Đồng nghĩa của discomposed

Alternative for discomposed

discomposes, discomposed, discomposing

Đồng nghĩa: discomfit, disconcert, untune, upset,

Động từ

To have thrown into disorder
confused disorganised disorganized disordered cluttered disarranged disarrayed disheveled dishevelled disrupted jumbled unsettled agitated disjointed disturbed hashed messed messed up muddled mussed ruffled tousled dislocated mixed up rumpled scattered scrambled shuffled untidied upset deranged mussed up snarled up threw into disorder tumbled made untidy made a mess of confounded tangled rummaged turned upside down thrown into disorder put out of place perturbed complicated mixt mixed displaced spoilt spoiled entangled snarled made a shambles of fouled up thrown into disarray threw into disarray rattled muddied riffled convulsed mucked dispersed derailed discombobulated misplaced botched bungled embroiled tost discreated tossed raveled ravelled brought into disorder thrown into confusion psyched out threw into confusion jumbled up put out of order put in disarray mucked up got into a tangle upset the applecart cut short turned topsy-turvy destabilized destroyed threw thrown bothered shaken shook demobilized mislaid littered disbanded made disorderly misarranged perplexed interfered broke up broken up discommoded stopped bollixed demobilised distempered interfered with played havoc with caused confusion in crumpled broke down brought into disarray rifled caused turmoil in muddied the waters intruded on got out of order blundered loused up made hay of strewed gummed up stirred up fumbled rattled one's cage muddled up destabilised unbalanced wrinkled muffed screwed up wrecked made a mess gotten out of order knocked off balance fouled mistaken mistook mislay broken down threw off snafued thrown off thrown into a state of disorganization threw into a state of disorganization thrown into chaos threw into chaos strewn thrown a spanner in the works of threw a spanner in the works of thrown a monkey wrench in the works of threw a monkey wrench in the works of

