Đồng nghĩa của duplicitous


Given to or marked by deliberate deceptiveness in behavior or speech
dishonest deceitful guileful tricky crooked treacherous shifty underhand shady deceptive fraudulent underhanded sharp unfaithful bent disloyal cheating rogue fast misleading double-dealing two-faced two-timing devious false sly crafty cunning wily sneaky unscrupulous scheming untrustworthy artful Janus-faced insincere slippery dodgy slick lying designing disingenuous foxy perfidious subtle dishonourable unprincipled dishonorable faithless unreliable hypocritical corrupt dissembling insidious snide untruthful calculating shonky Machiavellian mendacious dubious shrewd slim conniving unethical deceiving phony furtive cagey phoney traitorous double-faced untrue beguiling double-crossing evasive smooth disreputable counterfeit cagy cute fake double unctuous sneaking clever undependable astute artificial unfair false-hearted backhanded fishy left-handed Pecksniffian indirect pretended feigned hollow-hearted stealthy dirty secret canny questionable defrauding recreant hollow fly roguish clandestine swindling surreptitious illegal spurious mealy mealymouthed inconstant fickle knavish jive lip fly-by-night immoral criminal unlawful carny manipulative phoney-baloney secretive phony-baloney smart truthless oblique iffy canting treasonous ingenious dissimulating delusive specious back-stabbing covert Punic conspiratorial treasonable unjust snidey jivey glib oily affected unnatural feigning betraying apostate deluding pharisaical captious not to be trusted skilful skillful pharisaic intelligent vulpine adroit resourceful deep smooth-spoken smooth-tongued nefarious subversive seditious suspicious knowing contriving pietistic sanctimonious renegade self-righteous ambidextrous moralistic bland pious caviling assuming amoral adept rascally murky mean venal politic irresponsible sharp-witted elusive wormlike malfeasant fibbing cavilling dirty-dealing dexterous intriguing villainous streetwise under the table dextrous bluffing sham fair-weather suspect seedy plotting put-on not to be depended on not dependable unsportsmanlike mutinous unsporting pretentious sketchy undercover rebellious scandalous not candid not frank backstairs astucious inglorious hidden low corruptible below the belt mock illicit unloyal pretend perjured grafting buyable collusive unveracious undutiful unpatriotic hugger-mugger hole-and-corner hoodwinking slimy inventive imaginative dangerous hush-hush base unsafe trustless fiendish savvy pawky keen back-alley cloak-and-dagger prevaricating equivocating adulterous snaky masterly forsworn snake in the grass proficient economical with the truth delusory sinister street-smart street smart goody-goody formal colluding shadowy equivocal holier-than-thou bogus dark exploitative mysterious unpredictable uncandid bribable rotten caballing conspiring backstabbing dicey insubordinate trick bootleg intentionally misleading overdone exaggerated lawless unfrank mala fide acute deft deviant cynical stinky plausible rascal off bum seeming serpentine catchy imposturous alert hypocritic not entirely truthful terminologically inexact lacking sincerity unprofessional cowboy mean-spirited under the counter Pharisaic Tartuffian Pharisaical fugitive sub-rosa concealed pseudo bamboozling falsified forged against the law imitation experienced unhonest untrusty double dealing salty ornery hostile pseud shrouded veiled illusory nifty fink wry greasy witted low-down backbiting irregular tricksy discreet complicitous strategic chary craft with tongue in cheek perilous ensnaring unsteady insecure unstable hard to pin down changeable uncertain mutable variable lubricious iniquitous ruthless evil suborned not trustworthy errant obliquitous erring gimmicky unconscionable left- handed unsound misrepresenting inventing misstating wrong falsifying not to be relied upon playing politics put on playing games paltering scoundrelly falsehearted foul malevolent wicked malicious mythomaniac on the QT under wraps on the quiet faking one out not straightforward complicit committing perjury crazy like fox like a snake in the grass of dubious character potentially illegal breakaway crazy like a fox sly like a fox private dual underground stealth privy sneak black slinking skulking cloaked cowardly yellow behind-the-scenes fallacious bad nasty unsavoury sordid reprobate rapacious contemptible despicable ignoble unsavory thieving degenerate shameless discreditable larcenous sticky-fingered cutthroat light-fingered shameful unpleasant pilfering vile conscienceless kleptomaniacal inequitable mercenary sleazy improper depraved scurvy predatory vicious thievish fabricated concocted invalid corrupted sinful spoliative plunderous piratic shabby invented dastardly ignominious arch disgraceful unworthy cheap incorrect distorted abject wrongful unfounded not cricket unregenerate stealing purchasable apocryphal imaginary nimble-fingered funny notorious fictitious made up doubtful distasteful mischievous cooked-up seamy unwarranted vulgar impish unwholesome arrant felonious inaccurate erroneous illegitimate dissolute ill-gotten inexact beggarly detestable wretched licentious reprehensible casuistic grubby flawed worthless petty deplorable scummy sorry warped low-minded mistaken out of