Đồng nghĩa của developt


To have created or formed something
made built formed constructed created assembled composed crafted fabricated fashioned forged molded produced concocted modeled modelled moulded originated shaped shope synthesized actualized completed contrived developed effected erected generated hatched implemented rendered spawned synthesised yielded begat begot brought about churned out cobbled together cobbled up confected constituted eked out invented knocked off knocked out knocked together manufactured patched together pieced together put together put up rigged up rustled up sculptured set up structured threw together turned out whipped out brought into existence fit together hammered out worked wrought set down set in motion cast installed set put in place put in motion established commenced started introduced executed designed organized launched engineered instituted enacted initiated embarked on authored organised exercised materialised realised pieced effectuated affected rigged secured materialized machinated brought to pass catalyzed germinated found brought into being founded realized inaugurated instigated knocked up catalysed engendered begun began done given rise to gave rise to did arranged made up put in order prepared ordered framed grouped marshalled marshaled raised fixed fixt laid out systematized fit devised arrayed set out systematised gathered ranged shapen cooked up classified sorted placed built up compiled lined up disposed collected positioned joined codified reared categorized formulated thrown together combined brought together whipped up mustered ranked started up filed systemized drew up list sequenced methodized pioneered lay out categorised accumulated aligned united drawn up fitted adjusted drafted sorted out regulated prefabricated kicked off laid the foundations of fixed up planned innovated threw up draughted catalogued provided patterned readied conceived cut elevated collocated cataloged edited mass-produced spread out put out put down as typecast equipped incorporated fathered outlined brewed sculpted blent blended classed opened thrown up amassed collated adapted tabulated consolidated distributed carved coordinated improvised listed mixt mixed pigeonholed opened up come up with tailored triaged started off brought on blocked out run up got ready prefabbed conceived of issued queued cooked inducted anthologized choreographed plotted compounded processed merged graded fused selected oriented connected planted outfitted supplied furnished aggregated amalgamated conglomerated coalesced writ accoutred separated hewed hew crystallized put garnered dished up whittled kneaded activated pooled indexed come out with concentrated congregated culled kick-started put on floated assorted allineated gotten going got going displayed posed compartmented pegged relegated distinguished compartmentalized appointed laid manipulated colligated came up with started to build straightened perfected projected joined up compartmentalised edified got crystallised jerry-built set forth fitted out sketched out set about lumped together fudged together put in shape put in columns bracketed ran up pulled together put straight set in order set off typecasted put in rows broke down put down for superstructed made ready revolutionized equipt ushered in came out with spearheaded modernized discovered carven corve started out revolutionised modernised drew together drawn together advanced brought carved out comprised diagrammed decided drummed up determined diagramed conjured up dreamt up plied paralleled collimated parallelled mobilized led leaded divided styled provisioned massed integrated cultivated impelled deployed rearranged bunched armed indited propagated girt girded stocked accoutered stood wrote standardized written transpired exhibited harvested procured linked mounted geared hewn laid plans for leagued begotten reordered animated actuated chosen chose rallied propelled circulated situated prioritized stamped spaced ordinated yolden yold brought out digested typed charted calculated thrown corralled constellated threw adduced infused recorded hoarded registered abridged recapitulated conditioned gleaned blocked regimented presented carried out planned for orchestrated scheduled sketched shared rang in assigned evened sewed seated kitted blueprinted batched prepped agglutinated budgeted inventoried controlled correlated released agglomerated vamped conformed worked up evolved made a start on machined gathered together ground out made straight harmonised translated into tidied patted pumped out combed lumped roughhewed tooled militarized made parallel conjoined placed in order carpentered accomplished designated laid the first stone of groomed thumbed thought up got up made arrangements for made provision lined related mobilised cobbled heaped up made even fixt in position setted in line schemed itemized anticipated kitted out smoothed trotted out fixed together prepared for organized systematically filled in screened prioritised spruced up winnowed prepared hastily scared up picked brainstormed brought into line penciled in labelled setted in place schemed out considered together focused mapped out portioned recategorized sized up evened up rated smoothed the way gotten regrouped reclassified tagged shepherded joined forces patched up settled laid on militarised milled branded straightened up managed harmonized examined knocked into shape reconstructed got something functioning setted bulked up slapped together fingered settled on had subcategorized standardised arranged in line worked out labeled doctored suited trimmed laid foundation riddled pencilled in gat itemised masterminded piled up straightened out strategized about buttoned down whomped up chiseled consummated welded jacked up matched policed licked into shape chiselled formed up focussed laid the cornerstone of analogized sifted rounded up made preparations for minted hashed out broken down whipped into shape checked configured finished fitted up tabbed accommodated rattled off traced banged out endowed cranked out kitted up verified got something working spruced called up quantified putten driven drove drave druv roughhewn gotten up rung in lay on gotten together got together got moving gotten off the ground sown the seeds of sowed the seeds of gotten moving got off the ground wrote out written out given structure to gave structure to sewed up sewn up


Past tense for to become mature, old or ripe


Past tense for to build, renovate or refurbish

Trái nghĩa của developt

developt Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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