Đồng nghĩa của got ready


Past tense for to dress in (especially fine) clothes
clad clothed dressed drest arrayed attired habited invested outfitted robed appareled apparelled caparisoned garbed rigged costumed draped bedizened accoutred rigged out swathed bedecked decked out enrobed enwrapped fitted out garmented got up gotten up gowned suited toileted turned out vestured covered decked tricked out tricked up accoutered bedraped breeched coated dandified disguised dizened dolled up donned did up done up dressed up endowed endued equipped equipt fitted fit habilitated jacketed liveried mantled primped spruced togged vested put clothes on trapped out bundled up suited up togged out togged up wrapped wrapt duded up dogged out put on cladded kitted out slipped on slipped into put on evening dress geared changed tarted up worn wore supplied dressed in set up got into clad oneself in clad yourself in improved embellished preened overdressed prinked decorated titivated slicked beautified revamped smartened prettified adorned furbelowed spiffed up gussied up fixed up spruced up harnessed furnished with dressed oneself provisioned appareled oneself attired oneself rigged up armed wore formal clothes worn formal clothes got dressed in togged oneself out in togged oneself up in flung on arrayed oneself in rigged oneself out in furnished accoutred oneself in poured oneself into had on gotten into refitted changed into dressed oneself in girt fitted up pulled on kitted up got on decked oneself out in clad oneself girded dolled oneself up in climbed into got dressed gotten dressed threw on thrown on drew on gotten on drawn on


Past tense for to formulate by design
formed devised formulated conceived framed prepared concocted constructed designed fashioned laid organised organized planned produced developed developt forged hatched made ready patterned worked out drew up drawn up put together thought up worked up dreamt up fit set up set fixed fixt arranged made readied prepped cast contrived fitted groomed made up composed equipped drafted draughted mapped out put in order crafted adjusted primed laid out cooked up invented coined originated qualified equipt created charted trained endowed calculated seasoned choreographed blueprinted shaped projected schemed evolved budgeted strategized about fitted out worked dressed jacked up vamped settled on codified set out schemed out mapped set stage made plans for wrought lay out assembled plotted cooked loaded fabricated brushed styled combed cleaned edited adapted supplied furnished accoutred perfected outfitted poised got scheduled brewed determined did done straightened preened primped shope shapen anticipated braced appointed decided settled facilitated enabled educated tailored fortified turned out resolved established ironed out het warmed up microwaved managed prepared for come to terms about made plans filled in geared up fixed up knocked up warmed made preparations for pulled things together coordinated drest combed out scared up come to terms penciled in shaped up suited heated got up built up made arrangements for armed oneself rustled up made provision looked after pencilled in directed whipped up forearmed quarterbacked smoothed the way paved the way come to an agreement loaden gotten gat got set gotten set gotten up came to terms about agreed to came to an agreement came to terms agreed on did up done up took on been responsible for taken on were responsible for was responsible for seen to saw to fulfilled machinated maneuvered outlined intrigued compassed manoeuvred finagled wangled hatched a plot sketched delineated strategized sketched out diagramed roughed out executed cogitated on performed blocked out accomplished described effected laid plans doped out diagrammed traced achieved drawn drew

Trái nghĩa của got ready

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