Đồng nghĩa của adjusted

Alternative for adjusted

adjusts, adjusted, adjusting

Đồng nghĩa: adapt, alter, arrange, change, modify, vary,

Trái nghĩa: derange, disturb,


To have made something into something else
changed altered modified amended edited molded redesigned revamped revised reworked rewrought adapted modulated refashioned tempered tweaked made over moderated morphed reconstructed redid regenerated remade remodeled remodelled remoulded renovated reorganized restyled retooled alternated diversified fashioned freshened up improved moulded readjusted rearranged reconfigured rejigged remolded reorganised replaced reshaped revolutionised revolutionized tampered with translated warped affected commuted made innovations recast reconstituted refined rejiggered reordered reorientated reoriented tailored permuted turned around emendated made adjustments to made alterations to redressed rehashed remixed reshuffled became different redrafted reviewed reworded rewrote shuffled tampered tuned arranged made different ordered reconciled rectified regulated corrected transformed converted varied repaired set right reformed emended shifted overhauled reset fixed fixt mended upgraded doctored rebuilt reconditioned put right restored fixed up debugged set refurbished put in order updated remedied developt developed metamorphosed evolved redone enhanced turned renewed customized touched up straightened out bettered recalibrated lift tuned up customised ameliorated transposed transmuted switched transfigured mutated rehabilitated moved modernized serviced shaped rescripted refitted perfected red-penciled red-pencilled interchanged patched patched up sorted out raised modernised put to rights retreaded put back together prepared realigned helped manipulated restructured righted transferred rephrased polished cured rewritten squared turned the corner rebranded fettled cleaned up permutated did up increased done up fiddled with progressed augmented shope made ready made an alteration made an adjustment advanced lifted honed calibrated rescheduled redeployed fit displaced elevated unravelled unraveled rationalized qualified redistributed swapped rejuvenated redeveloped picked up shaped up governed redisposed sorted transmogrified dealt with reversed seen to saw to tidied up retouched made good reclaimed changed round transitioned optimized set up become different dialed back face-lifted made changes to set the record straight shifted gears cut made improvements to turned over new leaf switched over optimised ironed out put cleared up rationalised changed around made as good as new set straight scrubbed restored to working order turned the tables relocated fine-tuned predisposed holp holpen shapen had an impact on impinged upon influenced redrawn redrew primed boosted heightened played around with jiggled around juggled straightened upped reappraised reassessed restarted reevaluated repositioned removed positioned exchanged cultivated purified recuperated sharpened metastasized metamorphized budged levelled leveled borne upon born upon bore upon dislocated pulled transplanted pushed redecorated fitted reinforced made strides made perfect methodized reacclimated treated perked up inverted tidied groomed suited conditioned revivified revitalized concocted worked on managed handled passed regrouped transited spring-cleaned transmutated restituted resurrected untangled diagnosed rehabbed unscrambled troubleshooted meliorated deloused enriched troubleshot jiggered healed diverged alchemized transubstantiated retracted traded bent spruced up bended beautified remastered reenforced maintained wrought worked shook up shaken up clarified metamorphosized controlled recreated uplifted reassembled scanned tarted up done over made smarter made tidy resolved compared paid dues disguised distorted looked over moved around flip-flopped on changed completely cleaned up act scrutinized initialised yo-yoed on revalued blue-pencilled adjusted to the correct pitch made jazzed up did over worked the bugs out of revitalised paid one's dues become made up for deconflicted fluctuated attended to denatured manoeuvred vacillated administered smartened laundered substituted dolled up made improvements brushed up boned up brought into harmony processed switched round veered about-faced settled scrutinised tightened doctored up made neater made right got working stirred up swung turned upside down cooked effected turned one around brightened up made better brought up to code re-created changed gears on performed on uprated swapped round gussied up flip-flopped maneuvered blue-penciled initialized reexamined removed errors polished up corrected mid-course neatened spruced risen rose grew grown taken off took off taken care of acted on took care of sang different tune sung different tune putten gave facelift given facelift been through gone through went through becomed becomen became gone over got with it went over gotten with it swang swungen given a face-lift gotten working again gave a face-lift got working again acted with ate one's words eaten one's words did a U-turn on done a U-turn on done an about-turn on did an about-turn on undergone a sea change underwent a change undergone a change underwent a sea change