Động từ

To have thrown into a state of distress marked by confusion
confused flustered perturbed disconcerted dismayed distressed disturbed agitated bothered confounded discomfited disquieted fazed frustrated rattled discommoded discountenanced exasperated upset afflicted aggravated chagrined demoralized discomforted nonplussed perplexed psyched troubled unhinged unnerved unsettled abashed demoralised flurried mortified put off put out stirred up threw off balance worked up worried embarrassed alarmed distracted concerned frazzled ailed vexed vext fussed distempered ruffled exercised hagrid derailed bewildered weirded out freaked out alarumed discombobulated irked annoyed put someone off their stroke got to startled beset harassed surprised bugged appalled undone undid plagued made uneasy hagridden hagrode floored stunned tormented puzzled fretted thrown threw dumbfounded irritated hassled made anxious flummoxed shaken shook astonished shocked frightened put into a flap provoked pestered took aback taken aback astounded baffled scared shook up shaken up staggered stupefied spooked daunted caught off balance thrown off balance gotten to knocked for six put someone off their stride put out of countenance oppressed overwhelmed amazed bowled over flabbergasted discouraged knocked sideways gnawed at stopped someone in their tracks psyched out tortured dazed disheartened harried burdened agonized stressed pained jolted addled tried strained needled hurt knocked out agonised setted someone back on their heels dispirited mystified rocked excited aggrieved panicked displeased depressed galled bedevilled bedeviled muddled fuddled made uncomfortable chafed weighed down made someone scratch their head saddened horrified nettled sickened beat intimidated beleaguered racked persecuted disoriented gravelled graveled deranged unbalanced sweat niggled made nervous pothered left aghast left open-mouthed made waves caused to be at a stand knocked the stuffing out of put in a spot put the wind up lied heavy on put on the spot let down caused someone to lose their composure grieved shamed humiliated dejected unmanned befuddled cowed crushed harrowed riled bamboozled offended surprized peeved got angered dumfounded stumped buffaloed disordered affected terrified teased chilled bustled disrupted jarred disarranged nagged mixed up taken by surprise took by surprise boggled the mind knocked for a loop burned up burnt up caused anxiety to nauseated struck dumb stricken dumb thrown into a tizz threw into a tizz given a hard time gave a hard time haunted deterred bemused grated revolted anguished foxed posed traumatized disgusted awed piqued grinded ground hurried fogged mazed badgered wound wounded preoccupied consternated destabilized devastated despaired thunderstricken thunderstruck feared paralysed roused moved befogged wildered muddied stewed sweated miffed bullied terrorized browbeat rasped curst cursed boggled threw off thrown off narked sapped thwarted jumbled hectored tangled incommoded turned cast down made fretful made self-conscious blown away blew away balked rendered speechless made wretched caused discomfort to rattled one's cage put down electrified screwed up crazed put on edge teared hacked off preyed on your mind set back pushed buttons weighed on tantalised interrupted fouled up put one away jangled made miserable put in a hole knocked over with feather sprung on knocked over hung up caused concern to hit a sour note caused anguish to put into a funk paralyzed pulled the rug out from under cut up upset the applecart set someone's teeth on edge tantalized baulked put to trouble traumatised put a damper on destabilised terrorised put to some trouble hit like ton of bricks pulled the rug from under cut to the quick gotten gat gave a turn given a turn threw into a tizzy thrown into a tizzy thrown a curve threw a curve outraged wrung incited overawed inflamed broke broken brake scandalized inconvenienced disobliged subdued repelled taxed heated het beaten demeaned stirred stimulated disgraced occupied disappointed dashed carped disarmed interfered meddled caviled cavilled besieged overpowered disillusioned brought down complicated rousted setted someone thinking involved thickened dishonoured disorientated spited discredited griped itched frosted hounded browbeaten quibbled downed displaced demented disorganized rummaged disarrayed galvanized nitpicked caused disquiet to fermented aroused disenchanted disgruntled affrighted fluttered encumbered obfuscated entangled importuned owned injured showed up overcome tested made awkward antagonized made ashamed hindered dissatisfied hustled dampened spirits flapped quickened fidgeted fidgetted blew your mind blustered mucked made a big thing of loused up unhitched sprang on unquieted strapped destroyed took your breath away weighed heavily on dogged frilled gave a bad time made a meal of ravelled messed up worsted driven up the wall uncoupled given someone grief snarled up frenzied blinded furbelowed made sick undermined flipped out made it tough made restless pushed made a monkey of made flip made blue detached drove up the wall obtruded poured cold water on made a mountain out of a molehill numbed mixed you up disharmonized bummed out made a scene galvanised ventilated took the wind out of your sails possessed wound up sweated out knocked props out enfeebled torn laboured over pursued tore taken your breath away ticked off raised someone's eyebrows antagonised blown your mind egged on enervated martyred discorded mistreated dishonored dizzied aroused anxiety in heckled unfastened made a big thing out of turned on got at examined caught one short grossed out encroached raveled weakened given a bad time completely surprised nagged at made a thing of indisposed goaded separated intruded gave someone grief stumbled hacked you off baited taken the wind out of your sails pricked bugged up abraded made it tough for molested disaccorded filled with consternation muddied the waters occupied thoughts dunned sent over the edge scandalised accosted unstrung got in a stew caused suffering to chastened flipped desolated disconnected disengaged got across mucked up caught unawares insulted picked on niggled at sent into a spin caused anxiety dragged down wringed wrang stung own overcame grope gripen ate eaten broke one's heart broken one's heart threw cold water on thrown cold water on broke in broken in snafued driven insane drove insane gave trouble given trouble eaten away at ate away at broke the heart of broken the heart of given offence to shaken out of your complacency gave offence to shook out of your complacency taken pains got worked up took pains gotten worked up eaten at gotten at ate at nit-picked done a number on did a number on uncalmed rid rode ridden threw a curveball gotten on one's nerves thrown a curveball got on one's nerves threw into confusion threw into disorder threw into uproar thrown into confusion thrown into disorder thrown into uproar gotten across threw into tizzy thrown into tizzy worn wore

