Đồng nghĩa của overpowered

Alternative for overpowered

overpowers, overpowered, overpowering

Đồng nghĩa: conquer, crush, defeat, master, overwhelm, surmount, vanquish,

Động từ

Past tense for to defeat, subdue or overcome with superior strength
subdued conquered defeated beat beaten vanquished subjugated trounced bested mastered routed licked quashed suppressed overthrew overthrown thrashed quelled clobbered worsted repressed drubbed creamed stuffed dominated murdered owned own whipped tanked subjected controlled smashed broke brake broken reduced pacified buried totalled totaled hegemonized overturned subordinated overshadowed threw thrown upset trashed waxed prevailed finished wasted torpedoed bulldozed staggered immobilised immobilized dumbfounded overawed shellacked stretched triumphed over prevailed over got the better of gotten the better of wiped the floor with made mincemeat of brought someone to their knees knocked out put away blew out of the water blown out of the water gained mastery over beat down beaten down bore down borne down took out taken out gained a victory over took care of taken care of gained control over rendered incapable bowled over rendered helpless rendered powerless rolled over shut off laid one out got the upper hand over overwhelmed overcome crushed destroyed overcame put down hammered slaughtered skunked demolished put an end to surmounted stopped annihilated won against dispatched upended pasted walked all over overmatched trimmed got crucified run rings around killed overrun flattened smothered oppressed massacred swamped floored put paid to surpassed extinguished snowed under pounded marmalized devastated pulverized walloped wallopped humbled outstripped bettered shut down pulverised put in the shade overbore overborne wiped out ruined whomped excelled outclassed trampled turned inside out slammed topped transcended beat hollow outplayed ground down tamed gotten triumphed ran rings around curbed overran took taken caned squelched taken to the cleaners took to the cleaners exceeded subverted defeated utterly skinned downed stifled outdone outdid undone undid checked gotten around got around squashed brought down tyrannized prostrated defeated heavily pipped at the post silenced whelmed overmastered walked over toppled done down did down zapped blown out blew out dropped outhit won outshone outshined unseated gained control of gained ascendancy over distressed lambasted decked steamrolled tyrannised cut to pieces beset stamped out forced knocked over won a resounding victory over enslaved brought to ruin put the lid on overloaded won over busted put a stop to put in their place smoked put to shame demoralized cowed whupped whopped whapped persecuted eradicated slayed dusted abused cracked down on ruled submerged given someone a drubbing gave someone a drubbing butchered bombed quenched maltreated terminated strangled obliterated tromped demoralised outmaneuvered blown away blew away hurdled brought to heel abolished outmanoeuvred outrun beaten hollow brought under the yoke tanned held sway over outperformed capped bogged down snuffed out slapped down outdistanced trumped eclipsed got over clamped down on held down edged out overtopped outmatched outgunned mowed down KO'd towered over kept down knocked off sank sunken sunk overburdened inhibited ousted dispirited enthralled inundated deposed besieged engulfed ended sapped restrained weakened gave someone a hiding given someone a hiding flooded humiliated dethroned whacked frustrated intimidated shocked beat back coerced thwarted whitewashed pommeled pommelled put out stunned flogged outwitted deluged edged ruled over undermined steamrollered enervated outflanked decimated outjumped shipwrecked ambushed entrapped negotiated enfeebled crippled annexed supplanted deadened exterminated kept under thumb chagrined wronged resisted levelled leveled cut off liquidated shushed consumed tormented hounded plowed under worked over confounded kicked around aggrieved trampled on knocked for six quelched nosed out run rings round put lid on put kibosh on brought to knees harassed harried checkmated ill-treated ran roughshod over won a victory over finished off drowned passed sat on cast down damped down tortured rolled back treated harshly garrotted come out on top outrivaled outrivalled shamed greatly upset coped with blasted removed