order simulated contrived faked coloured counterfactual against the rules colored cod on the take trumped up trumped-up contraband suspected disbelieved kleptic theftuous furacious corruptable wrongdoing incorrigible unconscientious Byzantine sleazoid sleazo queer macabre mercentary praetorian stop-at-nothing abandoned profligate wanton tortuous indefensible raffish selfish degrading self-seeking degraded unjustifiable unsatisfactory unacceptable unjustified unreasonable uncalled for obnoxious offensive devilish buccaneering wayward repellent repulsive objectionable rough disagreeable rudderless unnecessary pixieish scampish pixie leprechaunish waggish puckish pixy prankish elvish observant heedful opportunist assumed heads-up untrusted opportunistic pillaging plundering sagacious pretending not on out of turn good-for-nothing expedient frolicsome infamous prostituted faux grotty pinching shoplifting pocket-picking boorish uncouth revolting rude churlish coarse gross avaricious grasping doubting a bit much louche adopted wolfish unrighteous unseemly unqualified inauthentic improvised framed devised cooked up noisome repugnant filching flighty shocking simoniac simoniacal padded decadent negligent profiteering dud non-existent made-up flimflam scam unbelieving biased prejudiced open to bribery squalid ungentlemanly extortionate open dummy unauthentic over the fence a bit thick unconverted sceptical skeptical wavering capricious changeful fluctuating fabulous out misguided discriminatory abhorrent paltry outrageous opprobrious disorderly piratical mythical in error mythological actorly quack under-the-table execrable unsportsmanly disgusting indecent crass tawdry abominable graceless of bad reputation shy unrespectable shoddy partisan low-life no-good odious unfactual nonfactual fictional baseless lame currish scungy lousy beastly ratty scabby discriminating prejudicial partial unequal bigoted pitiable lowly lewd derogatory libidinous so-called not genuine make-believe fast and loose off-color gone to the dogs weighted intolerant slanted preferential no good in bad in low esteem in the doghouse undue loaded unbalanced uneven arbitrary faulty blameworthy culpable cruel grievous unrightful inexcusable injurious unreal imprecise one-sided non-objective uncalled-for misrepresentative sophistical factitious ersatz


Having a covert or obscure meaning
equivocal ambiguous obscure indefinite vague indeterminate nebulous uncertain cryptic doubtful enigmatic hazy indistinct misleading borderline foggy imprecise inexact inexplicit oblique puzzling unclear circuitous circumlocutory inconclusive periphrastic prevaricating suspicious arcane blurry contradictory dubious elusive enigmatical equivocating fuliginous inscrutable muddled murky mysterious mystic occult opaque questionable roundabout confused confusing dark deep elliptic elliptical gnomic oracular paradoxical perplexing amphibological clouded Delphic disreputable fuzzy muzzy open shifty tenebrous unexplicit unintelligible clear as mud two-edged double-edged abstruse incomprehensible unsettled debatable unfathomable impenetrable recondite undetermined ill-defined baffling unresolved undecided inexplicable unknown mystifying hidden bewildering evasive esoteric ambivalent unsure secret in doubt up in the air arguable open to debate uncanny shadowy pending unconfirmed concealed sketchy blurred cabalistic veiled unknowable deceptive open to question dubitable deceitful unspecific loose mystical unexplainable woolly indecisive clear as dishwater yet to be decided undefined strange wooly iffy indistinguishable unaccountable open to argument unanswered unsolved indirect sibylline irresolute hermetic riddling tricky dim in limbo chancy muddy incomplete odd unexplained noncommittal confounding insoluble sphinxlike intangible difficult problematic ongoing speculative moot covert secretive profound cabbalistic in question non-specific clandestine apocryphal devious vacillating disingenuous hermetical double as clear as mud fraudulent rough to be decided in a state of uncertainty faint approximate false general ironic elusory cloudy sophistical obfuscatory fallacious backhanded illusory imperfect bleary casuistical broad stonewalling abstract obfuscated cagey peculiar beyond comprehension unestablished casuistic weak unpredictable indecipherable unascertained fathomless unfixed unconcluded blear unfinished undependable indiscernible Delphian coded dodgy unspecified incalculable open-ended hard to understand hesitant non-committal wavering little known in the balance up for grabs in a state of limbo hinky polysemous polysemic polysemantic multivocal dual formless amorphous shapeless unsound at issue dishonest insincere remote impressionistic concerned troubled worried anxious apprehensive disquieted generalized unformed unstructured unshaped structureless weird curious undisclosed twofold recherché bizarre problematical superficial undiscoverable wildering beyond understanding nebulose dense cursory shrouded cloaked two-sided cheating impossible to understand mysterial ineffable gray grey queer funny hanging inadequate perfunctory cryptical unnatural incongruous some kind of generalised obscured ulterior approximative estimated slippery controversial hard nubilous purblind imperceptive improbable