Đồng nghĩa của mediocre

Alternative for mediocre

Đồng nghĩa: acceptable, adequate, average, fair, medium, moderate, ordinary, passable, so-so,

Trái nghĩa: extreme,

Tính từ

Not very high quality
indifferent middling ordinary second-rate average commonplace passable common inferior medium run-of-the-mill so-so fair pedestrian tolerable uninspired middle-of-the-road undistinguished vanilla moderate adequate bog-standard everyday unexceptional workaday banal forgettable insignificant lackluster lacklustre prosaic unexciting unremarkable amateur amateurish fair-to-middling half-pie OK run-of-mine run-of-the-mine second-class meh characterless colourless colorless conventional decent dull fairish humdrum intermediate mainstream mean not very good plain vanilla standard no great shakes not so hot nothing to write home about not up to much of poor quality fair to middling unmemorable normal usual uninteresting garden-variety routine mundane bland modest boring common or garden acceptable quotidian typical not much cop uninspiring uneventful plain trite ornery standard-issue cut-and-dry cut-and-dried okay nondescript all right satisfactory not bad respectable garden unimpressive nothing special hackneyed a dime a dozen unnoteworthy insipid stale nothing to get excited about sufficient serviceable good customary bush-league good enough bourgeois unchallenging garden variety inconspicuous predictable drab presentable corny reasonable familiar tired fairly good fine goodish middlebrow unintellectual median middle O.K. midway moderately good dime-a-dozen generic pretty good neutral formulaic bog standard dreary overworked overused overdone allowable unpretentious unoriginal time-worn nothing out of the ordinary derivative admissible gray grey in-between unimportant stock simple sufficiently good tidy unspectacular worn out hacky immaterial dime-store cornball anaemic general traditional homespun regular unexceptionable halfway mid plastic played out old hat not too bad natural worn-out frequent intermediary medial humble inconsiderable popular anemic ten a penny inconsequential midsize midsized of no consequence habitual central midmost mediate middle of the road par for the course unimposing can't complain reasonably good immemorable featureless plodding anonymous poor tame household enough soulless no-frills basic ubiquitous unimpeachable livable considerable abundant substantial sizeable noticeable biggish significant goodly comfortable sizable appreciable marked generous worthwhile widespread prevailing settled wonted established discreet accustomed public useless nothing minimal homely irrelevant paltry limited better than nothing empty competent clichéd pointless piddling worthless low-grade wearisome unobjectionable commensurate obvious matter-of-course starch plebeian prevalent lowly stereotyped suburban meaningless whatever fair enough sufficing able plenty cromulent blending into the background familiar tune boiler plate boilerplate monotonous white-bread ample up to scratch not worth mentioning of little consequence of little importance of no importance of no great concern of no account nowhere jake par nothing to shout about intervening okayish weariful tedious unimaginative stereotypical transitional interposed medium-sized middle-sized run of the mill up to standard intermedial at the halfway point compromising equidistant between two points center between centre equidistant between two stages in the middle suitable agreeable fit alright palatable up to par fitting up to snuff up to the mark copacetic bearable pleasant pleasing hunky-dory sound quite good in order appropriate swell convenient copasetic supportable solid A-OK proper snug cool assuaging assuasive appeasing satisfying valid kosher small habitable delightful sufferable endurable ducky tenantable inhabitable commensurable proportionate sustainable cozy homey civilized lodgeable civilised cosy sensible plentiful correct large plenteous bountiful big right on tickety-boo on the beam on the ball up to code not to be sneezed at scanty skimpy light meagre honest certain groovy delighting cogent gratifying peachy fulfilling sparse becoming attractive prepared just right abideable meager totally fine liveable usable completely understandable residential liveable-in hospitable trendy welcome in the swim hep inoffensive innocuous peachy keen hip cooking with gas harmless requisite fit to live in suitable for residential use fit to occupy congruous okey-dokey suited apposite apropos bounteous necessary fitted aplenty copious temperate well-suited functional enjoyable accommodating enow as much as is necessary as much as you need great restrained abstemious hefty reasoned lavish handsome much huge substantive worth living profuse superabundant prodigious vast tremendous within due limits within limits within reason non-excessive serious immense enormous healthy extensive boundless astronomical major commodious pretty worth taking into account large-scale fit for human habitation