To have acted in preparation for something


Past tense for to modify, especially so as to better fit a given purpose or circumstance
adapted altered changed modified fixt fixed regulated converted tailored arranged customised customized set tuned accommodated balanced calibrated conformed ordered rearranged reconciled rectified rejigged revamped reworked rewrought shaped shope shapen enhanced improved reformed repaired reshaped revised settled transformed tweaked amended conditioned corrected doctored edited fashioned fitted fit normalised normalized readjusted remodeled remodelled varied aligned attuned coordinated jiggered organised organized overhauled put putten recast redressed squared focused focussed graded harmonised harmonized mended quadrated sharpened sorted straightened suited tightened troubleshot troubleshooted twiddled fine-tuned fixed up tailor-made tuned up brought into line fiddled with made good put right set right patched up put in working order saw to seen to set to rights made conform acclimatized acclimatised acclimated accustomed familiarized habituated familiarised programmed put to rights modulated oriented set up put in order assimilated integrated acculturated hardened prepared seasoned sorted out systematized lined up designed planned proportioned positioned evened up standardized systematised ranged arrayed controlled cut compensated disposed inured acquainted standardised shaped up remedied moulded become accustomed to synchronized got used to gotten used to straightened out composed managed resolved molded formed conciliated matched cured righted marshalled marshaled methodized assembled synchronised smoothed tempered naturalized laid out fitted in orientated inflected naturalised made up for patterned set out set straight geared placed constructed healed come to terms with retrieved equalized come to accept grouped bettered ameliorated classified personalized learned to live with regularized made right dealt with trimmed codified filed recalibrated picked up devised evened compensated for dialed back regularised equalised purposed evened out made consistent straightened up configured toughened contrived disciplined cast accultured introduced initiated made pitched personalised moderated domesticated counterbalanced become accustomed climatized became accustomed to measured readied offset keyed become resigned got accustomed got used accorded levelled leveled got someone accustomed become seasoned dovetailed become naturalized familiarized oneself with counteracted got someone used familiarized someone with made used neutralized located meshed timed canceled cancelled cut to fit emended allineated catalogued equated put in position put in place tabulated debugged correlated list categorized negotiated made friends buried the hatchet appeased loaded software caught on loaded instructions become au fait placated mediated learnt about played oneself in blended in distributed cataloged ranked lay out laundered scrubbed sequenced systemized indexed restored recompensed neutralised balanced out made amends for set the record straight cleaned up turned things around paid one's dues turned around regimented triaged made even established spread out made level brought together paralleled put in columns put straight set in order fit together put away put in rows categorised parallelled grown used to grew used to came to terms with intended aimed came to accept gotten into the habit got into the habit gotten to know got to know trained styled made fitting primed schooled toned intonated strengthened fortified drawn up familiarized yourself individualized drew up individualised purported proposed steeled framed modeled modelled sculpted processed indurated adopted conceived become inured dialed dialled strung sculptured created resigned oneself equipped faced turned determined treated gauged switched lessened transmogrified curbed lowered restrained shifted reduced desensitized meaned meant became accustomed custom-built offsetted custom-made resigned jacked up desensitised sized eased became resigned destined haunted taught hewed visited carved frequented affected whittled realigned hew plotted laid centred centered red-penciled red-pencilled case-hardened synthesized softened relieved collimated complied autotuned became seasoned followed blent blended scheduled became naturalized forged manipulated devoted addicted endured tolerated confirmed blocked educated corresponded made agree found your feet stood syncretized negated compiled frustrated gaged vindicated counterchecked negatived annulled counterpoised made to order made to measure played down toned down made appropriate for made appropriate to made fitting to made fitting for become acquainted with situated solved patted hung at roughhewed crystallised fabricated familiarized with smoothed over justified ironed out gathered mustered structured listed pooled interrelated recompensed for assigned classed countervailed nullified become used to made equal equaled equalled constituted prioritized seated made congruent made compatible tidied up synthesised made harmonious banded mixt mixed made restitution for restored the balance made restitution made amends paid for made reparation for leveled out made reparation made ready collocated pigeonholed concerted made familiar with made used to crystallized chiseled chiselled minted kneaded lined equilibrized cleaned up act found one's feet avenged evened off shepherded booked melded inventoried formulated consolidated tidied streamlined neatened paired off leveled up made straight become similar caused to be in agreement run with the pack compared commeasured made parallel combined conduced alphabetized related followed tradition socialised directed quarterbacked orchestrated followed the crowd got in order come out even diaried democratised cancelled out handicapped levelled up communized formalised found one's way around blocked out prioritised reconditioned penciled in conducted made uniform rewarded made the same levelled off fixt a time for changed the tone of opposed tied timetabled canceled out followed beaten path caused to sit happily with patched redeemed followed convention knocked into shape reconstructed emulated turned over new leaf spaced arranged in line socialized collated made better pencilled in rolled with punches followed custom democratized cleared up formalized caused to sit easily with kept in step licked into shape slotted in prearranged trued up whipped into shape become like come out slated rivalled rivaled acclimatized yourself acquainted yourself written software accustomed yourself wrote software became au fait became inured equipt broke in broken in hewn carven corve wrote instructions written instructions gone over went over roughhewn resorted to grew accustomed to grown accustomed to became used to got one's bearings gotten one's bearings became acquainted with book took to taken to came out came out even got it together gotten it together did justice went straight gone straight done justice threw together thrown together became like became similar swam with the stream gone along to get along ran with the pack swum with the stream went along to get along


