Đồng nghĩa của confusing

Alternative for confusing

confuses, confused, confusing

Đồng nghĩa: complicate, jumble, mistake, mix up, muddle,

Trái nghĩa: calm, compose, quiet, soothe,

Tính từ

Not clear as lacking order, chaotic, etc.
ambiguous contradictory inconsistent baffling bewildering complicated misleading perplexing puzzling unclear muddling mysterious complex impenetrable inexplicable intricate involved mystifying unaccountable unfathomable befuddling blurring confounding convoluted difficult disorienting labyrinthine unsettling wildering mistakable muddlesome Byzantine difficult to understand beyond one clear as mud obscure enigmatic cryptic incomprehensible abstruse arcane inscrutable opaque equivocal enigmatical vague unintelligible recondite Delphic occult deep paradoxical esoteric mystic oracular strange double-edged nebulous elliptical dark uncertain elliptic indefinite indeterminate hard uncanny doubtful hazy weird murky peculiar fuliginous hidden indistinct secret dubious odd hard to understand sibylline oblique unexplained unknowable mystical surprising bizarre curious inconclusive riddling debatable abstract knotty inexplicit fathomless questionable inconceivable veiled cabalistic beyond comprehension disconcerting clear as dishwater unexplainable over one's head ambivalent as clear as mud concealed imprecise unsettled queer insoluble unusual profound inexact indecipherable open impossible to understand hermetic hermetical sphinxlike confused coded elusive secretive indecisive entangled tenebrous equivocating two-edged out of the ordinary funny amazing stupefying arguable thorny illogical conflicting mind-bending subtle obfuscated gnomic ungraspable open to debate open to argument borderline undecided incognizable unbelievable foggy bamboozling shadowy cabbalistic unknown unexpected quaint blurred indiscernible clandestine involuted involute unimaginable clouded apocryphal evasive Delphian preposterous dumfounding Greek to me unsolvable amphibological beyond one's grasp fuzzy little known above one's head up in the air open to question taxing unintuitive perplexed stunning astonishing eye-popping staggering hinky ticklish worrying insolvable Daedalian Gordian astounding dense incongruous spiny beyond understanding undiscoverable shrouded cloaked improbable absurd impossible mysterial ineffable cryptical inaccessible challenging rarefied nubilous purblind imperceptive beyond you settling nothing proving nothing dumbfounding full of surprises teasing stickling covert stumping uninterpretable hard to follow ironic anomalous oxymoronic self-contradictory extraordinary periphrastic prevaricating circumlocutory suspicious circuitous illegible technical incredible duplicitous blurry muddled roundabout ridiculous far-out recherché heavy tricky shifty unexplicit muzzy disreputable ludicrous wild not easily understood elaborate hard to swallow mind-boggling sophisticated problematical detailed troublesome undecipherable vexing rambling fancy tangled thought-provoking unnatural unsolved hard to solve hard to explain full of twists and turns unheard of byzantine advanced gnarly fiddly stealthy cagey subjective Greek bemusing unsure polysemous polysemic polysemantic multivocal beats me all Greek to someone too hard to understand double Dutch too difficult to understand beyond your grasp above your head fanciful far-fetched eerie really hard very hard all Greek to you unlikely freakish freaky outlandish spooky speculative unpredictable unforeseeable unresolved incalculable indistinguishable undetermined undefined iffy hesitant muffled unforeseen unthinkable flustering shattering unordinary overwhelming whimsical unannounced nonplusing portentous unanticipated discomfiting dismaying upsetting conspicuous jarring unwonted nonplussing uncommon jolting dicey intangible dodgy irresolute wavering weak vacillating in doubt in the balance ill-defined gray grey