Đồng nghĩa của further

Alternative for further

furthers, furthered, furthering

Đồng nghĩa: advance, aid, beyond, farther, over, past, promote,

Trái nghĩa: hinder,

Tính từ

Added to an existing or usual amount or number
additional more increased fresh other extra new supplementary added another else farther supplemental auxiliary surplus spare complementary add-on top-up reserve accompanying ancillary superfluous peripheral different secondary supporting excess subsidiary appurtenant accessorial extraneous accessory supportive bonus supernumerary contributory over-and-above repeat second aiding subordinate assisting experimental abetting assisting in alternative on the side one more new-found collateral in addition a different reciprocal correlative augmenting some other redundant needless any other unnecessary leftover supererogatory inessential unneeded optional special over and above remaining unused excessive unwanted attendant left over in excess useless dispensable expendable nonessential de trop residual subservient adjuvant unrequired left exorbitant inordinate profuse lavish unessential uncalled-for extravagant appended surplus to requirements not required gratuitous too much unconsumed over residuary superfluent minor waste backup to spare concomitant second-fiddle second-class attached helping irrelevant coincident attending worthless lesser disposable wanton associate surviving superabundant pleonastic odd beside the point available overflowing extreme abounding overmuch unasked adjunct satellite unproductive substitute junior fallback discarded unimportant lower outstanding lower-level vestigial still available assistant too many fall-back insignificant smaller less affixed sub second-string left behind second-rate derivative adscititious incremental annexed undesirable uneaten undue free scrap unusable going begging emergency uncalled for avoidable fortuitous uncritical haphazard random extrinsic noncompulsory casual futile accidental causeless prodigal chance unprofitable on your hands not needed untouched back-up in hand another one net unwarranted adminicular incident in reserve unwelcome associated nett remanent marginal a new a further yet another any more trivial vestigal balance continuing concurrent joint related fellow left-over tributary outranked paltry back up not wanted second-banana third-string of little importance of little account alternate unfinished lingering lower-grade deadwood petty luxury to play with connected coexisting coexistent coincidental younger inferior relief lowly excess baggage branch cooperative helpful serviceable useful subject tributory with following under youngest lower-ranking vice- low-grade low-ranking less important sub- rest of immaterial inapposite inapplicable inappropriate incidental unrelated unconnected impertinent pointless irrelative inconsequential inadmissible adventitious tangential inapt not pertinent not germane intrusive neither here nor there not to the point nothing to do with it off the subject out of place not to the purpose supererogative wide of the mark

Phó từ

Used to emphasize the difference between a supposed or suggested fact or state of mind and the truth

