Đồng nghĩa của unpunctually

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At uneven or varying rates or intervals
irregularly erratically haphazardly fitfully intermittently unevenly anyhow occasionally spasmodically unmethodically patchily sporadically aimlessly anyway anywise desultorily discontinuously eccentrically episodically haphazard helter-skelter inconsistently jerkily randomly unsteadily unsystematically variably willy-nilly aperiodically disconnectedly inconstantly interruptedly off and on piecemeal at irregular intervals infrequently on and off periodically slapdash uncertainly uncommonly hit or miss in fits and starts at intervals by turns in snatches any which way by fits and starts now and again out of sequence unstably volatilely capriciously unsettledly changeably waveringly casually unreliably nonuniformly spottily choppily spastically indiscriminately shakily unequally designlessly catchily fragmentarily purposelessly unpredictably fickly fluidly mutably temperamentally changefully mercurially vacillatingly scatteredly skittishly flightily disorganizedly whimsically impulsively chaotically proteanly brokenly ramblingly jumbledly waywardly disorganisedly arbitrarily flakily oddly carelessly isolatedly kaleidoscopically undirectedly incoherently movably incidentally moodily at random disorderlily confusedly disjointedly excitably irrepressibly bipolarly illogically uncoordinatedly unconnectedly flukily accidentally actively giddily elastically vagariously rarely turbulently messily disorderedly chameleonically loosely unthinkingly wanderingly irresolutely untrustworthily contradictorily conflictingly faithlessly slipshodly contrarily discordantly unintelligibly incompatibly sloppily recklessly irreconcilably restlessly movingly dissonantly directionlessly incongruously heedlessly convulsively cyclically alternatingly seasonally entropically bittily unpremeditatedly variationally fractally scarcely iffily peakily incongruently unfrequently inappropriately unsuitably untidily absurdly improperly extraneously unbecomingly bizarrely inaptly sparsely paroxysmally discrepantly uncontrolledly fantastically unavailingly divergently lopsidedly foreignly unrelatedly alienly twistedly sketchily uncontrollably shambolically fortuitously roughly dynamically irrationally recurringly recurrently untruely disreputably unkemptly floatingly impermanently paradoxically disheveledly dishevelledly flexibly aleatorily seldomly rovingly inchoately contingently alternately undisciplinedly dubiously wantonly twitchingly suddenly abruptly rhythmically shiftily thoughtlessly chancily incalculably blindly violently discretely laxly fragmentedly scrappily hit-or-miss incompletely tempestuously unsteadfastly alterably freakishly quirkily progressively semioccasionally adaptably inexactly unfaithfully growingly adaptively by chance driftingly slipperily gapingly indeterminately ungovernably faddishly wildly ephemerally transitorily wrongly twitchily frenziedly promiscuously stochastically sprawlingly rattily bedraggledly doubtfully suspectly ambiguously unsoundly crotchetily without order frivolously jarringly strangely clashingly any old how without planning without method fleetingly transiently momentarily continually unseemlily indecorously incorrectly infelicitously unhappily unfitly unaptly gracelessly ineptly perversely inappositely untowardly differently disparately diversely tremulously bumpily ironically meanderingly versatilely unconsciously unselectively unconcernedly spontaneously unexpectedly perfunctorily nomadically bouncily jumpily isochronously iteratively metrically epochally isochronally serially cursorily topsy-turvily vicissitudinously unusually especially specially specifically exclusively particularly exceptionally remissly lubriciously lackadaisically mussily inelegantly vagrantly indecisively irresponsibly commutatively revocably agitatedly transitionally reversibly adventitiously anarchically anyways whatever negligently regardless ruggedly coincidentally unintentionally unintendedly inadvertently relatedly serendipitously unwittingly gradually concomitantly contributorily slowly whichever each all over the shop in a disorganized manner all over the lot every all over the place in a muddle every which way concurrently circumstantially inchmeal partially piece by piece gradationally in stages bit by bit in steps in bits little by little by degrees step by step a little at a time

Trái nghĩa của unpunctually

unpunctually Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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