Đồng nghĩa của now

Alternative for now


Đồng nghĩa: at once, immediately, presently, right away, today,

Trái nghĩa: then,

Phó từ

Right at this time, without hesitation or delay
immediately promptly instantly instanter pronto instantaneously presently right away right now urgently directly incontinently straightaway straightway forthwith this instant this very minute unhesitatingly without further ado without hesitation at once straight away straight off this minute like a shot without delay toot sweet tout de suite this day at this juncture at this moment at this point on the double at this point in time right off headlong right PDQ plumb bang quickly on the spot posthaste speedily in a flash post-haste as soon as possible in no time fast before you can say Jack Robinson soon shortly in double quick time summarily there and then on a dime rapidly off the bat expeditiously without more ado lickety-split in short order that instant with all speed straight that minute here and now double quick in a jiffy swiftly like a flash that very minute then and there early forthright chop-chop ekdam in nothing flat in an instant first off momentarily in a second anon dead like now without a second thought before you can say knife in two shakes in a trice as quickly as possible quick abruptly suddenly hastily due snappily instant contiguously presto fleetly at short notice double-quick in a hurry in a wink in the blink of an eye quick as lightning in the twinkling of an eye punctually seasonably apace first briskly in a New York minute on the nail as fast as possible hotfoot at the double within a short time on the dot spontaneously on time double-time now or never ASAP by and by without any delay on the instant in no time at all in a minute in a fraction of a second in a moment in less than no time by return before you know it from the word go this moment this second direct hereupon thereupon on the barrelhead hurriedly plump outright sharp soon afterward with all haste right off the bat with dispatch in the same breath in the bat of an eye at this moment in time right at this time sooner flat-out with little delay pretty soon by when any second now any moment now quick as a flash in a sec quick as anything in a tick in two ticks in a snap in two shakes of a lamb's tail very soon in a mo very quickly quick as a fox in a very short time in a blink soon after here in a split second like greased lightning at a stroke like lightning all of a sudden like an arrow from a bow at the speed of light away a.s.a.p. before the ink is dry on the page at this stage with no delay soon enough at this time at warp speed full tilt swift hell-for-leather at full tilt hell for leather like the wind like the clappers at full speed at a rate of knots like a bat out of hell nimbly readily precipitately without warning hot without notice actively at speed sharply like the deuce a mile a minute like a bomb like billy-o like a scalded cat at a gallop timelily unexpectedly smartly all at once ahead of time in good time before long in haste in the wink of an eye like wildfire like mad like crazy out of the blue like a madwoman like a madman on schedule enthusiastically on the spur of the moment ahead of schedule in a little while meteorically nippily with time to spare like blazes at full throttle at high speed by leaps and bounds like gangbusters at breakneck speed in a short time in due time at a lick before one can say knife at the right time quick-wittedly alertly acutely almost immediately gladly eagerly very willingly in a bit asudden unanticipatedly unawares fast-paced in a rush in a jiff in the near future fast and furious like a streak like nobody's business peremptorily arbitrarily at a fast pace with great speed as swift as an arrow without losing time very fast as fast as your legs can carry you by surprise before the deadline prompt punctual any second in a twinkling any minute now in next to no time any minute in a nanosecond on spur of moment beforehand acceleratedly fastly hurried without formality without discussion without due process expressly short responsively zippily blisteringly spiritedly in time chop chop vigorously heedlessly in high gear in double time agilely subito unpremeditatedly not too late early enough at the appointed time efficiently brusquely on spur of the moment like a whirlwind at a run with all possible haste too quickly duly before the appointed time firmly energetically decisively incisively at the proper time at the stated time in a lively manner