abnormal irregular atypical unfamiliar different unique rare aberrant deviant freak eccentric quirky offbeat oddball remarkable singular supernatural fishy unorthodox out-of-the-way untypical unconventional kooky kookie uncustomary rum off the wall unaccustomed way-out erratic suspect whacky crazy queerish bizarro exceptional preternatural outré shady off-kilter wacky unco screwy funky weirdo foreign kinky paranormal spaced-out indescribable off-the-wall out of the way off-centre zany cranky unexplored unrevealed wacko unreal metaphysical aberrated idiosyncratic fantastic magical novel undisclosed creepy uncharacteristic inexplainable dishonest exotic transcendental corrupt fraudulent spiritual private orphic intriguing other-worldly phenomenal extrasensory dubitable disputable psychic doubtable disparate original shaky unrepresentative problematic shonky telepathic supernormal exceeding especial extraordinaire unsounded unworldly droll clairvoyant daggy not quite right unplumbed indefinable underhand unscrupulous left-field out there transcendent bent criminal undefinable dishonorable otherworldly black dishonourable distinct acroamatic unparalleled devious deceitful irrational unestablished sneaky anagogic surreal unascertained subliminal inner cloak-and-dagger sly prodigious monstrous unlike contrary divergent newsworthy isolated uncomprehensible out of place magic unrecognized psychical outre out of line under suspicion supersensory insubstantial not kosher dilly unapprehended weird and wonderful unperceived unrecognised immaterial with a sixth sense imponderable new unidentified tenuous alien unreadable classified encoded enciphered ulterior weighty serious indirect little-known pedantic Alexandrian scholarly academic rummy offhand fluky out of the common secreted out-there unresolvable unanswerable unheard-of off-key religious unsavoury shrouded in mystery seedy grotesque dissimilar nonrational non-rational unfathomed dim unconfirmed inexpressible nameless comical disconsonant inapropos irrelevant incongruent incoherent irresolvable inextricable unconcluded hypermetric avant-garde loner cool unearthly slippery scandalous sketchy furtive unethical inglorious disquieting too deep distinctive numinous potentially illegal potentially dishonest unsavory distinguished awkward flakey unhinged touched demented mad unbalanced flaky without a solution unable to be solved breaking new ground remote uninvestigated alternative crooked characteristic custom customized specialized exclusive signature personalized distinguishing individual particular miraculous fantastical foolish cockamamie nonsensical insane slang nefarious crafty unprincipled random guileful untrustworthy unanalysable fugitive interesting untried newfangled signal undiscovered off unreliable phony blear farfetched outstanding unprecedented way out off-beat off the rails bugged out untold unlawful illegal phoney implausible superhuman marvellous wonderful wondrous undivulged of doubtful honesty rings untrue won't wash too much open to doubt unanalyzable limited spiritualistic necromantic transmundane telekinetic unspecified unfixed double-dealing ghostly deviative supermundane marvelous superior macabre pending supersensual with second sight supersensitive stargazing out-of-body supersensible unnoted noteless yet to be decided special personalised specialised customised unbeknownst unnamed anonymous in limbo surreptitious undercover deceptive incorporeal elusory illusory quiet undescribable discarnate unbodied hugger-mugger hush-hush unspecific fallacious psychal imperceptible to the touch airy impalpable unable to be touched hard to describe fine hard to define unobservable unsubstantial thin unperceivable delicate disembodied unapparent fugacious transient phantom shy fleeting greasy transitory stonewalling volatile evanescent mental anomalistic scarce nonstandard off-base off-color like nothing on earth

