Đồng nghĩa của forged

Alternative for forged

forges, forged, forging

Đồng nghĩa: counterfeit, create, falsify, form, make, make up, mold, progress, shape, smelter,

Tính từ

Made in exact imitation of something valuable with the intention to deceive or defraud
fake false counterfeit bogus sham imitation pretend reproduction artificial copy mock pirated duplicate ersatz faked phoney phony quasi simulated synthetic copied copycat dummy fabricated falsified fraudulent inauthentic invalid pseudo queer replica snide spurious unauthentic crooked dud ungenuine unoriginal specious supposititious feigned pretended deceptive substitute factitious imitative affected put-on assumed faux fictitious plastic unnatural make-believe so-called man-made contrived manufactured cod mimic misleading untrue not genuine fishy forced unreal mechanical insincere wrong pirate delusory delusive bent facsimile strained made-up pretentious framed worthless imaginary pseud deceitful invented plagiaristic derivative derived trick Hollywood plant brummagem crock mimicked plagiarized fallacious suppositious aped deceiving concocted dishonest won't fly soft shell not kosher ostensible imitated apocryphal quasi- incorrect plagiarised two-faced inaccurate model toy knock-off erroneous untruthful inexact unfounded bad unsound distorted faulty flawed purported beguiling deluding mistaken imprecise trumped-up fanciful double-dealing supposed nonnatural alleged hokey counterfactual truthless improper hoax casuistic misrepresentative sophistical colored cheating coloured illegal fakey cooked-up quack doctored phoney-baloney phony-baloney bootlegged pinchbeck mannered meretricious adulterine bum apish unqualified non-natural falsie pseudonymous adopted improvised low-quality poor-quality shoddy inferior low-grade professed made makeshift constructed actorly dissembling pseudo- illusive off unsatisfactory substandard adulterated hyped up put on made up gingerbread off the mark trumped up contrary to fact imagined parodied parroted counterfeited burlesqued duplicated caricatured reproduced mocked hypocritical apparent seeming knock off avowed mythical fantasy bluffing shammed masked lying impostrous in name only charlatan covered concealed dissimulated imposturous fancied fantasized dreamed-up dream nominal ostensive virtual semi- null fictive near reported nonbinding inoperative null and void not binding uncollectible nugatory void nonvalid chimerical fantasied visionary fabulous chimeric phantom mythic phantasmal fantastical imaginal ideal fictional notional phantasmic fantastic play-play would-be fantasised not what it is cracked up to be swindling duplicitous criminal shifty shady corrupt sharp illicit dishonourable treacherous unlawful unscrupulous Janus-faced tricky underhanded dirty defrauding fast unfair unjust guileful crafty underhand unprincipled unethical rogue dodgy shonky knavish bamboozling dishonorable devious against the law hollow laboured labored illogical misguided illusory stiff overdone baseless stilted studied without foundation off beam unsubstantiated groundless full of holes superficial wooden unconvincing sophistic dicey self-conscious iffy off target way out wide of the mark illusionary unproven hallucinatory overripe non-existent exaggerated overworked manmade unspontaneous theatrical plausible ill-founded out foundationless constrained ham hammy unsupported in error not accurate not exact askew cooked up devised ungrounded off base mad reasonless unreasoned representative way off way off beam not working practice trial repro mimetic surface miniature campy echoic glib chemical cast wannabe self-styled machine-made delusional overblown elaborate planned experimental human-made misinformed prepared not real not legit mealymouthed engineered as it were Barmecidal whimsical semblant Barmecide lookalike uncorroborated posed voulu manipulated far-fetched fixed recherche staged weak economical with the truth mock-up to all intents and purposes without basis posey stagy unwarranted inadequate untenable irrational rigid inflexible bound begrudging coercive grudging binding conscripted slave stringent forcible erratic blue sky pipe dream conceited melodramatic affectated awkward playacting fraud erring unjustified unreasonable unscientific empty ostentatious likely captious colorable vain presumable credible probable sophisticated flattering presumptive idle fluffed overly planned illegitimate unreasoning absurd inconsistent inconsequent inconsequential nonrational preposterous off-target misfigured astray wide goofed misconstrued mishandled miscalculated wreck uptight taut farfetched wired put unglued tight choked seemingly correct wrongly inferred not precise out of commission out of line on the wrong track at fault unsustainable plausible but wrong apparently right in a state hard put nervous wreck strung out at end of rope amiss awry defective abroad disingenuous wrong number all wet all off sly sneaky cunning untrustworthy scheming perfidious Machiavellian subtle slippery foxy mendacious slim hollow-hearted double-faced Punic false-hearted insidious rascal roguish designing serpentine oblique slick catchy astucious indirect unreliable wily