Phó từ

At relatively infrequent intervals
occasionally sometimes at times irregularly on occasion periodically now and then on and off at intervals from time to time infrequently intermittently off and on once in a while spasmodically sporadically every now and then every so often hardly now and again seldom uncommonly ever and anon on occasions at random every now and again here and there every once in a while once or twice on the odd occasion time to time once in a blue moon not often once and again episodically erratically fitfully discontinuously rarely casually aperiodically scarcely unsteadily spottily scatteredly choppily spastically oddly isolatedly catchily randomly cyclically unusually sparsely unevenly patchily desultorily interruptedly piecemeal recurrently by fits and starts in fits and starts seldomly scantily disconnectedly limitedly scantly alternately inconstantly variably seasonally exceptionally unfrequently haphazardly brokenly inconsistently semioccasionally recurringly meagrely rhythmically incidentally meagerly thinly hardly ever uncertainly shortly deficiently paltrily exiguously unwontedly abnormally unreliably little insufficiently negligibly unexpectedly unmethodically unsystematically aimlessly unaccustomedly frequently constantly unstably sparingly strangely capriciously isochronously again epochally isochronally betimes serially jerkily skimpily continually uniquely fragmentarily stingily regularly repeatedly uncustomarily atypically accidentally surprisingly iteratively metrically unsettledly ramblingly inadequately unconventionally anomalously aberrantly at one time or another peculiarly changeably once in awhile unorthodoxly arbitrarily inconsiderably extraordinarily eccentrically singularly habitually steadily unpunctually barely scarcely ever slenderly indiscriminately unpredictably lightly ever and again almost never middlingly only now and then shakily disjointedly especially on rare occasions inconceivably not regularly inconsequentially triflingly minutely piddlingly leanly imperceptibly ever so often fluctuating vacillating discretely not every time wantingly flakily singly impermanently not consistently impulsively minimally restlessly volatilely nominally marginally convulsively insignificantly waveringly shily lowly evermore inappreciably twitchingly chaotically loosely sketchily wanderingly consistently unthinkingly nonuniformly curiously gapingly disorderedly unconnectedly inchoately incoherently not always differently queerly weirdly poorly sparely slimly uncharacteristically unfamiliarly basally bizarrely novelly scrubbily slightly alternatingly unequally designlessly amazingly purposelessly flukily fortuitously contingently freakishly quirkily outlandishly centennially annually perennially routinely orbitally in few instances whimsically unoften inhabitually off-and-on phenomenally alienly freakily conspicuously incredibly funnily only occasionally preternaturally exceedingly a few times not very often in a few cases subtly unimaginably unthinkably outstandingly subtilely toweringly remarkably preeminently magnificently tenuously flimsily specially specifically exclusively particularly anyhow temporarily anyway haphazard helter-skelter willy-nilly anywise slapdash at irregular intervals hit or miss in snatches by turns any which way out of sequence

Phó từ

(US) An intensifier used to emphasize impatience or express exasperation

Phó từ

For a very short time
momentarily briefly temporarily fleetingly immediately instantly for a minute for a moment for a second for the nonce right now for an instant for a little while for a short time for a short while transiently passingly transitorily ephemerally evanescently impermanently shortly fugaciously fugitively quickly deciduously cursorily flyingly hastily volatilely fastly provisionally swiftly limitedly hurriedly summarily perishably rapidly meteorically temporally unstably littly mortally for the moment abruptly suddenly perfunctorily rushedly instantaneously changeably for now in the interim pro tem for the present for the meantime in the meantime in the meanwhile en attendant ad interim provisorily for the time being alternately vanishingly ad hocly pro tempore speedily promptly precipitately mutably acutely movingly for the minute infinitesimally succinctly elusively desultorily incidentally superficially episodically presently spectacularly erratically glancingly inconstantly tenuously expeditiously rashly precipitously overhastily expressly flightily insubstantially dazzlingly brilliantly snappily acceleratedly directly fleetly for a while spontaneously impressively dramatically awhile humanly fleshlily not for long for a spell for a bit corporeally physically corporally worldlily spasmodically impulsively naturally bipedally precariously frailly animately finitely weakly not permanently for a time casually precisely briskly curtly for a few seconds in passing for a few moments

Danh từ

A vehement desire or passion
rage craze fashion enthusiasm fad vogue mania trend passion appetite craving desire obsession taste buzz chic compulsion fetish fixation flavor flavour fondness go latest love mode sensation style thing tonne ton weakness cacoethes fascination preoccupation yen caprice conceit crotchet cry dernier cri fancy freak happening hot ticket in in-spot in-thing last word vagary whim hot spot latest wrinkle newest wrinkle latest thing look convention practice custom mainstream latest taste furore latest style current style furor general tendency in thing hip fashionable in fashion popular big with it all the rage trendy in vogue cool movement le dernier cri infatuation modishness bug interest popularity hobby fashionableness fashionability favor voguishness hotness favour monomania passing fancy the last word pastime approval hang-up stylishness novelty way wrinkle kick fetich prepossession fever idée fixe the thing new look zeal elegance panache classiness hit impact complex addiction flash wonder penchant the latest fad the latest cry the newest fashion inclination predilection prevalence currency preference hip thing recreation pursuit neurosis genre design form snazziness coolness trendiness impulse talking point affectation usage use the latest hobbyhorse entertainment humor whimsy cult innovation eccentricity kink amusement quirk frivolity sport ritual the rage humour fantasy mania for obsession with preoccupation with practise wont bandwagon trick urge cultus cultism habitude habit partiality crush case fixedness paranoia tiger grabber disorder craziness bee faddism latest word leisure pursuit leisure activity fixed idea prevailing taste fool notion ax to grind bug in ear bee in bonnet something on the brain tiger by the tail