Động từ

To have triggered a passionate feeling or reaction
excited provoked incited riled stirred up fomented impassioned inflamed rallied roiled roused stirred triggered aggravated agitated animated electrified fired up goaded inspired instigated aroused enthused galvanized incensed irked primed ruffled stimulated whipped up baited charged egged on elicited encouraged enlivened grilled kindled piqued pumped up revved up set off vexed vext vivified worked up wound up activated angered awakened brought about brought out caused charged up commoved energised energized enkindled galvanised jolted motivated needled pepped up sparked off touched off triggered off worked into lather chafed flustered induced infuriated intensified maddened offended shook shook up started taunted upset waked up woke up fed the fire spurred sparked drove inclined given incentive gave incentive driven summoned up fostered whetted called forth influenced moved prompted inspirited fired generated wakened urged quickened invigorated prodded evoked envigorated engendered spurred on revived exhilarated impelled raised waked actuated thrilled promoted vitalized produced pushed drave druv turned on titillated refreshed kick-started invoked fanned revitalized awaked initiated occasioned restored uplifted swayed heartened set on made put up to emboldened fueled fuelled created revivified boosted revitalised brought into being buoyed up propelled incentivized fermented woke woken renewed rejuvenated ignited brought on lit a fire under strengthened put in motion set in motion called into being set going steeled cheered gladdened impressed precipitated abetted tempted intoxicated pricked bucked up keyed up fired the imagination of buoyed resuscitated reanimated effectuated summoned resurrected brought lift exhorted rekindled grabbed given rise to gave rise to worked wrought reinvigorated elated brightened cheered up built up bred bestirred livened up gingered up called up regenerated brewed recharged catalyzed filliped drew forth drawn forth touched rewakened rewaked braced called increased awoken awoke originated mobilized perked up woken up fired with enthusiasm breathed new life into mobilised jazzed up catalysed conjured up effected pressed prest interested compelled captivated attracted yielded led to empowered struck nudged persuaded spawned picked impacted cheered on enticed pleased reawakened heightened tickled reactivated hatched instilled set exalted gotten going got going geed up knocked up drummed up juiced up brought forth translated into psyched got to fired the enthusiasm of affected begat begotten begot reassured delighted disturbed educed enchanted tantalized assured lifted astonished lightened refreshened recreated dynamized teased boosted up spiked recalled renovated cultivated repaired freshened reached re-established jump-started spirited up got informed bounced back made an impression on told on made waves spooked rooted on got someone going fanned the flames of brought back raised spirits zipped up crazed had an impact on amped up tantalised made for switched on brought around innervated brightened up challenged rewoke rewoken stoked up given a shot in the arm to gave a shot in the arm to elevated comforted disquieted coerced enthralled built incentified startled intrigued pressured sustained jumpstarted egged furthered fortified enforced improved manifested amazed allured consoled yolden yold disposed reminded advanced stricken ravished run jogged stung irritated hit hooked overwhelmed helped chirked up sicced nurtured conjured coaxed fascinated enhanced seduced involved gripped developt developed reproduced restarted solicited fazed amused entertained exercised lured psyched up evinced actualized relaunched reinstituted overpowered procured astounded forced sent magnetized killed transported raised your spirits extracted picked up countenanced sharpened mustered set afoot started up put a bomb under juiced made an impression steamed up touched up bugged drew on recovered cranked up put into action put under a spell gotten to breathed life into magnetised relieved brought to livened set on foot agitated for put one in mind of got up drawn on acted as a stimulus to reconditioned put life into talked into called to mind cut a figure invited innerved made whole carried done did shaken given a boost to gave a boost to began begun gotten gat gave a buzz given someone a shout given a buzz gave someone a shout annoyed