Tính từ

Deceptive or tending to mislead or create a false impression
misleading false deceptive delusive specious ambiguous evasive spurious deceitful delusory sophistical disingenuous tricky casuistical deceiving fallacious unstraightforward beguiling deluding equivocal mock pseudo bewildering casuistic catchy confounding demagogic distorted distracting illusory inaccurate misrepresentative mistakable perplexing puzzling wrong devious malicious entrapping captious untrue fake sham fictitious erroneous mistaken bogus phony phoney fraudulent untruthful unfounded imaginary incorrect counterfeit unreal unsound chimerical invalid invented fabricated inexact feigned misguided fanciful insincere dishonest flawed apparent seeming artificial ostensible pretend fishy fantastic illusive imitation suppositious off imprecise concocted hallucinatory forged fictional illogical made up faked pretended imagined unreliable faulty mendacious visionary lying ideal trumped up ersatz affected chimeric assumed counterfactual fictive two-faced dissembling put-on in error hollow phantasmal dreamlike simulated mythical fabulous illusionary snide treacherous phantasmagoric guileful shifty without foundation contrived baseless cod not genuine double-dealing whimsical make-believe cunning fantastical pretentious apocryphal notional truthless supposititious queer semblant pirate perfidious phantasmic ungrounded bent dodgy out faux framed iffy duplicitous sophistic blue-sky cooked-up not kosher way off off beam full of holes economical with the truth made-up vain copied factitious fancied improper sly Hollywood plant brummagem crock artful mythic non-existent dicey crafty phantom fantasied imaginal plastic unnatural foxy trumped-up equivocating won't fly soft shell dummy inauthentic sneaky unauthentic delusional not accurate not exact off target way out wide of the mark unreasonable unsubstantiated groundless forsworn idle wily mad foundationless unproven unreasoned colored misinformed unsupported uncorroborated untrustworthy scheming hoax ill-founded phantasmagorical reasonless coloured insubstantial glib faithless forced perjurious strained designing without basis mechanical meretricious subtle trick underhand hypocritical falsified underhanded substitute quasi- mythological insidious dissimulating dud askew way off beam abroad perjured hollow-hearted crooked off base prevaricating misrepresenting fibbing inventing misstating falsifying terminologically inexact double-faced off-base Janus-faced phony-baloney double-crossing committing perjury two-timing phoney-baloney surreal nightmarish psychedelic misconceived deluded quixotic phantasmagorial kaleidoscopic Kafkaesque phantasmagorian bizarre irrational unread mocking adopted improvised fakey unfactual nonfactual impostrous off the mark plausible pseud knock-off pirated unqualified unfitting contrary to fact not true empty ostentatious likely colorable presumable credible probable sophisticated flattering presumptive nugatory superficial amiss untested unverified unconfirmed unwarranted unjustified unattested devised cooked up traitorous seemingly correct deflecting diverting cheating pretending phantasm not the case conjectural not trustworthy off-beam way off-beam so-called actorly quack worthless virtual wannabe would-be self-styled quasi erratic plausible but wrong apparently right nonvalid speculative questionable erring awry defective fluffed jive mealymouthed backhanded unctuous disloyal double mealy gratuitous bottomless tenuous uncalled-for off-target misfigured astray wide goofed misconstrued mishandled miscalculated not real not legit backstabbing knavish commiting perjury swearing falsely bearing false witness wrong number all wet all off legendary dreamed-up as it were to all intents and purposes intangible storybook nebulous hypothetical immaterial theoretical fairy-tale Pecksniffian lip not precise not working at fault out of commission out of line on the wrong track impalpable not backed up by evidence double dealing back-stabbing left-handed slippery slick figmental weird nonexistent romantic reproduction reachy replica aerial out of this world fabled unsubstantial incredible unbelievable Barmecidal Barmecide diversionary blue sky pipe dream fly Machiavellian cagy shrewd cute cagey synthetic slim carny shonky imitative deep shady wry greasy sharp intelligent witted clever streetwise keen smooth astute mimic man-made not what it is cracked up to be calculating false-hearted uncandid not candid not frank unscrupulous unfrank unfair unveracious oblique indirect not entirely truthful