Động từ

To foster the growth or development of
advance forward promote aid develop encourage help facilitate foster assist champion hasten push expedite favor favour progress propel support cultivate nurture stimulate abet accelerate boost speed succour fast-track incubate nourish nurse plug back help along patronise patronize speed up ballyhoo broaden contribute contribute to engender expand extend generate propagate serve spread spur on step up succor lend a hand to work for back up bail out give a push to go with lend support to oil the wheels of open doors pave the way for lend a hand take care of give a boost to endorse advocate espouse urge hurry motivate strengthen ease quicken spur precipitate sustain rush impel smooth the way for drive sponsor make easier run interference for sanction recommend make easy raise smooth the path of suggest assist the progress of inspire clear the way for smooth uphold improve simplify open the door for give a lift speak for enrich advise breed enable loosen up propose prescribe make smooth make smoother give a boost grease the wheels make possible push for give a leg up exhort proselytize rear proselytise hand-carry bolster foment vouch for protect press walk through counsel prompt benefit be conducive to commend second campaign for egg on attend prop up indorse countenance give backing to hurry up increase subscribe to argue for clear a path for be in favor of root for stump for press for augment fuel propagandize fund propagandise enhance reinforce finance feed maintain approve instigate arouse tend advantage dispatch enjoin goad prod backstop work with extol cooperate with collaborate with bid relieve bring up incite side with fast track fire up go along with push through care for wait on plunk for plump for set on tout be of use to crank up bless be of service to put up to oil the wheels for grease wheels speak in favor of go on record for lobby for stand up for ride shotgun approve of be all for put forward speak favorably of go to bat for beat the drum for produce present pursue proclaim preach gestate peddle propound court establish add to teach conduce to make for hurry along invigorate grow bankroll invest in subsidize instruct give a lift to stoke escalate assist in help with upgrade elevate envigorate keep grease rev up insist on unclog fortify push forward subsidise perk up admonish supplement sweeten uplift befriend give a shot in the arm to endow defend justify give a donation to give money to nominate get behind aid in help in shoot through achieve quickly make short work of urge on dash off accomplish quickly finish quickly move make better move up boost up make faster drum up open the door to reduce the difficulty of lessen the labour of opine adjure charge command vindicate cherish add value call for offer recommendation hold a brief for go for plead for campaign on behalf of spread around get on bandwagon brace up be in corner build up say so hold with be a patron of oblige cooperate accommodate harbour hold have harbor entertain give assistance to attend to condone better profit stump puff hype thump collude with connive with supply jack up hike up do someone a favour bail someone out do someone a service pitch in with mother ameliorate build connive give one's approval to give one's support to advocate for be with give moral support to announce one's support for give moral support formally support throw your weight behind stand by agree with stand behind vote for get stuck in with lend a helping hand to get someone out of a tight spot make a pitch for go down the line for help out give a leg up to put on the map give a hand open doors for muck in with do for be a tower of strength to be a factor in furnish comfort provide suckle be in collusion with participate in connive at cling to be hand in glove with provoke be of assistance to be advantageous to pay off for do good to be beneficial to be good for be of help to befit please be useful to suit power be helpful to gratify be of advantage to be to the advantage of satisfy give food to safeguard sit excite cradle father nursemaid rouse minister to inflame administer to induce watch over speak in favour of keep an eye on stir up animate prick influence see to watch out for baby-sit keep alive take charge of keep tabs on pick brew make ferment sting drive on procure talk into agitate for set coax inspirit activate craze agitate taunt get to persuade whip up set off force actuate juice fan the fire root on key up solicit psych look after avail buttress underwrite shore up buoy up grubstake meet the needs of indulge be useful humour humor stake be of use minister answer give support to pick up the tab for put up the money for pander to foot the bill for rescue underpin carry treat buoy make friends with benefact suffice bolster up doctor give strength to give help to pamper cater to prop angel see someone through provide for do a good turn to act as guarantor of be of advantage service make a contribution to do someone a good turn stick up for fill the bill meet the wants of convenience do a kindness to be in the service of give a helping hand to be a source of strength to come to the aid of be adequate steady revitalize tend to hearten mind financially support emphasize arrange cheer up underline cement galvanize intensify stress revitalise lend support welcome guide wait upon buck up deepen heighten embolden pull for corroborate incentify incentivize empower steel reward set up bring aid to bear a hand to stand one in good stead keep one going keep you going galvanise energize incentivise energise substantiate highlight emphasise lubricate iron out the difficulties of take the edge off make peace oil take the sting out pave the way be supportive of bring relief to bring comfort to save deliver cotton to make a friend of case out buddy up bundle do your bit for do something for mitigate alleviate render assistance to give aid and encouragement to be responsible for answer for act as a guarantor for pay for guarantee lend your name to put up money favorise hurry on whisk gee up do redeem spoil appease straighten out get in with hit it off get chummy with come on to take up with remedy be solicitous of administer heal cure pander care smile on baby tailer oneself to outfit cater coddle ally spring release bring off give one's attention to attend to the requirements of deal with take under one's wing ally oneself with abide by stick by give one's blessing to be on the side of take up the cudgels for throw one's weight behind capitalize come to somebody's aid be beneficial be helpful be advantageous give someone a flying start kick-start give assistance lend a helping hand apply cheer along tide over keep someone's head above water keep going work fork out for capitalise pick up the check provide finance for prime the pump pay a subsidy to shell out for provide capital for cough up for give a grant to chip in for pick up the tab pony up for fit serve a purpose beseem be acceptable go meet requirements answer the purpose be good enough fit the bill be all right be valuable be of benefit be profitable be of assistance grin and bear it toe the mark come around take it swim with the tide bend over backwards meet halfway go fifty-fifty be kind enough to put oneself out put yourself out for do a kindness put oneself out for gratify the wishes of make a deal meet the wants roll with it fit in don't make waves make room meet fulfill fill fulfil be effective account further the interests of pay be of value to be of benefit to do someone good be of service be of worth brace bow to fit in with allow for yield to find ways to help submit to bend over backwards for defer to cater for hold up stiffen stay cushion bear undergird make stronger bear up bulwark