Động từ

To have brought into existence
created built constructed made produced actualized concocted constituted erected brought into being brought into existence brought to pass catalyzed caused to be coined effectuated gave rise to generated originated catalysed did got going knocked off knocked together knocked up manufactured molded moulded synthesised synthesized turned out drew on invoked put together cast formed fabricated set up fashioned devised framed shaped contrived invented put up composed designed developed developt assembled hatched made up crafted dreamt up formulated modeled modelled thought up cooked up engineered conceived shope planned shapen established worked out come up with machinated found wrought worked confected brought about fit together founded prepared sculptured initiated set in motion masterminded schemed threw together put in motion hammered out evolved organized beat sculpted discovered instituted hit on whipped up plotted excogitated organised thrown together authored instigated launched started trumped up vamped raised pieced innovated pioneered pieced together carved cut drew up projected came up with set drummed up introduced conceived of minted drafted structured drawn up imagined manipulated effected vamped up draughted stamped inaugurated installed processed knocked out cobbled up put in place commenced arranged fit hammered patterned rendered orchestrated whittled envisioned brainstormed began reared prefabricated blocked out fudged together mapped out built up prefabbed thought of spawned spearheaded executed issued completed writ cobbled together threw up outlined kneaded laid hewed hew carven corve wangled improvised pounded revolutionized ad-libbed thrown up worked up doped out thrashed out got ready begun struck enacted yielded set down punched ushered in kicked off fathered churned out started out inducted brought on rigged revolutionised plied died intrigued trailblazed styled handled sketched brewed fitted coordinated cultivated procured feigned cogitated finessed negotiated manoeuvred maneuvered come out with mass-produced blueprinted charted finagled beaten set off faked given rise to opened up elevated sparked chiseled chiselled planted ground out set a trend edified joined set the ball rolling put out blazed a trail jerry-built put down blazed set type compiled beat out put pen to paper die-cast set an example sketched out beat into shape carved out run up mixt mapped mixed compounded led the way laid out codified stamped out becast superstructed cast about hit upon wrote written embarked on begot drew drawn begat came out with modernized hewn implemented realized materialised realised affected materialized rigged up eked out rustled up whipped out patched together secured rang in modernised germinated engendered exercised done stricken adapted compassed directed visualized visualised featured managed propagated dressed incorporated indited penned pent adjusted conspired connived administered conducted controlled run harvested started up delineated stage-managed begotten regulated supervised floated superintended yolden yold malleated brought out made ready choreographed gotten going tailored colluded conditioned blocked adumbrated rhymed versed started off opened founden derived fand falsified stumbled upon mooted uncovered brought forth calculated budgeted configured presided over got underway kicked something off conformed brought together machined fibbed come upon skeletoned poetized patted coined a phrase laid the foundations of roughhewed caused to happen faked it tooled carpentered moved colonized crystallised told untruth labored accomplished thumbed broken new ground started the ball rolling broke new ground laboured misrepresented provided created out of thin air comped cobbled winged rung in detected fixt in position gave birth to improved readied scripted smoothed explored laid the groundwork on fixed together batched fired up prevaricated had the bright idea of tended perfected laid the groundwork for roughed jammed timed cared for misstated schemed out worked on pretended told a white lie equivocated scored blent activated pushed the envelope edited ran up crystallized fabled tossed off milled roughed out spitballed imprinted prepared the way for fangled played it by ear reconstructed stirred up slapped together fingered blended beaten into shape ad libbed counterfeited doctored suited fixed trimmed colonised made up off the top of one's head fixt lied strategized about whomped up envisaged lit the way simulated consummated mixed up given birth to pushed pencil ordained matured conjured up hashed out leaded the way for reshaped got off finished beared squeezed lay out scribbled settled up accommodated made the first move traced banged out endowed inculcated noted down drest ran sang sungen sung gotten off roughhewn came upon bore borne beaten out thrown threw ghostwrote ghostwritten oversaw overseen drawn on taken the lead on showed the way on shown the way on showed the way taken the initiative in took the initiative in shown the way went out in front took the lead on gone out in front took the lead