from power removed from office capsized weighed down trampled underfoot tyrannized over put upon shut out knocked spots off improved on dealt with brought to their knees put to flight picked on pwned put to rout ruled with an iron hand put screws to put an stop to dismissed wiped off map cast a pall over set down put the squeeze on pwnd swallowed up picked apart ruled with a rod of iron knocked down put a damper on put the kibosh on slew slain outran suffocated gotten over taken it all took it all glutted bombarded went one better than gone one better than dampened did away with done away with colonized depressed defeated easily degraded underyoked compelled demoted asphyxiated executed colonised bridled gagged impeded hindered restricted hampered held back rendered speechless astonished discontinued dismayed dejected ailed troubled lowered disheartened impaired shattered incapacitated disrated downgraded chastened seized arrested halted struck spanked outsmarted got the upper hand gotten the upper hand discomposed nonplussed constrained prevented held sway beaten back weathered survived assassinated removed regulated managed governed traumatized dazed wrecked clamped stemmed interrupted bottled spiked impoverished outlived rendered devitalized discouraged diminished daunted saddened immersed foiled felled mistreated browbeat swallowed pocketed interfered with muffled directed commanded displaced circumvented reeled back in iced vaporized occupied plunged larruped larrupped choked discomfited extirpated exploited scourged scared domineered menaced uncrowned unthroned kept in blocked out held in kept inside perturbed abased wearied bothered debilitated knocked socks off come out on top of queered razed dissolved defenestrated disestablished rose above risen above muted gained the upper hand over drenched terrorized manhandled overflowed threatened submersed victimized ran rings round mullered invaded traumatised brought to naught broken the spirit endured unhorsed upstaged vaporised dwarfed annoyed outraged vexed encumbered pressed handicapped saddled worried strained taxed despotized plagued tumbled purged tipped brought low swept devoured settled overrode overridden negated hectored misused frightened waterlogged gotten through got through bummed out dulled succeeded over tripped took to cleaners taken to cleaners disposed of hosed choked back came out on top captured appropriated got a grip on leaped vaulted leapt left crested climbed towered above outranked knocked sideways did in done in bullied brutalised victimised overcrowded snowed brutalized terrorised mishandled washed crowded caused instability bore down on borne down on tackled did better than done better than overtaken overtook rubbed out bumped off drove off rode roughshod over ridden roughshod over made a fool of messed over gotten rid of ill-used overpassed played the heavy with knocked to the ground gained the advantage over moved in for the kill outfought run circles around given someone a pasting bowled down pushed about knocked the stuffing out of prevailed against turned over beat up got rid of carried the day won hands down brought to the ground forced down gave someone a pasting made it over outpaced cleaned up on won out disabled gained mastery of carried off mopped up made it past come first gained a victory domineered over got one up on won through nipped in the bud shot ahead tripped up shot ahead of pushed around blotted out improved upon brought about the downfall of weighed heavy upon shot down washed over stricken shaken shook browbeaten drove underground driven underground came out on top of fell rode ridden clomb clumb snew snown shaken off shook off taken down beaten up took down given a hiding gave a hiding ran circles around taken apart took apart thrown back in confusion blown out of water blew out of water threw back in confusion thrown down threw to the ground threw down thrown to the ground taken off drove to the wall took off taken someone's life driven to the wall took someone's life took aback taken aback taken control of taken over taken possession of took control of took over took possession of taken the honours took the prize taken the cake been successful got last laugh gotten last laugh came first took the cake took the honours took the crown were successful was successful taken the crown taken the prize

