Đồng nghĩa của fared well


Past tense for to be successful
prospered throve thrived thriven flourished succeeded bloomed flowered advanced progressed arrived blossomed burgeoned boomed did well done well expanded went well gone well improved spread got on well gotten on well grew vigorously grown vigorously made it shot up was successful were successful been successful came on come on got ahead picked up became rich become rich flew high flown high went places gone places made good made headway made progress augmented battened bore beared borne benefited benefitted fattened gained grew grown increased multiplied produced rose risen scored struck gold struck oil yielded yold yolden did all right for oneself done all right for oneself went great guns gone great guns bore fruit borne fruit became wealthy become wealthy caught on did wonders done wonders feathered nest got on gotten on got on in the world got there went up in the world gone up in the world made good speed made mark made money made out made the big time went to town gone to town grew rich grown rich hit it big hit the jackpot made a killing struck it rich stricken it rich turned out well lived the life of Riley developt developed spread one's wings matured bourgeoned shined shone made strides come along made inroads emerged moved forward come of age developed well moved forward in leaps and bounds mushroomed become better ameliorated starred burst forth excelled figured covered ground gained ground moved ahead stood out worked up came along got places gotten places reigned supreme had a gift for stood out in a crowd run riot went forward gone forward came of age profited built sprouted evolved waxed peaked abounded proliferated budded effloresced germinated cracked on pressed forward became better maturated got better pressed on pushed forward pushed ahead moved onward triumphed led prevailed performed leaded forged ahead grown well grew well featured made a go taken steps forward took steps forward glowed had legs gotten somewhere got somewhere come to fruition had a gift stolen the show ran riot made one's mark stole the show went gone went ahead gotten better gone ahead sprang up grew up grown up sprung up came to fruition taken root took root worn the crown wore the crown put to good use stood in good stead reaped the benefit made good use of reaped benefits made the most of turned to one's advantage

Trái nghĩa của fared well

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