Tính từ

Complex or complicated in nature
involved complex complicated elaborate intricate tangled confused convoluted knotty labyrinthine sophisticated bewildering difficult tortuous entangled hard jumbled Byzantine unfathomable baroque byzantine detailed fancy impenetrable involute labyrinthian complicate daedal Gordian high-tech mazy mixed up muddled ramified winding baffling Daedalian puzzling perplexing serpentine involuted tricky thorny inextricable fiddly obscure enigmatic undecipherable problematic drawn-out circuitous chaotic long-drawn-out abstruse mystifying cumbersome multifaceted cryptic inscrutable interlaced recondite dense knotted mixed problematical multifarious many-faceted Daedalean awkward hi-tech difficult to understand full of twists and turns plotty long-winded tough troublesome arduous mazelike labyrinthial labyrinthical labyrinthal labyrinthiform labyrinthic incomprehensible confounding challenging indirect roundabout thorough painstaking particularized insolvable insoluble extensive particular full studied sinuous twisted ravelled ornate rococo heterogeneous nuanced variegated exact precise perfected laboured careful minute raveled unstraightforward ambiguous misleading gnarly hairy mind-bending unanswerable spiny skillful prodigious labored circumstantial skilful imposing gingerbread maze-like devious verbose deceptive overlong lengthy manifold disarranged disorganized refined overworked particularised overdone cunning perverse messy varied disordered can of worms blow-by-blow highly wrought high tech kaleidoscopic disorganised difficult to follow

Tính từ

Tending to cause discomfort, uneasiness or alarm
disconcerting disturbing alarming awkward embarrassing upsetting bewildering distracting perplexing bothersome discomfiting off-putting unsettling baffling concerning dismaying flustering perturbing troubling uncomfortable unnerving worrying anxious-making distressing bothering intrusive disruptive disrupting diverting distractive diversionary humiliating mortifying shameful shaming compromising delicate demeaning sensitive tricky degrading ignominious discountenancing discomposing touchy agitating troublesome barro toe-curling cringey cringe-making disgraceful cringeworthy discreditable dishonouring blush-making discommoding inconvenient excruciating puzzling incommodious unseemly trying worrisome exasperating dishonoring unpropitious equivocal impossible inopportune disagreeable rattling discommodious uneasy unpleasant irritating annoying provoking difficult wearisome aggravating irksome nagging vexing tiresome disquieting harassing painful discomforting distressful burdensome vexatious nerve-racking discouraging creepy frightening startling severe ominous gloomy onerous sinister foreboding depressing hard nasty galling displeasing troublous tense toilsome laborious threatening impeding consequential hairy fraught pessimistic maddening pesky frustrating antagonizing antagonising pestiferous pestilent infuriating riling chafing pestilential rebarbative rankling nettlesome peeving plaguy restless nervous grating niggling carking pesty nettling plaguey abrasive anxious uncertain prophetic nail-biting nerve-wracking boring tedious teasing thorny sticky unwelcome bedevilling confronting infernal agonizing unamusing confounded unpleasing cussed harrowing punchable agonising enraging harrying uncongenial jarring wearing bedeviling enough to try the patience of a saint enough to drive you up the wall tormenting hurtful shocking disappointing devastating ticklish embarrassed dicey untimely problematical problematic dodgy gnarly knotty gut-wrenching charged tickly bitter torturous prickly rough dolorous bumpy itchy distressed afflictive grievous scratchy causing discomfort ill-fitting

