Đồng nghĩa của at a premium

Tính từ

Scarce or in short supply
scarce rare in short supply few and far between hard to come by thin on the ground like gold dust not to be had rare as hen's teeth scarce as hen's teeth not to be had for love or money scant insufficient deficient lacking meagre sparse scanty limited paltry exiguous meager thin wanting short infrequent inadequate skimpy negligible few hard to find uncommon low shy sporadic too little not enough occasional failing poor slender scattered measly stingy piddling not to be had for love nor money insubstantial slim bereft too few destitute straggling trifling lean seldom met with low in numbers inconsequential unfrequent seldom seen middling inconsiderable imperceptible minute in great demand tight missing running low seldom truncated threatened shortened semioccasional nugatory inappreciable insignificant next to none nominal token minimum small next to no basal minimal marginal short-handed short on low on scarcer than hen's teeth widely spaced in the minority unusual less out of the ordinary seldom found light spare sparing hand-to-mouth skimp scrubby thinly distributed dispersed scrimpy bare slight incomplete unqualified incommensurate sketchy restricted faulty imperfect unsatisfactory pathetic unample minus drained defective too small dry incompetent unfitted unfinished incapable devoid short of out of too little too late little reduced diminished depleted shoddy dwindling weak inferior thinning flawed impaired substandard unsound tiny found wanting second-rate needing shabby omitted needed not up to scratch leaving much to be desired out of the common shorthanded wispy modest narrow mingy unsufficient diffuse close flimsy finite mediocre cut puny barely sufficient undermanned not making it not hacking it coming up short run-down with an insufficiency jejune disappointing miserly at a low level laughable feeble lame parsimonious junk stunted derisory barren with too little … wanting in with too few … lacking in patchy unproductive stinted unsatisfying unacceptable absent not good enough unrefined unpolished not up to standard bodger not acceptable empty cooked gone away unfulfilled bankrupt deprived half-baked nonexistent bush-league scrappy not up to par burned out not up to expectations below par out of gas in default cut off not much cop remote duff unsuitable unworthy unassembled unequal underprovided undersupplied injured amiss damaged marred unlikely faint removed second string second fiddle outta gas third string distant not make it non-existent not cut out for not present nowhere to be found not to be found not included left out left behind dubious frail off fragile doubtful vague implausible improbable far-fetched far faraway outlying outside

Tính từ

Having a high price or cost
beyond price incomparable invaluable irreplaceable priceless choice costly dear expensive fine high-priced of incalculable value of incalculable worth of inestimable value rare rich unparalleled without price cherished exquisite of immeasurable value of immeasurable worth of inestimable worth precious prized treasured worth its weight in gold high extravagant pricey premium pricy spendy ultraexpensive high-end big-ticket high-ticket worth a king's ransom over the odds valuable inestimable incalculable collectible out-of-sight peerless out-of-bounds valued exorbitant extortionate excessive overpriced lavish immoderate steep stiff upmarket cher very expensive pretty penny big-budget out of sight highly priced high-cost an arm and a leg costing the earth costing an arm and a leg costing a bomb fancy inordinate unreasonable outrageous inflated prohibitive top unconscionable undue extreme overmuch criminal overextravagant deluxe OTT luxurious uncalled-for upscale unwarranted over the top absonant up to here opulent unaffordable pretentious prizable treasurable overdue insane overweening intolerable plethoric towering baroque unmerciful devilish superior sky-high highly-priced an arm and leg exclusive prime fabulous select elite premier quality peak fab classy supreme major highway robbery optimal leading excellent cracking frontline sterling superb central stellar exceptional magnificent dominant great marvellous finest foremost sensational superlative marvelous preeminent slick famous capital fantabulous selected best pre-eminent supernal blue-chip top-quality high-grade first-rate highest quality first-class four-star top of the line top of the range top-tier five-star high-quality top-notch daylight robbery top-end splendid uneconomical unduly expensive swanky executive recherché recherche precieux far-out unjustifiable unrightful too much illegitimate posh too-too unlawful unfair unjust intemperate illogical unwarrantable too great out of bounds irrational wrongful improper peremptory overkill senseless way out arbitrary preposterous ridiculous worth eyeteeth worth one's weight in gold monstrous huge punitive ruinous disproportionate enormous excessively high extremely high exacting overboard wasteful a bit much over one's head a rip-off dizzying unmeasurable unreasoned