Tính từ

(somewhat rare) Denotes characteristics of things that are considered hip and trendy in the current period of time
cool def downtown groovy hep hip in mod trendy turned-on with-it au courant fashionable modish stylish in vogue voguish modern latest chic happening contemporary smart current with it hot all the rage up to the minute popular up-to-the-minute fly trendsetting a la mode up-to-date in fashion new newfangled up to date sharp natty big fresh tony swank snazzy kicky faddy snappy spiffy chichi red-hot dashing sassy in style designer kicking swinging swish present-day supercool exclusive in-thing elegant classy upscale du jour faddish funky swell swanky modernistic favored on fleek bang up to date in thing favoured rakish state-of-the-art nifty culty all the go present latest thing prevailing last word schmick vogue trig popularized newest ultramodern well-liked crowd-pleasing usual genteel a go-go dapper recent popularised customary favorite pop new-fashioned avant-garde leading-edge space-age ultra-modern new age favourite posh dressy swagger contemporaneous de rigueur sophisticated large existent today ongoing glamorous flash debonair attractive topical prevalent extant high-class instant le dernier cri ritzy cutting-edge existing alive advanced massive sought-after high-toned trim immediate tasteful in demand in favour latter-day fab contempo novel neoteric the new in favor jazzy uptown beautiful slick in the mainstream just out à la mode dressed to kill styleworthy progressive concurrent cosmopolitan coincident high-fashion understated flattering spruce gnarly fancy down forward-looking modern-day present-time modernized innovative flashy cutting edge coeval high-tech modernised up abreast dap live stunning brand-new ostentatious plugged-in de nos jours sleek showy well turned-out hot off press as if one had just stepped out of a bandbox at this moment excellent well-heeled expensive far-out earthy unconventional offbeat sexy party young finest Sunday youthful smartest nice formal nicest last-word on trend appealing impressive rage crisp exciting late concomitant well groomed well dressed timely synchronous good well turned out smartly dressed futuristic coexistent revolutionary lovely simultaneous coexisting bang up-to-date passing neat must-see dope fine polished desired radical coincidental gorgeous jaunty bling twenty- first century nontraditional coetaneous in the news fancy-pants spivvy dandy spiffing pizazzy splashy pizzazzy urbane pretentious steezy approved super glorious well loved well liked burning coterminous well-dressed well-groomed clean big thing flamboyant colorful gay bright loud legendary liked widespread well-known wanted preferred commercially successful successful desirable celebrated thrilled awake perceptive familiar observant conscious savvy knowledgeable versed knowing informed apprehensive aware colourful coextensive craze fad chi-chi dressed to the teeth twenty-first century ahead of its time actual pressing well put together on front burner latter synchronic switched on hep to on to plugged in turned on tuned in up on in on wise to hip to dernier cri latest fashion latest wrinkle latest fad new look twenty-first-century common knowledge in with it in the know in existence happening now taking place occurring now nowadays prompt being commenced already started begun on the cutting edge in the latest style excited inspired touched moved electrified animated stirred aroused elated atingle next at present time on hand first brand new just completed immediately prior just done immediately prior to just released just finished for the time being in duration going on ad hoc just now even now in process under consideration leading edge go-ahead hi-tech stylin' leading newly discovered groundbreaking innovatory pioneering recently developed never-before-seen ground-breaking updated nouvelle worked up fired up plush luxurious grand refined upmarket sumptuous graceful deluxe cultivated exquisite lavish opulent suave cultured handsome courtly plushy rich ornate majestic stately glitzy dignified gracious luxury charming splendid civil aesthetic courteous well-bred artistic gentlemanly palatial civilized esthetic lush sporty polite smooth well bred well mannered elaborate grandiose discerning dainty luxuriant prim lavishly appointed palatian civilised decorous magnificent pleasing comely aristocratic costly chivalrous gallant ladylike well-presented clever distinguished ingenious select luscious pretty superior