Động từ

Past tense for to refrain from openly expressing or displaying
repressed suppressed stifled restrained smothered curbed checked contained swallowed controlled strangled concealed inhibited muffled sank sunk sunken hid hidden submerged silenced gagged pocketed frustrated corked shushed blocked bottled internalised internalized held back kept back choked back fought back bottled up bit back bitten back kept in check reined in held in kept under control corked up buttoned up kept the lid on kept in kept under wraps blacked out jammed up kept inside put out overcome mastered fought choked suffocated extinguished snuffed collected oppressed quashed quenched heaped shrouded composed squelched showered cooled quelled killed restricted reined hushed up simmered down overcame bitten one's lip bit one's lip withheld withholden shut in covered up kept secret veiled kept a lid on put a lid on bridled gulped back stopped held down cloaked masked dissembled buried disguised deadened retained kept quiet about put out of the way kept dark kept under your hat cornered brought to naught collared cooped up cramped boxed up enclosed trapped kept feeling inside oneself entrapped left out resisted denied conquered held off muzzled dampened camouflaged censored belied sheltered kept a rein on drowned held in check protected adumbrated reserved ditched harboured harbored swept under the carpet glossed over swept under the rug kept quiet tucked away kept cover swept something under the carpet blotted out drawn a veil over salted away sat on kept mum about papered over kept unknown swept something under the rug not told kept in the dark drew a veil over not given away hid from view hidden from view

Động từ

Past tense for to cause to be in a state of confusion or shock
dazed amazed astonished astounded staggered startled bewildered dumbfounded shocked stupefied flabbergasted overwhelmed confounded confused devastated disconcerted dismayed nonplussed overcame overcome surprised dazzled flummoxed perplexed stunned befogged benumbed floored numbed paralysed addled baffled befuddled bemused blurred disordered distracted dizzied fuddled knocked sideways muddled mystified paralyzed petrified puzzled shook up shaken up took aback taken aback blew away blown away bowled over knocked for six mixed up knocked the stuffing out of hit like a ton of bricks hit put out of action upset shattered jolted left open-mouthed boggled stumped consternated dumfounded rocked surprized struck dumb stricken dumb knocked over fogged taken someone's breath away stopped someone in their tracks brought around took someone's breath away shaken shook thunderstricken thunderstruck hitten taken someone aback took someone aback took breath away taken breath away threw off balance taken by surprise thrown off balance given a shock gave a shock took by surprise beat unnerved buffaloed vexed vext discomposed threw thrown bamboozled disoriented fazed foxed left aghast gravelled graveled knocked out posed got muddied discombobulated mazed awed unsettled caught off balance impressed rattled knocked for a loop alarmed flustered obfuscated appalled disturbed rendered speechless wildered put one away touched moved struck affected beaten made someone scratch their head gotten gat caused to be at a stand overawed disquieted disorientated electrified boggled the mind setted someone thinking bothered messed with one's head stirred bedazzled fascinated hypnotized spellbound horrified blew one's mind blown one's mind agitated distressed perturbed outraged frightened excited ruffled abashed swept someone off their feet hypnotised jarred discomfited provoked scared deranged made punchy inebriated intoxicated stricken put away knocked over with feather balled up put chill on setted someone back on their heels put the wind up put the fear of God into hit like ton of bricks threw off thrown off left speechless thrown a curve threw a curve worried concerned offended revolted disgusted terrified troubled sickened scandalized nauseated muddied the waters traumatized repelled besotted captivated enchanted delighted gobsmacked displeased transfixed bedevilled bedeviled sprung on angered antagonized screwed up daydreamed mooned daydreamt exercised unhinged frazzled fussed distempered discomforted hagrid ailed flurried alarumed derailed boggled someone's mind scandalised traumatised insulted antagonised panicked snowed knocked the stuffing out of someone knocked senseless eluded filled with wonder filled with amazement confusticated setted thinking brought up short frustrated stymied took your breath away taken your breath away scared witless filled with fear immobilized affrighted weirded out piqued afflicted annoyed freaked out stirred up complicated interfered galled intruded aroused depressed pained tired irked roused disheartened grieved badgered irritated made speechless caused wonder gathered wool sprung something on grossed out sticked swept off your feet boggled the mind of scared someone out of their wits gone to one's head scared the bejesus out of completely surprised chilled blinded spooked setted one thinking immobilised scared the pants off taken the wind out of your sails stuck went to one's head frightened the life out of embarrassed scared to death took the wind out of your sails scared the living daylights out of scared silly raised someone's eyebrows scared stiff confuscated made uneasy besotten sprang on undone hagridden undid hagrode snew snown gave offence to given offence to threw into a tizzy thrown into a tizzy thrown for a loop threw for a loop taken somebody's breath away took somebody's breath away gave a turn given a turn gave someone a turn shaken out of your complacency shook out of your complacency given someone a turn gotten in the way burnt up burned up got in the way struck terror into stricken terror into threw into a panic thrown into a panic thrown into a blue funk threw into a blue funk struck with awe took one's breath away sprang something on taken one's breath away stricken with awe