absurd inconsistent impossible illogical stealthy sweeping unfocused ballpark teasing stumping stickling subjective open for discussion yet to be settled up for discussion not yet settled cunning shuffling disputed intentionally misleading unforeseeable dissembling disputable suspect vexed meaningless doubtable muffled squishy careless sloppy inarticulate incoherent contingent conflicting self-contradictory anomalous oxymoronic dicey pendent jumbled waffling not definite touch-and-go betwixt and between not decided garbled specious delusive in no man's land good and bad fugacious transient indescribable phantom shy fleeting greasy imponderable transitory insubstantial tenuous volatile evanescent spurious slurred mumbled ungraspable hesitating sitting on the fence abeyant unfamiliar unidentified faltering unheard of unproven undiscovered blurred round the edges delusory coarse-grained senseless scrambled illegible sarcastic unlimited inaudible incognizable Greek all Greek to me misty gauzy pale sardonic deceiving unstraightforward tongue-in-cheek inexhaustible indeterminable innumerable wide pseudo deluding mock beguiling distorted misrepresentative distracting mistakable demagogic catchy inaccurate wrong snide sneaky underhanded with tongue in cheek undetailed indiscriminate disorganized implied disorganised flexible crude slight shallow overall unrigorous unmeticulous basic generic liberal complex unprecise involved rambling subtle complicated intricate disjointed mixed Greek to me neither one thing nor the other neither fish nor fowl woolly-minded woolly-headed addled comprehensive widespread universal global proximate near close muddle-headed free blanket muddleheaded random changeable nonspecific common surmised unscientific guessed subliminal non-restrictive fluid convoluted uninterpretable black almost exact almost accurate lenient non-literal inconceivable technical incredible secreted implicit far-out all-round all-around not easily understood broad-spectrum bird's-eye broad-based casual disguised not particular not partial not specific circumlocutionary ambagious not literal not strict not close masked circular collateral obliquitous rarefied suppressed muttered halting surreptitious unrevealed camouflaged involute involuted stuttering stammering stumbling hinted at underlying heavy speechless mute voiceless scrappy bitty skimpy tongue-tied outline unexposed unrecognizable invisible shielded unrecognisable hooded screened undercover covered patchy insufficient rudimentary limited fragmentary reticent unvocal mumbling maundering clumsy awkward poorly spoken over one's head above one's head scanty hurried meagre hasty provisional cobbled together introductory faulty defective depthless uncritical preliminary meager coarse on the back of an envelope


Not going in a direct course or line
indirect roundabout circuitous winding meandering wandering deviant tortuous curving serpentine zigzag backhanded circular circumlocutory divergent evasive implied oblique rambling anfractuous devious long-drawn-out periphrastic sidelong ambiguous complicated crooked discursive erratic eventual inferred long long-winded obscure out-of-the-way sinister sinuous snaking sneaking sneaky subsidiary tacit twisting underhand understood unforeseen unplanned vagrant hinted at long way home twisted convoluted snaky windy bending flexuous curvy curved curling curled crazy meandrous mazy twisty coiling digressive deviating ambagious zigzagging labyrinthine spiraling spiralling involved intricate circumlocutionary serpentiform looping excursive collateral irregular spiral undulating errant turning gyrating wriggly jagged twisting and turning digressionary digressional desultory leaping maundering confusing misleading obliquitous lengthy roaming askew verbose involute awry bent sinuate ogee meandry full of twists and turns elliptical implicit inexplicit writhing bendy vague entwined roving vermiculate remote detouring digressory removed confounding straying digressing diverting episodic diffusive snakelike lithe asymmetric asymmetrical non-linear slinky deviative flowing contorted unsymmetrical distorted uneven aslant slanting slanted skewed lopsided tilted wiggly tacking squiggly coiled tipping slantwise diffuse atilt circling corkscrew swirling taking the long way wavy pitched complex listing cock-a-hoop topsy-turvy knurly incurving kinky angular screwy crippled catawampus agee tortile kinked traveling travelling nomadic unstraightforward tricky oscillating transverse fluctuating inclined crinkled sloping waggling serrated diagonal deceptive overlong long way going around back road winding around cunning byzantine difficult perverse long way around by way of difficult to follow curvilinear bowed arched rounded hooked sweeping warped loopy wry curvilineal bowing arching twining veering warping wrenched twined gnarled braided tangled wound knotty humped crescent parenthetical tangent aberrant aberrative tangential excursional excursionary heteroclite vaulted arced arcuate falcate concave domed aquiline convex falciform curviform swirly arciform embowed curly curvaceous arrondi enbowed looped biflected sigmoid declinate S-shaped flexural turned wreathed incurved compass incurvate round circumflex

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