Động từ

(lead to) To culminate or result in a particular event or consequence
lead result in cause bring on bring about give rise to produce effect create engender generate trigger promote advance be conducive to precipitate prompt contribute to initiate provoke occasion push forward induce stir up spark off stimulate help set off add to call forth spur instigate beget set in motion put in motion touch off trigger off drive necessitate be the cause of invite contribute foment make happen risk arouse be instrumental in elicit bring to pass catalyse catalyze entail have a hand in effectuate end in have a part in rouse conduce to cultivate excite foster incite involve be at the bottom of conduce cost enkindle lead to play a part in make for be a factor in forward be partly responsible for spark activate culminate in achieve play a role in amount to instill realise inspire instil realize open the door for translate into cause to happen affect yield contrive cause to occur actualize oil the wheels of bear bring off bring forth breed add up to launch encourage impel establish accomplish attain influence organise organize introduce engineer be responsible for invoke pull off make possible kickoff put in place carry off whip up evoke carry through have the effect of bring out kindle spell procure finish in draw out spawn bring start make motivate raise work up begin draw on originate work do move actuate stir awaken ferment fire up inflame brew abet hatch sow the seeds of educe impassion develop pick pique rally muster compel rev up institute waken turn on fan the flames of ignite render fire enact push agitate goad summon draw inaugurate animate kick-start spur on galvanize mean quicken evince extract start up terminate in galvanise set on summon up call up conjure up lie behind draw forth leave underlie lie beneath press urge prod found manifest prevail upon get going set afoot egg on set up prime secure extort suggest conjure give energize redound to propagate expedite wake up bring into being run multiply have as a result have as a consequence crank up energise start the ball rolling needle be a source of propel incentivize deposit fuel plant implant lodge conceive oblige open accelerate jumpstart inspirit predispose incentivise predetermine issue give birth to be the origin of form exhilarate bestir exercise equal imply set in start off cook up bring up get things rolling set on foot cause to appear buoy resurrect set going build up whet suscitate bring something on stoke up break the ice break in make up give incentive to give incentive set astir jump-start sow be the inspiration for eventuate get up perform get under way get in operation agitate for agitate against set fan nurse nurture increase get functioning get off the ground get working commence drum up progenerate fan the flames sow the seeds exact lay the first stone of set the ball rolling kick off derive get the ball rolling obtain lay the foundations of recall fetch echo call result impart express reproduce capture rekindle encapsulate rile strike burn milk bring to mind put one in mind of call out call to mind incarnate remind one of roil enflame electrify incense irk enthuse charge vivify grill enliven vex pump up wind up torch attract charge up work into lather feed the fire commove shake up pep up madden intensify shake jolt set light to set on fire set alight set burning set fire to strike up set a match to seek switch on light put a match to put on put match to entice persuade constrain court be likely to cause bring on oneself be likely to lead to drive on sting sway prick scheme put up to hint plot add fuel plan steam up make waves root on insinuate rabble-rouse tempt