Tính từ

Wildly excited or uncontrolled
frenzied frantic mad wild feverish frenetic furious hectic hyperactive hysterical crazed excited fevered fraught manic rabid uncontrolled agitated confused crazy delirious distraught energetic ferocious fierce intense panic-stricken panic-struck tumultuous turbulent violent desperate maniacal panicky swivel-eyed berserk chaotic convulsive corybantic nuts overexcited fast and furious overwrought fanatical unbalanced wired insane obsessive hyper furibund unscrewed phrenetic distracted demented exciting weirded out wigged out lost it in a lather worked up raging beside oneself raving anxious heated keyed up tempestuous fiery stormy carried away distressed explosive overactive hot deranged unrestrained passionate rough nervous forceful out of control upset boisterous in a frenzy disturbed in a tizzy high vehement restless in a state animated euphoric elated overjoyed thrilled ecstatic rapturous jubilant transported emotional exultant uncontrollable in raptures fervid riotous distrait over the moon hysteric blissed out worried aroused volcanic jittery lively unnerved impassioned delighted exhilarated beside yourself fearful perturbed jumpy unhinged unsettled angry on cloud nine in seventh heaven cyclonic jumping for joy paroxysmal alarmed walking on air savage stoked hot under the collar hot and bothered antsy flipped out joyous in transports of delight shook up twitchy edgy hammer and tongs knock-down-and-drag-out irrational enraptured blood-and-guts uninhibited on a high windy gleeful intemperate happy intoxicated in a panic rattled impetuous wound up unbridled on cloud seven in a flap unchecked vicious unzipped unglued rampant frightened blustery wild with excitement freaked out startled scared terrified high-strung tense maddened bang-bang shocked fervent joyful dismayed uptight destructive aggressive in a frenzy of delight abandoned bitter unruly stressed flushed overcome berko troubled rapt enthusiastic het up uneasy strong perfervid sent extreme cock-a-hoop wrought-up ardent on edge enthused flying ungovernable volatile unconstrained weird zonkers discomposed squally fearsome gusty in a tizz spazzed out in a stew at wits' end keen bothered harsh howling worked-up out of one's mind roaring flaming beside oneself with happiness in a flat spin delirious with happiness rugged potent blustering apprehensive at the end of your tether spirited storming petrified daunted febrile rampaging aghast horrified afraid nervy neurotic obsessed consumed fidgety terror-stricken full-on ebullient stunned impatient possessed babbling overwhelming adrenalized irrepressible gay frozen funky blissful disquieted rumbustious elevated passional entranced disordered brutal disconcerted ruffled maniac rhapsodic avid gone powerful overwhelmed scared stiff proud affected in a cold sweat flustered fuming unreasonable unquiet wrapped incoherent scared to death ill at ease bloodthirsty rhapsodical enrapt giddy heady foul immoderate uncurbed flipped enchanted unmanageable floating dirty having kittens devastated concerned harassed very upset inclement acute threatening stressy nasty hotheaded fired up thundery headstrong inflamed blistering uproarious forcible devastating hellacious choppy heavy dreadful almighty excessive turned on torrid menacing flying high intensive concentrated out of your mind like one possessed exquisite ghastly terrible frightful hard knock-down drag-out stormful full-blooded on top of the world heavy-duty not knowing what to do with oneself panicked madding fanciful overcharged independent undisciplined ungoverned unsuppressed unbounded overpowering running amok inspired irresistible cheered roused demonic rejoicing triumphant unquenchable unstoppable uncontainable full-hearted struck overawed incredulous rioting postal exulting shaken fazed unrepressed puffed up unpredictable unrestrainable discombobulated at one's wits' end out of one's wit overpowered bursting indignant wrathful irate acrimonious ireful shattered blind timorous intimidated suspicious trembling cowardly spooked timid discouraged abashed perplexed cowed faint-hearted blanched disheartened in high spirits exalted turned-on angsty stirred up flapping verklempt pained tormented thrown nonplussed addled muddled crowing revelling moved in a dither disorderly swaggering boastful crank glorying prideful gloating gusting at the boiling point hopped up set up looking good in heaven annoyed flurried skittish driven to distraction incensed blazing spasmodic seething rowdy great rainy blowy in a spin all of a dither all of a flutter filthy aquiver on the rampage aflutter victorious content triumphalist flipping reveling merry wowed hallucinating light-headed rambling lunatic wandering disarranged lightheaded aberrant deviant bewildered hallucinatory deviate resounding inordinate profound destroyed excruciating consuming unreluctant flighty rampageous intensified highly strung like a chicken with its head cut off raw bleak in awe run scared eager severe deep sharp unfettered biting emphatic hyped-up dithery afire atingle hyperexcited strung out tooshie in a fit vigorous agonizing urgent strenuous peppery painful enraged ruinous noisy blown away excitable freaked-out wound-up under a strain strung up touchy keyed-up fired-up hot-and-bothered stirred overstrung weary strung-out worn unstrung tired spent storm-wracked murky raining cats and dogs frigid riproaring cold damp coming down coercive gale force agonising dynamic outrageous full of force out of one's wits vociferous lawless have cold feet throwing a wobbly provoked agog flurrying steamed up in a twitter off one's head clamorous obstreperous pumped raring desirous vivacious zipped up juiced up out of one's head out of one's skull thunderous bumpy hot under collar all shook up flustering intolerant uncompromising extremist bigoted irregular in turmoil rowdydowdy rambunctious raucous termagant thirsty athirst typhonic swirling over-enthusiastic overzealous diehard buzzing brisk bustling geeked hungry juiced voracious solicitous biased prejudiced one-sided zealous partisan illiberal gung-ho rip-roaring nutsy madhouse burning vibrant wooly zoolike jungle hassle crowded bullying potty daft untrammeled untrammelled murderous infuriated narrow-minded very busy woolly very active terror-struck beatific cruel ruthless very excited hepped up jumping up and down hopped-up gung ho on fire sudden nutty dedicated overboard sick infected naked poisoned smoking mad-dog ultraist diseased sizzling bitten unwell militant virulent ill callous terrorizing pugnacious ravished horror-struck pitiless barbarous thuggish sadistic merciless barbaric Corybantic in transports horror-stricken like Piccadilly Circus hell broke loose heartless homicidal inhuman cataclysmal cataclysmic orgasmic drunk assertive abrupt charged fast athrill upbeat dreamy in exaltation out sunny last-minute demoniac terrorising radge frightened to death frit beside oneself with joy hot-tempered hot-headed tickled pink very happy floating on air at your wits' end cut-throat tickled to death pleased as punch active immediate meteoric dashing electric in a funk in a fluster in a blue funk scared out of your wits frightened out of your wits