Lucullan classic fashionably dressed presentable besuited raffish casual snobbish extravagant cute dicty saucy luxe discriminating decorative choice fastidious couth de luxe sensitive well-designed swankish delicate mannerly affable sublime well-turned-out noble seemly restrained fetching well-mannered perky bonny bonnie svelte handy in good taste clean-cut upper-class high lovesome pompous glittering tidy good-looking lux par excellence five-star pert gaudy ornamental fit for a queen well-appointed well appointed fit for a king proper groomed harmonious resplendent ornamented comfortable august poised overdone confident snooty affected superb precise creative quality becoming gentle first-class accomplished enhancing imposing aesthetically pleasing stuffy self-possessed obliging striking imaginative worldly glossy fit worldly-wise punctilious marvelous spiff divine knockout precious la-di-da pleasant sightly princely well-tailored experienced great marvellous wonderful heavenly silken beauteous ravishing likely decent taking fair indulgent Babylonian drop-dead goodly up-market Lucullian intelligent regal dressed to the nines trailblazing media-savvy soigné immoderate yuppie well-favored immaculate well-made peacocky high-quality coffee-table undercool wicked flippant snobby high-hat toffee-nosed potty snotty elitist persnickety streamlined fashion-conscious swaggy swishy arty soigne informal breezy distinctive well-off aerodynamic flowing palace self-assured shiny ceremonious well produced with good taste wealthy-looking prosperous-looking dress respectable discriminative full-dress with style haute high fashion particular critical honorable honourable glib spick and span dolled up spiffed-up crucial devil-may-care looking sharp dressed up agreeable as if you had just stepped out of a bandbox diplomatic tactful correct nonchalant cheerful happy sprightly detached buoyant highbred preux lofty adulatory complimentary high-bred conventional studied spry snug nimble bandbox nobby doggy brisk avant airy close rigorous accurate evolved developed improved forward pinpoint spot-on higher mathematical in high feather spruced up forefront personable neat and tidy upper-crust affluent fitting dressed up to the nines turned out zooty highly developed SOTA balanced metropolitan bland dressed to nines dishy befitting high-minded high-brow flaunting glittery brazen moving emotional expressive fanciable haughty dazzling sensuous uncluttered simple quiet unobtrusive splendiferous pure chaste unaffected gratifying classical subdued distingué hunky beautifying voluptuous comfy subtle well-chosen virile spunky patronizing hollow prudish straitlaced prissy condescending confined intolerant well-behaved discreet patronising artificial priggish abundant exuberant flawless delightful supreme splendorous very nice admirable zingy exceptional perfect nice-looking robust well-formed tasty well-proportioned athletic in the lap of luxury strong pulchritudinous drop-dead gorgeous good looking garish musical pictorial rhythmical stimulating ideal dramatic picturesque enlightened valuable embellished proud stylistic impeccable bold lurid vibrant eye-catching vivid citified jet-set blasé inviting suitable orderly spotless adorable alluring hospitable welcoming mondaine mature erudite privileged aloof well-born flaring noisy brash razzle-dazzle brilliant beyond price rare sprauncy plummy larney world-weary recherche stylized worldly wise been around brightly coloured brilliantly coloured florid swashbuckling top-drawer sartorial innovational unprecedented strange unheard-of unfamiliar unexplored visionary experimental unknown pathbreaking original inventive far out modernist different unaccustomed way out unique out-of-the-box unhackneyed unexampled peacockish flaming camp flaky outrageous flakey bombastic gassy peachy terrific quick keen superlative topflight prizewinning gone tip-top brave top famous top-notch capital fantabulous fantastic prize crackerjack first-rate fabulous sterling immense four-star stellar corking hype boss gilt-edge unsurpassed gangbuster banner mean sensational dynamite phat prime agile out-of-sight gangbusters jim-dandy brag topping bully awesome wizard blue-chip primo deft bang-up bumper boffo top-shelf cracking frontline righteous first-string A-OK blue-ribbon top-of-the-line gilt-edged supernal adroit apt skillful convenient skilful enjoyable number one peachy keen numero uno most recent

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