Đồng nghĩa của came along


Past tense for to recover or recuperate from a poor condition or state
recovered recuperated mended rallied got better perked up snapped out of it bounced back picked up got over something pulled through revived looked up took a turn for the better made a comeback turned the corner took on a new lease of life improved shook something off rebounded surged regained your strength turned around got back in shape shaped up reformed envigorated came around got act together got second wind came round came from behind turned things around invigorated came back came up smiling rebound refreshed regained strength enlivened snapped back emerged from something braced up renewed turned a corner got your second wind rejuvenated grew stronger got it together restored convalesced healed rehabilitated moved regained health made headway made progress regained one's health got back on one's feet pulled out of it strengthened took steps forward remedied got well restored your form built up your strength rehabbed regained one's strength gained strength became better grew better assuaged become better come along gotten back on one's feet gotten better gotten well taken a turn for the better taken on a new lease of life taken steps forward grown better come back gained pulled round got back to normal recouped got over ameliorated survived come round regained your health come around got back on your feet triumphed come through weathered got well again gotten over got stronger felt oneself again bettered returned to health increased overcome responded to treatment rested sobered up felt better felt yourself again forged ahead started anew got out of the woods returned to form restored your health shaken something off come up smiling come from behind pepped up bucked up came through ridden out gotten through got through rode out grown overcame grew gotten in shape got in shape gotten out from under took turn for better gotten back on feet got out from under got back on feet taken turn for better gotten back in shape grown stronger gotten second wind gotten act together gotten it together


Past tense for to appear or materialize, especially unexpectedly
appeared materialised materialized arrived occurred showed up turned up put in an appearance popped up came on the scene came made it entered approached showed rolled in presented oneself made an appearance rolled up popped in dropped in checked in bobbed up blew in clocked in came up showed one's face made the scene signed in skied in landed fell by hit town got in breezed in rang in got here fell in burst through punched the clock got through got there buzzed in barged in pulled in dropped anchor alighted dismounted disembarked drew near reported busted in visited closed in sprung in turned out sprang in punched in buzzed through showed your face occurred abruptly appeared suddenly occurred suddenly arose emerged appeared abruptly appeared unexpectedly happened came into sight came into view cropped up presented itself manifested itself reached came to light got gat arisen come along come into sight come into view come on the scene surfaced loomed issued become visible come out developt developed sprung come up revealed itself sprang up sprung up burst forth exposed itself become apparent shown became visible came out come into existence mushroomed unfolded entered into the picture sprang blown in emanated rose risen come to pass come forth peeped peeked manifested come hoved into view appeared partly walked on peered out popped heaved into view become evident set foot shot up come on revealed oneself appeared slowly became apparent become known transpired came into existence leaked out become public took shape taken shape happed ensued reappeared proceeded rolled out grown grew started came to pass came forth formed comen sprouted up pitched up manifested yourself issued from made appearance shown its face upsprung peeked from headed shown itself broached floated up hove in sight sprouted come to the surface manifested oneself came on stood up passed in showed its face became evident shown oneself come into kicked in come into being ascended pushed up ripened showed oneself popped out blossomed fetched up shot proliferated wound up at come to the top showed itself burgeoned appeared briefly pushed became known became public befell befallen came into being upsprang showed partially shown partially taken root took root shotten shown one's face hoven in sight arrived on the scene began begun gone on taken place went on came into took place broke broken risen up rose up went up broken the surface brake came to the top broke the surface came to the surface gone up


Past tense for to continue on a course of action
proceeded progressed advanced continued moved ahead forged ahead went forward went on moved along moved forward pressed on pushed ahead went ahead marched on moved onward pressed forward pushed forward continued on kept going made progress pushed on forged on made headway ploughed on cracked on gained ground plowed on pressed ahead made inroads drove forward ran along kept running spread one's wings developt developed prospered thrived throve bloomed flourished blossomed fared well made strides bore fruit got ahead hit it big succeeded burgeoned grew improved boomed shined shone bourgeoned matured emerged flowered got places made it came of age were successful was successful went places came on developed well shot up did well flew high went well got on expanded starred rose excelled stood out figured arrived ameliorated stood out in a crowd worked up went to town covered ground got on well reigned supreme battened burst forth made the big time turned out well grew well took steps forward produced had a gift for stole the show mushroomed moved forward in leaps and bounds spread moved triumphed led prevailed performed leaded featured glowed had a gift wore the crown ran riot went great guns got somewhere picked up speed proceeded forward made up for lost time sprouted abounded proliferated budded effloresced germinated sprang up grew up maturated took root multiplied increased profited built got better yielded made good speed yold grew vigorously made good did wonders got there grew rich picked up made a go caught on waxed had legs became rich became better scored gone forward gone on gone ahead come along driven forward run along moved on marched made one's way worked one's way upgraded come on pushed headed elevated trucked speeded sped shot lift continued ahead evolved drave driven druv drove grown gone forth went forth journeyed climbed progressed towards moved out moved up went gone travelled worked towards gathered way edged traveled unfolded dispatched passed on come forward propelled launched stormed made inroads into worked one's way up climbed the ladder stepped forward skyrocketed bettered oneself enlarged unrolled elaborated changed shotten lifted altered extended metamorphosed gotten on intensified strengthened thriven differentiated adapted refined modernised transmogrified modernized revolutionized augmented transformed bettered ripened derived educed revolutionised cranked it up turned it up stepped it up leveled up propelled forward picked up the pace scaled up pulled ahead boosted one's game adapted yourself levelled up opened out kicked it up a notch stepped up increased one's intensity worked out stepped up one's game built up elevated one's game rolled on come of age raised one's game clumb clomb came forward gotten somewhere risen gone places gotten going got going taken it to the limit taken the next step took it to the limit took the next step taken it up a notch took it to the next level took it up a notch rose to the next level taken it to the next level risen to the next level

Trái nghĩa của came along

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