Đồng nghĩa của oblique

Tính từ

At an angle
slanted sloping tilted diagonal inclined slanting sloped angled tilting aslant slantwise slant askew atilt canted cater-cornered inclining listing pitched skew asymmetrical awry cant cock-a-hoop cockeyed crazy crooked graded leaning lopsided off-kilter raked skewed tipping uneven catty-cornered kitty-corner squint askance bent distorted diverging pitching strained tipped turned twisted at an angle on the skew on the bias skewwhiff out of true out of line wonky not straight unsymmetrical zigzag off-centre cambered off-center skew-whiff cock-eyed dipping sideways out of plumb to one side curved misaligned aslope irregular thrawn squiffy on a slope on the slant at a slant declivitous asymmetric declivous acclivous orientated oriented acclivitous twisting winding meandering zigzagging curving sinuous tortuous curvy askant serpentine bevelled beveled agley devious jagged indirect rambling transverse out of kilter off balance on one side grouped indexed classified ordered ranked shelving on an incline crosswise crossways ground bias-cut buckled one-sided unequal catawampus chamfered unbalanced wrong supine downhill cornerwise cross warped disproportionate cornerways cater-corner cursive off-balance biased skewing transversal bias kitty-cornered bevel off centre at an oblique angle topsy-turvey yaw ways unevenly balanced disproportional unsteady inclinatory top-heavy nonsymmetrical overbalanced from corner to corner out of shape sideling italic contorted off course snaking bending spiralling curling coiled curled looping spiral spiraling coiling windy circling corkscrew circuitous swirling roundabout wiggly tacking twisty undulating squiggly snaky wandering sinuate deviating wavy ogee flexuous serpentiform anfractuous meandrous oscillating fluctuating crinkled erratic waggling serrated full of twists and turns unfair unjust inequitable disparate ill-matched inconsistent mismatched divergent differing varying different incompatible discrepant conflicting unsuited incongruous prejudiced discordant diverse unrelated fitful out of keeping dissimilar unlike unalike odd inappropriate unsuitable not uniform absurd contradictory contrary extraneous improper unbecoming at variance disconsonant inapt dissonant bizarre irreconcilable incoherent uncoordinated shifting unpredictable jumbled unavailing inapropos illogical unconnected alien foreign unintelligible fantastic unstable partial misshapen partisan unidentical clashing incongruent incommensurate various not matching not parallel inequal at odds misleading parti pris disorderly out of proportion misproportioned formless ill-proportioned ill-shaped malformed gibbous nonsymmetric dissymetrical unsymmetric dissymetric unproportionate inconsonant unmixable lacking correspondence not proportionate out of alignment wry cross-eyed unaligned amorphous inharmonious imbalanced cumbersome overloaded wrenched twined non-uniform ill-assorted opposed discriminatory coloured excessive unreasonable knurly gnarled complicated involved braided tortile intricate tangled convoluted wound knotty strange jarring out of place weighted influenced variant inordinate inept unapt untoward incorrect unfit indecorous off-key infelicitous perverse malapropos inapposite graceless unhappy amiss unseemly preferential ironic paradoxical factional not in harmony in opposition standing out a mile like a fish out of water sticking out a mile incongruitous misallied unreconcilable distinct contrasting unmatched narrow-minded bigoted bulky overweight tottering undue variable predisposed favorably unrepresentative favourably colored random changing too much superfluous ill-disposed uncalled for weird unequivalent distant unsimilar relatively too small for not appropriate to not in proportion to not commensurate with out of proportion to relatively too large for poles apart remaining jerky unsmooth serrate spasmodic harsh asperous unlevel spotty scabrous notched like night and day not flat not level