in taken the lead in taken the lead took the lead setted caused induced prompted triggered occasioned provoked bred brought fostered precipitated translated into sparked off incited kindled set about set going aroused promoted inspired enkindled triggered off motivated based laid the first stone of elicited procreated actuated led to called forth kick-started entered into set on invested multiplied got under way gotten under way stimulated evoked made happen made to happen roused influenced spurred authorized brought in legislated mustered parented sired fixed up laid the cornerstone of made for predicated laid foundation placed decreed authorised advanced reproduced gotten off the ground achieved contributed to got off the ground brought off fulfilled encouraged excited performed touched off administrated pulled off proliferated mobilized fomented sprung programmed laid the first stone led off persuaded mounted instated dreamt dreamed progenerated impregnated mothered concerted bowed introed gotten things rolling got things rolling made a start on set afoot got the show on the road put up to broken through set forth put on hit the ground running put one on embarked upon jumped into put into effect paved the way put one over struck into put into operation got something moving set on foot got something going got the ball rolling got up mobilised put over sown the seeds of burst into broke through put in sowed the seeds of got cracking on started ball rolling entered upon set in put through put across got something working stationed ratified corroborated lodged moored domiciliated implanted taken up diagrammed broken the ice decided determined diagramed broke the ice piloted forged ahead comprised took up got ahead carried out attained enforced carried off carried through initiated things rested commissioned grounded ground led leaded perpetrated took the initiative taken the initiative objectified headed laid the foundation finalized incarnated reified hinged pondered appeared conceptualized dawned prodded urged impelled goaded heralded discharged succeeded in increased awakened painted necessitated scheduled arranged for enticed empowered passed rooted fronted prepared the way compelled made a start pushed pressed prest constrained egged on inflamed concluded portrayed represented delegated hung made real designated chartered symbolized sprang hanged depended commanded captained bossed impassioned stirred ideated conceited spurred on swayed piqued encompassed staged caused to occur got prefaced preceded wreaked abetted self-seeded picked fermented summoned educed ordered deputed stemmed centered prevailed upon pricked conjured marshalled marshaled launched into entered on delivered debuted settled revved jockeyed got in operation brought to life scratched the surface finalised got going on made waves steamed up blazed the trail broke in summoned up quarterbacked phased in gotten ball rolling resurrected tempted gotten going on fecundated come into being rooted on commenced on laid eggs ringed up the curtain on suggested broken in emanated got show on road pulled strings hinted got weaving rabble-roused angled centred got working stayed swung guided caused to appear fathered offspring upstaged run things gotten up licked into shape started on propped helmed conceptualised got functioning got something off the ground used as a basis played games made pregnant come out called up brought up had as a result got going with inseminated leaded the way in scammed brought young into the world sorted out come into existence entered gotten show on road fallen to trail-blazed had as a consequence needled made arrangements for had its origin in brought forward made concrete got weaving on fertilised laid down operated emerged dealt with embarked patented fell to budgeted for ushered timetabled got stuck into shepherded insinuated pulled wires turned on got something functioning knocked down admitted cooked looked after revved up straightened out symbolised brought up the curtain on turned the trick jacked up got ball rolling opened the door elaborated rolled out setted the ball rolling on produced offspring fertilized purposed sired offspring conned unveiled broken ground broke ground driven drove drave druv arisen broke broken arose brake taken the first step took the first step stung drove on driven on gotten gat lay down drew forth drawn forth swungen swang added fuel ran things got the jump on gotten the jump on broken open broken into given forth broke the seal given birth came out broken the seal broke open broke into gave birth gave forth begotten offspring begot offspring was responsible for been responsible for taken care of saw about seen about were responsible for gotten together took care of got together seen to saw to took action on broke the ice on taken action on broken the ice on got feet wet gotten feet wet given life gave life gone about went about gotten cracking got down to gotten down to torn into got down to business gotten one's feet wet gotten down to business came into existence got one's feet wet came into being tore into got cracking went ahead gone ahead

