Đồng nghĩa của slowly

Alternative for slowly

Trái nghĩa: fast,

Phó từ

At a slow speed
steadily unhurriedly leisurely ploddingly adagio gradually heavily largo lento adagietto calmly casually deliberately gently haltingly inchmeal laggardly languidly larghetto lazily nonchalantly pokily slow sluggishly tardily without hurrying by degrees at a leisurely pace at a slow pace at your leisure taking your time with heavy steps with leaden steps at a snail's pace in your own good time listlessly lethargically inactively idly densely dimly obtusely slackly weakly indifferently dully easily comfortably lingeringly indolently composedly langorously torpidly dilatorily at your convenience with delay at one's convenience taking one's time without haste at one's leisure sleepily drowsily tiredly laggingly leisurelily slothfully lackadaisically apathetically inertly passively measuredly supinely leadenly phlegmatically ponderously laxly stagnantly lifelessly unenergetically moderately languorously dreamily shiftlessly inattentively remissly comatosely otiosely quiescently lately relaxedly inefficiently somnolently incompetently negligently neglectfully sedately undemandingly spiritlessly wearily impassively restfully effortlessly carelessly freely relaxingly backwardly patiently painstakingly hollowly superfluously pointlessly sterilely irrelevantly slipshodly unpunctually unenthusiastically shufflingly shamblingly writhingly disregardfully sloppily disorderlily disorganizedly delinquently stretchily exhaustedly narcotically wimpily lacklustrely stolidly lacklusterly unmovingly slumberously disorganisedly permissively unprofessionally regardlessly subnormally imbecilely feeble-mindedly moronically stupidly flatly statically limply aimlessly ineptly unambitiously labouredly depressedly quietly improvidently fecklessly worthlessly irresponsibly laboredly imperceptibly neurasthenically insensibly logily yawnily lymphatically deadly unresponsively insensitively dozily deviously dubiously suspiciously directionlessly deceitfully dishonestly untrustworthily

Phó từ

Not noticeably, too small to be detected, too little to be perceived
imperceptibly invisibly subtly unobtrusively unseen gradually hardly inappreciably indiscernibly scarcely unnoticeably just barely little by little by a hair's-breadth slightly minutely tinily faintly negligibly infinitesimally indistinctly insignificantly microscopically minusculely undetectably impalpably inaudibly inconsequentially inconsiderably indistinguishably meagrely meagerly vaguely insensibly minimally inconspicuously triflingly nominally obscurely paltrily trivially unapparently hiddenly finely insufficiently littly gently exiguously softly minorly quietly unclearly muffledly scantly piddlingly lowly marginally slenderly sparsely shadowily unimportantly indefinitely skimpily pettily imponderably diminutively dimly scantily subduedly hushedly rarely intangibly bittily evanescently imperceivably feebly pifflingly shortly unperceivably thinly unobservably weakly modestly lightly veiledly petitely insubstantially atomically ephemerally unintelligibly slimly limitedly dinkily momentarily inadequately mutely ethereally flatly deficiently inarticulately stingily punily dwarfishly scatteredly unobservedly tenuously sporadically unnoticedly immaterially superficially unassumingly uncommonly infrequently Lilliputianly easily babily poorly unsubstantially latently covertly untraceably mildly discreetly occasionally miserably derisorily pitifully pathetically elusively scrubbily incidentally mingily ghostlily undistinguishably middlingly crampedly basally embryonically imaginarily distantly fractionally unfrequently leanly perfunctorily odorlessly hollowly half-heartedly compactly moderately incomprehensibly indifferently cryptically cabalistically symbolically unfathomably barrenly portably fadedly ordinarily unemphatically plainly secretively unremarkably retiringly unostentatiously shily emptily wantingly sparely sparingly fragmentarily illusively hazily fuzzily hoarsely meekly odourlessly sheerly impliedly unperceivedly daintily pokily cutely reedily abstractly impenetrably occultly darkly unsuspectedly airily unseeably understatedly incorporeally unusually cloakedly delicately by degrees untouchably improbably isolatedly implausibly remotely cloudedly surreptitiously disembodiedly aerially palely secretly unreally supernaturally spiritually spectrally transcendentally frivolously nigglingly picayunely foolishly doubtfully dubiously inconceivably iffily frailly absurdly fragilely questionably flimsily silently soundlessly wordlessly voicelessly noiselessly uncommunicatively conservatively simply subnormally phantasmically phantasmally vaporously gaseously stuntedly unquantifiably hypothetically abstrusely uncertainly unsurely indeterminately evasively mellowly stubbily repressedly suggestively neutrally indirectly babyishly fleetingly briefly youngly immaturely hastily

Phó từ

With extreme care
painfully carefully painstakingly tortuously laboriously hardly toughly tediously tryingly arduously strenuously ponderously challengingly onerously formidably gruellingly heavily difficultly excruciatingly dourly exactingly roughly severely wearisomely backbreakingly burdensomely tiresomely drainingly unremittingly tiringly rigorously torturously extremely brutally taxingly toilsomely seriously laboredly testingly harshly grindingly debilitatingly ruggedly demandingly doggedly gruelingly punishingly irksomely agonizingly stiffly exigently uncomfortably stressfully exhaustingly hellishly murderously relentlessly wretchedly labouredly toilfully hellaciously slavishly wearingly boringly unbearably sweatily effortfully oppressively dauntingly unforgivingly ambitiously harrowingly troublesomely operosely forbiddingly cumbersomely unyieldingly intimidatingly thornily vigorously crushingly bothersomely fiercely killingly grievously unsparingly gargantuanly hairily weightily stringently persnicketily mightily gallingly intolerably immensely gigantically colossally staggeringly intensely distressingly grimly jarringly distressfully unpleasantly solemnly titanically critically hypercritically thoroughly precisely insufferably problematically almightily cripplingly stickily cruelly unendurably awfully nerve-rackingly ferociously viciously savagely mercilessly troublingly scabrously hazardously tormentingly impossibly ominously prohibitively pressingly imperiously trickily thoroughgoingly immoderately heftily majorly

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