Động từ

Past tense for to enrapture or delight
ravished enraptured entranced charmed enthralled enchanted captivated bewitched fascinated allured delighted spellbound mesmerised mesmerized attracted raptured pleased transported hypnotised hypnotized magnetised magnetized rapped drew drawn overjoyed overcame overcome held overwhelmed tranced stunned carried away blew away blown away sent into raptures filled with delight put under a spell absorbed absorpt beguiled engrossed intrigued rivetted riveted interested engaged transfixed occupied compelled tantalized enticed lured gripped tempted bedazzled busied involved arrested wiled witched enwrapped killed bemused immersed caught up enamoured infatuated diverted amused entertained seduced aroused titillated stimulated appealed held spellbound subdued won fired interested greatly excited piqued invited enamored animated gladdened provoked kindled tantalised thrilled stirred ensnared enslaved intoxicated holden sent turned on wowed gratified tickled pink slayed exhilarated dazzled electrified knocked dead tickled bowled over hit the spot grabbed elated delectated swept off one's feet tickle to death slain slew elevated moved roused inflamed hooked wooed satisfied contented vamped quickened captured cheered pleasured rejoiced made a hit with made happy grooved arrided swept off feet pleased greatly fulfilled knocked out put horns on cast a spell on put under magic spell put the whammy on taken took given a buzz gave a buzz gave someone a kick given someone a kick tickled to death charged galvanized teased struck palpated grappled agitated affected roped in owned subjugated stoked controlled bedevilled voodooed tricked bedeviled led on pumped up galvanised turned someone on swept off your feet turned one on enthused humoured indulged humored uplifted heartened seized enlivened jubilated exulted gloried scored got under someone's skin switched on regaled warmed suited gladded sent into transports knocked one's socks off made someone feel good freaked out held in awe buoyed up given pleasure to rooted to the spot appealed to brightened up went over big gave pleasure to warmed the cockles of the heart come on to brought joy to made a hit with someone agreed with moved to tears cheered up reduced to tears made content bucked up gone over big stricken own forspoken forspoke came on to taken someone's breath away took someone's breath away got one's kicks gave someone pleasure gave a lift given someone pleasure given a lift gotten one's kicks gave someone a charge given someone a charge gave joy to given great pleasure to gave great pleasure to given joy to