Động từ

Past tense for to imitate fraudulently
faked counterfeited copied falsified imitated reproduced phonied pirated coined feigned replicated simulated copied fraudulently designed duplicated fabricated invented scratched traced transcribed trumped up cloned dittoed put on photocopied mimicked aped mimeoed shammed printed mimeographed duped affected impersonated statted Photostated assumed pretended repeated knocked off made like made a copy of made a Xerox of recreated dissembled acted bluffed professed reduplicated mirrored reprinted defrauded minted deluded cheated passed for parodied caricatured mocked rendered plagiarized copycatted followed xeroxed photostated photostatted did done burlesqued travestied spoofed plagiarised manifolded made money run off sent up personated circulated bad money acted like did like done like monkied monkeyed reflected paralleled masqueraded as posed as pretended to be followed in footsteps borrowed parallelled patterned after modeled after made a replica of made a facsimile of modelled after played a part produced a copy of passed oneself off as tried to be like ran off gone like went like took off taken off did likewise done an impression of done likewise did an impression did an impression of done an impression satirized satirised represented lampooned echoed played mimed ridiculed parroted parrotted put on an act emulated portrayed reiterated made fun of acted out embodied enacted playacted personified showed depicted quoted play-acted performed symbolized epitomized typified recited characterized symbolised exaggerated resembled adopted reechoed imaged epitomised redoubled illustrated characterised said again put on a front put on airs restated distorted reprised rehearsed posed exhibited expressed recalled doubled incarnated exemplified derided masqueraded misrepresented passed yourself off as shown played the part of interpreted matched pantomimed guyed recapitulated modeled modelled recapped perverted iterated remade imagined suggested renewed regurgitated presented displayed manifested supposed favoured favored emoted staged ingeminated followed suit chanted multiplied purported to be represented oneself as professed to be evoked conjured up instantiated reproed dramatized dramatised reworked rewrought lift produced passed off doubled as purported followed the example of seconded recast hammed laughed at incorporated played a role corresponded to bodied emblematized made a photocopy of made up poked fun at stood for set out put one in mind of taken the piss out of made as if trotted out made out like put it over bodied forth took the piss out of repeated back made a carbon copy of repeated mechanically put in words repeated mindlessly read back espoused hoked embraced clowned farced buffooned executed reaffirmed redone redid picked up on inherited looked like rivalled rivaled sketched painted developed followed example pastiched said retold pictured dressed as disparaged jested joked jeered twisted roasted ribbed signified corresponded glassed done an impersonation of did an impersonation of behaved like rehashed limned fronted become appeared demonstrated took on taken on reissued replayed related rerun delineated evinced dualized reminded one of attitudinized postured called up cribbed concocted disguised deceived prevaricated fenced equivocated featured lifted lied created assumed character stooged ragged substantiated starred strutted externalized materialized scorned personalized done a take-off chimed resaid reconstructed recrudesced re-echoed equaled equalled laid on acted a part disguised as jibed at jeered at sneered at encapsulated mugged pretended to have dinned reformed reoccurred refashioned recurred reoccured figured meaned meant betokened took the part of taken the part of taken a photocopy of took a photocopy of given human form to scoffed at come to have bought for assumed the character of disguised yourself painted a mental picture of caused one to remember run over painted a picture of run through again followed in the footsteps of exteriorized played role faked being made one think of made two of sold for come again charactered played at served as objectified slung off at gone over lived as responded painted in words gave human shape to made a game of played gig played part externalised assumed the role made sport of personalised materialised had the look of vibrated glossed over made like a poked mullock at played the part substituted for performed again brought down the house fantasized made a carbon of made a replica substituted played act returned to teased personized went over played on reacted passed as ringed reverted to goofed on made twofold equated masked as backed up made human made a joke of made replica stewarded passed yourself off photographed fantasised mocked up rebound made a mockery of professed to have rebounded reeled off given human shape to played back made a monkey out of hammed it up brought alive played over made debut gave human form to equated with contained disguised oneself as ragged on turned into drew drawn taken after took after stole stolen becomed becomen took leaf out of book taken leaf out of book reran gave a human face given a human face hominified taken the mickey out of took the mickey out of took the mickey taken the mickey beared a resemblance to went through the motions of gave the appearance of gone through the motions of given the appearance of rang rubber-stamped rung lay on taken off as done a takeoff took off as did a takeoff drawn a picture of drew a picture of reshowed reshown taken up took up assumed the role of appeared as acted in place of acted as taken part took part did a takeoff of done a takeoff of came to have gone on done a turn went on trodden the boards trod the boards did a turn did again done again went through again came again shown again gone over again ran through again showed again sang same old song gone through again ran over went over again sung same old song done over again did over again