Động từ

To rapidly grow out of proportion or control
snowball increase expand swell escalate multiply burgeon grow mushroom rise proliferate enlarge spread balloon bourgeon mount extend appreciate augment accumulate climb boom accelerate amplify develop gain boost wax heighten magnify inflate intensify advance aggrandize enhance raise strengthen widen broaden soar build lengthen dilate reinforce progress thicken aggravate distend double exaggerate triple deepen pad redouble upsurge supplement prolong annexe annex protract sharpen swarm teem pullulate build up roll up step up mark up run up slap on tack on grow quickly elevate increment add to lift compound maximize beef up pump up maximise enrich upgrade consolidate up pump jack up hike up top up crank up bump up make bigger shoot up exacerbate accrue soup up rocket spiral exalt improve pile ramp up leap up stress underline add emphasize optimize hike puff up accentuate enforce amp up emphasise better make better make larger amass make greater supersize inflame reenforce ameliorate upraise parlay blow up go up elongate flesh out ratchet up upscale collect follow up jack hype optimise flourish thrive bloom prosper blossom mature flower make headway make progress come on sprout succeed come along skyrocket pick up bud do well be successful make strides germinate stoke spring up get better go forward gain ground fare well bear fruit cultivate get bigger fill out move forward make inroads shape up move ahead go places nurture open proceed foster become larger shine evolve show improvement emerge run riot scale up batten fly high get places spread one's wings get on well come of age go great guns get on get ahead promote bolster spike fortify grow rapidly shoot refine increase rapidly worsen effloresce become more numerous rally mount up make worse move onward press on press forward forge ahead take shape develop well work up go well make it take steps forward open out move on move forward in leaps and bounds turn out get somewhere look up burst forth hit it big surge rouse explode propagate encourage go through the ceiling appear sustain diversify intensate fatten stretch bloat buttress become bigger flow go unfold move up star uplift gather blow mend increase in size excel vegetate perfect stand out figure arrive march be promoted pyramid polish puff out get larger be brilliant be excellent be outstanding sweeten score be good be on the up become better turn the corner be skilled come to fruition reign supreme be proficient cover ground stand out in a crowd grow in take root be expert produce push forward bulk up go on push ahead be very good grow well put forth shoots take a turn for the better push on build on perk up go to town make the big time have a gift for be pre-eminent be a success steal the show put forth buds turn out well go sky-high concentrate breed show promise uprise spurt stimulate metastasize increase dramatically increase suddenly spread out spread wide widen out increase in scope branch out well grow stronger grow full get to become large pervade reach start to be rise in value hot up become worse get stronger stock up be distinguished be conspicuous get higher become wider spring broaden one's horizons extend one's operations come around be enlarged be stepped up be extended be magnified be increased be amplified ascend go from bad to worse deteriorate scale bulge bulk gallop develop quickly spread quickly develop buds send out shoots form buds become distended breadthen complement go up in price intumesce tumefy profit increase in value amend meliorate help outbloom peak come into bloom produce buds rise rapidly go through the roof pile up become greater start to grow put forth new growth rise up endow abound convalesce recuperate elaborate make a go grow vigorously make good do wonders yield get there make good speed grow rich become rich go ahead have legs catch on crack on be enriched move along roll on march on forge on press ahead continue on make richer hop up jazz up advertise revitalize advertize embellish grow up maturate recover come into flower burst be in blossom come into bud fructify tassel out be in flower come into blossom incubate jump put up shore up buck up revitalise push up boost up increase exponentially put on a spurt expatiate be take on a new lease of life be on the road to recovery be given on a new lease of life make a comeback turn a corner be on the mend bounce back triumph nourish work one's way reaffirm perform prevail lead detail embroider establish secure assure feature reassert reiterate be skilful elaborate on give details expand on add detail to put flesh on the bones of add flesh to improve on restate be good at be skilled at be without equal be unsurpassed be the best be talented glow be second to none wear the crown be unequalled have a gift be unexampled be unparalleled be unrivalled better oneself make one's way step forward climb the ladder work one's way up be elevated fuel open up show progress renew support restore feed put on weight get plump round out fatten up gain weight swell out cement substantiate be strong be well be vigorous corroborate justify fix empower uphold nutrify be in your prime be in good health be in its heyday be in the pink be on top of the heap go up in the world be in good shape piggyback tag on authenticate embolden inspirit prepare provide for poise make strong give strength to nurse nerve ready make healthy make stronger endorse underpin settle make firm firm up back up lend more weight to give weight to give sheepskin graduate finish get out certify confer degree complete education be commissioned take a degree gain promotion get a degree grant diploma win earn confirm