Tính từ

Experiencing or marked by overwhelming happiness or joyful excitement
heady exhilarated ecstatic elated enraptured euphoric elevated enrapt entranced excited giddy intoxicated overjoyed overwhelmed rapt rapturous rhapsodic rhapsodical thrilled in seventh heaven on a high on cloud nine over the moon on top of the world delighted transported happy joyful enchanted blissful sent animated joyous ravished gleeful in raptures blissed out captivated exalted jubilant enthusiastic absorbed exultant delirious high stoked wrapped beside oneself with happiness carried away fascinated charmed enthralled spellbound bewitched cheerful beguiled fervent frenzied enamoured cock-a-hoop in transports enamored turned-on floating interested jumping for joy in high spirits in heaven walking on air delirious with happiness beside oneself with joy flying high in transports of delight floating on air ebullient inspired zestful exhilarative energized high-spirited energised bright in paradise in rhapsodies delightful cheery beatific orgasmic ardent athrill upbeat crazy overexcited out mad sunny gone dreamy in exaltation wild passionate extravagant emotional eulogistic lyrical pleased very happy tickled to death in a frenzy turned on tickled pink pleased as punch over-the-top filled with joy gripped cheered roused proud dizzy stimulated held engrossed riveted mesmerized puffed up infatuated hysterical preoccupied intent piqued galvanized concerned galvanised moved affected quickened aroused corybantic flying absent hypnotized inattentive engaged taken daydreaming employed dreaming hypnotised mesmerised involved absent-minded content abstracted busy occupied unconscious oblivious on cloud seven set up looking good fired up wigged out wild with excitement hopped up extremely happy beside oneself in a frenzy of delight hung up wrapped up caught up in glad merry gay exuberant chirpy buoyant jovial jolly peppy blithe sparkling light-hearted blithesome mirthful jaunty gladsome chipper bubbly laughing sparky vivacious effervescent lively radiant carefree breezy jocund sprightly airy frolicsome gratified tickled peart full of beans chuffed contented zingy smiley zippy grinning bouncy happy-go-lucky genial smiling lighthearted as pleased as Punch untroubled triumphant satisfied perky of good cheer in good spirits unworried festive optimistic hopeful beaming enthused as happy as a clam made up as happy as Larry spirited rejoicing crank positive good-humoured good-humored pleasant jocular like a child with a new toy without a care in the world thankful bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as happy as a sandboy energetic full of hope full of the joys of spring up jocose treading on air lightsome winsome eager electrified gloating playful vigorous full of vim and vigour hilarious full of life pleasurable enjoyable convivial wonderful encouraged eupeptic canty irrepressible zappy exulting crowing glorying prideful keen glowing gladdened uplifted amused like a dog with two tails peaceful stirred flipping blessed atingle sportive frolic gamesome brash cheering alert bouncing can't complain frisky snappy enlivened fun-loving desirous bright and breezy great as merry as a grig avid hungry agog thirsty athirst impatient solicitous motivated triumphal swaggering geeked hopped-up greedy possessed boastful gung ho glorious flushed pumped amusing alive hepped up inspirited vibrant dynamic triumphalist agitated heavenly impassioned pleasing cool blest light boon uproarious active touched vital aglow fantastic heartwarming smug hearty ludic activated boisterous deliriously happy larking debonair entertained rollicking fulfilled enlivening cheerly brisk grateful rosy sanguine insouciant pizazzy mettlesome springy kinetic animate jazzy pert racy spanking pizzazzy stirred up doing handsprings enchanté gruntled at ease alive and kicking well pleased worked up psyched serene revelling funny thrilled to bits celebratory laughable victorious reveling wowed poised composed pacific commodious providential sober measured collected frantic effusive sublime bubbling heartening bonny frothy gushing easy-going scintillating influenced blissfully happy seraphic distraught distrait hysteric distracted laughter-filled chucklesome blown away quick turnt felicitous celebrating fun-filled Corybantic vivid started complacent easygoing unthinking amiable only too happy satisfying fiery forceful heated feeling one's oats explosive fervid emotive entertaining appreciative easy hushed unflustered sedate unperturbed unruffled prizewinning lucky champion dominant welcome drunk overwrought hot juiced voracious raring nuts antsy anxious zealous go-go gratifying in transports of joy in transports of pleasure saintly zesty flattered privileged harmonious idyllic spaced-out perfect humorous jumping riotous grooving vitalized bucked happy as a lark happy as a clam in ecstasies paradisiacal well paradisal fun paradisaical paradisaic saturnalian paradisiac rousing rocking good comfortable magical in ecstasy diverted roseate beside yourself honoured honored Panglossian good-natured frivolous devil-may-care pleasure-seeking unconcerned slaphappy rakish in a good mood at peace self-possessed in the twilight zone waggish def in trendy groovy now mod hep downtown with-it hip confident forward pushy self-assertive presuming sunny side up glass half full full of pep rip-roaring very pleased feel-good starry-eyed rose-colored excitable willing pleasantly surprised inclined craving chomping at the bit champing at the bit amenable bursting ambitious appetent restive disposed awakened longing pining hankering covetous tumultuous au courant aflame popping