Tính từ

Not expressed or done in a direct way
evasive implied indirect roundabout backhanded circuitous circumlocutory elliptical implicit inexplicit ambagious circumlocutionary periphrastic circular collateral devious obliquitous obscure vague ambiguous enigmatic cryptic meandering unclear mysterious puzzling equivocal opaque arcane perplexing abstruse Delphic incomprehensible inscrutable double-edged recondite unfathomable deep nebulous mystic impenetrable confusing oracular esoteric murky dark occult fuliginous enigmatical long-winded mystifying inexplicable discursive elliptic rambling baffling indistinct doubtful hidden convoluted unintelligible secret indefinite indeterminate hard to understand as clear as mud tortuous uncertain concealed paradoxical digressive tenebrous mystical strange coded difficult complicated secretive wordy prolix veiled verbose diffuse elusive misleading equivocating prevaricating garrulous inexact imprecise pleonastic windy bewildering two-edged gnomic hazy shifty wandering foggy logorrheic covert dubious sneaky uncanny duplicitous unaccountable unexplained amphibological insoluble apocryphal Delphian cabalistic involved hinted at hard clear as mud inaccessible challenging difficult to understand hard to follow allusive tedious dense obfuscated nubilous purblind imperceptive cerebral intellectual rarefied beyond comprehension bamboozling wildering surprising subtle intricate labyrinthine knotty sarcastic complex uninterpretable riddling non-linear deviating recherché abstract beyond one ironic sardonic inconceivable illegible technical incredible illogical indecisive far-out tautological repetitious repetitive Greek to me not easily understood clear as dishwater tongue-in-cheek circumlocuitous circumlocutional circumlocutious taking the long way underhanded snide disguised masked indecipherable suppressed borderline unexplainable sibylline winding suspicious inconclusive with tongue in cheek sphinxlike contradictory questionable blurry muddled camouflaged surreptitious unrevealed deviant clandestine teasing profound stickling cabbalistic unknowable hermetic hermetical stumping confused underlying ill-defined unexplicit clouded open muzzy fuzzy disreputable zigzag serpentine curving divergent little known sidelong anfractuous long-drawn-out unforeseen eventual subsidiary long understood sinister erratic sneaking crooked vagrant sinuous snaking underhand inferred out-of-the-way unplanned twisting tacit undercover unexposed unrecognizable invisible shrouded shielded unrecognisable hooded screened covered cloaked long way home slippery cagey deceptive cunning shuffling tricky deceitful dissembling sophistical intangible casuistic elusory false noncommittal casuistical stonewalling non-committal

Tính từ

Directed to the side
sidelong sideways covert furtive surreptitious indirect sly slanting side slanted lateral partial tangential sideward glancing aslant askew sneaky secret clandestine sneaking underhand stealthy secretive hidden cloaked conspiratorial underground slinking hugger-mugger hush-hush skulking wily shifty underhanded stealth sneak undercover private shady backstairs behind-the-scenes slippery hole-and-corner privy under-the-table black cunning masked cloak and dagger guileful disguised artful crafty foxy scheming cautious under the table behind someone's back insidious calculating circumspect evasive tricky sub-rosa elusive creepy hole and corner under wraps cloak-and-dagger concealed closet veiled on the QT shrouded back-alley confidential incognito backstair undisclosed under-the-counter devious discreet dark unofficial hole-in-the-corner camouflaged classified silent enigmatic unrevealed feline dissembled backdoor restricted top-secret unknown quiet covered fraudulent close catlike catty noiseless inside cryptic in ambush surprise top secret buried obscured deep strictly confidential unpublished untold on the sly incog on the quiet unseen clouded sub rosa hushed not for publication off the record not to be disclosed not for circulation not to be made public unreported on the side in secret unauthorized dissimulated mean duplicitous designing unauthorised intelligence contemptible slinky two-faced clever subtle shonky snide quick subversive dirty unfair shorthanded unethical unscrupulous fly slim spy illicit illegitimate illegal huggermugger unbowed carny cowardly yellow creep underneath uncommunicated murky unsuspected QT ulterior undeclared unprofessed in holes and corners hidden away mum with a lid on mom low-down ambiguous mystic occult strange obscure unenlightened enigmatical unintelligible out-of-the-way mystical protected closed pretend false unrecognizable assumed privileged intimate backstage esoteric nonpublic offstage inconspicuous artificial sham fake forged mock imitation censored non-public behind the scenes under one's hat tête-à-tête in camera not open close to one's chest one-on-one not in the public domain pseudo feigned counterfeit phoney uncommunicative reticent masquerading changed unrecognisable phony in disguise reserved tight-lipped clamlike unforthcoming sailing under false colours under cover withdrawn closemouthed non-communicative taciturn tight-mouthed introverted introvert cagey close-mouthed zipped mysterious guarded self-contained in chambers buttoned up clammed up in the background in privacy in private playing your cards close to your chest in the dark