Động từ

To make progress or increase the skill of
improve advance hone lift raise cultivate perfect boost develop progress elevate train ameliorate better bolster enhance hasten launch polish promote propel push ahead push on refine bring forward build continue ahead forge ahead with get with it grow make headway with move forward multiply press forward press on prosper thrive come on gain ground get ahead of make strides polish up on take it to the next level take the next step work on work up build on get better at work hard at brush up on devote oneself to devote yourself to upgrade strengthen enrich fine-tune fortify augment meliorate touch up beef up optimize smarten optimise increase brush up amplify uplift reinforce expand improve on supplement update step up revamp straighten out smarten up scale up make headway make progress shape up extend appreciate reform forge ahead reenforce make better help complement embellish spruce up take to the next level add value to soup up rectify mend evolve excel correct fix up amend change for the better transcend sharpen mature flourish become better revolutionize modernize modernise transform temper tighten up drive envigorate consolidate polish up make perfect invigorate endow inflate fix mitigate redress move ahead pull ahead drive forward get ahead go places move forward in leaps and bounds revolutionise assuage stimulate boost up smooth pace get on pick up come along get along go off forward remediate level up top up burnish illume get somewhere elaborate on vitalize foster build up intensify heighten fast-track magnify aggrandize compound work out succeed rise blossom do well be successful bloom proceed make it arrive burgeon bear fruit make good flower boom score go well come of age change go great guns get better go forward fly high make inroads shine do all right for oneself get on well shoot up fare well take shape ripen cut it gain be a success make the big time make the grade turn out well triumph emerge prevail move up achieve success crack it benefit move go up spread move on mushroom become rich strike gold strike oil climb achieve jump ahead catapult age grow up take steps forward go up in the world get on in the world be in the pink cover ground go to town hit the jackpot hit it big get to the top season find a place in the sun bring home the bacon make a name for oneself profit turn the corner perk up move onward leapfrog shoot ahead unfold alter maturate arise win bourgeon yield culminate speed be getting there look up be in clover adjust do wonders catch on make good speed show improvement recuperate get there grow rich be fine and dandy reach adulthood yield results get places spread one's wings make one's mark carry off skyrocket be promoted set right motor work one's way climb the ladder convert enlarge grow vigorously make money produce batten elaborate unroll prime continue go rally transpire occur accomplish be on the up reap benefits achieve recognition become famous prepare metamorphose make a killing be enriched adapt reach the top push forward be on easy street repair work be victorious rise in the world deal with go on turn out develop well grow well set the world on fire carry all before you make your mark come out on top set the Thames on fire manifest take a turn for the better hit the target come together sort out run riot ascend shift up move forwards reschedule revise purify edit emend modify take off shift make ground roll up march straighten up overtake outdo outmaneuver surpass germinate convalesce diversify distinguish oneself get higher soar be strong be well be vigorous make first rate turn over new leaf milk leave behind outmanoeuvre wax better oneself make one's way step forward work one's way up be elevated happen be in good shape come about come around crack on fatten bear get going keep going be in good health be in its heyday become successful be somebody rocket go ahead be fortunate dominate gain recognition break through make out become wealthy make mark feather nest reap financial reward be in your prime be on top of the heap strike it rich make a go have legs live the life of Riley reap the benefit stand in good stead strike it big attain control turn to one's advantage attain ascendancy gain ascendancy carry all before one gain control put to good use make the most of beat the game beat the system make good use of do well out of cash in on star go far untangle turn it up step it up push stand out be someone gain advancement make a name move up in the world advance oneself achieve a great deal climb the ladder of success make one's way in the world do well for oneself industrialize technologize civilize crank it up figure evidence take place demonstrate evince make capital out of click hack it differentiate transmogrify head step up one's game recover perform lead reach maturity become adult be fully grown round out be fully developed be full-grown develop fully fill out mellow feature shoot truck educe derive increase one's intensity rise to the next level take it to the limit propel forward take it up a notch raise one's game kick it up a notch elevate one's game boost one's game pick up the pace pull it off deliver the goods hit the mark cut the mustard make the cut be skilful be brilliant be excellent be outstanding glow get results pan out come off come through be effective reign supreme be proficient be expert be talented be very good be pre-eminent be unparalleled be unrivalled be take on a new lease of life be on the road to recovery be given on a new lease of life make a comeback turn a corner be on the mend bounce back right go forth be good at be good be skilled at be skilled be without equal stand out in a crowd be unsurpassed be the best be second to none wear the crown be unequalled have a gift have a gift for be unexampled steal the show open up show progress civilise industrialise resolve remedy heal cure settle square open out march on adapt yourself tweak nourish treat graduate finish certify earn patch up make improvements to put right clear up put to rights handle manage concoct nurture sustain turn out to be turn into become fall into place gain promotion see to take care of make ready act on feed turn maneuver transition administer vary act with manoeuvre attend to recondition effect process perform on give sheepskin get out confer degree complete education be commissioned grant diploma nutrify do all right for yourself gain your end make strong nurse make stronger take a degree get a degree provide for poise give strength to nerve ready make healthy broaden deepen materialize dawn result naturalize leak out become visible spring up come forth come to light flow surface take form come into being come up emanate become apparent merge crystallize come into view appear come into sight loom materialise show become known naturalise crystallise turn up come out crop up