Past tense for to accept or consent by silence or by omitting to object
acquiesced accepted allowed approved submitted complied yielded yold yolden concurred conformed surrendered acceded agreed assented consented permitted succumbed tolerated capitulated respected brooked subscribed accommodated adapted bent bended bought boughten conceded dittoed jibed OKed okayed reconciled suffered yessed caved in gave in given in abided by agreed to assented to bowed to complied with consented to concurred with conformed to went along with gone along with yielded to played ball stood by submitted to toed the line accepted tacitly cooperated with gave in to given in to gave the nod to given the nod to went along gone along let pass said yes to came round come round gave the green light to given the green light to gave the thumbs up to given the thumbs up to hoisted the white flag cried uncle gave one's assent to given one's assent to gave one's blessing to given one's blessing to gave one's consent to given one's consent to said the word said uncle shook on shaken on cut a deal rolled over and play dead gave the go-ahead to given the go-ahead to bowed truckled honoured honored deferred knuckled under kowtowed agreed with caved obeyed buckled admitted knuckled fawned cringed gave way given way acquiesced in sanctioned granted endorsed blessed blest let warranted followed supported authorized licensed passed licenced authorised said yes signed off on made concessions backed down adopted ratified acceded to confirmed validated mandated deferred to backed embraced accorded concurred in raised the white flag heeded countenanced subscribed to given the nod gave the nod cleared signed fulfilled given up gave up given the OK to gave the OK to recognized run with threw in the towel thrown in the towel conceded defeat admitted defeat espoused relinquished recognised observed fell victim letten leet empowered enabled folded entitled conceded to minded seconded rubber-stamped upheld advocated approbated recommended kept qualified passed on shown the white flag showed the white flag legitimated legalized endured legitimatized rolled over homologated formalized finalized accredited caused facilitated kept to acted upon granted someone the right made a deal left green-lighted sanctified certified boosted nodded pushed for lapped up made valid made law acquiesced to legalised finalised had threw in the sponge greenlit toed the mark chartered sealed privileged stuck to goose-stepped to winked at paid attention to responded blinked at answered greenlighted humoured lived by played it by the book got into line served come to heel held fast indulged admitted of played second fiddle held to formalised played along with acted in accordance with rubber stamped stumped for thrown in the sponge humored franchised condoned abetted acknowledged bought into affirmed green-lit bowed down to fallen in with fell in with given gave ran with went with the flow gone with the flow given permission for gave permission for upholden given five gave five given go-ahead got behind gave go-ahead gotten behind taken up took up adhered to gave someone authorization given someone authorization given someone leave gave someone leave approved of shown agreement showed agreement given something the nod gave leave gave carte blanche took kindly to gave the go-ahead given the go-ahead given your blessing gave permission gave your blessing given permission given the green light gone for went for given leave given carte blanche gave the green light taken kindly to gave something the nod taken orders done one's bidding did as one says did as you are told done as you are told did one's bidding done one's duty gotten in line did one's duty done what is expected came to heel took orders got in line done as one says did what one is told did what is expected done what one is told gone with went with