Động từ

Past tense for to alter something from its true state, typically to deceive
falsified altered distorted faked perverted doctored misrepresented counterfeited fudged warped changed cooked fabricated adulterated garbled invented misstated belied bent bended colored corrupted debased embroidered manipulated massaged misinterpreted misrelated misreported slanted tampered with twisted coloured embellished vitiated conned contorted contravened deaconed deceived equivocated exaggerated fibbed fiddled fixt fixed four-flushed glossed lied misquoted paltered prevaricated promoted rigged salted traversed dressed up faked it framed up trumped up put a spin on put on an act interfered with tinkered with fiddled with mocked up shammed reproduced replicated juggled influenced devised formed coined concocted engineered copied spoofed pirated maneuvered feigned manoeuvred swindled gerrymandered arranged tricked made up pretended jived arranged fraudulently modified transformed reworked revamped edited rewrought amended revised made like disguised made alterations to made changes to messed about with made adjustments to meddled with spun misconstrued misled finagled scammed cooked the books put one on confused jumbled tampered muddled obscured slurred mistranslated blurred biassed biased mutilated mixed up prejudiced span twisted around misrendered misarticulated diddled flimflammed skewed mangled magnified padded patched overstated sagged deviated snowed angled collapsed gnarled whitewashed deteriorated melted writhed winded crushed curved knotted wound slumped declined shuffled trimmed rearranged cooked up quoted out of context hacked machinated made out like finessed cheated exploited changed round outmanoeuvred circumvented affected bilked jockeyed duped bamboozled masterminded defrauded found a loophole in exploited a loophole in performed magic gamed snookered fudged with outmaneuvered wangled wrothe snew writhen molt molten snown took out of context taken out of context