Động từ

To accept, support, or take on as one's own (an idea or a cause)
espouse support back adopt embrace champion advocate defend promote accept endorse favor favour uphold abet encourage sanction sponsor welcome approve maintain prefer take to approve of be in favour of side with stand behind fall in with take up vouch for be on the side of take on vote for go in for aid and abet receive enthusiastically receive wholeheartedly stand up for stick up for ally oneself with take up the cudgels for smile on get into take to one's heart throw one's weight behind recommend urge advance campaign for boost speak for commend countenance advise lobby for push argue for suggest foster assist propose push for press for help aid second indorse plug prescribe forward subscribe to root for be in favor of assume sustain patronize borrow patronise work for plead for nurture follow counsel back up develop go to bat for exhort cultivate incubate nourish nurse tout proselytize proselytise contribute to plump for plunk for stump for stand by emulate facilitate stimulate protect affect enjoin strengthen insist on foment extol bid propagandize esteem value pick up on fight for call for bolster crusade for justify propagandise appreciate honour praise honor approbate vindicate battle for eulogise okay eulogize stand for get behind put forward thump for OK go for ride shotgun give a leg up think well of be all for care for look on with favor give one's support to speak in favor of receive favorably give a lift stick by rubber-stamp come to the defence of go on record for flash on speak in support of give the nod to go with take a shine to speak favorably of be on one's side regard highly buck for thumbs up tilt toward look up to receive gladly take a liking to beat the drum for imitate pursue present spread preach proclaim propound peddle court establish demand teach put on clamour for request ask for speak in favour of instruct help in aid in give a boost to backstop validate ratify ally grubstake angel prop up bless confirm verify give one's blessing to give a boost abide by run interference for brace up be in corner hold a brief for campaign on behalf of spread around build up say so get on bandwagon hold with hold up one's end hold to give one's backing to be supportive of drum up support for contend for formally support hold a torch for give one's approval to advocate for throw your weight behind be with agree with give moral support to announce one's support for go along with give moral support put in a good word for admonish look on with favour nominate argue plead enrich prompt move guarantee represent implement utilize use feed opine adjure charge command serve speak up for come to defense of take up cudgels for affirm invite utilise offer recommendation give backing to engage in agitate for tap into pull for lend support to go down the line succour succor finance expedite subsidize be loyal to subsidise fund motivate lend a hand bankroll benefit bail out take care of ally with invest in associate oneself with accelerate give a donation to give money to take the side of pave the way for side speed up reinforce be of service to lend a hand to throw in with rally round take the part of work with sympathize with befriend cooperate with collaborate with relieve condone spur hasten inspire cooperate endow press stress progress invigorate applaud give assistance to speed help along open doors attend to bear look after take someone's part contribute open doors for give a push to buttress oil the wheels of envigorate give a leg up to buoy lend a helping hand to broaden spur on step up adhere to bolster up throw in one's lot with stick with join forces come down in favor of fancy lend support come down on the side of vote be a patron of propel be in agreement with avail benefact mitigate minister alleviate fast-track contend further the interests of hurry domiciliate like arouse reason guide extend engender expand ballyhoo generate propagate give bear a hand profess hurry along favourite favorite make friends with give help to give support to come to the aid of consolidate assert to stand one in good stead straighten out be on somebody's side take somebody's side take one's side take somebody's part be in somebody's camp mentor reenforce launch profit perk up give a shot in the arm to insist upon cotton to keep an eye on make a friend of case out buddy up deliver make provisions for hew to keep to stick to cling to go to the wall get in with hit it off get chummy with come on to take up with set up lay the foundations of emphasize crusade incite take under one's wing collude with connive with underline fortify cement galvanize intensify tolerate connive goad prod battle agitate fight struggle work drive enhance deepen heighten embolden be in collusion with participate in connive at lobby strive corroborate improve incentify incentivize empower underpin steel reward set on be hand in glove with petition endure receive raise brook hack ease put up to egg on galvanise shore up buoy up energize incentivise energise substantiate highlight emphasise barnstorm contest campaign grab seize allow stomach drum up support permit oblige rear accommodate precipitate swallow eat up drink in lap up admit parent remain faithful to stay loyal to remain loyal to keep faith with be faithful to be there for be true to meet take admit of go pocket handle stand thole absorb stick bide wear abide take on board make use of receive with open arms take advantage of welcome with open arms avail oneself of avail yourself of deal with attend wait on agree to consent to mother tend stump make easy puff hype be of use to thump sweat out take kindly to stick out cope school provender jack up hike up do someone a favour bail someone out do someone a service pitch in with put up with provide for train discipline cherish provide nursle bring up help out clear a path for smooth the way for muck in with open the door for do for be a factor in grin and bear it put John Hancock on bear with give the green light to give stamp of approval give the thumbs up to give the nod give the go ahead to stomach something sit still for give the okay to sign off on give green light nod at live with smooth the path of get stuck in with assist the progress of give a hand grease the wheels continue make a pitch for put on the map be a tower of strength to get someone out of a tight spot go down the line for prolong keep protract preserve conserve retain perpetuate hold up keep from falling keep alive stay with keep in existence keep going keep up carry on