sown the seeds of sowed the seeds of gave someone a kick given someone a kick absorbed absorpt applauded perturbed worried alarmed disinhibited beguiled supported engrossed bewitched obliged edified troubled entranced charmed operated enheartened shocked rivetted hypnotized riveted mesmerized enraptured disconcerted assisted engaged spellbound transfixed reenforced bothered flurried concerned unnerved tripped distressed unsettled distracted softened melted overawed dazzled awed occupied overcome courted drew drawn facilitated bettered refined overjoyed reestablished ran constrained bolstered cajoled led leaded exacerbated convinced initialized warmed relighted aided relit praised backed redeveloped beared unhinged dismayed discomforted ailed alarumed derailed frazzled fussed distempered hagrid borne up holp holpen bore up confirmed rescued palpated cued dug ameliorated grappled civilized conceived bemused bedazzled immersed wowed busied arrested witched wiled enwrapped drove on driven on raised the morale of lifted the spirits of bielded reintroduced stimulated spiritually stiffened the resolve of boosted morale propped up nursed reinforced wooed rattled prevailed upon frenzied discombobulated inveigled converted advised marked stiffened infatuated diverted flushed caught up enamoured lit up delivered enabled extraught propagated festered progenerated cranked reignited favoured favored saved introduced magnified gave new life to given the kiss of life to snapped out of it felt admiration become cheerful mesmerised drawn out plotted pressurized made enthusiastic made splash gave birth to stirred embers acted as a incentive to gave the kiss of life to added fuel won over gained strength redoubled tugged at your heartstrings made brighter lashed flirted with ventilated prevailed on suggested to incarnated given someone a charge blown away brushed up suggested grandstanded hinted led on pressurised rabble-roused gave someone a charge made wild vivificated ensnared modernised given a lift to enslaved left a mark on spurred to action gave a new lease of life to caused to appear had an effect on hinted to updated augmented civilised whomped up acted as an incentive to bugged up blew away issued made happen entreated agitated against gotten up planned commanded intensated buffaloed made active given new life to asked for it showed off gave a lift to zapped had as a result replenished acted upon weirded out leaned on poured it on freaked out mounted made anxious made a hit deepened filled with joy made happy won had as a consequence added fuel to the flames helped out contributed to boosted moral initialised brought to mind raced one's motor schemed gave a lift dispatched made flip knocked out reminded one of pushed buttons burned up sprung left an impression on confused drew out hypnotised modernized built a fire under mustered up looked up scored called for registered made alive insinuated fanned the fire given a new lease of life to burnt up necessitated regained made to happen examined shaken up showed stunned tickled pink frightened changed slayed jarred cleared up interested greatly started off enriched forwarded heated up pushed around given a lift given birth to suscitated fanned the flames het up activized caused anxiety to appealed held spellbound left the door open to subdued felt respect enamored touched a chord alerted asked for bulldozed called upon made confident brought on oneself overcame molt molten bore borne undone hagridden hagrode undid given life to gave life to added fuel to fire gave shot in arm given confidence to given shot in arm given hope to gave hope to gave confidence to hitten hat gave a shot in the arm given a shot in the arm sowed the seeds sown the seeds took out of mothballs taken out of mothballs gave courage to given courage to took your breath away taken your breath away ridden herd on rode herd on gave the incentive to given the incentive to grew grown sprang gotten smoking got smoking begged for given someone grief gave someone grief slew took aback shown off slain taken aback became cheerful took a turn for the better taken heart took heart taken a turn for the better given someone a cue gave someone a cue shown got started gotten started appealed to got through to stricken a chord gotten through to struck a chord given a boost gave a boost given joy to gone over big gave joy to went over big gave pleasure to given pleasure to got a rise out of gotten a rise out of