Tính từ

Unworthily or meanly artful
disingenuous cunning designing dishonest sly wily artful deceitful insincere shifty two-faced underhand dissembling double-dealing duplicitous insidious lying underhanded calculating crafty feigned scheming sneaky devious false false-hearted foxy guileful hollow-hearted mendacious not candid not frank subtle tricky uncandid unscrupulous untruthful crooked double-faced hypocritical indirect misleading truthless unfair unfrank unveracious not entirely truthful terminologically inexact economical with the truth fraudulent treacherous shady unprincipled cheating bent deceptive unethical dishonourable snide slim two-timing fishy dishonorable slippery sharp Machiavellian immoral rogue disreputable fast dubious dirty surreptitious sneaking furtive secret secretive slick clandestine conniving unjust dodgy unsportsmanlike dirty-dealing double-crossing unsporting Janus-faced shonky below the belt snidey bogus counterfeit untrustworthy sham perfidious deceiving Punic spurious rascal plausible roguish catchy astucious off fake bum seeming unreliable mock serpentine phoney phony imposturous pretended undercover stealthy hush-hush concealed sub-rosa lubricious back-alley hugger-mugger veiled shrouded cloak-and-dagger hidden covert hole-and-corner shrewd beguiling cute murky cagey backstairs conspiratorial evasive low-down cagy not straightforward playing politics faking one out gimmicky under the table put on erring errant playing games obliquitous on the quiet on the QT under wraps nefarious illegal criminal unlawful mean low corrupt base wicked evil villainous foul bad amoral vile wrong questionable rotten sinful knavish contemptible iniquitous dark sordid ignoble degenerate malfeasant depraved rascally despicable nasty vicious reprobate unconscionable swindling unfaithful shameful not cricket dastardly illicit scandalous reprehensible suspicious dissolute inequitable cutthroat black execrable detestable wrongful traitorous unsavoury venal beastly unrighteous defrauding heinous unsavory faithless suspect plotting abominable lawless odious shameless illegitimate shabby stinking fly-by-night scoundrelly undependable cruel diabolical fiendish atrocious monstrous recreant outrageous murderous diabolic barbarous shocking disloyal unworthy astute untrue abject wretched ignominious disgusting sinister scurvy egregious iffy doubtful flagitious low-minded manipulative corrupted corruptible unprofessional grafting buyable irregular dissimulating not to be trusted hateful abandoned cowardly contriving cheap impure horrible bluffing unpleasant paltry felonious currish disgraceful perverted irresponsible intriguing warped indecent slimy dangerous delusive morally wrong deplorable funny mysterious against the rules exploitative malicious conscienceless unjustified queer clever improper smart hoodwinking bribable uncharitable fly lamentable ruthless loathsome licentious wanton infamous unctuous mischievous artificial profligate canny collusive pretend elusive irreligious ungodly cynical profane impious smooth sacrilegious unholy blasphemous suborned fallen devilish debased seedy mercenary indictable degraded offensive discreditable godless forged imitation backhanded sketchy fickle obscene sullied tainted worthless fibbing snaky out of order pseudo trustless abhorrent inglorious peccable rakish maleficent scummy graceless of dubious character black-hearted off-color potentially illegal not to be depended on fair-weather not dependable colluding bootleg malevolent Byzantine stinky wrongdoing caballing conspiring mean-spirited indefensible terrible under the counter unjustifiable unsatisfactory unacceptable unreasonable uncalled for macabre distasteful unconscientious malign transgressing inhuman dicey backbiting ruffianly blackguardly unwarranted unnecessary vulgar casuistic selfish degrading self-seeking petty arrant salty ornery hostile opportunist thievish deviant trick cowboy opportunistic not on out of turn unhonest culpable obnoxious undesirable peccant mercentary praetorian stop-at-nothing expedient not trustworthy bamboozling falsified against the law carny beggarly squalid ungentlemanly deep perilous ensnaring wormlike not to be relied upon hollow crass tawdry untrusty low-life no-good captious skilful skillful ingenious illusory nifty a bit much irreverent fink sleazy grubby unsportsmanly guilty lewd sorry lame scungy lousy like a snake in the grass profiteering prevaricating misrepresenting inventing misstating equivocating delusory falsifying deleterious injurious damaging unchaste debauched unsafe baneful hurtful prejudicial harmful pernicious incorrigible nocuous adverse noxious baleful ratty scabby notorious heartless detrimental wayward ill treasonable extortionate open overdone exaggerated undignified unbecoming over the fence a bit thick unrecognizable assumed camouflaged treasonous subversive seditious bad news unvirtuous pornographic ill-gotten ugly rebellious renegade committing perjury lustful whorish promiscuous bawdy apostate mutinous caitiff servile inelegant menial on the take jive put-on mealymouthed phony-baloney Pecksniffian lacking sincerity lip phoney-baloney double mealy left-handed masked incognito miscreant impish puckish gone to the dogs fast and loose dissipated loose unclean saturnalian decadent X-rated inconstant breakaway pretentious pseud ambidextrous arch unloyal betraying snake in the grass back-stabbing playful unseemly of easy virtue with tongue in cheek negligent disguised unrecognisable masquerading changed covered incog cloaked in disguise cheeky waggish fallacious flimflam scam naughty sailing under false colours under cover strange odd pixieish tricksy scampish ludic pixie teasing coquettish leprechaunish pixy prankish elvish under-the-table peculiar frolicsome sportive raffish problematical dubitable disputable debatable shaky problematic doubtable equivocal biased prejudiced espiègle partial one-sided partisan ambiguous improbable unlikely uncertain implausible not quite right far-fetched not kosher influenced discriminatory weighted preferential unmerited undeserved slanted bigoted fixed excessive unforgivable

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