Động từ

Past tense for to strike or hit heavily, and sometimes repeatedly
pounded thumped beat beaten wallopped walloped bashed belted hit hat hitten struck stricken hammered battered thrashed pummelled pummeled knocked smacked punched whaled bludgeoned whipped buffeted buffetted batted slogged banged lashed drubbed whacked slapped clobbered flogged clouted pelted socked tanned thwacked clubbed licked lambasted bopped mauled slammed swatted birched biffed cracked slugged rapped clipped clipt hid hidden swiped whopped smote smit smitten smited switched pasted boxed slated laced threshed lathered busted paddled basted pommelled pommeled whapped whupped clocked tromped fibbed clapped clapt belabored bonked curried nailed zapped bobbed tagged did done welted boffed lammed sloshed belaboured quilted whomped donged swinged swonge swongen drew drawn malleated roughed up worked over laid into laced into bunged up pitched into lit into rained blows on punched out messed up tore into torn into let someone have it sticked one on gave someone a hiding given someone a hiding gave someone a good hiding given someone a good hiding beat the living daylights out of beatbeat the living daylights out of the living daylights out of set on weighed into knocked into the middle of next week cudgelled cudgeled assailed tapped thumped on knocked on drave driven druv drove bore down borne down cuffed smashed assaulted beat up on attacked decked laid one on knocked around spanked caned knocked about set upon set about thudded beat up chinned flailed bumped let fly at tonked crashed thrust popped rammed let have it punished hurt floored sailed into flagellated dotted got stuck into plugged whammed larruped larrupped had a go at done over did over crowned strapped jabbed bruised abused beaten up hooked maltreated impacted drummed turned on thrusted chopped dinged dashed scourged leathered gave someone a beating given someone a beating beset skelped horsewhipped blasted trashed cowhided rawhided slashed mugged lashed out at hit hard collided impinged jumped sucker-punched blew blown pounced on duffed someone up dashed against injured manhandled slammed into bushwhacked given someone a drubbing gave someone a drubbing flayed mashed trounced given someone a good beating gave someone a good beating duffed up lacerated coshed gave someone a good drubbing given someone a good drubbing KO'd mutilated filled in butted broke broken brake aimed blows at pounced upon collided with smashed into run into bumped into crashed into cracked into cracked against knocked into wound wounded patted stabbed sicced mistreated chastised set at harmed hit repeatedly impelled impaired crushed disabled kicked uppercut totalled totaled brutalised brutalized brained jumped on mangled maimed clumped contused zonked blistered cut lobbed rounded on descended on descended upon let fly caught put out defaced pulverized let one have it waxed banged up pulverised hit out hit for six met head-on struck at put in the hospital ploughed into knocked against hit out at fallen on fell on plunged sent fell upon fallen upon banged into ran into pushed dug defeated damaged charged stormed raided rushed scudded propelled run whisked jerked felled levelled roughhoused leveled flattened knobbed handled blipped bombarded kicked in terrorized ambushed hacked bammed aggressed jackhammered sticked stuck spiked beaned overwhelmed poked booted conked afflicted terrorised bothered besieged planted one chipped grazed gashed incapacitated filliped stroked reviled bashed up hung one on wrecked disfigured lamed crippled whanged blitzed percussed stoned pelleted dabbed swung twacked beat someone up invaded harassed sideswiped scratched scraped marked lashed out contacted laid a finger on cooked beat to a pulp knocked out went in on gone in on blackened rained blows upon battled caused injury to caused pain to crunched duked chopped down wiped lunged discoloured plumped picked striped boxed someone's ears fustigated paddlewhacked flopped flapped feruled fluttered caromed knocked cold pinched blackjacked bunted clattered jostled jarred cannoned into physically attacked tanned one's hide leaned on come down on slapped around crashed against hauled off on jumped down one's throat socked it to someone knocked for a loop dusted someone's britches blacked knocked block off laid siege to struck with a stick beat with a stick discolored smacked into zinged got at connected with warmed someone's seat landed a punch fired at turned to violence come into collision with made black and blue sank sunken sunk screwed fell shaken shook ran given someone a hot bottom gave someone a hot bottom wore out worn out flew at flown at gone at went at took out taken out beaten someone up swang swungen beaten to a pulp rode roughshod ridden roughshod assaulted physically gave a black eye given a black eye beaten with a stick given a hiding gave a hiding gone for went for came down on broke face taken care of broken face took care of gotten at swung at swang at driven into drove into came into collision with done a number on did a number on stricken head-on struck head-on

Động từ

Past tense for to subject to great heat and then (often slow) cooling, and sometimes reheating and further cooling, for the purpose of rendering less brittle

Động từ

Past tense for to give a point to

Trái nghĩa của forged

forged Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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