Động từ

Past tense for to make (someone) feel annoyed, frustrated, or worried, especially with trivial matters
vexed vext annoyed irritated bothered irked upset provoked exasperated riled galled aggravated angered nettled disturbed bugged troubled piqued ruffled peeved worried harassed narked distressed infuriated displeased needled agitated offended perturbed plagued hassled pestered incensed maddened miffed tormented chafed got gat gotten persecuted enraged rankled grated afflicted rasped rode rid ridden ate eaten outraged spited harried fretted disquieted griped grope gripen frosted inflamed pained nagged teased gravelled graveled itched flustered hounded depressed embarrassed frustrated fussed tried molested chagrined disgusted dissatisfied abraded mithered bit bitten hacked off got to gotten to ticked off burned up burnt up wound up rubbed up the wrong way put out bummed out got across gotten across drove up the wall driven up the wall gave someone the hump given someone the hump made someone see red hacked you off grated on got on your nerves gotten on your nerves rankled with gave someone grief given someone grief got your back up gotten your back up got under your skin gotten under your skin put your back up turned off gave a hard time given a hard time drove bananas driven bananas got in your hair gave a bad time given a bad time mixed up hurt hurt somebody's feelings rattled dismayed roiled insulted disconcerted disgruntled discontented affronted discountenanced confounded unnerved disappointed repelled antagonized disaffected discomforted got at antagonised cut to the quick got on your wick burnt burned mortified niggled discomfited scandalized alarmed curdled perplexed disobliged sounded revolted winged cooled capped mispleased zinged unsettled teed off scandalised grieved frightened inconvenienced played dirty made your blood boil ruffled one's feathers made somebody's hackles rise gotten at shocked ailed tried your patience got your dander up fazed unhinged psyched frazzled indisposed spooked discombobulated concerned derailed wound wounded incapacitated sickened crazed saddened distempered pothered debilitated bewildered hagrid turned cramped flipped flurried alarumed distracted floored freaked out stirred up flipped out fired up picked on egged on weirded out turned on keyed up made waves layed up laid up caused offense rubbed the wrong way rocked the boat made a scene shaken shook threw thrown gotten up someone's nose got up someone's nose got your hackles up gotten your hackles up undone hagridden undid hagrode got someone gotten someone thrown off balance threw off balance got your goat exacerbated badgered rattled someone's cage sent into a rage baited bedevilled bedeviled goaded gnawed beleaguered drove crazy driven crazy driven mad drove mad hit where one lives ired humped chivvied embittered stressed madded steamed up kept on at made angry raised your hackles excited drove round the bend driven round the bend roused gnawn gnew enflamed crossed deviled devilled bullied driven to distraction drove to distraction pursued grilled got on one's nerves gotten on one's nerves raised hell empurpled worked on breathed down someone's neck cheesed off put pressure on set on set off put someone's nose out of joint driven round the twist drove round the twist got someone's wick bristled bummed steamed hacked made cross incommoded tried the patience of nudged henpecked stressed out acerbated aroused boiled chivied worked up pressurized taunted pressurised heckled intimidated strained noodged bullyragged forayed attacked macerated despoiled sticked in one's craw incited possessed umbraged shattered made sore lost one's temper setted one's teeth on edge started made livid heated up het up gave someone the pip given someone the pip jerked around asked for it gone on at went on at made you see red leaned on rattled one's cage brought pressure to bear on made somebody's blood boil messed worked into lather discommoded dunned messed with aroused hostility in got across someone kept after pushed someon's buttons harped on at drove nuts driven nuts worn on wore on broke broken brake blew up blown up drove you crazy driven you crazy drove you to distraction driven you to distraction drove you round the bend drove you round the twist driven you round the bend driven you round the twist took a rise out of taken a rise out of got a rise out of gotten a rise out of driven you off your head drove you off your head driven insane drove insane drove you out of your mind drove out of mind driven out of mind driven you out of your mind