Tính từ

Of low or mediocre quality
inferior poor bad shoddy lousy terrible wretched cheap miserable rotten trashy rubbishy execrable junky common bum cheapjack schlocky schlock sleazy gimcrack coarse trumpery cheesy second-rate low-grade low-rent bargain-basement cut-rate el cheapo substandard unsatisfactory inadequate rubbish paltry dreadful crummy shabby awful deficient pitiful atrocious pathetic duff deplorable abysmal appalling unacceptable worthless third-rate dismal dire lamentable ropy useless sad grotty diabolical lame below par pants tawdry wanting imperfect sorry base dissatisfactory subpar suboptimal tacky low-quality two-bit poxy second-class a load of pants below standard crude frightful middling bush-league direful defective tatty poor-quality disappointing not up to snuff insufficient punk contemptible disagreeable under par faulty sub-par junk below average dime-a-dozen downmarket average horrible hopeless ordinary laughable abject lemon not up to scratch not up to par pitiable indifferent tinny unsound cruddy dodgy not up to much nasty egregious low sucky poorer abominable crumby meager meagre off wack subnormal bodger jerry-built good-for-nothing hack woeful weak wrong bush valueless lacking chronic flawed mean tenth-rate trifling disgraceful déclassé not much cop insignificant the pits leaving much to be desired disastrous horrendous displeasing tinhorn unexceptional pedestrian low-end poor quality cheap and nasty inept run-down unworthy sour no good cheapo low quality not good enough less-than-stellar ineffective little measly unsuitable grim gaudy ill piddling offensive distressing insubstantial trivial damnable God-awful naff very bad piss-poor unimportant ratty ineffectual flimsy half-pie odious ignoble beastly twopenny-halfpenny from hunger reduced unpleasant a dime a dozen dilapidated meretricious regrettable feeble petty slipshod seedy incompetent objectionable unsatisfying inconsiderable negligible horrid puny cheapie dingy inconsequential grubby Brummagem brummagem not up to standard damaged unspeakable godawful insufferable garbage scruffy undesirable stinking no great shakes gross tattered broken-down lesser entry-level pointless futile low cost meaningless unavailing bottom-rung unproductive nugatory cheap-jack for the birds unusable inutile bogus nothing sterile second rate two a penny waste counterproductive of a sort unprofitable abandoned profitless barren unessential insalubrious minor limited undistinguished second class bungling shameful small rough menial garbagy sordid restricted unfortunate repulsive tasteless vulgar inglorious end-of-the-pier pits nominal amateurish no-account careless less than ideal rickety scrubby vile amiss ramshackle impermissible intolerable inadmissible inappropriate dud calamitous makeshift outrageous unimpressive scant hellacious minimal strictly for the birds sparse derisory weak sauce distasteful reject kitsch scroungy run down minor-league pinchbeck brassy ghastly down at heel hideous empty reprehensible grungy scurrilous indefensible stinky irremediable no-good silly rinky-dink dime-store god-awful of poor quality drossy not satisfying despicable of low quality second best ne'er-do-well bad quality showy negligent corny cheeseball commonplace garish revolting dissatisfying slovenly jerrybuilt inefficient repellant repellent not ideal less than satisfactory less than optimal unideal uncomfortable impotent hateful tinpot second-best shocking ropey throwaway uninspired kitschy badly built desperate sparing inappreciable disturbing disconcerting disquieting thin twopenny worse impaired poorly thrown together poopy rancid niggling picayune chicken minute piddly slight footling pimping piffling peanut plastic pretentious low-down off-form catastrophic cataclysmic stupid unwelcome harmful underwhelming squalid yucky hellish rebarbative disgustful loathly uncultured low-class unfashionable lowbrow unsophisticated tricky slender shlocky unsightly scummy scurvy godforsaken dirty shlock scabby gruesome blah excruciating under-strength ridiculous absurd ludicrous rueful tragic affecting anticlimactic not oneself slummy leaving a lot to be desired minor league small potatoes raunchy downer icky diddly bummer grody bad news fallacious detestable not good erroneous not the best unfulfilling off-color depleted scarce bathetic uninteresting failing de minimis Mickey Mouse disreputable under the weather found wanting not acceptable bereft not okay too little unseemly disillusioning foolish-looking mangy insupportable obnoxious exceptionable improper scanty diminished not all it's cracked up to be falling short dubious unreasonable questionable repugnant loathsome condemnable out skimpy scuzzy inacceptable unappealing uninviting shy short few dwindling bedraggled decrepit untidy threadbare worn-out unkempt not on not cricket beyond the pale won't do over the fence not quite the done thing half-baked out of order cut neglected dumpy bombed-out