Động từ

To persuade someone of the merits of
sell promote advocate advance pitch aggrandize boost encourage espouse hype plug propagandise propagandize proselytise proselytize push recommend tout advertise advertize drum market persuade puff spiel hustle put across get across talk someone into talk up gain acceptance for get support for win someone over to soft sell speak for win approval for convince someone of the merits of get acceptance for hype up puff up soft-soap bring someone round to persuade someone to accept bang the drum for beat the drum for sweet talk publicize ballyhoo publicise endorse give publicity to flog merchandise flack huckster trumpet flaunt sponsor give a puff to call attention to give a plug to peddle publish promulgate proclaim declare broadcast spruik flash show announce herald inform annunciate post apprise enunciate notify disclose release present communicate circularize expose divulge exhibit reveal popularize circularise make public make known build up popularise bill blazon display trailer blaze blare sound trail advise praise placard uncover spot blurb acquaint alert unmask splash crack up spread around run with hard sell spread abroad put on the map get on soapbox for beat the drum bring to public notice give notice of shout from the rooftops shout out give out make a pitch shift turn over gazette persuade people to buy commend mention namecheck spin champion back write up draw attention to give a mention to supply package package as traffic in campaign for get behind deal in cry up spotlight talk something up put in a good word for upsell pump up put up in lights play up parade boast spread about flourish brag showboat overpraise speak of talk of swagger speak well of swank unveil press-agent cry build crow vaunt brandish gloat grandstand air put before the public big up feature showcase blow up show off