Tính từ

Deeply hurt, saddened, or worried
distraught distressed agitated anxious frantic upset hysterical frenzied distracted overwrought worried bothered troubled mad delirious wild disturbed desperate perturbed rattled flustered crazed overcome crazy fraught concerned raving distrait confused devastated hysteric deranged tormented muddled unglued shattered nuts thrown unscrewed unzipped harassed verklempt pained addled nonplussed beside oneself worked up shook up in a state swivel-eyed panic-stricken worked-up in a panic wrought-up beside yourself very upset out of your mind out of one's mind at the end of your tether like a chicken with its head cut off uneasy nervous tense apprehensive disquieted disconcerted antsy unsettled edgy ill at ease shaken jittery jumpy ruffled uptight restless nervy alarmed uncomfortable aflutter fearful twitchy dismayed unquiet frightened insecure on edge unnerved fidgety in a tizzy fretful discountenanced vexed dithery wired discombobulated fazed scared stressy hung up queazy afraid atwitter queasy discomfited het up flurried shaky annoyed spooked stressed goosey keyed up hinky irked sad hurt saddened grieved embarrassed shy shocked self-conscious gutted restive terrified high-strung awkward anguished bugged angsty hot and bothered unhappy perplexed disappointed in a flap skittish like a fish out of water irrational excited irritated hyper tortured timid inconvenienced plagued cut up hassled overstrung strung out toey bewildered worried sick bummed out spooky abashed in a stew solicitous on tenterhooks unrestful in a dither in a tizz strained all of a dither having kittens on pins and needles flighty emotional traumatized hectic overwhelmed heartbroken crushed overactive heated choked hot under the collar afflicted angered wounded traumatised provoked fretting blue taut horrified harrowed careful hesitant broken-hearted neurotic broken up angry under stress impatient beset riled all torn up puzzled angstful panicky squirrelly windy sheepish timorous flummoxed shivery out of place put out strung up in a sweat in a twitter a wreck a bundle of nerves in a twit worried stiff fuddled pestered in a state of agitation aghast unrelaxed all of a lather with one's stomach in knots like a cat on a hot tin roof having butterflies in the stomach in a spin at sea phobic like a cat on hot bricks in turmoil put out of countenance in a flat spin taken aback with your heart in your mouth have cold feet floored overemotional flushed startled intense aquiver daunted adrenalized histrionic unreluctant hyped-up overexcited febrile afire atingle hyperexcited wound up falling apart dispirited zipped up hot juiced up disorientated unsteady turbulent inflamed excitable disorderly trepidatious disoriented feverish hyperactive shaking miserable wavering unpeaceful unbalanced watchful stirred up flapping shot to pieces a basket case dreading in suspense sweating bullets in a state of nerves strange lost unsure skittery moved all of a flutter in a lather aroused asea brittle spasmodic jerky exacerbated displeased chagrined aggravated mortified harried miffed reserved retiring introverted galled chafed squirmy wiggly quivering wriggly fluttery caught off balance out of countenance shook-up messed-up in botheration psyched-out mixed-up thrown off balance wretched disconsolate dejected despondent depressed mousy itchy withdrawn bashful trembling quaking morose heavyhearted broken melancholy sorrowful doleful bitter dolorous desolate inconsolable cheerless up the wall nervous wreck restlessly moving easily frightened easily agitated highly strung lacking social skills discomforted tongue-tied unconfident fixated obsessed overanxious paranoid grieving despairing weeping down bereaved wrecked mournful heartsick rueful hurting mourning haunted woeful shook agonized dolesome shell-shocked emotionally defeated clutched sorrowing bewailing persecuted bemoaning wailing agonised suffering aching petrified intimidated affrighted shrinking in a cold sweat bricking oneself grief-stricken brokenhearted horror-struck scary diffident terrorized woebegone in pain angst-ridden scared stiff pusillanimous afeared frit faint-hearted shaking in one's shoes ashamed in a blue funk weak-kneed lily-livered goose-bumpy nerveless spineless running scared scared to death in a funk rabbity chickenhearted quivery unmanly terrorised heavy with grief racked with suffering overcome with sorrow racked with pain irritable suspicious preoccupied palpitant all nerves wrung on the qui vive humiliated peevish shamed irascible humbled abstracted blushing shamefaced absent diverted demeaned vague absent-minded bemused inattentive distant faraway absorbed engrossed dishonoured discredited chastened wishing the earth would swallow one up with egg on one's face dishonored caught with egg on your face not