tumbledown rundown moth-eaten beat-up dog-eared tatterdemalion down-at-the-heels down-at-heel timeworn dumbed down in short supply at a low level fruitless no use lowly senseless hollow vain null banal wanky chaffy nickel-and-dime humble unpretentious secondary subordinate unfructuous to no avail of no benefit bootless not worth a hill of beans a dead loss craptacular subsidiary second-string junior subservient unassuming low-ranking demeaning degrading ancillary second-fiddle smaller bottom slighter lower ignominious servile lower-ranking plebeian humdrum small-fry small-time lower in status dinky third-string undersized low-born subjacent lower in rank back seat less important second-banana beneath someone below someone under someone's heel not very important lower-class not so important disgusting foul abhorrent sickening nauseating grievous noisome ugly noxious scandalous nauseous obscene horrifying monstrous unpalatable heinous horrific heartbreaking harrowing fulsome grave unsavory unsavoury severe troublesome depressing rank putrid serious frightening evil grisly macabre beggarly smelly from hell festy irksome difficult alarming forbidding malodorous fetid distressful yukky harsh bitter heartrending gloomy stingy pongy niffy annoying irritating mephitic nightmarish cruel painful miserly whiffy funky olid manky miasmal galling afflictive foul-smelling evil-smelling wicked unpleasing sick-making yucko strong foetid exiguous stressful off-putting gut-wrenching critical traumatic agonizing inexcusable sick doleful fraught bleak drecky unhappy piteous reeking acrid sombre tragical hairy mournful unappetizing inexpert acute unfit solemn somber reeky cheerless dishonorable bogging unbearable vexatious broken joyless terrifying fearful upsetting impoverished dishonourable skanky lurid agonising vicious unlovely comfortless parlous stenchy uncongenial filthy invidious musty fusty extreme frowzy frowsy miasmic frowsty modest lean terrific high hair-raising ripe troubling discomforting worrisome sneaking daunting unsettling perturbing torturous tough dreary brackish agitating mingy desolate incapable tormenting troublous dangerous hard very unpleasant crying cursed trying accursed drab dark unproficient unskilful confounded catty intense dread unforgivable fierce disheartening sullen morose drear pungent extremely bad hurtful hostile unnerving unpardonable opprobrious villainous sorrowful very poor fearsome redoubtable niffing cringe-making forlorn depressive sepulchral indigent glum scungy irretrievable brutal worrying scary intimidating formidable vomitous spine-chilling powerless inapt humming poverty-stricken on the nose gnarly yecchy gut-churning unable to do something for toffee vomit-inducing stinking to high heaven stomach-churning stomach-turning ill-smelling beyond contempt off-colour crook off colour out of sorts worst well below par blithering dislikeable dislikable scrimpy risky precarious hazardous perilous flaming preposterous infernal unequal stark pitiless ruthless savage oppressed merciless debased dicey unconscionable sinful foolish shameless mighty grewsome nightmare degenerate unqualified melancholy eye-watering ruinous infamous depraved immoral discreditable iniquitous bloodcurdling grimy creepy pressing crucial lowest of the low rock-bottom the dumps unrelenting nagging tremendous eerie crashing bothersome injurious destructive unjustifiable snide impertinent embarrassing abusive insolent biting cutting discourteous unstable urgent unfitted pesky unlikable dismaying testing pressured heavy demanding frustrating taxing criminal irredeemable drastic not cutting it currish ungenerous pigpen inproficient blameworthy overwhelming dolorous dreaded surfeiting sleazeball squicky cloying crippling devastating ominous stenchful gruelling murderous arduous tiring portentous bodeful exigent not much chop acid shady sharp bland tart shifty petrifying excessive inconvenient afflicted ruthful tearful suffering distressed tainted stale low-minded dirty rotten oppressing scowling pestilential unable to do something to save one's life decomposed infested gamy decayed poisonous polluted grueling strong-smelling not proper inconsistent ill-suited incompatible unable unadvantageous inefficacious unsuited discouraging unpromising funereal morbid a stinker of a a bummer of a dreich lugubrious saturnine destitute sunless plutonian tenebrous lonesome black elegiacal tenebrific elegiac unsaleable unsellable warped scratched partial torn blemished cracked inoperative deformed catchpenny Cimmerian incomplete unfinished patchy malfunctioning immature undeveloped rudimentary sketchy inexact discomposing humourless humorless sober mortifying injured bottom-of-barrel marred disfigured not working faultful not functioning minus fallible sedate unendurable saddening afflicting uncool awkward few bugs in a state of disrepair anguished concerning nerve-racking nail-biting heart-rending heart-breaking nerve-wracking