Tính từ

Highly wanted or sought-after
in demand sought-after wanted coveted desired marketable requested big desirable fashionable popular required hot in vogue merchandisable merchantable salable trendy vendible all the rage like gold dust all the go to die for in great demand in favour in favor cool voguish in favoured favorite favored crowd-pleasing favourite modish hip in fashion happening now approved liked longed for well liked celebrated well-liked stylish chic trendsetting in style nifty current prevalent saleable welcome commercial with it swank popularized pop red-hot vogue faddy faddish a la mode popularised du jour well received sought after preferred good longed-for admired swanky accepted agreeable excellent valuable wantable enviable looked-for attractive pleasant pleasing covetable eligible appealing au courant large up-to-the-minute upscale customary chichi fly newfangled widespread in the mainstream well-known contemporary commercially successful legendary a go-go successful up-to-date notorious leading lovable prominent beloved likable sought trending famous fave likeable fab neat groovy must-see dope sellable culty glorious latest well loved super mass-market corporate the new long-coveted long-wished-for pined for long-craved yearned for long-desired wished for to-die-for craved fit profitable for sale trafficable sound bankable selling modern ultra-modern smart latest thing up to date flash natty snazzy ritzy big thing up to the minute swinging last word mod fad le dernier cri avant-garde chi-chi tony craze kicky in thing new look latest fad latest fashion latest wrinkle dernier cri in with it bang up to date on the cutting edge in the latest style new sharp spiffy designer sassy fresh snappy dashing kicking elegant swish classy supercool exclusive in-thing on fleek swell funky schmick state-of-the-art dapper rakish with-it trig posh de rigueur newest prevailing usual genteel new-fashioned dressy modernistic recent present-day ultramodern sophisticated high-class debonair swagger space-age new age glamorous advanced high-toned hep turned-on def leading-edge leading edge tasteful well turned-out uptown progressive contemporaneous downtown massive cutting edge novel trim brand-new innovative neoteric fancy cutting-edge present extant jazzy beautiful hot off press à la mode slick just out topical dressed to kill showy sexy forward-looking expensive styleworthy high-tech hi-tech modern-day modernised modernized latter-day updated nouvelle plugged-in flattering high-fashion understated spruce polished well dressed down well turned out smartly dressed cosmopolitan stunning jaunty flashy well-groomed well-dressed dap gnarly fine sleek up ostentatious contempo abreast instant as if one had just stepped out of a bandbox today existent well-heeled couturial youthful party young smartest nice finest formal Sunday nicest on trend gimmicky last-word impressive timely exciting bang up-to-date passing immediate clean ongoing present-time twenty-first-century shiny hottest urbane pretentious bling steezy dressed to the teeth fancy-pants quite recent unique well put together spivvy dandy spiffing fashionably dressed sporty suave smooth spiff crisp well groomed lovely awake savvy knowledgeable perceptive familiar versed observant knowing alive informed apprehensive conscious aware gorgeous dicty plush upmarket superior select stately refined courtly majestic plushy graceful handsome splashy pizazzy pizzazzy on to plugged in turned on tuned in up on in on switched on hep to wise to hip to colourful flamboyant gay bright loud colorful in the know concurrent coincident synchronous coexistent go-ahead simultaneous coexisting coincidental coetaneous stylin' newly discovered ground-breaking groundbreaking innovatory pioneering recently developed never-before-seen coeval coterminous synchronic coextensive

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