know where to put yourself shown-up red-faced absentminded mystified befuddled confounded not with it driven to distraction miles away dreamy sidetracked unfocused offended fretted low in disorder amazed come apart psyched out at sixes and sevens downcast forlorn downhearted glum disheartened crestfallen discouraged gloomy low-spirited melancholic cast down joyless down in the dumps heartsore heavy-hearted down in the mouth sorry dismal droopy tearful demoralized hangdog demoralised affected bad pessimistic in the dumps sullen sombre somber wistful moody wrought up bundle of nerves oppressed uncertain stressed out sensitive touchy tristful down-hearted unstable hopeless lugubrious chap-fallen spiritless disillusioned disenchanted in low spirits teary regretful weepy shot down aggrieved in grief in doldrums inhibited in tears pining listless fed up cowed lonely frozen peeved terror-stricken weighed down beaten comfortless defeatist insane weary let down saturnine bleak repulsed stunned exercised gray grey cross in despair appalled disgruntled vanquished worsted all of a doodah discontented in the pits exasperated lamenting dragged ripped grumpy testy tetchy unstrung irresolute querulous dissatisfied basket case crotchety captious crabbed sick panicked bad-tempered short-tempered out of sorts low in spirits doubtful under a strain bleeding frustrated chapfallen ill-tempered wreck sick at heart fevered white-knuckled under pressure morbid pressured crabby down in dumps critical cowardly frazzled oversensitive taken down tragic triste resigned black funereal elegiacal elegiac chicken crummy yellow languid sulky negative destroyed sunk cast-down down and out languorous as sick as a parrot in awe knocked for six long-suffering sick as a parrot battered jolted twittering burned sore contused undone indecisive tentative weak injured damaged unconsolable remorseful dithering vacillating uncontrolled choked up fussy swithering impaired deploring lamentable heavy plaintive funeral plangent prostrated bummed-out infuriated caught up nostalgic gauche faltering unnatural panic-struck heart-sick lovesick bruised in shock subjugated overpowered physically conquered overpowered trounced routed emotive suicidal in a bad way narked creepy frisky prickly moving shot strung-up hag-ridden hot-tempered snappy temperamental chippy quick-tempered in distress scunnered biting one's nails cheesed off distrustful emotionally charged complaining white knuckled tied up in knots in pieces in anguish fractious petulant cautious strict conventional funky fearsome blanched thwarted yearning hankering missing longing for home cynical strabilious no-win can't win not a prayer at end of one's rope in the soup emo grim lonesome careworn self-doubting unassertive self-effacing tooshie bereft cowering consumed berserk compulsive manic obsessive tearing one's hair out nerve-racking stressful nail-biting feeling anxious hurried changeable roving sleepless bustling active transient unruly wandering intermittent fidgeting inconstant footloose fitful nomadic lacking confidence unforthcoming meek keyed-up fired-up stirred freaked-out wound-up high hot-and-bothered strung-out worn tired spent hapless pensive down in mouth pressurized pressurised helpless very sad torn up in the toilet on a downer low-down alarmed at shaking like a leaf scared witless terror-struck feart apprehensive about intimidated by scared out of your wits in a fluster horror-stricken having cold feet frightened out of your wits teed off dazed knocked sideways unhinged demented not self-assured lacking self-confidence passive abject bearish downbeat throwing a wobbly ill-natured stressed-out on the rack dreary chill sunless darkening plutonian tenebrous godforsaken depressive sepulchral solemn depressing dreich murky dire drear Cimmerian tenebrific cold lorn dark cloudy old-fashioned doomed discouraging run scared steamed up flipped out nerves on edge homesick bowed down on the defensive frenetic companionless unmitigable unfortunate cranky splenetic grumbling whining ratty disgusted butterflies chicken-hearted numb sissy jellyfish hot under collar all shook up unhealthy abnormal unassured questioning Delphic unpoised forbidding unwelcoming acheronian austere carried away not knowing what to do with oneself in a frenzy at wits' end out of one's wit languished maladjusted without hope up the creek perverse faultfinding huffy mean snappish contrary ornery caviling carping having blue devils dysphoric having the blahs singing the blues tossing and turning sickened outraged revolted touch and go on thin ice up in the air hanging by thread very scared pushing the panic button in fear and trepidation numb with fear erratic deviant aberrant disordered cavilling repelled nauseated scandalized jarred scandalised unsatisfied baulked objecting balked