Tính từ

Not exciting, adventurous, or controversial
tame boring dull uninteresting tedious monotonous flat humdrum dreary wearisome tiresome pedestrian drab dry insipid stale unexciting slow ponderous bland lifeless leaden heavy stodgy prosaic tiring jejune wearying uninspiring colorless vapid stuffy numbing uninspired jading old colourless arid drudging monochromatic weary dusty stupid spiritless feeble routine weak ordinary limp dead bloodless conventional inoffensive unobjectionable harmless mainstream safe diluted halfhearted ho-hum mind-numbing run-of-the-mill wishy-washy white-bread boiled down without punch unimaginative commonplace mundane lacklustre vacuous trite sterile tired lackluster zestless lame characterless barren antiseptic nondescript middle-of-the-road unremarkable blah lustreless pallid non-stimulating torpid unanimated anaemic vanilla plain anemic banal dull as dishwater unmemorable unexceptional bleak dowdy unchanging desolate plodding uncreative uneventful workaday average repetitious everyday unvarying unvaried repetitive unoriginal matter-of-fact turgid derivative half-pie bog-standard OK so-so undistinctive unstimulating featureless nothing sapless flavorless nerdy unappealing pabulum zero waterish wimpy milk-and-water flavourless plain vanilla inane monotone dim banausic platitudinous truistic not so hot no great shakes common or garden nothing to write home about not up to much ho hum wooden draggy listless apathetic prosy watery undistinguished half-hearted poor weariful inadequate tasteless driveling drivelling hackneyed pathetic stiff enervated flat tire nowhere sluggish muted puny pale ineffectual ineffective factual vacant mild innocuous etiolated vigourless lethargic pointless namby-pamby soulless unsentimental beige laboured desiccated unimpassioned unpalatable languid unadorned monochrome passive stilted subdued literal lusterless tepid dry as dust uninterested depressed mechanical labored lackadaisical languorous downcast indifferent deadly dull lacking vitality samey dreich passionless bromidic slothful as dry as dust lacking in vitality impotent powerless inferior least Milquetoast sombre somber down-to-earth forced soul-destroying quotidian disinterested deadly static literal-minded no-nonsense unimpressive yawnsome earthbound unpoetic nitty-gritty terrestrial unemotional unvarnished unembellished clear lacking excitement lacking interest heavy-going formal level-headed hard-headed deadpan cold hollow vigorless energyless pedantic staid thin watered-down emotionless expressionless inexpressive verbose fuddy-duddy mindless lacking energy unenergetic neutral noncommittal hacky indistinctive faceless weighty two-dimensional unappetizing soft nebbish corny fatuous tenuous slight soporific laborious heavy going unflavoured savorless unsavory savourless spent overlong hard to digest dull as ditchwater fatiguing prolix interminable dragging common dullsville mortal enervating exhausting poky snooze distasteful unseasoned unsavoury unpleasurable forgettable unenjoyable big yawn dismal endless long-drawn-out depressing lacking variety unentertaining stark nameless without spice big zero unenthusiastic droopy meek irresolute submissive melancholic melancholy dispirited unmoved despondent mopy dejected low spineless languishing unconcerned broken blue down cowardly disconsolate gutless dopey inanimate downhearted sad drippy indecisive down in the dumps cast down down in the mouth

