantial sacred reverend sage energetic prodigious publicised boasted about bragged about made much of shown off in spotlight in limelight worthy of mention worthy of note stand-out big time exemplary wise distinctive historical core exulted in crowed about prated about paragon genius sedate matriarchal experienced patriarchal philosophical worshipful grave big-wheel of influence of great consequence far-reaching prevailing overbearing unparalleled superlative gifted incomparable matchless prior primal alpha unexcelled well-connected all-important magnanimous triumphal idealistic commanding highest unequaled unequalled first rate learned arch- first of the first rank unsurpassed greatest historic dominating regnant sovereign hot-dog legitimate trustworthy upright trendsetting vital winning governing principled marked made a display of kingly singular dynamite meaningful super-duper momentous super something unreal mondo fab fat doozie honest virtuous irreproachable conscientious dependable anti-corruption especial special striking faithful favored just straightforward constant legit truthful sincere righteous fair high-principled sound copper-bottomed nonpareil arresting salient lordly solemn solid gold to the max favoured above board tried and trusted portly staid awe-inspiring of good report in high favor salt of the earth talked of pompous highfalutin' accomplished top-notch fine palatial princely sumptuous opulent luxurious elegant awesome spectacular courtly formal lavish rich posh stunning towering ceremonious terrific decorous wonderful breathtaking vast tremendous refined imperious splendorous swanky heavenly magisterial proper queenly ritzy splendacious magnolious huge plush handsome smashing genteel mega first-class first-rate deluxe statuesque starchy dramatic gracious distingué conventional mind-blowing haughty ostentatious transcendent ambitious colossal immense classy fantastic exquisite splendrous delightful uplifting cosmic bumper moving fabulous pleasurable stellar highest-ranking costly Olympian stylish staggering intellectual cultivated sophisticated inflated official pretentious exaggerated excessive immodest graceful enormous couth urbane portentous overblown tasteful polite titanic gigantic polished ideal stirring eye-catching nifty giant mammoth cool stuffy suave overwhelming extravagant fancy monstrous mountainous elephantine gargantuan debonair cultured highbred gentle humongous ornate ominous oversized fit for a king whopping jumbo astronomical ceremonial high-born astronomic whacking hulking leviathan stupendous oceanic gigantesque walloping humungous vasty supersize supersized pharaonic cosmical cyclopean bulky planetary herculean king-sized king-size out of this world Brobdingnagian galactic smart tidy well bred studied brave choice nice perfect lovely enjoyable king size Himalayan neat sensational comely schmick high-class stylized mythological classical godlike rarefied large-scale number stiff fit for a prince showy ample fit for a queen fit for a princess higher reverential tall in the saddle expensive very good self-important penetrating absorbing grandiloquent maestoso elaborate celestial amazing resounding sonorous reserved jumbo-sized thumping ginormous eloquent high-flown swish plushy swank high up blissful rapturous wondrous sightly palatian long thumping great whopping great intense irresistible whacking great expansive extensive flash flashy highbrow composed higher up extended effective palatine valuable magnifico flamboyant baroque arduous Herculean sombre somber forcible purple egotistic high-falutin' unfathomable complex impenetrable theatrical fustian bombastic transcendental too good to be true inspiring too much outrageous inspirational the most holy spiritual abstract marathon fateful landmark fashionable artistic exciting larger-than-life very long very large very great discerning palmary praisable meritable meretorious appreciable deserving eventful self-respecting ritual modish fulfilling groundbreaking just so delicate ritualistic aesthetic charming dashing dictatorial bossy one for the book chivalrous civil chic select state liturgical cheering satisfying rewarding pleasing epochal red-letter heart-warming something to write home about ornamented affected dainty rare well-dressed overdone a la mode recherche esthetic well-designed well-bred domineering arrogant autocratic set prescribed affable gentlemanly courteous ladylike obliging civilized correct befitting clean-living seemly presentable master sacramental celebratory confident high-handed peremptory overweening self-confident spruce accepted lead prim flattering preux adulatory complimentary well mannered high-bred appropriate conforming suitable becoming modest done comme il faut ordinary moderate mediocre de rigueur mannered premium patrician patronizing supercilious overconfident apex civilised elite head largish voluminous goodly sizable outsized sizeable biggish boxcar husky oversize outsize hefty topping biggest largest overmastering overriding wellborn highborn upmarket sovran dogmatic judicial patronising highhanded unrivalled unrivaled bodacious chillin' quality rad inspired ace fantabulous radical groovy dandy hype slick keen gangbuster dope mean hot gangbusters wizard frontline optimal gone peachy swell prize amazeballs optimum crackerjack bonny corking boss banner phat down brill sik primo bonnie boffo beaut cracking supernal number-one solid belting bosting pearler exo brag bully barrie of the first water topflight the very best tip-top state-of-the-art par excellence the best on fleek supercalifragilisticexpialidocious gilt-edge out-of-sight jim-dandy blue-chip peachy keen bang-up of the first order a standout top-shelf first-string A-OK blue-ribbon five-star top-of-the-line gilt-edged upper-class blue-blooded well born widely praised upper-crust silk-stocking

