Đồng nghĩa của coveted

Alternative for coveted

covets, coveted, coveting

Đồng nghĩa: crave, desire, envy, lust, want,

Tính từ

Highly sought-after
wanted desirable popular desired fashionable sought-after in demand longed for longed-for enviable requested to-die-for like gold dust trendy preferred craved wantable welcome big hot in vogue yearned for wished for sought after all the rage all the go to die for pined for opportune long-awaited heaven-sent timely favorite favourite sought long-coveted long-craved long-desired long-wished-for exclusive favoured attractive favored appealing good liked agreeable pleasant pleasing covetable valuable approved excellent eligible marketable celebrated required asked for merchantable salable merchandisable vendible looked-for in favour in favor well received well liked well-liked crowd-pleasing at a premium in great demand cool voguish in modish hip in fashion happening now stylish chic trendsetting in style nifty current prevalent saleable commercial with it swank popularized pop red-hot vogue faddy faddish a la mode popularised du jour swanky admired accepted au courant large up-to-the-minute upscale customary chichi fly newfangled widespread in the mainstream well-known contemporary commercially successful legendary a go-go successful up-to-date notorious leading lovable prominent beloved likable trending famous fave likeable fab neat groovy must-see dope sellable culty glorious latest well loved super mass-market corporate the new fit profitable for sale trafficable sound bankable selling modern ultra-modern smart latest thing up to date flash natty snazzy ritzy big thing up to the minute swinging last word mod fad le dernier cri avant-garde chi-chi tony craze kicky in thing new look latest fad latest fashion latest wrinkle dernier cri in with it bang up to date on the cutting edge in the latest style

Động từ

Past tense for to yearn to possess (something, especially something belonging to another)
craved desired fancied longed for thirsted for wanted yearned for aspired to begrudged desiderated envied hankered after hungered for wished for ached for chose chosen hankered died for dreamt of hankered for hungered after itched for jonesed for panted after pined for repined for salivated for sighed for yenned for burned for panted for spoiled for spoilt for had hots for lusted after lusted for set one's heart on had your eye on had a yen for needed yearned hoped for liked pined after wished thirsted hungered pined felt like cried out for longed required lusted cared for ached had one's heart set on loved favoured favored preferred had a fancy for had a need for felt in need of relished suspired for looked forward to sought thirsted after adored panted aken expected awaited anticipated inclined toward had eyes for had an urge for had the hots for endorsed wished to waited for really wanted counted the days until hungrily awaited enthusiastically anticipated actively anticipated fervently anticipated spiritedly awaited impatiently anticipated zealously anticipated spiritedly anticipated thirstily anticipated fervently awaited breathlessly awaited vigorously anticipated anticipated with enthusiasm enthusiastically awaited longingly awaited had an eye on awaited with enthusiasm expectantly anticipated vigorously awaited awaited with gusto expectantly awaited intently awaited impatiently awaited ardently anticipated ardently awaited energetically anticipated breathlessly anticipated earnestly anticipated zealously awaited anticipated with gusto intently anticipated awaited with pleasure anticipated with pleasure eagerly awaited awaited with anticipation longingly anticipated actively awaited earnestly awaited eagerly anticipated energetically awaited hungrily anticipated thirstily awaited craved for missed appreciated cherished had an inclination for admired esteemed found sexy feened suspired dreamt dreamed jonesed leched over begged found sexually attractive leched after desired intensely felt the need for had a passion for had the inclination for felt inclined to felt up to itched yenned enjoyed wished to have had a longing drooled over prayed for had need of asked for sighed aspired aimed affected died over turned green objected to felt a need for savored savoured dug eaten one's heart out over ate one's heart out over had hard feelings sanctioned had a yen counted the hours until eaten your heart out ate your heart out taken a liking to approved of had as one's goal rathered had a thing for opted for had a thing about elected had a preference for welcomed revelled in delighted in rejoiced in felt inclined toward had a craving for leaned towards licked one's chops took a liking to leant toward got off on selected reveled in took to leant towards had the horn for had a yearning for anticipated with anticipation leaned toward had as one's aim taken to suggested willed taken a fancy to took a fancy to given eyeteeth for gave eyeteeth for aimed for took a shine to gone for went for taken a shine to gotten off on fell for fallen for oke lacked desired to shed tears for regretted the absence of regretted the loss of sought to set your sights on fantasized daydreamed daydreamt imagined contemplated languished visualized visualised envisioned lamented contrived mused romanticized had in mind pursued woolgathered idealized hoped to aimed to longed to carried a torch cried for fantasised pictured romanticised idealised yearned to wanted to hankered to dreamed about pushed the envelope built castles in air had to have longed to see necessitated grieved for conceived of expected more hungered to conjured up pictures had the objective of had use for had occasion for had occasion to raised expectations tried wanted more hoped felt the necessity for longingly remembered ideated struggled felt nostalgic for had need for felt the loss of raised standards expected to strived raised the bar stood in need of lived in a dream world strove striven fet a dearth of felt a dearth of

Động từ

Past tense for to hope for, or aspire to, a goal or dream

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