Đồng nghĩa của deepened

Alternative for deepened

deepens, deepened, deepening

Đồng nghĩa: change, compound, heighten, intensify,


To have intensified
increased intensified enhanced exacerbated aggravated intensated exaggerated escalated heightened magnified worsened hastened quickened made worse augmented boosted amplified raised strengthened lift expanded enlarged multiplied built up swelled stepped up beefed up redoubled consolidated spread extended compounded accentuated aggrandized amped up reinforced built mounted inflated inflamed accelerated developed jacked up lifted upped proliferated improved snowballed waxed widened mushroomed supplemented hiked up pumped up swollen elevated added to grew accumulated broadened gained grown risen rose burgeoned enriched maximized sharpened appreciated climbed supersized dilated bourgeoned cranked up ballooned boomed padded hyped annexed incremented maximised doubled exalted furthered advanced upsurged tripled roused pyramided rolled up lengthened thickened topped up distended bumped up made greater upgraded shot up marked up slapped on stoked hiked progressed picked up run up ameliorated added bettered amassed prolonged protracted made better parlayed ratcheted up teemed tacked on fleshed out pullulated clumb clomb soared cultivated emphasized swarmed stressed collected gathered jacked become larger put up set off fanned the flames of added fuel to the flames put salt on the wound emphasised heated up souped up spiked sweetened optimized reenforced upraised made larger made bigger pumped upscaled blew up elongated followed up ran up optimised concentrated refined promoted encouraged rocketed bolstered uplifted complemented accrued spiralled spiraled become louder stretched crescendoed surged elaborated complicated meliorated helped amended perfected polished cumulated advertized advertised underlined revitalized nurtured stimulated fostered went up endowed gained strength buttressed blown up expatiated vaulted diffused towered escaladed gotten bigger hotted up sent up pointed mounted up puffed up became larger poured it on added insult to injury rallied become greater boosted up whetted pushed up got to darkened jumped filled out hopped up accented renewed piled up fortified made richer started to be toned up added fuel to the fire become large heaped on jazzed up revitalised rubbed salt in the wound got bigger fanned the flames jumped up shored up leaped up brightened become worse piled on heated turned up made louder bucked up enforced lightened gone up arose arisen added fuel became greater grown quickly grew quickly grew full became large gotten to grown full became worse grown in grew in got higher grown louder grew louder gotten higher became louder drew out skyrocketed increased rapidly sprouted scaled hit the roof flourished grew rapidly grown rapidly prospered increased in size thrived leaped leapt bloomed ascended thrust outspread scaled up went through the roof gone through the roof become more numerous spread like wildfire risen rapidly went through the ceiling gone through the ceiling rose rapidly propagated exploded bloated dramatically increased drastically increased greatly increased climbed sharply increased exponentially run riot luxuriated spread uncontrolled thriven throve zoomed pervaded levitated upreared come up thrusted upthrusted aspired climbed up become bigger flowered got up floated moved up moved upwards got larger spread out speeded up put on a spurt lifted off increased in scope burst moved upward spread across sped up gone sky-high increased suddenly increased in value filled put fuel on made its way up puffed out became more numerous spread like lightning spread through burst forth increased dramatically went sky-high sprung up sprang up uprose uprisen increased in extent taken off increased in complexity raised the value of rose steeply took off ran riot risen steeply fueled tended fuelled went up in price gone up in price embellished overstated fattened bred unfolded diversified dramatized stiffened toughened overplayed embroidered sprawled opened kept burning overestimated mended feed poked stirred fed rekindled blossomed bulked conquered shot upturned bulged metastasized surged up beefed matured developed rapidly overemphasized hyperbolized glided glid come upwards sprung sailed loomed become distended came up flown flew became bigger succeeded inclined gotten up confused confounded spurted aggregated manifolded piggybacked upsized billowed stretched the truth broadened one's horizons shinned up sloped upwards tagged on reached up made more rigorous sent through the roof touched up scrambled up come on intumesced branched out tumefied swept upward reached welled ramped up swelled up opened out bobbed up peaked made complex surcharged rose up clambered up stacked up extended one's operations fetched up shifted up crammed made one's way up made stricter toughened up dramatised tightened made more stringent made a big thing out of got stronger overemphasised spiraled upwards deteriorated flowed bulked up circulated blasted off swept detonated made intricate spiralled upwards made more rigid poured rained piled stoked up floated up rolled out risen up goosed up stocked up overrun topped grown profusely grew profusely added fuel to became distended sprang overdone overdid grown stronger grew stronger overran brast gone off went off gone upwards came upwards went upwards went from bad to worse gone from bad to worse grown greater grew greater grown larger grew larger aped up taken to the air flown up took to the air flew up blown out of all proportion swollen up drove up blew up out of all proportion driven up blown up out of all proportion blew out of all proportion done well been successful did well rose in value risen in value were successful was successful came on