Tính từ

Strongly attracted and interested
fascinated absorbed captivated charmed entranced beguiled bewitched engrossed enthralled smitten hypnotised hypnotized infatuated spellbound aroused attracted dazzled delighted enamoured enamored enchanted enraptured enticed excited gripped immersed intent intoxicated involved mesmerised mesmerized rapt riveted seduced sent tantalised tantalized thrilled titillated transfixed transported very interested hooked on fond of sold on stuck on under a spell in love with extremely curious extremely interested highly interested very curious very inquisitive stunned attentive impressed held overwhelmed focused focussed intrigued occupied preoccupied awestruck deep awestricken engaged hooked caught up observant bedazzled wrapped up enrapt lost won over interested consumed hung up all ears head over heels ravished gone starstruck rapturous ecstatic really into rhapsodic giddy elated exhilarated elevated rhapsodical heady euphoric fixed happy lured moonstruck tempted concentrating busy turned on locked in dialed in caught up in up to here awed snowed affected trapped fixated over the moon on cloud nine connected captive glued taken up amazed breathless up to your ears deep in thought agape hanging on every word mentally enchanted ensorcelled open-mouthed earnest concentrated steady under someone's spell fallen for watchful intense mad about studious steadfast have a thing about settled enthusiastic alert gaga about blissful sedulous diligent into industrious assiduous bugged monopolized submerged absent joyful inattentive taken daydreaming employed wrapped dreaming absent-minded content abstracted unconscious oblivious focused on intent on gripped by riveted by engaged with monopolised preoccupied by captivated by beguiled by engaged in fiend for tied up intrigued by mesmerized by hypnotized by fixated by heavily into set on deep in taken up with all wound up blissed out up to here in carried away overjoyed in seventh heaven joyous in raptures animated jubilant gleeful delirious exultant stoked cock-a-hoop on a high on top of the world high walking on air jumping for joy beside oneself with happiness exalted frenzied on cloud seven delirious with happiness beside oneself with joy in transports of delight floating on air proud cheerful pleased hysterical fervent corybantic flying in high spirits floating turned-on in transports wigged out wild with excitement in heaven tickled pink flying high in a frenzy of delight extremely happy ebullient inspired zestful exhilarative energized delightful rejoicing triumphant bright cheery energised exulting high-spirited in paradise in rhapsodies gladdened flushed filled with joy beatific crowing revelling boastful crank glorying prideful swaggering gloating dizzy stimulated treading on air orgasmic victorious gay triumphalist reveling flipping merry wowed deliriously happy made up overexcited in exaltation athrill upbeat crazy out mad sunny dreamy wild only too happy as pleased as Punch piqued galvanized moved concerned galvanised quickened blown away tickled to death in a frenzy pleased as punch very happy as happy as Larry cheered roused as happy as a clam as happy as a sandboy happy as a lark happy as a clam like a child with a new toy ardent beside oneself passionate emotional lyrical extravagant eulogistic puffed up over-the-top hopped up set up looking good fired up