Characterized by resignation or acceptance
resigned acquiescent compliant long-suffering passive patient stoical subdued submissive tolerant unprotesting unresisting uncomplaining docile fatalistic forbearing nonresistant non-resistant philosophical reconciled tolerating unresistant yielding accepting accommodated adapted agreeable amenable biddable calm cordial deferential enduring genial gentle longanimous manageable nonresisting obedient peaceable phlegmatic pliant quiescent quiet ready relinquishing renouncing satisfied stoic subservient tame tractable unassertive well-disposed willing accommodating meek mild cool humble unflappable malleable lamblike philosophic easy restrained pliable self-effacing impassive indulgent imperturbable easy-going timid dutiful lenient unruffled servile resistless obsequious bootlicking obeisant obliging forgiving stolid unemotional serene unassuming unexcitable ductile duteous lowly dispassionate soft law-abiding ingratiating conformable self-controlled wise governable composed with the patience of Job controllable modest shy understanding unpretentious retiring tranquil demure even-tempered diffident self-possessed considerate kind supine easygoing complaisant flexible charitable spiritless slavish complying self-restrained laid-back indifferent cooperative teachable self-abasing persuadable sober detached grovelling moderate unobtrusive orderly temperate respectful persuasible abject groveling menial fawning under one's thumb well-behaved docious at one's beck and call in one's pocket in one's power in one's clutches defeatist selfless peaceful consenting merciful manipulable putty in one's hands clement weak-kneed mellow usable childlike complacent milky adaptable assenting acceding collected truckling cowering cringing agreeing conforming approving reverent easily handled easily manipulated apathetic thoughtful humane soft-shell humanitarian inferior sycophantic subject downtrodden snivelling toadying down-to-earth nonviolent receptive lifeless non-violent convincible easily influenced placid acquiescing suasible assentive susceptive non-aggressive dancing at one's mercy undemonstrative passionless impassible affectless sniveling emotionless a slave to numb cold-blooded ignoble mean unambitious well-trained living with being big rational equable logical unperturbed game disinterested static reflexive sleepy unreceptive asleep latent flat motionless poker-faced bearing moony flaccid idle realistic wishy-washy pabulum Milquetoast zero cowed nothing plain fearful going easy on going easy with easily persuaded good observant under control nonplussed practical sedate Uriah Heepish disciplined hands off enlightened profound deep deep-thinking learned moral ethical cool, calm and collected going through motions walking through it well trained well disciplined devoted loyal wrapped around finger honoring faithful sheeplike on a string attentive regardful venerating reverential honouring hearsome unquestioning bashful withdrawn persistent persevering reserved reticent equanimous untiring inexcitable mild-tempered coy introverted unconcerned matter-of-fact unmoved indomitable expressionless dry aloof non-resisting good-natured fortitudinous silent backward sheepish unpresuming recessive unboastful discreet withdrawing proper seemly blushing chaste spineless unassured nice unpretending self-conscious prudent simple under someone's thumb domesticated obeying bowing down comformable giving-in kowtowing subordinate surrendering amiable placable trainable disciplinable handleable

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