Tính từ

Feeble or insipid in quality or character
wishy-washy weak feeble effete ineffectual milk-and-water namby-pamby spineless vapid limp-wristed weak-kneed wet indecisive irresolute pathetic spiritless bland characterless frail half-hearted ineffective invertebrate limp nerveless soft weakened weakling wimpish wimpy insipid jejune cowardly dull enervated flavourless flavorless languid listless sapless vacillating watered-down wavering timid timorous lily-livered yellow-bellied craven fearful pusillanimous faint-hearted chicken impotent gutless yellow inept chicken-hearted debilitated sissy sissified weak-willed inadequate unsubstantial faint unassertive useless weedy fallible chicken-livered nerdy wussy tame slight poor-spirited candy-assed lame easily led delicate sapped enfeebled wasted asthenic tender submissive boneless down-and-out prostrated prostrate infirm softened innocuous afraid nervous milksoppish petrified silly foolish meek fickle passive inefficient incompetent cowed daft drippy faltering dithering pigeon-hearted recreant unheroic indeterminate powerless undetermined dastardly susceptible malleable vulnerable impressionable errant defenceless poltroon chickenhearted corruptible supine yielding hemming and hawing unreliable unsure waffling undependable frightened insufficient forceless squeamish unmanly pithless without a will of your own milk-livered afraid of one's shadow imperfect flawed erring resistless insignificant easily tempted defenseless unconvincing gentle moderate mild low-key unenthusiastic meager flimsy tenuous fragile meagre quaking trembling cowering shrinking scared apprehensive jittery tremulous diffident fainthearted hesitant panicky easily frightened lacking courage shy retiring tentative abject intimidated compliant shaky anxious jumpy mousy mousey skittish coy daunted scary base unnerved weak-minded biddable pigeonhearted persuasible persuadable feart nervy dismayed caitiff feeble-minded spooked terrified low running scared self-effacing reserved quiet modest unassuming demure easily scared bashful humble reticent fearsome trepidatious funky mean-spirited coward shuddering niddering poltroonish doubtful simpering colourless startled deceitful offensive treacherous sneaking unprincipled unethical tricky colorless without guts changeable white-livered sookie dishonourable dishonorable cringing ignoble afraid of one's own shadow unresisting cowhearted backward worthless obedient acquiescent tractable unprotesting deferential paper tiger no guts having the willies alarmed like a lamb to the slaughter tense uneasy exhausted drained spent worried wired disquieted affrighted horrified horror-struck aghast terrorized hysteric hysterical shocked decrepit afeared frit scared stiff rabbity worried sick quivery in a blue funk sheepish goose-bumpy disturbed in a dither perturbed solicitous phobic have cold feet scared to death in a funk aflutter terrorised agitated discomposed worn out vitiated washed-out declining played out cringey browbeaten Milquetoast capricious bullied unassured having cold feet

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