Tính từ

Causing emotion, excitement, and enthusiasm
mind-boggling exciting stimulating stirring thrilling rousing exhilarating electrifying inspiring intoxicating breathtaking galvanising galvanizing charged exhilarative electric galvanic kicky amazing astonishing wonderful overwhelming stunning challenging spectacular startling stupendous baffling complex complicated difficult puzzling staggering surprising mind-blowing heart-stopping hair-raising mind-bending rip-roaring eye-opening moving dramatic invigorating envigorating heady emotional lively eye-popping gripping animating fascinating inspiriting incredible sensational wondrous awesome spirited astounding awe-inspiring spine-tingling inspirational captivating enlivening energizing riveting stem-winding anthemic dynamic energetic energising enthralling magnificent enchanting arousing jaw-dropping striking impressive emotive impassioned animated passionate provocative refreshing emotion-charged soul-stirring shocking provoking motivating stimulative remarkable miraculous marvelous marvellous fabulous out of this world action-packed uplifting vigorous exhilarant sexy powerful thought-provoking exalting enthusiastic hearty explosive encouraging unbelievable knife-edge mind-altering cliffhanging awakening prodigious fantastical wild brilliant fantastic dazzling intense memorable beautiful empyreal unique sensorial amazeballs bewitching heart-stirring glorious galvanical inflammatory agitational brisk heartrending heartbreaking strong imbued suffused fraught laden loaded full saturated pervaded permeated filled potent vitalizing compelling elating hallucinogenic compulsive suspenseful stupefying inconceivable hallucinatory psychedelic nerve-racking edge-of-the-seat adrenaline-charged motivational affecting heartening bracing revitalizing cheering gladdening splendid outstanding eye-catching grand never to be forgotten gee-whizz unforgettable picturesque arresting persuasive impactful ripping adrenaline-fueled boisterous rollicking riotous uproarious vibrant influential triggering instigating inciting meaningful piquing affective poignant touching instigative impelling intriguing interesting sparkling entertaining giddy revitalising quickening animative tonic elevating exhilaratory piquant tense adrenalizing exalté appealing hectic titillating extraordinary giving one food for thought jolting far-out resplendent like a dream come true blissful unimaginable fabled beguiling splendorous heavenly sublime out of the ordinary ethereal special divine unheard-of charming portentous majestic far out tremendous enlightening fairy-tale fairytale-like dream-filled magical volatile buzzy adrenalized power-driven magnetic AC plug-in DC juiced motor-driven absorbing electrical electronic rechargeable battery operated theatrical shaking trembling some blinding theatric awe-striking shivering quaking vibrating shuddering frantic blood-tingling exquisite swinging delightful fab large boss mad zero cool