Tính từ

Confounded with surprise or wonder
dumbfounded stunned astounded astonished amazed stupefied flabbergasted shocked dazed bewildered dumbstruck speechless confounded nonplussed perplexed thunderstruck staggered confused awestruck puzzled flummoxed gobsmacked surprised floored stumped aghast awestricken startled awed agape disconcerted overwhelmed bamboozled unnerved shaken openmouthed dumb marveling marvelling thrown wondering overcome stuck dismayed nonplused breathless beat buffaloed knocked licked bowled over taken aback open-mouthed at sea goggle-eyed wide-eyed lost for words at a loss for words knocked for six blown away knocked out knocked sideways bemused shaken up mystified baffled discombobulated fazed distracted at a loss befuddled muddled fuddled discomfited disoriented troubled clueless dumfounded bushed thrown off balance mazed wildered wonderstruck at sixes and sevens flustered addled filled with astonishment filled with amazement filled with wonder filled with awe incredulous foxed vexed bedeviled beaten lost fogged befogged bedevilled shell-shocked dopey unable to believe your eyes unable to believe one's ears embarrassed hard-pressed discountenanced frustrated hard put benumbed alarmed frightened jolted taken by surprise in amazement caught on the hop caught on the wrong foot all at sea spaced out doubtful preoccupied raddled pixillated spaced-out dizzy engrossed addle punch-drunk silly slaphappy mixed-up spaced pixilated spacy muzzy spacey zonked addlepated punchy zonked-out dopy muddleheaded absent-minded fuzzy rattled in a dither uncertain had their heads messed with uncomprehending besotted confusticated gravelled got graveled thrown off caused to be at a stand made to scratch their head horrified struck dumb agog dazzled tongue-tied woozy terrified afraid groggy fearful appalled disorientated mixed up blank mute inarticulate silent petrified mum overawed wordless voiceless uncommunicative giddy unsteady staggering reeling rendered speechless in shock mom upset disturbed gaga hazy spellbound impressed off balance cowed awe-stricken intimidated staring daunted paralyzed paralysed defeated foggy wonder-struck wonder-stricken reverential frozen light-headed vague muted faint vertiginous taciturn shaky wobbly obmutescent mumchance dumbstricken reserved terror-stricken swimming tight-lipped close-mouthed numb spooked terror-struck lightheaded weak-kneed slap-happy blind tipsy blinded light scared terrorized bereft of speech horror-struck horror-stricken panicky anxious terrorised scared witless off-balance scared to death frightened to death not with it out of control in awe unable to get a word out weak in the knees at wits' end thunder-struck scared stiff without ideas worried shattered stupid big-mouthed electrified eager expectant woolly-minded abashed enthralled fascinated admiring completely surprised unbelieving disbelieving mortified staring in amazement left speechless owly-eyed moon-eyed saucer-eyed tottering weak stymied awe-struck teetering disorganized slack-jawed with rubbery legs with legs like jelly weak at the knees rooted to the spot knocked for a loop woolly awe-inspired disorganised wooly numbed adhered bashful stammering awkward shy timid garbled closemouthed up against a brick wall without an answer at a complete loss woolly-headed not knowing if you are coming or going quiet untalkative reticent laconic uncertain which way to turn brought to a standstill mousy soundless unable to speak choked up in disbelief saying nothing affected whirling swimmy aswoon emotional moved struck addlebrained choky taken transfixed buried blown-away verklempt swamped bowled-over overthrown immobilised immobilized run-over swept off your feet unable to continue out of it pushing the panic button in a panic have cold feet in a cold sweat aphonic cool unflappable hit for six buttoned up clammed up cool as cucumber not saying boo

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