Tính từ

Characterized, or marked, by much busy (or stressful) activity
wild overcome frantic frenzied overwhelmed affected delirious incredulous mad overawed struck stunned distraught frenetic furious hysterical maniacal manic nuts rabid uncontrolled violent berserk crazed crazy deranged feverish devastated beside oneself destroyed in a frenzy not knowing what to do with oneself excited agitated overwrought hectic fierce ferocious raving swivel-eyed insane corybantic fraught panic-stricken hyper fevered hyperactive worked up wigged out confused distracted unscrewed energetic keyed up wired demented desperate turbulent flipped out unhinged restless distrait hysteric in a tizzy out of control raging weirded out unglued unzipped unrestrained shook up tumultuous freaked out chaotic beside yourself intense exciting nervous fast and furious overexcited high angry weird zonkers spazzed out at wits' end in a stew hot and bothered hot under the collar carried away in a state heated boisterous fanatical confusing panic-struck panicky riotous unbalanced obsessive overactive distressed thrilled elated animated lunatic ecstatic neurotic busy high-strung convulsive demonic overjoyed euphoric anxious rapturous transported disordered unsettled worried jubilant exultant berko flipped delighted intoxicated maniac emotional uncontrollable in a lather disturbed aroused spasmodic impassioned like one possessed enthused in raptures in a panic very upset blissed out over the moon at the end of your tether on a high madding phrenetic furibund abandoned lost it exhilarated ebullient full-on overwhelming overpowering uninhibited demoniacal gay happy gleeful joyous fired up enraptured sectionable inspired stoked psychotic nutty up freaky incoherent flushed irrational babbling unrestrainable turned out hopped up irrepressible fiery impetuous maddened vehement driven to distraction rampant blazing tempestuous incensed fuming seething unnerved possessed passionate lightheaded hot hallucinating aberrant deviant light-headed rambling bewildered wandering hallucinatory unreasonable disarranged deviate upset worked-up shattered flurrying rattled wrought-up verklempt nonplussed perturbed bothered addled harassed pained flustered tormented concerned thrown muddled discomposed troubled flustering rumbustious buzzing lively brisk bustling in a fit out of one's wits vibrant fervid wooly rip-roaring nutsy zoolike jungle hassle madhouse crowded burning out of your mind woolly very busy very active off one's head out of one's mind out of one's head out of one's skull enthusiastic like a chicken with its head cut off excitable like Piccadilly Circus hell broke loose jumpy jittery hyperexcitable skittery fiddle-footed fluttery skittish spooky hyperkinetic flighty zealous uptight impatient in seventh heaven Corybantic sent on cloud nine last-minute het up wound up in a flap having kittens in a tizz drunk on cloud seven walking on air jumping for joy in a cold sweat overzealous excessively active in transports of delight wild with excitement in a flat spin at your wits' end in a frenzy of delight tense antsy uneasy nervy dismayed apprehensive disconcerted fidgety saddened twitchy hung up edgy disquieted frightened aflutter shaken alarmed ruffled ill at ease stressed shocked unhappy sad hurt grieved annoyed unquiet gutted fearful dithery vexed irked stressy cut up atwitter adrenalized on edge strung out disappointed scared traumatized discountenanced discombobulated hassled traumatised irritated choked bummed out insecure inconvenienced queasy queazy worried sick goosey hinky flurried afflicted spooked angsty bugged terrified miffed crushed all torn up angered bundle of nerves basket case provoked blue overstrung highly strung strung up afraid heartbroken in a twitter broken up on tenterhooks anguished beset riled tortured plagued clutched put out worried stiff in pieces panicked undone mentally unsettled overemotional histrionic shaky dispirited miserable emotive peeved dragged wretched wrecked ripped exercised shook consumed strung-up hag-ridden falling apart confined having cabin fever unconsolable up the wall disconsolate inconsolable shot down emotionally charged horrified startled aquiver daunted unreluctant at one's wits' end out of one's wit hyped-up febrile afire atingle hyperexcited stir-crazy asea in a bad way offended fretted exacerbated puzzled displeased chagrined aggravated mortified pestered perplexed harried harrowed tearing one's hair out broken-hearted dazed confounded low wounded zipped up juiced up shell-shocked emotionally defeated in disorder amazed come apart psyched out compulsive fretting fretful at sixes and sevens knocked for six knocked sideways overanxious trembling quaking under stress fixated unstable oversensitive phobic toey unhealthy abnormal paranoid angstful uncomfortable squirrelly solicitous windy maladjusted in a sweat a wreck a bundle of nerves in a twit in a dither inhibited erratic nervous wreck disoriented obsessed all of a dither in a state of agitation bricking oneself on pins and needles all of a lather with one's stomach in knots like a cat on a hot tin roof shaking in one's shoes with butterflies in one's stomach with one's heart in one's mouth tooshie freaked-out wound-up under a strain touchy keyed-up fired-up hot-and-bothered stirred weary strung-out worn unstrung tired spent throwing a wobbly steamed up hot under collar all shook up

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