Động từ

To raise to a more important or impressive level
elevate promote advance raise upgrade aggrandize ennoble dignify exalt lift prefer canonise canonize deify enshrine ensky enthrone glorify magnify sublimate appoint augment enhance hoist improve increase honor honour give promotion give advancement build up put up step up kick upstairs move up move up the ladder improve the position of improve the status of raise high give a higher rank give advancement to boost progress develop convert give a higher position to give a higher rank to place in a higher rank give promotion to idolize venerate idolise distinguish worship apotheosize praise revere put on a pedestal immortalize bless immortalise laud extol reverence idealize adore add distinction to add dignity to add lustre to celebrate sanctify idealise lionize adorn respect adulate lionise bestow honour on make lofty pay tribute to hallow consecrate admire pay homage to grace cherish esteem hymn heroize acclaim erect uprear emblazon carol extoll resound invest lift up sing the praises of lord love dedicate pray to beatify give thanks to favour favor apotheose laureate improve the standing of thank bow down to sublime halo mythify illuminate give praise to transfigure sing praises to offer prayers to boot upstairs divinize ameliorate go into raptures over idolatrize saint besaint hold sacred apostheosize characterize differentiate mark singularize individualize discriminate acknowledge support regard as sacred make into a saint crown preserve treasure make better hold in high regard hold in admiration set apart install inaugurate induct protect instate ordain embalm contain represent express incorporate realize embody manifest initiate signalize individualise signalise characterise regard highly set out set down include establish look up to consummate coronate eulogize spell out realise lay down swear in think highly of hero-worship instal king have a high opinion of glamorize set in stone panegyrize applaud romanticize hail glamourize glamour up sing cry up hike big up romanticise glamorise eulogise commend crack up sound the praises of

Động từ

To make something less tight
untighten loosen slacken relax release slack loose lessen relieve abate aid allay ameliorate anaesthetize anesthetize appease assist assuage calm cheer comfort cure disburden disengage doctor expedite facilitate forward free improve lift lighten meliorate mitigate moderate mollify nurse pacify palliate promote quiet relent simplify smooth soften soothe speed still tranquillize tranquilize let up attend to clear the way let up on make easier open the door run interference for speed up ease unclench let go make looser unknot become looser open weaken reduce diminish veer become less stiff become less tense become less rigid ease off ease up salve alleviate hearten console gladden uplift solace cheer up succor succour encourage buoy up placate brighten reassure condole assure compose sweeten bolster elevate help boost enliven revitalize lighten up give solace to bring comfort to inspirit put at ease take a load off revitalise buck up unloose relinquish make better set right broaden stretch modify unwind liberalize liberalise give condolences to lighten burden reanimate support empathize with commiserate with envigorate make one feel at ease give sympathy to quiet fears sympathize with besoothe invigorate make well give a lift to condole with commiserate free up quieten become relaxed resolve fix settle unbind hang loose go easy contain quell extinguish control make slack become slack lax become loose rectify remedy extenuate cool dull give respite to perk up mellow mend heal dispel counteract revive elate buoy vary punctuate work free work loose inspire enhance stimulate restore stop temper liss subdue interrupt iron out sort out prevent break up leaven ginger up bring respite to patch up bring an end to make bearable refresh loosen up look up jazz up take load off bring aid to make something bearable bring aid put to rights

Động từ

Assist someone or comply with their requests
cooperate collaborate conspire unite combine band together concur team up work together amalgamate concert conjoin connive coordinate join join forces league merge act jointly act together coact collude come together get together pull together work side by side abet advance agree band befriend club together coadjute coincide conduce co-op espouse forward partner pool resources second succour succor uphold form an alliance gang up make common cause back up be in collusion combine your efforts comply with coordinate with each other liaise with each other share in show willingness side with stick together be in cahoots go along with work hand in glove ally associate cohere join together federate confederate join up club link hook up work closely coalesce affiliate work in partnership act as a team work jointly interface cofunction participate throw in with rally play ball remain unified remain friendly remain loyal consolidate do business with link up go into partnership coproduce connect stay close unify work with integrate tie in join up with throw in together form an association glue oneself to contribute go into league liaise correspond team align interact fraternize group fraternise throw in one's lot join sides dovetail put in with close ranks tend complot colleague go in with team up with yoke gather consort assemble work form a federation combine efforts side bond together accompany sympathize pool your resources help assist run with go with enlist sympathise gather together flock together round up communicate play along be willing show willing reciprocate respond align oneself be in league lend a hand join in pitch in play the game intermediate intercommunicate network be of assistance interchange mediate contact talk negotiate accord go along with the plan exchange information keep contact acquiesce accede assent approve be in harmony okay accept harmonise be in accord harmonize meet fall in consent go along equal jibe be in agreement be in accordance be of the same opinion be together be of the same mind agree to shake on pass on cut a deal be consonant with be in sympathy see eye to eye


On top of one or ones previously referred to


Introducing the continuation of narration from a previous understood point

Trái nghĩa của further

further Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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