Tính từ

Having one or more bends or angles
devious roundabout tortuous winding circuitous crooked indirect rambling serpentine meandering bending crazy curled curling curved curving curvy sinuous twisted twisting wandering windy anfractuous deviating excursive ambiguous confounding detouring digressing digressory diverting errant erratic flexuous misleading obscure out-of-the-way remote removed straying zigzag snaky snaking convoluted twisty mazy spiraling meandrous oblique spiralling undulating bent zigzagging involved labyrinthine intricate turning coiling coiled complicated serpentiform circumlocutory periphrastic looping curvilinear irregular spiral wavy discursive awry jagged circular gyrating wriggly contorted distorted twisting and turning bowed arched lopsided rounded digressive divergent skewed hooked sweeping warped askew backhanded loopy obliquitous verbose evasive knurly tortile sinuate ogee implied involute ambagious long-winded meandry lengthy vagrant collateral full of twists and turns bendy wry snakelike curvilineal slinky bowing arching twining veering warping wrenched twined lithe deviative flowing wiggly tacking squiggly gnarled braided tangled wound knotty vermiculate kinky crippled catawampus topsy-turvy incurving angular screwy agee kinked deviant oscillating transverse fluctuating inclined back road waggling winding around serrated long way long way around going around crinkled by way of sloping diagonal complex asymmetric asymmetrical sidelong long-drawn-out unstraightforward tricky unforeseen eventual subsidiary long understood sinister sneaking duplicitous underhand inferred unplanned sneaky tacit hinted at long way home uneven unsymmetrical overlong deceptive aslant slanting slanted tilted humped crescent tipping slantwise parenthetical tangent aberrant aberrative tangential excursional excursionary heteroclite cunning byzantine perverse difficult swirling atilt circling corkscrew vaulted arced pitched difficult to follow circumlocutionary arcuate falcate concave domed aquiline convex falciform listing cock-a-hoop non-linear curviform swirly arciform embowed curly curvaceous arrondi enbowed elliptical looped biflected sigmoid declinate S-shaped flexural turned wreathed incurved compass incurvate round circumflex desultory leaping digressionary digressional roaming roving maundering taking the long way episodic diffusive crimped misshapen deformed knotted rugged bumpy rough frizzy out of shape helical angled spiraled knobbly rolled frizzed ringletted ringletty spiralled knurled gnarly knobby nodular writhing folded recurved entwined furled voluted strained permed fuzzy leathery waved jointed articulated weather-beaten wrinkled arthritic crimpy crinkly crisp wiry crinkling waving thrawn weathered wizened stooped frizzled sprained disfigured pretzeled stooping hunched slouchy droopy slumped wilted drooping limp matted matty doubled over ironic mocking sarcastic sardonic dry lumpy droll nodose nodulous tortured scoffing scornful derisive satirical sneering double-edged humorous pawky sarky witty skewwhiff mordacious cynical

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