To have gradually increased in detail
developed evolved unfolded arose broadened emerged transpired arrived materialized occurred progressed rose advanced appeared crystallised dawned emanated flourished flowed grew increased manifested materialised matured naturalised resulted surfaced took form took shape turned up became apparent became known came into being came to light came up changed cropped up crystallized leaked out loomed naturalized showed sprang up became visible came forth came into sight came into view came out came together merged become apparent come into sight come into being come up become known become visible come together come out come forth come into view arisen risen shown taken form sprung up grown taken shape formed set in happened originated sprung started actualized commenced come about come into existence popped up come to pass engendered issued eventuated sprang began begun ensued burst out showed up came about erupted set came into existence broke broken brake proceeded came to pass stemmed presented itself come catalyzed derived kicked in taken place took place entered into the picture catalysed followed spawned befell befallen chanced sprouted launched felled germinated made an appearance turned out revealed itself panned out bobbed up existed become manifest shaped up fostered established cultivated came initiated become established gelled set off upsprung betided betid happed acquired become common knowledge passed spread become definite shot up culminated come from become evident stemned from kicked off fell out proved to be the case entered the picture come to the fore leaked fallen out come on the scene come off manifested itself gotten out got out fell fallen taken root fallen into place fell into place took root come along precipitated became manifest sparked incited unravelled begun life began life unraveled become public invoked enkindled incubated instituted actuated occasioned devised fared contrived learnt learned triggered conceived burgeoned activated continued hovered settled crystalized solidified combined united amalgamated jelled opened reappeared became established imbibed mastered concocted blossomed grasped become performed ripened proliferated mushroomed started up kick-started triggered off accrued headed upsprang accumulated became common knowledge propagated fomented became definite attended originated in accompanied supervened came from hailed from become entrenched occurred suddenly come after came off assimilated shown itself settled in birthed went down appeared unexpectedly became evident circulated picked up pushed up formed into crystals hardened came to the fore exposed itself hung together figured shot happened suddenly come on broke out paced gone down showed itself resolved itself become clear pushed sprouted up revealed become delineated come out in the wash come to stay condensed come down rolled out broken out got along sorted itself out slipped out appeared indistinctly appeared suddenly supervened on came on the scene come forth suddenly forthcome resulted from come out in the open glimmered become a reality had its origin became public came along becomed becomen bore fruit fore borne fruit faren forthcame uprose uprisen came forth suddenly arrived on the scene arose from arisen out of arisen from arose out of came on taken up took up came after came out in the wash gotten around came out in the open got around became clear became delineated assumed a pattern gotten under way got under way came to stay became entrenched been was took effect came down gone on taken effect were went on took on character taken on character became a reality gone off went off risen up rose up


Past tense for to make or become deeper or more intense
darkened shaded made dark made darker overcast dimmed obscured shadowed blackened fogged clouded overshadowed blurred beclouded befogged shrouded hazed bedimmed overclouded clouded over eclipsed dusked misted bleared dislimned greyed obfuscated grayed loured murked blacked out cast a shadow over made dim fuzzed up clouded up become shaded cast a shadow grown dark grew dark grew dim grown dim veiled closed in muddied made black made blacker blotted out dulled grew blacker grew darker grown darker grown blacker grew black grown black turned black become black toned down became shaded became black adumbrated concealed hid covered masked screened confused cloaked blanketed blocked muddled become cloudy obstructed enveloped shielded made unclear misted over blinded occulted muddied the waters hidden gloomed blocked out faded extinguished obliterated become gloomy become overcast filmed mantled enshrouded made indistinct obnubilated benighted garbled made hazy made vague tarnished curtained cast a shadow on put out of sight became cloudy fuzzed bedarkened complicated inumbrated sheltered umbraged overhung smudged buried camouflaged became gloomy became overcast jumbled unfocussed unfocused disguised suppressed spotted stained smeared besmeared blotted showered encased ensconced dazzled glared discoloured dazed tainted blemished discolored distorted pettifogged hindered cached bemisted belied stonewalled wrapped become leaden become fuzzy become dim fuddled rattled become less sharp mixed up made less distinct become hazy become vague blocked off the light to papered over covered up made obscure enveloped in shadow become indistinct kept out of sight blanked out grown leaden grew leaden became dim became less sharp became vague became indistinct became fuzzy became hazy became leaden

Trái nghĩa của deepened

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