Động từ

Past tense for to enthusiastically applaud or approve of
cheered praised applauded approved celebrated saluted commended complimented hailed congratulated eulogised eulogized admired exalted extolled honoured lauded clapped clapt welcomed adulated expressed approval of flattered lionised lionized toasted vaunted accredited ballyhooed expressed admiration for glorified hymned raved about sang the praises of sung the praises of spoke highly of spoken highly of touted emblazoned heaped praise on made much of panegyrized paid tribute to praised to the skies waxed lyrical about boosted went into raptures about gone into raptures about went into raptures over gone into raptures over honored pushed raved recommended rooted said nice things about stroked threw bouquets at thrown bouquets at bigged something up bigged up big upped cracked someone up cracked something up cracked up cried up cried something up gave approval given approval gave kudos given kudos puffed up gave a bouquet given a bouquet gave a posy given a posy gave it up for given it up for handed it to heard it for paid homage to magnified aggrandized appreciated blessed blest put on a pedestal rhapsodized over recognized idolized endorsed proclaimed caroled resounded carolled put your hands together rhapsodized hurrahed acknowledged worshipped worshiped hurrayed praised enthusiastically gushed about enthused about enthused over gushed over recognised idolised waxed lyrical rhapsodised expressed delight over built up paid respects to brought the house down approved of commemorated gushed spoken well of spoke well of encouraged supported rhapsodized about whistled revered adored venerated plugged raved over credited felicitated effused fussed slobbered enthused drooled sanctioned effervesced rooted for looked on with favour taken one's hat off to took one's hat off to given a big hand gave a big hand patted on back given recognition to gave recognition to expressed admiration of went on about gone on about went wild about gone wild about placed on a pedestal exaggerated promoted heralded bragged overstated boasted overvalued advanced belauded favoured favored shouted yelled upheld affirmed hooted ennobled advocated hugged bragged about reverenced cited dignified distinguished expressed respect for shouted for pedestalized cheered on hollered for shouted at bubbled over bubbled sounded off for respected paid respects countenanced mentioned built gave a hand given a hand given a standing ovation gave a standing ovation given a round of applause gave a round of applause given bouquet gave bouquet rejoiced with applauded someone to the echo asked for an encore wished joy to wished one well made a to-do carried on about got all worked up wished happy returns talked excitedly handed it to one showed appreciation of shown appreciation of sang sungen sung upholden shown appreciation for showed appreciation for sang praises sung praises sang paeans to sung paeans to shown gratitude to showed gratitude to given a boost to gave a boost to rose to risen to given ovation gave ovation showed your appreciation shown your appreciation sang praises of sung praises of taken off hat to took off hat to fell all over fallen all over given a standing ovation to gave a standing ovation to gave regards given regards gave a big cigar given a big cigar struck gently given it up stricken gently gave it up gone mad gone crazy went mad went crazy went into raptures gone into raptures gone wild went wild given someone a pat on the back gave someone a pat on the back shown enthusiasm went over the top gone over the top showed enthusiasm cried someone up spouted blathered jabbered chattered babbled overstated the case got carried away prated made a to-do over oozed made too much of prattled

Động từ

Past tense for to declare by acclamations

Động từ

Past tense for to praise someone or something, especially in an eloquent speech or in writing
panegyrized celebrated commemorated commended praised aggrandized appreciated exalted glorified lionised lionized revered venerated worshipped worshiped admired adored distinguished esteemed hailed hallowed sanctified complimented decorated dignified eulogised eulogized lauded magnified valued ennobled erected observed prized sublimed upreared extolled kept looked up to rolled out red carpet gave glad hand given glad hand gave key to city given key to city lived up to sang someone's praises sung someone's praises honoured honored applauded reverenced put on a pedestal paid homage to respected paid tribute to idolized emblazoned recognized big upped bigged up idolised recognised saluted feted cracked up held in high regard hymned blessed blest apotheosized resounded sang the praises of sung the praises of thought highly of elevated hero-worshipped enshrined immortalized toasted deified adulated caroled carolled regarded cried up canonized memorialized immortalised favoured favored considered cherished sounded the praises of canonised loved put up credited built up regarded highly memorialised approved set on pedestal held in awe lift held in high esteem sang sungen sung took your hat off to sang paeans to sung paeans to showed appreciation of taken your hat off to shown appreciation of enhanced augmented boosted promoted increased glamorized proclaimed romanticized idealized liked added dignity to glamourized lifted up adorned glamoured up raised mobbed treasured added distinction to heroized glamorised hiked noticed added lustre to romanticised idealised enskyed enthroned enskied made much of bestowed honour on monumentalized publicized solemnized rewarded thought of approved of rated highly setted on a pedestal expressed admiration for held in regard held in respect given credit to expressed approval for given accolades to thought the world of dedicated lifted publicised signalised haloed gave accolades to transfigured looked on with favour signalized held in esteem made into a saint setted much store by thought much of held dear regarded as sacred made a fuss over rolled out the red carpet consecrated had appreciation for besainted intensified apprised had a high opinion of sainted idolatrized solemnised gave credit to rated made a fuss of spoke highly of spoken highly of took off your hat to taken off your hat to shown respect showed respect given recognition to shown gratitude to taken one's hat off to attached importance to took one's hat off to showed gratitude to gave recognition to set store by setted great store by embraced valued highly had a high regard for cared for relished put a premium on held in admiration appreciated greatly prayed to bowed down to offered prayers to deferred to doted on loved dearly valued greatly extolled the virtues of felt great affection for thought a lot of cared very much for placed great value on marvelled at marveled at deemed important fancied held in the highest regard apprized wanted attached great importance to held in great respect put a high value on stood in awe of thought very highly of sang praises to sung praises to desired craved held high wondered at encouraged yearned coveted had a proclivity for had a predilection for had a penchant for marvel at held sacred ached for wished for counted guarded affected enjoyed embosomed supported nurtured doted upon paid homage bowed to setted a high value on placed a high value on thought well of bowed down before loved intensely flipped over gave thanks to given thanks to went into raptures over gone into raptures over taken pleasure in took pleasure in gone for went for fell for fallen for took kindly to taken kindly to

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